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A crown has arrived in Los Santos. Not just a crown of course, a whole array of finery, gold and jewels and an ornamental sceptre, even a smaller secondary crown, but the true prize in the collection is clearly the extravagant domed affair, huge, bejewelled and topped with a hefty gold cross. It’s for a show of sorts, a traveling display of some ancient European royalty, and it couldn’t be a more obvious trap if the Fake’s had received a personalized invitation.

Los Santos doesn’t have a big arts scene, doesn’t have fancy museums or cultural influences; to bring so much wealth to the city, the crime capital of the country, to roll it right under the noses of the self-proclaimed royalty of organized crime and publically advertise its arrival is so laughably on the nose it can only be the LSPD’s latest pathetic attempt at a sting. An embarrassing police endeavour to draw the FAHC out, ludicrously obvious and yet, despite all reason, it’s working.

It might be offensively over the top but there are, of course, two members of the FAHC who live for offensively over the top, who can’t even focus on the obvious jaws of the trap, knowing all too well that the bait is poisoned but unable to help being hooked anyway. Geoff and Gavin, the big boss and his most ostentatious little snake, both lost the second there were crowns on the table, both shiny eyed and hopeless, full of longing as their hurricane of plans tips into the utterly preposterous.

Gavin keeps making puppy-dog eyes at Geoff, begging and pleading and carefully explaining exactly why he deserves to be the one who wears the big crown; everyone already knows Geoff’s the king, he doesn’t need it, and anyway it just wouldn’t suit his look at all. Geoff is batting off every argument, some with considerable difficulty but he’s determined to hold out, heart set on keeping the absurd thing for himself. Half out of affection, half out of desperately placating bribery Geoff’s instead promising Gavin the slightly smaller, more classically spiked crown; the fine filigree diadem obviously the lighter of the two, easier to wear and arguably more pretty, still obscenely ornate and look how gold it is Gavvers come on.

Boss and conman aside the rest of the crew aren’t quite so blinded by the frankly insulting attempt at a trap. Except, well. Except that they kind of are, in their own ways.

Jack and Lindsay spent a whole morning tracking down sources, ensuring that while the display was fake the actual items were authentic. And boy, the LSPD didn’t go halfway in their bid for stupidest plan of all time – not only is everything certifiably real, it’s worth an actual fortune. They aren’t kidding themselves about fencing the crowns, it’s important to be aware of one’s weaknesses and sometimes that means acknowledging that you work with egotistical children, but there is still more than enough extra gubbins in the display to make such a wildly ill-advised heist worth considering.

Ryan, Michael and Jeremy aren’t particularly hung up on the money end; it’s always nice, sure, but honestly the FAHC hasn’t been strapped for cash in a long, long time. These days the jobs they do tend to have some other purpose, amusement or revenge or displays of power with monetary gain a secondary factor, definitely not sufficient to barrel headfirst into a guaranteed trap. But then the trap is so clear to see it’s pretty much a dare, a middle finger, the suggestion that the Fake’s are too stupid to see what’s right in front of them. If there’s one thing the more rough and tumble side of the crew have in common it’s their inability to stand down from a challenge, their dislike of any insinuation that there’s anything they cannot do, any prize outside their reach. Screw the gold, Michael, Jeremy and Ryan are, as always, just out to ruin the LSPD’s day.

So they brainstorm, they plan, they get into more than one argument about the authority bestowed by fancy headwear and, in the end, after enduring numerous scornful complaints from members the Support Crew regarding always doing things the hard way, they simply call up one of Geoff’s rats on the force and have her unlock the door and look the other way. It is perhaps the most anticlimactic ‘heist’ of the FAHC’s entire existence – not that you’d know it from the way Geoff and Gavin swan about in their crowns. Not that you’d know it unless you were there to witness, actually, considering the hilariously inaccurate rumour that spreads like wildfire, the tale of an epic showdown between the police and the Fakes, the crowns simply the spoils of war in a greater battle that took out half a city block.

To be fair, that battle definitely happened, it just had literally nothing to do with any heist. Disappointed by the appalling lack of action Ryan took Michael and Jeremy for a leisurely drive down to the police station, car full of everything from flares to SMG’s to a full-blown rocket launcher, and the three of them had a little party. By the time the rest of the crew shows up, somewhat overdressed but still drawn as always towards the sound of senseless mayhem, the street is a warzone, a building is on fire, and the LSPD have completely sworn off ever again trying to entrap the FAHC.  

The FAHC aren’t good people. They’re criminals, they’re the bad guys, they’re the monsters that parents tell their children to be wary of, and for a good reason, too.

They aren’t good people, but they will fight tooth and nail to be that way.

The “good people”, those are the ones they hate. The perfect politician with a plastic face and even more fake promises. Promises of making things better when they don’t even know how bad it is. The big name CEOs who dip their toes in donation money so they can fish some out for themselves, even though they have enough golden bars and diamond rings at home to fill a swimming pool. Government officials who make laws only for their personal gain, to put more $100 bills in their wallets so they can throw them at abused strippers later.

The Fake AH Crew hates them. Hates them with a passion because they were the ones who forced them into this life in the first place.

They’re the one’s who took away Geoff’s will to live as soon as he finished servicing, not giving him a cent to his name and making him live on the streets. Lucky for him, he was used to it from his rough childhood, so he knew how to climb the system and make a name of himself in the criminal ring so he wouldn’t be eaten alive.

They’re the ones who stripped Jack of her humanity, reducing her to her genitalia. The one’s who took away her rights and stopped her to the ground, leaving her to die on the side of the road where no one would care or even know her name. Lucky for her, Geoff helped her to her feet, or else she’d be rotting and another misgendered name in the obituaries.

They’re the ones who made Ryan believe he was insane. The ones who told him he was “crazy” and “dangerous” because his brain worked differently. He had no where to go without being miserable, forcing him to rob banks just so he could afford his medication, just so he could feel like a person. Forced him to rob the wrong house, where he found a strange man and woman who offered him shelter and food and Ryan felt like crying.

They’re the ones who fucked Michael over, keeping him in a corrupt system all because of a stupid mistake he made as a teen. He had to live the prison life for five years, and when he got out, he wasn’t a citizen anymore and he had no where to go except a man named Geoff who took him in when he saw a poor 25 year old on the side of the road, starving to death because all the soup kitchens ran out of funds years ago.

They’re the ones who made Gavin prostitute himself. Made him into an object for rich men and women to abuse just so he could eat that night. He hated how dirty he felt, but how else was he supposed to survive? Until a man offered family instead of sex, offered a safe haven so Gavin wouldn’t have to sell his body just to live.

They’re the ones who kept Jeremy from moving up. Kept him poor and barely surviving off minimum wage. They didn’t help the addiction that ran in his family and spit at him when he developed it, too. He didn’t remember the last time he ate because he spent his entire paycheck on meth and booze. If he didn’t, he would feel itchy and and paranoid, and eventually, he was evicted. Geoff found him on the side of the road, almost dead from an overdose.

So, of course they hate the “good guys”. The ones who fuck them over, all the while saying they’re for the people. That’s why, when a “good person” is found dead, a bullet hole in their head, a little fuck you note is stapled to their chest, sincerely from the FAHC.

     au where kayn is 12 and rhaast is his edgy sonic oc


IN  THE  NAME  OF  LOVE      //      AN  ANGEL  GOES  THROUGH  HELL.      *      independent  &  highly selective  DAREDEVIL  //  MATT MURDOCK.  penned by magpie.

art advice??? art advice

hh i made a post like this before but i wanna repost it on here + add some stuff cuuuuz ive been thinking about this alot latley!! hope its useful! 

  • sketch! as much as you can! i dont wanna say like, everyday cuz lol illness™ but honestly once u figure out how to like, lightly sketch without putting too much energy into it, your improvement Will Skyrocket. you gotta hit that groove™ u feel me
  • draw, erase it, draw again. draw and redraw things. you do NOT have to stick with things after you draw them. you don’t have to make something fully finished and perfect every time you sit down to draw. sometimes you just gotta draw, erase it, draw again over&over. each time you do this, you’ll get better too which is big plus
  • cannot stress that enough! every time you draw, you improve! even if its just a tiny bit
  • use refs. honestly. im lazy and dont do this enough but gosh! refs can save everything. and not just photo refs, looking at how other people draw things can be a big help esp when developing a style.
  • start looking at things as shapes. dont think ‘im drawing a hand’ but instead look at the shapes that the hand is made out of. rectangles! squares! roundness!! SHAPES!
  • stuuuuudy things. dont put it off! dont be like ‘oh well when i get better at this ill try this’. no. if u wanna learn how to do it, study it. you only get better when you try, not by putting it off forever.
  • but in the end, do as much as you as you can or feel like it. you dont have to stress yourself out too much by trying to draw everyday, read all the tutorials or books. just do as much as you can and its enough  ✨

he’s new so i don’t have a lot for him yet but!! he makes me think of sugar cookies and late winter/ early spring. he’s got an elaborate tattoo on his back (that i’m too lazy to draw rn lmao//) he likes casual conversations and making  people laugh, and he’s also the oldest escort where he works (๑・▱・๑) !! 


30 Day One Piece Challenge

Day 4: Favourite Arc

THRILLER BARK! To be honest I’m a little fanboy that loves every arc lol, but this arc had, imo, a very awesome  concept that was unveiled in quite a cool way (stuff like Cindry-chan being dead, Inuppe acting like Sanji, etc.) and some of the best characters to date, which just makes it slightly better than all the other arcs. I could list so many things that I love in this arc lol: Moria-sama, Rumbar Pirates, badass Zoro, the whole crew fighting together, a friggin’ island ship, hilarious pseudo-zombies in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and I could go on lol… I just love everything <3 <3

Hello, my lil’ buns! I’m back again with another masterlist regarding the Korean culture, and this time you can find ### of MY FAVORITE KOREAN FIRST NAMES under the cut. There are actually hundreds of thousands of Korean names and these just happen to be a collection of my favorite. And there’s no need to worry about this being problematic, since I’m Korean myself and I can guarantee you I know what I’m doing. Please like or reblog if you found this helpful, and happy writing!!

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roscgolden  asked:

do you have any favourite long destiel fic (like around 100k or so)? i apologiiise if you don't rec fics or smth pls disregard this then


1. Carry On by TamrynEradani
now i don’t really read (a lot of) BDSM fics as im kind of…iffy about the whole thing?? but dude. dude. just. this one. this one. trust me on this. i just love how dom!cas treats sub!dean in this fic and just how they kinda [clenches fist] do kinky shit together.

2. Into Your Hideaway by thepinupchemist
remarkable A/B/O fic with alpha!Cas and omega!Dean. you see, im a huge A/B/O dynamics fan myself, so i may be biased, but out of all the A/B/O fics ive ever read, this is hands down the best one. i love how Cas is not written like your stereotypical kind of alpha, and the same goes for Dean. make sure to read the tags though, if this isnt your cup of tea, then feel free to pass this one!

3. Angel’s Wild by LimonadeGaby, riseofthefallenone
oops what do you mean this one has 300k+ words even though you asked for 100k words nope i have no idea what youre talking about. seriously though. the whole idea of the story is so creative and i love how well written dean and cas’ characterization in this fic is. spending the whole day on reading all 300k words of this piece of art? totally worth it. no, im kidding. dont read it all in one go. im serious. i tried it and i can still remember how i could barely keep my eyes open in class the next day.

4. Exonerated by thecouchcarrot
i read this ages ago but i still remember how good and well written this fic was! im usually a sucker for lightly plotted AUs, but even though this was a law enforcement fic, i took to this fic like fish takes to water. i love the way i kept trying to guess who the real perpetrator was because the writer made me feel like i doubt every single character’s alibi. it was generally a really great fic.

5. The Great Escapist by 8sword
hey look a fic with premed-student!cas and nursing-student!dean being roommates. i love how caring they are towards each other and as a med student myself, i approve of how the writer explained some of the medical terms used in it. a really sweet fic with the perfect amount of angst and fluff in it. 

6. Ugly Sweater Verse by saidtheking
im pretty sure everyone has read this but im just going to put this here just in case you havent. so much cavity inducing fluff. like. im not even kidding. filled to the brim. shot full of them. read it at your own risk. but its not that kind of fluff thats just simply overdone and doesnt have any content; its so much more than that, what with how the writer makes us feel like dean and cas have earned the life they have in the fic. just. wow. swoon.

these arent exactly fics with 100k+ words, but theyre some of my favorites and i thought i should just let you know since i already ended up making some sort of a fic rec list anyway:

and basically if you want full-on fluff, just go stalk whelvenwings, aileenrose, youaresunlight, and thekingslover’s works on ao3. seriously. you will not be disappointed.

whew. that took a while to write. i would honestly love to make a better fic rec list with many more fics (because god knows i lost count on how many fics ive read in the past 2 years), but alas, i am nothing but a peachbutt who is too lazy to gather up the links to them. im so sorry for being a horrible excuse for a dedicated fanfiction enthusiast.

but hey, never hesitate to drop a message to me whenever you feel like you need more fic recs! be it super short ficlets, a/b/o, angst, teeth-rotting fluff, i’m your man!

now go ahead and enjoy those fics, sweet young child.

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hi i just wanted to say that youre my favorite person in the world and you make me so so happy and youre incredibly beautiful and kind and amazing and everyone who knows you irl is beyond blessed and youre just really really great and im kinda a lil bit in love w you

lkJASJDFADF how i receive messages like this is like WHAT and WHo because i’m a total average average who is lazy and eats too much + doesn’t know anything about anything and i got no goals and nothings but still you send me something this sweet…hoW 💞💓💗💖💝 I’M NOT WORTHY OF YOUR LOVE YOU DESERVE BETTER  but thank you so much i’m gone alskdjajsf

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so I saw that you said Dwyer's character was ruined in the localization, so you mind me asking how? I don't know enough about his original character in the japanese version to see any difference, but now I'm super curious


Ok so basically, a huge theme of this game’s character designs is that the characters don’t exactly match up to how their designs are.

Dwyer has an L like look to him making him look a little manic and messy and just like he doesn’t take care of himself in general.

Jakob and the players believe this to believe that this is because he is lazy and a bad steward. We’re led to believe that the reason he’s a healer is because he can’t fight because he’s too lazy to train.

In reality, Dwyer is a better butler than Jakob. Even though his appearance is shabbier than his Father’s, he’s very courteous, polite, and charismatic, and is an extremely competent as a butler because he’s always wanted to be a butler because that’s what his dad is. And - he actually does train. He’s extremely adept at hand to hand combat. 

Yeah, the mansion is in is dilapidated, but it’s implied to be because of the intruders laying siege to it, possibly for days, rather than fault of his own.

He even admits he isn’t particularly lazy. When he says that, Jakob asks him why he wasn’t fighting, and he tells him that taking care of others is his job, and it isn’t good to abandon your job. He’s dutiful to a fault.


Dwyer in the localization is legitimately lazy. He only wants to become a butler (for some unknown reason) after Jakob and company save him. When he defeats the enemy at the end, it isn’t a result of carefully trained martial arts, but because of….. whatever the fuck SLAPPYFACE is supposed to be.

And even more infuriatingly, his reason for not fighting isn’t because it’s his job to care for others…… He says it’s because it’s others’ job to defend him, and he wouldnt want to deprive them of their job.

Honestly it reads like someone on the translation team incorrectly attributed actions and subjects at that part, and reversed the entire meaning and then revised the paralogue to that.

You can read the original here.