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The Best

pairing: platonic hamilsquad x depressed!reader

genre: angst! modern au

word count: 1700

warning: mentions of depression, death/suicide

summary: you haven’t been at school all week, you haven’t been answering texts. eventually, the boys decided that they’re not going to wait for you to reply anymore, and take matters into their own hands.

a/n: yoo so sorry for the angsty thing, i was planning on putting up some starboy laurens fluff but ive been having a pretty bad day meself so. wrote some angst cuz it made me feel better. if you’re having a bad day i hope it helps and i hope u feel good tomorrow!

You had spent the week in bed. Your work was beginning to pile up – in both a metaphorical and literal sense, you thought as you looked at the pile of papers on your desk – and you probably got more texts in the past five days than you’ve gotten in the past year. Everyone was worried about you. Just today, Alexander had left you 3 voicemails and he sent you 51 messages in the span of 6 minutes; John sent you 2 pictures of Lafayette and Hercules playing checkers, and then one of himself pouting because, as he put it, he ‘wanted to see you’; Lafayette sent you a video of himself singing some French song that was supposed to be a lullaby but it didn’t really help; Hercules sent you a picture of himself in a ridiculous hat. 

Nothing cheered you up. You hadn’t had this bad of a spell in years, but lately things had gotten worse and couldn’t bring yourself to do anything. You just couldn’t.

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Tatiana Maslany really is everyone! 


Anonymous said: What do you think of k[urotsuk]i?

There is a story by Sepulveda that’s super famous in Italy that’s called “Story of a seagull and the cat that taught her to fly” and that’s literally everything I can think about whenever anyone talks about k[urotsuk]i, I’ll be honest with you anon

(useless precisations about context are in the captions)

this has been sitting in my wips for almost an entire year
IT’S ME i wanted a new twitter icon better late than never huh 🤳✨

i wanna watch the new dw for bill but at the same time i dont think i can stomach even one more of those ‘the future’ sets from moffat’s era where everything is big empty white rooms like why does moffat era suck all the character out of the future its so bland and boring lmao


character posters: wynonna earp

“nobody shoots my family but me.”

it’s almost christmas break finally, which means that i am here with a follow forever that i’ve been wanting to do for the longest time now. i’ve followed so many amazing people this year and i actually have a few people to make special mentions for? even though i’ve been like absent and haven’t really spoken to anyone in a while. yikes. anyway, without further ado, my favs of 2016

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happy bday @drgnsmile !! here’s an orange feathery asshole


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im probably forgetting people aaa so sorry if i did D: ❤❤❤

since i’m just starting fights tonight i’m gonna bring up the fact that you guys just don’t want to admit the double standard you have when it comes to adam. adam gets held responsible for being ‘problematic’ and no one else does. no talks about gansey defending henry’s rape joke after blue expressed offense at it (i’ve seen it mentioned maybe twice both times in passing. jfc if adam had been the one in that situation and not gansey we’d never hear the end of it). no one talks about ronan making fun of blue and adam for being poor, making fun of adam’s bruises. after blue/adam have it out with the dude street harassing her we’re just supposed to think it’s cute that noah’s response is “well you DO have nice legs” because it’s sweet cinnamon roll noah but lbr if adam had said that even in a lighthearted joking way y’all would have burned down a building in your collective rage. 

adam deserves to be criticized for his fuck ups and shitty behavior just as much as everyone else does but it gets hard to take it seriously when i know that the stuff you guys pull receipts on adam for you would literally not care if one of the other boys had done or said it. like the fact that textually we’re supposed to believe gansey has also talked shit about blue being a raging feminist (behind her back, no less) and that’s where adam heard it but no one cares about that. like drag adam for that but jesus drag gansey too. if ronan had said the infamous “that’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told” line to adam, or gansey, or noah, or blue, or a random stranger on the street you would all pay money to invent a quote hall of fame and make sure it was the first one inducted. there wouldn’t even be a discussion of whether or not it’s insensitive or problematic. the only legitimate criticism i ever see for anyone of the mains who isn’t adam is gansey and tbh often it’s not even level headed/objective it’s just over exasperated adam stans who are so sick of the one sided argument that they lash out which isn’t ideal either but like adam has been consistently called out for everything he’s ever done at this point 10 times over like please move on to one of the other problematic males in this series for a day or something.