im just so excited for thg

guYS my english teacher said that our next assignment will be to write a narrative short story that is set in a dystopian future anD we’re gonna be studying liKe the hunger games and divergent and i think all my dreams just came true oMG IM SO EXCITED

Divergent Review

Don’t worry, there are no spoilers in my review! I wrote notes throughout the film on my phone because I recorded it so I’ll break this up. To sum things up, I was a little bit bored throughout the film. I kind of wanted to fall asleep even though I was still kind of excited for the film.

  • Movie begins with an overly long and annoying opening credit with the cast names appearing, seriously why are they wasting RUNNING TIME on it? The music in the beginning sounded like the one from City of Bones too 
  • The word ‘CHICAGO’ appears randomly in like the right hand side of the screen which is weird, ruins it for the audience 
  • It felt a bit like Twilight in these parts 
  • There’s a really cheesy voice over by Tris. I find this such a cheap and easy way out of explaining things, they should have tried to do it cinematically but they had to use this method
  • Tris’s abnegation mascara looked even worse on the big screen
  • The aptitude test chair is SO ugly, the entire room is like did the production team even bother with this or… looked so cheap and low budget like I was watching a cable tv show that was on the verge of being cancelled
  • The aptitude test is cut short to just the dog, which made her results and the entire system seem really weird and made no sense at all 
  • Random as Ellie Goulding pop song playing in the movie, didn’t know she was still around in the future! Made it seem like such a pop tween cheesy movie 
  • More forceful Jeanine scenes just because its Kate Winslet, so basically its catering for cast > plot
  • People jump off the trains but no one gets killed, making it seem less deadly and risky 
  • Tris looks like she can be twice the size of Christina even though this isn’t the case in the book
  • Will and Al look EXACTLY the same like there were times when I couldn’t even tell the two apart like who the hell are you two?
  • Eric’s eye piercing and tattoos made me cringe! They looked so fake and cheap like what are you doing makeup team
  • The fight with Molly was so poorly choreographed and fake, and also very, very short
  • At this point I was getting really tired and bored, my theater was dead too no one was as pumped as they were at the beginning
  • The score is so overpowering like LET THE CHARACTERS SPEAK. Have some quietness in the movie, don’t turn it into a musical. There is almost no scenes in the entire movie where there isn’t music playing
  • Whenever there is violence, the camera doesn’t show it. It just moves away, this happens for the ENTIRE movie. They don’t show the brutality of the violence which makes me not care. in movies like harry potter, hunger games and even twilight they show the violence. here they move the camera away.
  • They went outside the fence wtf?
  • Shailene was beat up and fell unconscious, christina says you look terrible but Im looking at her and she has all makeup on looking damn as fine wtf? Her hair looks like it had been done by a professional too
  •  At this point the pacing was very strange, it keeps going from slow, to fast, to slow and just very weird
  • Tris is running for the train with cheesy music, cliche and she gets on. Even though she was kicked out, Eric just randomly lets her back on which is so out of character and how convenient. Made no sense at all especially considering all the focus on her being factionless now
  •  At this point I remembered that EDWARD IS NOT EVEN HERE. They made such a big deal out of his casting but theres literally not even a single 1 second shot of edward anywhere. HE IS LITERALLY NON EXISTENT. His eye being stabbed too is gone - his character is so important to reflect on Dauntless but he is GONE. 
  • Ferris wheel scene has been minimized to pretty much nothing, really boring 
  • Leaving characters like Uriah, Marlene, Lynn, etc made no sense at all. The reason the director gave for excluding them was to give them better development was to leave them til the next movie but we all know that reason is BS. The entire zip lining scene is still there, they even gave us a fake Uriah just to tease fans. Made no sense to leave them out and they could have made time to introduce them, and leave out the other boring scenes that should have not made it into the adaption but no. 
  • Another cheesy pop song played during the zip line scene, I was rolling my eyes at this point and some people in my theater were singing so I felt like I was watching a disney kids movie 
  • 100 years into the future and all the buildings in Chicago today remain standing and looking fine lol despite a war
  • The fights between the initiates were so short, fake, and didn’t seem real at all. I felt like the stakes weren’t very high.
  • At this point the pacing was slow again and i kept looking at the time
  • The shaky cam made me so dizzy and i wanted to throw up
  • The tattoos on Four made me cringe! They looked so fake and looked like something i could have done with my sharpie. who allowed them to do these fake as tattoos? even city of bones did it way better.
  • The green screen was so blatantly obvious in four’s fear landscape like i can see the shitty vfx work being done
  • Four trying to rape Tris was done so poorly - such a poor representation of the same scene in the book
  • Theres like 20 minutes worth of scenes thats all of a sudden dedicated to tris/four, everyone else is just forgotten 
  • tori revealing her brothers death made no sense as she says her bros body was found instead of missing cause in allegiant he is found alive smh 
  • the fights are so cheated, there is no blood shown at all 
  • Al was pretty much NOTHING in the movie so his betrayal was so random and someone near me said 'which white guy is that’ so when he died no one cared and when tris was crying cause he betrayed i was like wtf she barely knows you in the movie
  • will and christina don’t even like eachother in the movie their relationship is non existant so when will died i didn’t really care at all
  • tris saying she loves four is a bit extreme lol its only been a few days
  • four breaking out of the simulation cause he loves tris is the most cheesiest and cliche thing ive ever watched in my entire life… is this twilight?
  • tris stabbing jeanines hand was cringe cause there was literally not a speck of blood, just a knife stab in her hand i was like wtf are they for real
  • tris voice over at the end was cheesy as hell! like stop with these stupid cheap voice overs you’re bringing the movie down

so yeah I was not happy with the movie at all. Some things I liked about the film: Chicago looked good, Miles Teller was good and Im kind of excited for the next movie still. good thing we beat hunger games box office so im happy with that as long as we beat hg im fine ::)