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How are the mystery skulls character designs bad??? Not being confrontational I just want to know what makes good and bad character design

ummm ok….. im gonna try to explain this as best i can but it might come off as more petty than anything, im not an expert on the subject but i HAVE taken a class on character design and tend to be pretty good at it myself so i hope i know what im talking about at least a little bit.

first up

this guy always bothered me the most. theres just too much going on here. which isnt to say a cluttered design cant work, just look at any given jrpg. but the details arent streamlined, and in my opinion dont mesh together well. the blocks of dark color are scattered in a way that looks clunky and distracting, and speaking of the colors the use of two completely different shades of orange (one derived from yellow and one from red) just doesnt work for me, at least not with the straight white of the shirt and cool blue of the robot arm.

my opinion on how to make this design better: either quarantine the darker colors to one area of the body (dark pants, dark hair, dark shirt, etc) to act as a focal point, or get rid of that element altogether. also, if youre going for a monochromatic color palette, stay true to that. use a warmer shade of gray for the robot arm, maybe derived from red instead of blue, and add a little yellow to the white shirt. or, if you want to keep the blue as a complimentary color to orange, spread that around the design more or center it in some way.

another rule of thumb with character design is the importance of weight distribution and keeping a consistent silhouette. think about how many designs youve seen of top-heavy characters with much skinnier legs, or bottom-heavy characters that resemble pears. that helps balance out the design in a way that isnt happening here. the way his shirt meets his pants really bothers me because of the way it fans back out at the bottom without keeping a consistent slope. an easy fix would either be to widen his hips/shrink the width of the shirt so they slope into each other, or change the pants he’s wearing to skinny jeans.

this girl’s not as bad, just kinda boring imo. again im not a fan of the different shades of blue and over-saturation, but theres nothing as distracting as on orange guy. she also has a better silhouette because of her curvier figure. this could be a rough draft of a good design, i think! just maybe like, consider the amount of accessories she has and choose between the skirt and the scarf, since those both kind of interrupt the rest of her outfit. also, if her glasses are going to be purple, put purple somewhere else on her design. also add a solid dark area somewhere, otherwise her design just looks flat.

i hate this dog. i dont even care about being mean when it comes to this dog. this dog is terrible. honestly it wouldnt be half as bad if it wasnt for the mohawk, because then it would just be a normal dog with some cool shades, and it would also help the silhouette to be more streamlined. the legs should not be the same width as the head. that just makes it look like a box. its bad.

now this guy. dont get worried, as ive said this is actually the only design i like, thanks to all the points i listed earlier. hes got a good, well-balanced silhouette, and simple colors that work well together. the fact that most of his entire body is black helps draw attention to his face and hands and helps them stand out. the use of purple throughout the design is also very effective, since the bigger areas are kept to just one portion of his body, but the color is kept consistent thanks to the subtle use in the shading and lineart. that all helps harmonize the design, so he looks like he was drawn all at once instead of just throwing a bunch of random elements together.

to top this post off im just gonna share a lil thing from our good friend craig mccracken. check out the way the shapes of the characters are simplified and how they harmonize with each other, think about the distribution of light and dark shading, where the weight of each design sits, etc. 

i typed a lot more than i was planning to but i hope this little critique helps you out!

This is a terrible photo that my friend took of me today but it means a lot right now because this time last year I was struggling with a whole lot of crap particularly lack of body confidence and self worth issues! I was just in a very dark place in my life! I remember this was the day last year that I wanted nothing more than to wear a cute crop top and shorts but I couldn’t bring myself to do it because of how low my self esteem was and I didn’t feel confident enough to even wear something like that because of how much I picked apart my appearance and there were so many things that I did to try and change the way I looked and it was honestly scary where my mind was and how dark a place it was!

I was always told so many negative things about my body that I just believed all those things and they were the only things echoing in my mind.
I surrounded myself with so many negative people that only made me feel so much worse about myself and made whatever was going on in my brain so much worse! I was just not a very happy or okay person last year but on a train on this day last year I decided that I was going to change my mindset, I was going to try and change the things that were bringing me down and I was going to try and get rid of the negativity that was in my life and a year later I’m reflecting on that 7 hour train ride where I sat trying to understand how to make myself a happier person and I really am just proud of myself! I am so much happier with my appearance and heck..

I wear crop tops now, I wear shorts that might really accentuate the fact that I have quite long giraffe legs that everyone laughed at for so long before and I rock them, I wear outfits that I had dreamed of wearing only a year ago, I have a whole bunch of friends that make me feel okay and like my existence is valid and that im actually worth something, I actually smile now like huge real smiles, I don’t hide my laughter, I eat all my favourite foods without crying about it or thinking about how much I’m going to have to do to get rid of it, I’m just a happier and more confident person and I couldn’t be more proud of myself for pulling myself out of such a scary and dark place in my life!

I have a lot of people to thank for this but in general I just want you to know that if you’re actually reading this I appreciate it! If you have ever spoken to me on here or on any social media or just in general you’ve probably helped me in some way without even realising it! Thank you to everyone on here thats put up with all my crap and asked if I’m okay or sent me cute messages or just been my friend because I honestly have wanted great friends and now I have them!

@taylorswift thanks for your music getting me through a whole heap and for having the Melbourne tour date so late in the year last year so it gave me something to look forward to! I wore a crop top and skirt to that concert and I don’t think I’ve ever felt more confident and happy in my life as I did that night!

I also just want to let y'all know that I love you and that im here for you if you ever need! I’m also sorry for this large sappy and lame post okay cool 💖