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@becauseoftheshame okay so it wasnt like…….the most ableist thing ever. theres this really uncomfortable bit where one companion tells the other like, dont freak out, dr.who’s alive, they made it out…….mostly ok, lol, and then the most of the rest of the episode is just action stuff, but the last line is like, “i can’t look at you. i can never look at anything ever again. im still blind” and it was also pretty fucking uncomfortable. next ep continues with, apparently, lying about being able to see so who knows how long this is going to last and how awfully it goes.

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Wait I'm sorry, but what on earth is "playersexuality"?

so basically it means that the romanceable companions’ sexuality depends on the player characters gender instead of going through the ~exhausting~ task of just acknowleding that those characters are canonically bisexual. 

so for example in dragon age 2 most of the companions can be romanced by hawke regardless of their gender and some ppl have referred to their sexuality as “playersexual.” this erases their canon bisexuality & reduces sexual orientation down to a “gay or straight” binary depending on your player character which is an extremely biphobic thing to do.

so tl;dr it’s a shitty term and please don’t use it.