im just so incredibly happy for them

Fangirling aside, im so incredibly proud of our boys. Can you imagine how nervous yet so happy they must be feeling rn. being the first korean group ever to be invited and nominated for the bbma’s, representing k-pop– in a whole different country? They’ve come such a long way, from people telling them they’ll never make it, to this. Im so damn proud of them idek how to express myself but I just hope they can enjoy this night and make great memories and connections, learn some new things and just fully enjoy themselves!! ;;

disability au’s: ocd!

  • “everyday in class I see you contain your anger whenever this girl complains about how’s she’s so ‘ocd’ bc she keeps her bookbag organized and one day u finally blew up and shoved your bloody chewed off nails in her face saying “ARE U SURE YOU HAVE OCD SHARON? ARE YOU REALLY SURE?”
  • “I always catch you when you’re stuck flickering the lights on and off and just to lighten the mood I sneak up on you and mimic nightclub music just so you laugh really hard”
  • “I make all my soap by hand and it’s the only kind you allow to wash your hands with so ur kinda my best and most frequent customer and also I kinda like you so I give you bars for free sometimes”
  • “people always think I’m super mannerly when we’re together but really you just can’t stand to touch doorknobs so I always get it for you and fuckoff im not ‘mushy’ inside get away from us”
  • “you’re severe germaphobia has you very knowledgeable about the topic and even though I know I shouldn’t condone the fear, hearing you go off in a rant about how many germs certain items carry and get all happy about the ways to kill them is incredibly adorable to me, pls tell me more”
  • “I own a flower shop and you stop by every day to count the petals on the bouquets outside and you get all embarrassed about it and I can’t help but wait for you to show up through the window”
    • one day it was really pouring down and saw you still out there so I just brought the whole cart inside and joked about whether he “loves you” or “loves you not” 
  • “as you know sometimes when I say things they never sound right and I have to say them over and over again until they do, and just my luck I’ve been practicing saying “you’re cute” all day and it didn’t sound right when it finally came out so now I’m stuck repeating it over and over and pls just kill me now
    • *cue me walking away now muttering “you’re cute” all the way down the hall*
  • “there’s a legend about me where if I find you, I’ll kill you by 29 stab wounds and count each one down to the last. and most people just find this sadistic, which I understand, but really I’m just really stuck on that number—like if I could kill you in like 3 stabs I would but my mind just goes "ahhhH” and idk :/”
    • “sorry—being a spy is hard with ocd man, it’s really time consuming”
      • “but also i dont leave shitt behind so ;)”

Growing up as a gay child, there was nothing in the media for me. No TV show ever dared to show two people of the same gender kissing. And when it was brought up, it was either the butt of a joke or used for shock factor. Now I’m watching my favorite TV series have a mlm couple, and it’s the most successful part of the show. They’re allowing them to be soft, pure, and sweet, while also allowing them to explore their sexualities because LGBT sex is not sinful. They’re allowing for healthy communication, casual kisses, soft kisses, and a domestic relationship between two incredibly powerful men. Even though I’m an adult now, finally being able to see myself in the healthiest couple on television makes my heart so happy.


this is such a beautiful performance i guess its because its a smaller space and arohas are literally just right there, but the fan chants are incredible and if you would just look at all the boys’ faces?? theyre so happy and smiley and they just look really in awe and amazed by arohas idk LOOK AT THEM HELLO we love you as much as you love us!!!!!!!

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How would the Akatsuki members react to a random baby/their own? Im sorry. I'm Akatsuki trash

Itachi is alright with kids, he quite likes them if they’re relatively tame. But with his own baby he’s very cordial and likes playing peek-a-boo constantly. That’s his go-to, he gets so happy with his baby

Kisame just isn’t one for babies. He can tolerate kids who are old enough to think for themselves and behave, but they’re still brats to him. He wouldn’t be great with kids, not even his own

Sasori does not like children at all. He’s the type who will look at a baby crying and just go “You’re being incredibly annoying”. He’d be a bit more lenient with his kid, but he’s the type who doesn’t let them act like a fool in public. If they cry or throw tantrums, he’d get on them

Kakuzu also just does not like kids. Honestly the last thing he’d ever want to do is have a kid. He sees a baby and immediately he just thinks “You better not start crying”

Hidan hates kids too. Thinks they’re annoying and he wouldn’t know how to handle them. It’s best to keep babies away from Hidan

Konan is great with kids. Very caring and is the one that can get them to stop crying almost immediately just by holding them

Nagato likes kids but he doesn’t quite know how to take care of them. He’s extremely awkward. With his own baby, his s/o will have to encourage him and guide him

Deidara scares babies tbh. Like if they’re crying he gets in their face and is that “Why are you crying? What are you fussing about? Shut up” type, which just makes them cry harder. With his own baby, he’s still kind of like that. Fatherhood would be a chore to him 80% of the time. He’d take care of the baby, but he gets annoyed easily. And never expect him to change diapers

Obito would love kids. Always playing little games with them, can really keep babies occupied. With his own kid he’s a little more hesitant, like he’d be the type who’s super nervous about holding them for the first time, but once the nerves die down he’s super enthusiastic

U know i made this blog when i was in a dark place as means to cope and as means to keep up with seventeen now im in such a better place ive moved on up out and alongside seventeen its been an incredible journey being able to change and flourish just as them with them though i can finally say that i dont necessarily need to rely on mingyu or them for my happiness and motivation and so on so forth ive been reaching more inside of myself and providing that for myself and im not saying that i dont love seventeen or mingyu anymore by all means never. mingyu and the boys will forever mean the world to me i wouldnt have made it through what i did without them being here just reminds me of all those old times where the people in my life werent good for me and neither was the situation(s) realizing all this is beginning to make me loathe coming on here its such a chore and inconvenience now.. scrolling.. reblogging… repeat. every single day.. its not only time consuming but i absolutely do not feel the need to talk or more or less explain myself on here anymore to anyone.. to essentially strangers.…. for whatever reason whether it be attention or validation etc . im finally content with being there for/relying on myself for that i dont need that approval anymore because i approve me? of course u all know from my mingyu tags just how greatly he has impacted and helped me overcome a good portion of my struggles for these past two years he is still my golden boy he will forever be my golden boy.. my baby my light love and my everything… whom i will forever adore admire cherish treasure respect appreciate applaud support and most of all love him endlessly as well as the entirety seventeen i love these thirteen boys 😩😩 im too emotionally tied to them and all the beautiful and good and incredible things/feelings they have done for/gave me and likewise all the beautiful and good and incredible memories ive made with them just to give it up its been too worthwhile.. i will continue on supporting them as a whole and loving them and mingyu with everything i have uh i would die for them say the name ride or die seventeen just…. not on here 🕶


                                               HOW    VERY   !

ok so, I’m not good at the sappy stuff, but I just need to say that I’m so overwhelmed by the amount of positivity and love and kindness that I have received and witnessed in my short ?? maybe 2 months ?? on this blog. I was honestly very worried when I joined the H.eather rp fandom because of a lot of drama and general ickiness I saw in the tags, but I can honestly say that my experience on this blog is one of the best I’ve ever had in my years of roleplaying across any fandom, and much of that is thanks to the wonderful people hat I’ve met both in and out of the H.eathers fandom. so, for that, I just want to say thank you to everyone that has talked to me ooc, written with me in character, sent me kind messages or generally been accepting and lovely of me and my portrayal of this tiny trashfire of a person that I adore with all my heart.

                                             DEAR   DIARY  …

first and foremost, I need to give a shout out to the Ronnie Squad TM. I’m so honored and blessed to be surrounded by people that adore this little bean as much as I do. every single one of your portrayals is flawless and unique and BEAUTIFUL ;) in its own way. please know that I’m always behind you, cheering you on and admiring your writing and I’m always available to chat about our trash daughter or to listen to your teen angst bullshit ( so long as it doesn’t have a body count ) 

                             @blownoffs      @deadwalked       @fakednotes      @queenkilled    @wrotelies

                            THEY   FLOAT   ABOVE   IT   ALL

of course, who could forget Satan’s favorite Girl Group and all of the lovely writers that portray them ? whether you write a Chandler, a Mac or a Duke, know that you’re all Demon Queens in my eyes and I adore every single one of you. 

        @drankdeath    @concretecrowned    @mythxcbitch   @myriadscars   @teenkilled    @queencopy    @grccnbitch     @teenagesuicide   @gildedlifeboat   @dencuement   

                                         SAY   HI   TO   GOD

because all of you are angels for tackling a very complex and difficult character. honestly every time that I am Blessed with another JD blog I shed a small tear because wow. every single one of your portrayals is wonderful and a pleasure to have gracing my dash. always remember that you’re amazing, but please don’t take offense if I politely decline any drinks you offer me :”)

      @closevein    @blownups   @grimgun   @chaoslived    @lovedchaos   @chacskilled   @vsprtin

                             I   WOULD   FIGHT   FOR   YOU

this one goes out to all of the tumblr senpais, all of the mutuals, whether we write together or not,  to all of the wonderful, beautiful, amazing, talented, kind, precious, lovely people that I am blessed to have grace my dash every day. please know that I adore you and am in constant awe of your writing, in love with your muses and cheering for you in everything you do both ic and ooc !

@patriotborne / @wascool ,  @keptdreams ,  @slashedplastic / @osbcrncurse / @backwccds / @mindfcker ,  @deadichor / @greeknaive ,  @sunderedawn ,  @bruiseblind ,  @entropybled ,  @vasilyevna ,  @bcrnlucky / @mucheniks ,  @unheist ,  @raajasii ,  @purposebound ,  @zeraphe ,  @gorespit / @mnsterfilm / @luszifer ,  @sleuthworn ,  @vixenwidowed ,  @blossomthorned ,  @dislikespeople ,  @rebelborne ,  @didntfall ,  @tooklife ,  @insanelycooljk ,  @floathim ,  @lionwept ,  @darkcholer ,  @revoltrisen ,  @wentquick ,  @gamelost ,  @mafianatic ,  @jennifercheck ,  @kiigaru ,  @mesianism ,  @meddlingheels ,  @lawtied ,  @teenghcst ,  @stardour ,  @ciceromurder ,  @grincarved ,  @betweenghosts ,  @remembcr ,  @emoticlysm ,  @erchommai ,  @vilecrafts 

                                    OUR   LOVE   IS   GOD

and last, but most definitely not least, my loves, my friends, my memelords and devil kids. this one is for you. bet you all thought you were just getting group mentions B) nah friends get ready for a fuckin feel fest here we go nerds.

@ghostseeing / @stormwrought / ur million other blogs lmao  —  ember. my love. my best friend on this gosh darn site. I still can’t believe how long we’ve known each other. I’m so bad at keeping in touch with people it’s honestly a miracle but even when we fall out of touch for a while, whenever we find each other again we just pick up right where we left off. you are honestly and truly one of my most favorite people no matter what we talk about, a message from you is enough to brighten even the darkest days. you’re kind and funny and a brilliantly talented writer, be it canon or original characters. speaking of which, all of your original characters are amazing, wonderful creations. the amount of love you put in to crafting them is unparalleled. I absolutely adore you more than I can even properly put into words and I wish you all the best in every endeavor because you deserve the entire freakin’ world.

@closevein / @detectivite  —  mason !!! I honestly feel so lucky to have met you through this crazy fandom. I feel like I’ve learned so much from you and that having you as both a friend and a writing partner has helped me grow so much in such a short time. no matter what muse you write you put so much love and care into your portrayal of them, which I admire about you so much. every conversation we have is one that I cherish. you can always make me laugh or smile and I guess that kind of makes up for all the times you’ve also made me scream at you bc of our dumb kids and the hell we put them through. I truly value you as a friend and a writing partner and I hope we stay in touch for a very long time and I will happily follow you to any new blogs you make in the future.

@drankdeath / @whipwiielder  —  becca !! another one of my longest standing friendships on this site, I adore you so very much. you’re such a talented writer at such a young age and I have loved watching you grow, be it on Isabelle, Heather or any of your other blogs. you’re a very kind and hilarious person and probably the closest to a little sister I’ve ever had. know that I’m sending all of my good vibes to you always and that I’m always here for you if you need me for anything.

@mesianism  —  saiko !!! I’m so incredibly happy to have met you. honestly you inspire me so much it’s insane. I don’t know what it is about our kids but I love them so much. every thread, every meme, every AU, even just chatting about them over d.iscord or IM makes me so happy and excited ?? and on top of all of that you’re not only a lovely writer but a wonderful person. thank you for always letting me ramble endlessly about our dumb kids. I’m so very happy to call you my friend and to have the privilege to write with you <3

okay so, there’s like a million more people I could rant about how much I love and adore but ! I feel like I’m starting to get repetitive so I’m gonna end this long ass post here ! once more, before I go, I just want to say thank you to everyone that has made every second of my experience on this blog a wonderful one. I adore you all so much more than you could ever know, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me and for Ronnie ! <3

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I hate myself so much. I'm bi and I try to be proud but I've been turned down by 3 girls in the last few weeks for just being bi and having been with a man before :/ I'm so fucking sad why can't they just give me a chance...? I wish I could change myself so girls would actually fucking like me :/

thats INCREDIBLY biphobic and im sorry youre going through this! dating and finding other girls to date is already hard enough, but you dont need to change yourself for them!! there are a bunch of girls out there that arent following goldstar rhetoric and would be happy to date you. 

hang in there!

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Any blogs with aes like yours ??

you know how long ive waited for an ask like this so i can rec all the blogs i love SOOOO much

okay some of these are sideblogs i follow and i follow their mains but ima just post it anyways

@1bread (my girly is always first even tho her aes isnt similar lmao) @a1yu @haesun @nochugf @love1etter @dukseon @storyop1 @sheis @1of1grl @jongjn @lunasea @mxci @7uju @2ramen @2beer @repackages @8hotgirl @1ve @1hyeran @hogus @spiritedharmony @slickygirl @4soju @iloveyoojung @yoong7 @ilysmbaekhyun 

if you want a similar aesthetic i totally recommend follow this guys they have incredible blogs like i look at whenever im on here and i strive 2 be like them

good evening folks!!! i just got some incredibly good and relieving news today to end off a week full of good and relieving news and i want to pass on these positive vibes to all of you and whatever you might need them for! there is hope and things do get better. sometimes the universe will send you rewards, whether they’re big or small. that’s all! continue on with your day

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Ahem I would like to inform you tha- YOUR OCS ARE BEAUTIFULLLLIMCRYING- t your art is gorgeous and has some amazing poses and lineart- IWANNA DRAW UR OCS SO BAD AND OMG UR ART STYLE DONT GETMESTARTED- along with you! You seem like a very kind and cool person and I want to thank you for just being you and doing the art you do! :) Have a great week~ U HAVE NO IDEAA HOW RELATBLE AND JUSTMMMHHMM UR ART ANDOCS R DO U U INCREDIBLE PERSON ITS B R E A T H T A K I N G.

ohmygosh aaAAAHH-

thank you very much!!! im so happy you like my art and my ocs!! :’D 

(and i would diE happily if you did draw my ocs hahdjfhd)

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there's a photo of me on atl's insta for time bomb and im right next to alex and im so incredibly happy but guess what... there's comments abt my body size. I stg one of the happiest moments of my life and someone comments on my fuckin body

i just went and had a look and GIRL YOU LOOK INCREDIBLE ARE U KIDDING????? i left u a lil comment, hope that helps cheer you up a lil and also i snooped through ur insta and ur literally stunning like !?? people are fucking mean but don’t let them take your moment away from you, you looked AMAZE and i’m glad you had a great time! have a lovely day xxxxx

LOW KEY EMOTIONAL AS FUCK. i had such a good day and im incredibly happy that im finally discharged but ive had to say goodbye to so many people and it makes me sad. i know i can still talk to them, both staff and patients, but it wont be as often and idk. like its not like theyre just a couple steps away ya know?? and while im confident i can maintain recovery, im scared. im not going to have people urging me to go into meals, or have 24/7 support. ive had that constantly for the 16 months and pretty consistently for the last 2-3 years before that. part of me is EXTREMELY tempted to relapse but honestly - fuck it. fuck the eating disorder. i worked my ass off to get to where i am and im not going to let the eating disorder ruin that. i have freedom now and im gonna use it right! but i honestly would not have been able to get to where i am today without this programs help. i know i did the work but they saved my life. and words cant describe how grateful i am for getting the chance to go there and get such good quality treatment. i had my ups and downs and there were times i hated all the staff but i came out stronger than ever. NOW IM TRYING NOT TO CRY AGAIN

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you've mentioned youre one of the mods for the ml pride zine before, so how's that going?? are you super excited?? im really excited for it :) I love how much you encourage LGBTQ+ content for ml, it's inspirational and I admire it greatly. I'm happy knowing that even if I write something that's LGBTQ+ related and someone says something gross in the comments, I still have wildly popular writers who would be on my side, condemning them. thank you, you beautiful, wonderful human being

i’m incredibly excited for it!! i get really emotional when i see any kind of queer art/writing, inside and outside fandom, so to just have a collection of it filled with other people who are equally excited to put out positive, healthy content makes me so happy. we’re gonna keep applications open until the 22nd and then we’re gonna pick from the applicants we get (and so far there are a lot of them!!) 

yeah, i think the good thing about all this content is that it’s normalizing and it does a good job at changing hearts and opinions. there are a lot of people who’ve opened their mind to new possibilities and are more open to exploring other pairings and headcanons in the fandom. and when you have enough of that content, you get to a point where people are less likely to be critical of it (hopefully anyway). 

im so thrilled that you’re excited for the zine, and hopefully the mods and all of the creators will be able to work hard and make it a really wonderful collection for you all to enjoy. :) thanks so much for the sweet message, you beautiful, kind soul <3