im just trying to entertain myself

tumblr now is a very weird place for kids to grow up with
like ngl….. I had a tumblr from the time I was 12 onwards and like back in 2012 it wasn’t that bad just kind of cringy and fandomey but now tumblr has become a lot more political and it’s full of very polarizing opinions and 12-14 year olds are plunging headfirst into that
it’s scary because these kid’s critical thinking skills and personalities arent fully developed yet, and they’re just beginning puberty which is a trying and confusing emotional stage of life… and they’re practically being FORCED into “choosing a side” in a very aggressive environment where they’re criticized for having the Wrong opinions and aren’t given a chance to learn and think for themselves
and I think we all know someone our age who’s so obviously a product of Tumblr Foolishness and it’s scary to think people will be going out into the world thinking like this website does. yikes

Money PIC/Shots

Im over them lol I’m not a sugar baby I’m just a girl dating dudes with money. Im really trying to be an athletes gf up until I’m in my career. (I don’t see myself marrying an athlete, they all cheat as far as I’m concerned) I’m debating on if I should post this money pic I got from my hood nigga, it’s 3k. A few of y'all have been trying me in my ASKs. Lol I don’t post everything because one day I will get my athlete and I want to delete this with out fear of ppl piercing this together and fucking yo my shit 😩😩😭😭. I don’t have to lie about anything

Exhale Desire

Word Count: 1 350 of sin

Genre: smut (I can’t believe myself ugh)

Warnings: smut , top!phil , originally written just for my friend’s eyes only so the first part is me trying to entertain myself writing (aka I wrote it as a joke at first but then decided to properly do it)

Summary: You know that live show where Dan sorta got turned on by candles?? The one where he’s like “that’s some great fucking candles, fucking, fuck me.” well, this is the aftermath

A/N I never intended to post this but I haven’t posted in ages (really sorry ‘bout that, I just didn’t feel up to it. like at all. sorry again) ((also this was saved on my laptop as “totally not phan smut” and my mother had to use my laptop for her teacher stuff for a week and I was so paranoid))

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Just z2 and kate things in which z2 sits down, actually reads a damn bible and is quite moved. And of course by moved i mean entertained. And with that he decides
“Hey im going to give myself a biblical name want to hear it?”
And when asked what it is
“Satan. Call me satan.”