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relatable things my choir teacher has said

- “i’ve had so much coffee today, i’m surprised im not dead yet”

- *the second the boys choir completely exits* “girls can i complain about the boys for a bit” 

- “im like, in love with sutton foster”

- “ben platt is amazing and i love him and he’s one of my vocal idols”

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please take a moment to realize that, Killua wasn’t the only one suffering

listen like as someone who was exposed to a lot of really gross stuff as a 13/14 y old on this site I’m asking you to please please tag your nsfw stuff when posting in ship tags that are popular amongst minors/kids in a fandom and even just in general tbh I’m begging you just tag your fucking nsfw it’s four letters please

this doodles are when i was reading the fanfic…learn to live of theperfecta
but this are just my fantasies nothing of this happen xD …ah…..
except for the doodle of the left corner ;w;

Do you ever think about all the dreams James must have had over those 10 years of being with Thomas and then waking up alone on a ship and realizing it was all just a dream and it could never happen again?

Because I do and I feel like I’ve been stabbed. 

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Read your tags saw, PoC.... um "poc" is the same as "colored people".. coming from a "poc", it is kinda racist :/

i mean ‘people of color’, i never said colored people(not as an adjective if that is what u assumed) its just how i tag my art and for some odd reason ur assuming im white which is ???( please stop)

Tumblr in 2017 please enjoy art dont make everything into a negative all i want to do is share my art <333

and from now on im disabling my anon asks

happy new years <333

uh hey everyone ive been getting a…LOT of new followers as a result of this comic from two years ago goin absolutely ham for some reason??

just thought id introduce myself and my current situation since its not necessarily reflected in my blog info

PotP was a comic collaboration idea i had w my best friend @nocturnalvisionarythat we might play around with more later, but for now has been shelfed while Life happens

I was also working on ANOTHER collaborative comic idea that got a little more traction called Total Party Kiss, and its been on indefinite hiatus for like a year now bc Life started happening EVEN MORE

im a freelancing lesbian artist who is chronically and mentally ill, and wading out of an eight+ month streak of pretty severe illness, and havent been able to work on personal projects much as a result

im also working very hard on moving to England to marry and live with my gf who wrote the dragonoak series, which you can find and read on kindle! i have done a TON of art for it and plan on doing a TON more, so definitely look at that if you have had any interest in my other works! its LGBT high fantasy, has incredible lesbian and trans representation, and is basically just…very very good.  i want to collaborate more with them as time goes on, and think we would make a great collaborative team :)

thats about it! hope you all enjoy the blog. its gay and silly and thats about what i am to the internet lately so hopefully thats ur cuppa tea


Well this took literally forever!
Still this was so much fun thank you for indulging me in this au anon I appreciate it.

I’ve thought a lot about each class but it’s past 3 am it’s not the time for that, so there are just some thoughts in the captions.

Oh look, an update

Hey guys I’m back and I just had an idea!

Ok first of all I never gave a valid reason for why I abandoned the blog, and I am still very sorry for that, but I figured out why my motivation was gone- it was because I never had an ending to the story and some plot points were just sporadic. Also the fact I used full color and shading (what was I thinking) and school had just started up for me so that could have also been a factor…

Anyways- what if I turned this into a MA (Magic Anon if you are unfamiliar) ask blog with short stories like @/lookstodiefor or someone for that nature? (I really like their art ok). If this sounds good do you think I should keep all of the old content or delete it?

I feel horrible for abandoning you guys like this, and I hope you like this idea. 

Thanks for sticking around. <3

U know i made this blog when i was in a dark place as means to cope and as means to keep up with seventeen now im in such a better place ive moved on up out and alongside seventeen its been an incredible journey being able to change and flourish just as them with them though i can finally say that i dont necessarily need to rely on mingyu or them for my happiness and motivation and so on so forth ive been reaching more inside of myself and providing that for myself and im not saying that i dont love seventeen or mingyu anymore by all means never. mingyu and the boys will forever mean the world to me i wouldnt have made it through what i did without them being here just reminds me of all those old times where the people in my life werent good for me and neither was the situation(s) realizing all this is beginning to make me loathe coming on here its such a chore and inconvenience now.. scrolling.. reblogging… repeat. every single day.. its not only time consuming but i absolutely do not feel the need to talk or more or less explain myself on here anymore to anyone.. to essentially strangers.…. for whatever reason whether it be attention or validation etc . im finally content with being there for/relying on myself for that i dont need that approval anymore because i approve me? of course u all know from my mingyu tags just how greatly he has impacted and helped me overcome a good portion of my struggles for these past two years he is still my golden boy he will forever be my golden boy.. my baby my light love and my everything… whom i will forever adore admire cherish treasure respect appreciate applaud support and most of all love him endlessly as well as the entirety seventeen i love these thirteen boys 😩😩 im too emotionally tied to them and all the beautiful and good and incredible things/feelings they have done for/gave me and likewise all the beautiful and good and incredible memories ive made with them just to give it up its been too worthwhile.. i will continue on supporting them as a whole and loving them and mingyu with everything i have uh i would die for them say the name ride or die seventeen just…. not on here 🕶


To answer your question, dear anon, Star actually likes the comic. 
Marco didn’t responded to any of her messages after the :3.

( dont worry hes not dead just asleep )

so for anyone wondering what happened and why other people in the su critical community are talking about some anons sending minors death threats is because is over the past two weeks (more like a week and a half but im just rounding it for the sake of being more organized) a bunch of anons have been sending me death threats some of which are pretty detailed. the reason i got them is because ive been posting in the su critical tag and a small handful didn’t like that. ofc su critical =/= people sending children death threats like my situation, if you’re unfamiliar with su crit just know a majority of them are really nice. although the anons weren’t justified there was a reason; ive been posting in the su crit tags a lot more and now that i think about it i didn’t really have a reason except to try to be a (somewhat unfunny) comedian even though i did dislike su critical at the time. irrationally. very irrationally

so ofc im not gonna be posting in the su critical tag anymore besides this explanation so you can see it and general discussion (this doesnt mean hate and “”“witty”“” remarks. im stopping that) bc of course i do think su is flawed. the crew is flawed. the fans are flawed. but i still adore them all a whole lot ❤❤

and i wanna give a big thank you to the su critical community for helping me through this bc for some godawful reason i thought that you were all like those anons when you really really arent. also the picture of my kitten is related, his names katze and he loves u :^} thank you to everyone who sent me nice asks and made nice posts about me. it means a lot ❤❤❤❤❤ and hopefully the su critical community and myself can start over and be on good terms now too.❤