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Ahhh yisss another knb scenario blog! Uwaaah I can't tell you how excited I am to find more (especially one that has their ask open). May I get GOM + Kagami and their s/o waking up to find themselves in each others' body. Huehue what could possibly go wrong (sweatdrop)? Best of luck on your blog!! ^-^

ahhhhh o u o im glad you got excited!! Of course you may! and thank you so much ^-^. When I read this I thought it was NSFW, but then when i re-read you ask I realized what you actually meant and couldn’t stop laughing. This sounds like a total secret garden [kdrama] type of ask. Hope it’s to your liking!

-Admin Nanacchi

You had just woken up. Reaching out to stretch, you noticed something. Why were your hands slightly like the ones you always held? You ran a hand through your hair only to notice it wasn’t actually your hair. No way, you thought. Sitting upright, you looked down at your chest only to see you in fact did not have a set of boobs, or even your cute pjs on you. Slowly you turned to the other person that was sleeping next to you. You let out a scream of surprise when you noticed that your body was still sleeping soundly.

Kuroko: Awoken by your scream he opened his eyes lazily, looking at you he blinked a couple of times while rubbing his eyes. “Kuroko?” He heard himself say. 
“Hmmm? What is it _____-chan?” He paused. Wait, why did you just say that. He furrowed his eyebrows. He looked back up you and saw that a sheer look of panic was on his face. Silently, he peered down and saw that he wasn’t in his body, but yours. “…well…this is going to be a problem…”

Kise: It had been an hour and you were still refusing to let Kise change into anything. “_____cchi come on! You can change into my stuff and I can change into yours! It’ll be fun!!” You heard yourself say excitedly.
“NO!” You shouted at him. Using Kise’s body as an advantage you tackled yourself and held him down. 
“WHYYYYY ______CCHI I’LL MAKE YOU LOOK EVEN MORE CUTER THAN USUAL!” Your voice had been a pitch higher. Seems like no matter where Kise was, his usual whininess would follow suit.

Midorima: “Takao is going to die.”
You sighed for the millionth time as you watched your face stay in an angry state. “Midorima, we don’t know who did this, but can you stop doing that, you’re going to make my face stuck like that forever.”
“Shut up.” Reaching up, Midorima unconsciously made a move to push his glasses up on his face, but noticing that it was not his face and that you did not wear glasses. Letting out a small giggle he glared at you. “Don’t you dare laugh this isn’t funny.”
“But I can’t take you seriously when you’re me.” You grinned at him. Midorima blushed.
“Stop it, you can’t smile when your me, it’s weird.” 

Aomine: “I swear to god Aomine if you touch my boobs I’ll kill you.” You let out a low growl. 
“It’s not my fault you have a chest.” He smirked. “Besides if you make a move to stop me from doing anything, like this,” Seeing him move your arm to your chest you tackled him, placing his (your) arms above him. You heard him laugh. “What you want to touch your own boobs too?”
“Hey if you’re in my body and you touch them does that mean I’m technically touching them anyways?”

Murasakibara: “But I’m hungry _____-chin.” You saw Murasakibara hang your head low. You watched as he pouted and began flailing, moving around as he whined loudly with your voice.
“But I’ll get fat if you keep eating so much.” You rubbed your neck as you looked down at your tiny self. Was this really what Murasakibara had to do every time he talked to you? This was putting a huge strain on your neck.
“_____-chin, will always be _____-chin.”
“Mura-kun no.”
You saw him take your phone and dial someone. “Muro-chin, _____-chin won’t let me eat.”
You sighed loudly when you heard a confused Tatsuya on the other end. 

Akashi: “Do I really have to do all this work today Akashi?” You eyed the large pile of documents and the schedule you had on your desk. 
“Well, I can do the paper work, but you would have to go the functions as usual.” You saw him smirk. Seeing yourself smirk was weird, but this entire situation was weirder. “You always did say I should take a break though _____.”
“When I said break I didn’t mean for this to happen.”
“So you expected this?”
“N-No I-” You found yourself pressed against a wall, looking at your self holding you down.
“You’re making me look afraid ____,” Akashi said, he placed a hand on your face and tapped it lightly, “be a good girl while I figure this out.”

Kagami: “I swear to god if you hurt my legs while trying to jump for that box of cereal at the top I’m going to kick you after we figure out how to get out of this.” You said as you eyed Kagami in the kitchen.
Ignoring you completely, he kept jumping, trying to reach for the box. He let out a sigh and glared at you. “Why did you have to be so short?”
“Why did you have to have two eyebrows?”
“Damn right, I win this Bakagami.”

Hey, so, this is not a happy, positive post. I really, really didn’t want to do the ‘Liz Scolds The Fandom’ thing again, but… damn. I’m really fired up. I don’t know that I’ll be using a readmore for this, either.

This fandom is really sweet. I love this fandom. I have never had the privilege to meet such a wonderful group of people before. In my experience, people here are kind, sweet, caring, and incredibly supportive. I’ve had a few not-great experiences, but it’s never been anything too awful. I’ve had my differences with people, but we all act like grown up’s about it and don’t get all dramatic, you know? It’s a part of life, having disagreements and shit, so that’s no big deal.

But I have a huge problem with bullying. Like, a massive problem with bullying. I loathe it, and there is nothing that makes me more annoyed. There’s no reason for it, other than for the quick enjoyment of some at the expense of others. 

Yeah, we’ve all bitched and said things to our friends, but when it’s outright bullying, that’s not cool. There is absolutely no reason for it.

 There’s someone in this fandom who works really, really hard. They don’t get a lot of thanks for it, and do it simply for the love of it. Their stories are some of my favourites, and are so incredibly well thought out. Then, there’s the meta posts? They’re amazing, you know? They’re always sourced, and there’s a lot of thought in them.

It’s probably obvious that I’m talking about @zephyrsus. Her stories are incredible, and her meta gives me hope for a lot! Even if I disagree with some things she writes (not that I can think of anything like that off the top of my head), they’re so well thought out and presented that I can’t help but love it? 

I’m really lucky in that I’ve been able to talk to her, when I’ve had time, about a whole bunch of things. Durarara!! mainly, but she’s a really cool person. 

But, to be honest, she could be a total piece of shit and I’d still be writing this post.

I’ve noticed some things over the last year and a bit that I’ve been a part of this fandom. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice until it was too late the first time, and this time… Well, I’m a bit protective of her. Maybe I’m reading into nothing, but to be honest, the same shit seems to be happening again.

The anonymous messages about a post that expresses an opinion. The reblogging of certain posts to mock her. I’m not going to pretend that I know what’s up, but honestly? It’s all really dickish.

So, that’s why I’m here, at midnight, writing another post about How Not To Be A Dick. I’m actually a bit sad that I have to, because I’m sure that no one that follows my blog would ever consider bullying someone, but I’m posting it so that @zephyrsus knows that she isn’t alone. The people who follow me are very kind, and incredibly supportive, so please don’t think I’m directing this at you guys (pls don’t I love you all so much). But… Yeah. I can’t really not say something, you know?

So! Here is a foolproof and realistic guide on How Not To Be A Raging Dick (the more irritated I get, the more the name will change):

  1. If you don’t agree, you can tell someone you don’t agree! But you need to remember that your opinion is your opinion. You aren’t reciting anything from golden tablets, you feel? You’re literally expressing an opposing opinion.
  2. If you want to make fun of someone, do it in private. I’m not going to pretend that bitching never happens, but, Christ, why do you need to pull the person you dislike into it? Are you really so bored that you can’t find another way to feel joy? (If that’s the case, see a doctor).
  3. Doooon’t send anonymous messages that sound dickish. I mean, come on. Just. Okay? Don’t. Just, stop. Okay?
  4. Remember that people on this website are people. They are not here for your enjoyment. Would you be a cunt to their face? If yes, become one with a mirror and reflect.
  5. Don’t reblog posts you don’t agree with just to mock them. I mean, okay, there are obviously some exceptions but come on. This fandom is shrinking, and it literally costs nothing to not be a dick. If you want to mock something, there’s this really nifty way to share it! You go to the bottom of a post, click on the paper airplane looking thing, and pm it. If you’re reblogging with snarky comments, you’re literally only doing it so that the person who made the post can see it. This achieves nothing? Other than potentially hurting someone just because you wanted to… laugh at their expense?
  6. NINJA EDIT. IT’S TOTALLY OKAY TO REBLOG AND SAY YOU DISAGREE, IF YOU’RE HAVING A DISCUSSION. DON’T STOP DOING THIS. THIS IS HOW WE LEARN. I’m really not directing this at anyone other than people who blatantly reblog with the express purpose of being awful. If you’re just expressing your opinion, that’s okay (just be polite ok)

Okay like

I’m getting even angrier lmao, so I’m putting out an open invitation. Or making a sweeping declaration? I don’t fucking know, it’s now twenty past twelve and I’m tired. I’m going to use some words.

If you have a problem with @zephyrsus, and you want to be a raging dick and take advantage of the fact that she will see the best in you and try to see your side of things, and respond to your rude anon’s and shit, then you sort of have a problem with me too. I’m not going to do the typical “AND I BITE! IM CRAZY!” but I have killed a man so there’s that.

That’s obviously a lie, but honestly. I do not possess the same amount of kindness and restraint as @zephyrsus. If you are perceiving her ability to swallow insults and respond politely as a weakness, I honestly feel sorry for you.

Seriously, I’m a cunt, and I am far more suited to this nonsense than this is. I’m not going to tell anyone to leave her alone, but I hope this shines a nice, big, bright spotlight on what’s happening. Honestly, I hope it continues? Because I’m more than willing to reblog anything that seems remotely cruel (and I have a low threshold for bullshit) with my own, very creative thoughts.

I am so tired of this childish bullshit.

You literally do not have to like her, or anyone else. You just have to be a damn grown up and act like a semi-decent human being. There’s nothing glorious about being a cunt. It just makes other, more polite people laugh at you in private.

So, I guess I’ll just insist that everyone abides by Wheaton’s Law? Don’t be a fucking dick.

And to my really sweet and kind followers! If you have a moment, could you send @zephyrsus some of your kindness? She has incredibly stories (oh my god, I’ve died every day because of May The Best Man Win), and her posts are incredibly interesting? There’s so much thought and care in them, and even if you disagree with them, they’re really amazing? Just… wow, you know?


ok im stopping. thank you for listening, and I hope this made sense.