im just so happy

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i need a hug bc of the gay angst ™

no hugs for th e syl sorry ;)

I am scared. I am scared because I don’t know what marriage means for Robron. Their relationship was made from lust and built on trust and a deep connection but I am so anxious as to what this chapter holds for them?? I feel like that’s normal, it’s realistic to be scared about this. It’s a big step for them as character and the fandom. 

y'all….. guess who just got to spend 2 very gay hours over at a friend’s house under the guise that it was late night band practice

// my mom just got home & she is suuuuper slaphappy drunk oh my god. she’s eating a sandwich and keeps telling me how great my jacket looks ?? quote: “where did you get this? this is such a nice jacket you look so cute” LMAO ! it’s a jacket ive had since middle school & is a hot mess full of holes & various paint + bleach stains. im honestly…


Holy frick that is a ton of people!!! 
Im just so so so happy, and proud, and excited, honestly words can’t even express how happy I am for tyler. :) :) :) 

So a HUGE congratulations on 5 million subscribers Tyler! <333