im just sick with some cold

Sick Days

Request: “Idk if you’ve done it already but Paladins taking care of sick s/o who is stubborn like “it’s just a little head cold” (they pass out) please thank you!! 💙(´▽`ʃƪ)”

A/N: started writing this when i was sick, but i was so sick i couldn’t finish until now ;oooo


  • He is so prepared to take care of you when you’re sick
  • Even when you’re all like “noo im fine its all good” he just keeps you in bed
  • He makes you eat and drink, and makes sure you don’t strain yourself
  • “But, Shiro, I’m fine”
  • “Nope.”


  • Honestly, he’s exactly the same way
  • But god forbid you try to even roll over when you’re sick
  • He’s so caring, and he’s scared you’ll hurt yourself
  • “Keith, you’re exactly like this, all the time.”
  • “But that’s me. Just let me take care of you, okay?”


  • Lance isn’t sick very often, but if you’re sick all the time, he worries about you so much
  • Mostly, he’s worried about a simple cold getting worse
  • “Don’t go anywhere, I’ll get you some tea.”
  • If you do get up, he practically shoves you back into bed


  • He has a super strong immune system, and is never sick
  • So he kinda worries if it’s anything worse than a sniffle
  • If you start walking around and doing stuff, he’ll trail after you like a lost puppy
  • It’s cute, so you usually ignore it


  • She’s worried about you, but will also totally laugh if you do something stupid while you’re sick
  • But also she’s really worried
  • “Here, this should help you feel better”
  • “This is literally space 7up”
  • “Yeah. And?”

So Ive been complaining about a lot of customers so i thought id share some positive stories about my managers!
I LOVE my managers, theyre really fun to work with and care for their employees
Yesterday i was feeling like trash and was getting light headed but i kept saying id be okay
My manager insisted i take a 10 that i wouldnt normally get to have some water and the minute i entered the back he handed me a $10 to go next door to greenwalls for some cold medicine and orange juice and insisted i take it so i could take care of myself
He then made a grilled cheese just for fun and gave it to me to eat
I havent been wanting to call in sick because my last two jobs jad me terrified of being a person but at this job my managera and co workers tell me what a good and reliable employee i am and that im far too hard on myself
It just makes me feel really good about going to work and doing my job even when i would rather die than interact with customers because i know that my managers and co workers will always have my back
Its so rare but so nice and i cant believe i got this lucky working one step above fast food


11 months hrt, I guess. I’d be more excited, and try to like,, put on makeup and look good, but I’m tired and vaguely annoyed and just getting over two colds in a row and its rainy and freezing and I desperately need exercise to avoid putting on more weight, but there’s no way in fuck I’m going out in this weather.

So have some like. Lazy Soft Depression™ selfies.

fourleafclover72  asked:

Darry taking a sick day

• soda has to force him to stay home
- “pepsi it’s okay I’m fine.”
- “you threw up 10 seconds ago”
• but pony has school and darry convinces soda to go to the DX, promising him he’d be just fine on his own
- “quit worryin’ im a big boy.”
• he literally takes his own temperature, counts out some meds, and heats up some soup
• laying in his dad’s armchair with his shirt off cause he’s sweaty as hell
- super red flushed face
- gets himself wet cold towels
• but his stomach keeps going haywire so he settles in his room since it’s closer to the bathroom
• darry periodically falling asleep but wakes up cause he’s just really uncomfortable
• but he enjoys the peacefulness
• UNTIL two bit and dally come in and they’re loud as hell
- darry gets up to yell at them but runs to bathroom and retches
- dally just kinda *peace fades*
- but two bit helps darry out, handing him a towel and placing a hand on his back
• two keeps him company after that and he starts to feel better after a couple of hours
• the day ends with the whole gang coming over to watch tv and eat as darry dozes on the armchair

Space Heater

Anon asked: “…keith has been training himself into exhaustion/not eating and the others kinda got used to it. so when the space flu strikes the whole team they all recover pretty quickly except for him who gets worse and worse until he cant hide it anymore (collapsing? idkk) even better if klance is established relationship and lance has been busy/kinda neglecting keith and is the one who first notices and takes care of him”

I’m really happy with this?  It’s the longest thing I’ve probably ever written, but y’know.  I hope you like :)

Word Count: 1530

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modern magic aus
  • i really want us to get along and i invite you over to my apartment after i had spent hours hiding away all my strange plants and potions and fancy magical rocks and moving star charts and kick my cat familiar out for a day. Everything looks incredibly normal and non-magic and things are going great until i see u accidently touch a thing i forgot to put away THAT YOU ARE NOT TO MEANT TO TOUCH 
  • i get a cold and when im sick i really can’t be around non-magic people but u show up at my door and i try to shoo u away but u come in and see my apartment but tomy relief u think i’m just really into weird crap, but then my cat starts talking and u notice some of my furniture are walking around the house and u swore u saw that house plant wave at you
  • you’re always finding weird trinkets in your clothes such as colourful feathers, smooth rocks, glinting scales or peculiar miniature marble carvings and you don’t know where they’re coming from but they’re actually good luck charms that i slip into pockets 
  • whenever we touch im so nervous and i cant keep my magic in check and i slip up so whenever ur hand brushes mine for a brief moment you see spirits/ghosts or light bulb bursts or door slams open and i’m so sorry cause now you think i’m haunted or something
  • my kitchen’s a mess and inside a fridge is a mixture of drinks, food, potions and potion ingredients and u drink what you thought was some weird cordial and now you’re having a 24hr out of sense experience and you’re seeing and saying really delusional crap and i have to keep you here overnight so you don’t die

Anon prompt! I did Voltron:Legendary Defender for this.

Contains vomiting, minor anxiety descriptions, and cheesiness. Its set in the start of the Garrison time when Lance, Hunk, and Pidge all meet up. Using he/him for Pidge because thats what was used for them at the time in series. Im putting the readmore before the fic starts this time because it goes into the content pretty quickly. Its just shy of 1500 words (or just over after some editing)

“Thats it. If you throw up one more time we’re going to the hospital” Any pairing/person you can think of is all good with me, thank you so much in advance!


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  • jean: *coughs*
  • marco: heres some medicine and (how many is this??) like... 50 blankets be sure to rest well and drink plenty of fluids i made this tea that should soothe your throat but in case youre not in the mood for that i have ginger ale plus i made you some soup (because who doesnt like to have soup while theyre sick?? no one) also i made an appointment at 10am tomorrow with your doctor we need to make sure this is just a cold and not something huge like strep throat or pneumonia and im going to monitor your tempurature every hour or so just in case it spikes and we have to go earlier
  • --
  • marco: jean i have a fever...
  • jean: oh fuCK,,, ,fuckfuckfuck,,m, *sticks a bandaid on marco's forehead* ther e we go 👍👍👍👍👍👍 *literally throws an entire can of alphabet soup at a pot* shIT

I’m sorry I use Shoudeku bc it sounds cuter to me like kacchako ahhh im awful sorry


  • Everyone likes Midoriya. Shouto just likes him the most.
  • It’s one of those things where everyone kinda knows except for Deku. Naturally.
  • He stays the reliable friend all through high school. God is he pining though.
  • They both grow up as you’d expect. Shouto’s tall, broad, not quite as broad as his father, but solid. His hair is a little shorter, no more hiding his face.
  • Deku stays lean. He’s still not very tall, but it works to his advantage when people underestimate how strong he is.
  • They’re roommates for a bit. Not that Shouto really needs someone to split rent with, but he suggested it for Deku’s sake.
  • Not everyone’s got an all-star rich dad like you Shouto.
  • He’s only ever guilty about how underhanded he is sometimes. Like intentionally leaving a shirt or two of his in with Deku’s laundry.
  • Deku never pays attention and always puts them on without realizing they’re not his.
  • (Boyfriend shirt? Boyfriend shirt.)
  • He can’t help but get a little jealous when Deku hangs out with Ochako and Iida. He knows they’re friends, but…
  • It starts when Shouto first slips up and calls him Izuku instead of Midoriya. (As @saigennaku said, he’s always been in his head as Izuku, but never out loud.)
  • Deku’s somewhat conscious of him now with their cohabitation too. He has a habit of falling asleep on the couch, and will wake up with Shouto with him, either sitting at the other end of the couch or just hovering nearby.
  • But he sees the unexpectedly cute sides of Shouto too. Walking around with one sock only on his cold side, the fact that his stubble grows in uneven mixes of red and white. (Not that its ever there long enough, Shouto shaves meticulously.)
  • He comes home one day, and Shouto’s feeding a cat. In their living room.
  • They don’t own a cat.
  • Oh, well now they do. “I found her. She was being bullied,” he says.
  • That’s another discovery – Shouto’s fond of small animals. (gee I wonder why)
  • Deku likes the cat too, its friendly but much more attached to Shouto.
  • He doesn’t realize it has a name until he comes home to hear Shouto calling “Deku? Deku, dinner time-“
  • He’s cute. God Shouto is so cute and sweet and has nice abs – Deku (…person Deku, mind you) is completely enamoured.
  • Shouto’s amazingly affectionate. It’s not loud or obnoxious. It’s gentle, but ever-present. Holding hands in the car, leaning on him on the couch, tangled feet in bed.
  • He also likes to fluster Deku when he’s not expecting it. Coming just that little bit too close to steal a kiss, just enough for Deku’s heart to skip.
  • Deku’s adoring too, but in a different way. It’s a quiet reciprocation usually. Yeah, Shouto may take his hand in public without a word but he doesn’t jump away, not ever.
  • Not to mention he’s gabby the moment someone mentions Shouto. You think he gushes about All Might? See him talk about his boyfriend.
  • Oh yeah, they keep the cat. But instead of just ‘Deku’, it’s usually Ku-chan. Y’know, so nobody gets confused.
  • Deku makes a point of holding Shouto’s right hand rather than the left usually. For Shouto’s comfort mostly, but also cause he gets steamy-hand when he’s nervous or intense about something.
  • Speaking of Shouto’s temperature, he’s the ideal partner when Deku’s sick. They spend 90% of the time cuddling. Fever? Good thing he’s got a cold side. Chills? Mhmm, one 6’1 20-something-year-old hot water bottle at your service.
  • Shouto rarely ever gets sick, but when he does, it’s a disaster. The room is either iced over or burning hot, and beyond that, he’s somehow convinced himself that holding onto Deku will cure him eventually.
  • “How about some medicine instead?”
  • “…I’d rather you just stay here.”
  • dont talk to me about AU’s i’ll cry about howl’s moving castle shoudeku au

anonymous asked:

could you please write barbara taking care of a sick reader? im currently stuck with a cold of sorts and i just want some barb cuddles. thank you!!

Word Count: 572

“Hey, Barbara?” you called as you shuffled out into the living room, looking for your girlfriend, still tired from your nap you just woke up from.

You heard some clanging from the kitchen before a family blonde head of hair popped from the archway.

“What are you doing?!” Barbara cried, rushing over upon seeing you. “You should still be in bed.” You laughed which quickly turned into a wheeze and followed by a cough. “See!”

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anonymous asked:

MC is sick/on her period (you choose) and the RFA has to help her feel better :')

hmmm…i choose a sick MC!


  • literally MC sneezes one time and he’s all
  • “how are you feeling?? let me feel your forehead. maybe you should stay in bed and rest today”
  • but when MC is actually sick, Yoosung is the best nurse doctor!!
  • he even cuts class to take care of them
  • “Yoosung, please go to school. i’m fine”
  • “no way im leaving you. i have to make sure you’re eating well”
  • he serves you all three meals in bed
  • he works so hard on MC’s meals even though they cant taste anything
  • and lots of ice cream!! ice cream whenever MC wants it!
  • he also makes MC call him doctor kim
  • every five minutes:
  • “Need anything, sweet heart?”
  • “not since you last asked, Yoosung”
  • “not even ice cream”
  • “…..maybe later”
  • sometimes when MC drifts off during the day, they wake up to find Yoosung in bed with them
  • “Yoosung….wake up”
  • “hmm?”
  • “you’ll get sick if you sleep in this bed with me”
  • “”
  • MC tells him she needs a glass of water so he’ll get out of bed


  • every second Zen isn’t rehearsing is spent at MC’s side
  • he even takes MC’s spare key so they dont have to get out of bed to let him in
  • if when he gets there MC is sleeping, he just reads in the living room until they wake up
  • the TV might be too loud
  • when they wake up and come into the living room he greets them the same way every day
  • “hey baby. how are you feeling?”
  • “…crappy”
  • “oh no, im so sorry sweetheart”
  • Zen gets up and holds MC’s hands in his, kissing them
  • “how can i make you feel better, princess?”
  • MC feels like shit but Zen’s sweetness actually does improve their mood a bit
  • “sorry to ask this of you…but can you get some groceries? i dont want to go out like this”
  • “say no more, my princess! i’m on it”
  • Zen kisses MC’s forehead lightly
  • “I’ll be back in no time. dont worry about cooking, either. i’ll make dinner”
  • “thank you, Zenny..”
  • MC’s sick voice is highkey too much for Zen
  • how can someone be so freaking adorable while they’re sick?!
  • he not only stays with MC to take care of her but also
  • because he cant get over how adorable sleepy sniffy scratchy voice MC is
  • he wants to cuddle her forever and ever
  • but always remember to put their needs before his desires hehe


  • lots of hot tea
  • “drink this, it will make your throat feel better”
  • lots of warm blankets
  • she makes sure MC takes their cold medicine regularly
  • “make sure you drink lots of water”
  • “Jaehee, will you make me some more tea?”
  • “of course”
  • and when Jaehee comes back into the room
  • MC is asleep
  • MC looks kind of cute when they’re sleeping
  • Jaehee puts the tea in a thermos so it stays warm
  • she sits by MC’s bedside until they wake up again
  • “Jaehee..? you’re still here”
  • “mhm. i wanted to make sure you have a proper dinner. if you still want your tea, i kept it warm for you”
  • “thank you, Jaehee”
  • Jaehee actually quite enjoys taking care of MC
  • it makes her so happy that MC likes her tea
  • she loves the way MC smiles after sipping it
  • when MC is all better Jaehee is lowkey sad that she cant take care of them anymore


  • Jumin will never ever leave MC’s bedsides
  • when MC is sick he makes them stay at his house so he can be sure they’re properly taken care of
  • his chefs make the finest meals for MC
  • “is there anything you need at all? i can get you anything”
  • MC could request an ice sculpture of a dog and Jumin would have it there in 20 minutes
  • he holds MC’s hand while they sleep
  • he personally changes the sheets and pillowcases on their bed every night
  • “Jumin..?”
  • “Good morning, my love”
  • “aren’t you going to work”
  • “I’m not going to work as long as you’re in this condition. i want to watch over you, MC”
  • at night he wants to sleep next to MC but is afraid of making them uncomfortable
  • so he just sleeps in the chair by their bed
  • “Jumin, you should go sleep in a bed”
  • “what if you wake up and need something during the night?”
  • “Jumin-”
  • “MC, i won’t leave you, no matter what you say”
  • he really does make a bug fuss whenever MC gets a cold
  • but MC actually loves it 
  • “okay, Jumin. i need someting”
  • “anything.”
  • “lay down with me?”
  • he thought they’d never ask


  • even when MC is sick he has no boundaries
  • most of the time he actually catches the cold too
  • poor MC is just trying to get some rest
  • and 707 keeps doing that thing where he drags a shoelace across MC’s face and yells “wake up! theres a bug on your face!”
  • MC wakes up screaming every time
  • “you’re fun when you’re bed ridden”
  • “im glad my disease amuses you”
  • Seven also does this thing where he pretends MC is dying
  • “MC, please, hang in there! dont leave me!”
  • “Seven, im not gonna leave you. i cant even get out of bed”
  • “i dont know what ill do without you…my one true love…”
  • “Seven, can you bring me my meds please”
  • “even on your deathbed….all you can think about is drugs”
  • “Seven”
  • “I will kiss thee good night….forever..”
  • “Sev-”
  • MC tries to stop him but Seven kisses them anyway for like a long time actually
  • “Seven, you’re gonna get sick”
  • “If i get sick can i stay in bed with you all day?”
  • “umm i gue-”
  • “too late!”
  • Seven jumps into bed with MC
  • whenever he’s not getting food or meds for MC, he’s right next to them in bed


headcannon requests?

sansaofthehousestark  asked:

Help me I just want some punk! Percy taking care of a sick preppy annabeth and some fluff please help im in desperate need

have some fluff for your needs

Annabeth is not one to complain. She’d rather suffer in silence to her death than let someone think she can’t cope. She will walk in the line of fire with a head cold and will drag herself up the side of a mountain with a broken ankle. Annabeth Chase is hard core, and stubborn, and refuses to give up.

All of which are equally admirable and frustrating qualities to someone who cares about her.

There’s a pep rally bonfire next week for which she has to organise balloons and banners and a damn bonfire to burn to rally a bunch of preps.

“You’re gonna kill yourself over this,” Percy complains for what has to be the hundredth time.

Annabeth shuts her locker with a slam and glares at him. “I’m fine,” she protests, most unconvincingly, he might add, with a blocked nose and sore throat rasping her voice.

“You look like death,” he tells her as they start walking down the hall.

Which was a lie, because Annabeth rarely looks far from perfect. Even with a puffy red nose and chapped lips, she still looks like the model student. Her hair falls in pretty gold ringlets down her back, her jeans, purple blouse, and grey blazer are un-creased even after a whole day at school. She does a great job of making Percy look even scruffier, which is completely unnecessary as Percy can do that well enough on his own.

“Thanks so much,” she mutters.

“Here.” Percy holds out his hands to take her bag and books and she hands them over without protest. “Seriously, Annabeth. Someone else can take over for one freaking pep rally, you don’t have to do everything alone.”

He holds the door open for her and she walks outside. In January, their school campus is tipped with frost, the only trees still with leaves on are the tall snow covered pines. Percy’s bomber jacket keeps most of the cold out but Annabeth shiveres against it, he adjusts her books under his arm and wraps the other one around her shoulders.

“See, this is why you got ill in the first place,” he says.

Annabeth elbows him. “You’re why I got sick! You infected me!”

“Oh, come on! You can’t hold that against me.”

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Jeonghan- Dreams Do Come True (JaD Pt 2)

Author’s Note: So apparently people like my smut??? wow who would’ve thought? This is the continuation of the Jeonghan just a dream fic. It is super long, A little over 8k words i think because in order for it to work and to establish that both parties were consenting i had to give a little bit of background. Some parts of this fic just made me want to take a cold shower bc DAMN but jeonghan always makes me feel like that lol. I AM SO SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG IM WAS AN IDIOT AND I GOT SICK. I HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOY

~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~              

     "Oppa? C-can I g-get off now?“ She whimpered. Her thighs were shaking from the intensity of her first orgasm- and they were shaking from the exertion of making sure most of her weight was off my face. When I laid my head down, there was quite a large gap between us. Well, large to me because I wanted her there. I wanted her to be able to grind her hips against my tongue without much effort. I wanted to feel her weight on my face, and so far, I wasn’t feeling it.

     "No honey. I need you to sit down completely on my face.” I ground my palm against her clit. She mewled and ground her hips against it. I rubbed my other hand up and down her thigh, trying to get her to relax. She slowly started to sink down again, and when there was mere centimeters between us, I brought my head up again. I gently sucked her clit into my mouth. I rolled the tender nub against my tongue.

     "Oh my god Hannie.“ There was her whimper again. I groaned against her and slipped my tongue down into her entrance. I wrapped my arms around her thighs and held her against my mouth. I gently tugged on her thighs but she refused to go down any further.

     "No Hannie. I’ll hurt you.” She chewed on her lip. I dug my tongue into her wet core. Doing this sent a new flow of her juices down my throat. I groaned and pressed closer against her. I started to suck on her, trying to get more of her juices on my tongue. And then, something snapped. She keened and pushed her hips down. All of her weight was now on my face, and I was loving it. I looked up at her through my lashes. She was tugging on her hair with one hand and playing with one of her nipples with the other. I slipped one of my hands up and started twisting and tugging the other one. All of a sudden, I felt gentle shaking.

      “Hannie? You need to get up. You’re going to be late to practice.” Y/n’s gentle voice awoke me from my slumber.

     "But I was just getting to the good part.“ I mumbled sleepily. Wait. That was Y/n. Shit.

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aaaaargh i am so glad the weather seems to be getting a lil bit cooler maybe
god I am so bad at sunny days, and especially when it comes suddenly out of nowhere after a really cold week!
ive just been so exhausted and thirsty all day, its a horrid dry heat instead of even an enjoyable one
and i only have one fan and im almost out of everything to drink except water
ive just been fuckin constantly chugging froot joose
im starting to GET SICK OF FRUIT JUICE
what have i becomeeeeeee
oh and I would reccommend not doing my stupid strategy of sticking anesthetic muscle cream all over my arms and back
cos that stuff kinda feels ‘cold’, but its more like just the numbness tricking your body into feeling that way, it doenst really help
and apparantly over-applying too much of it can actually irritate your skin, gahh
also inhaling the smell of it makes me dizzy
so it was probably a stupid idea to stick some on my forehead! itchy forehead pain + dizzyness + “oops i should have thought about keeping it from dripping into my eyes”
But at least I survived the weather!

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Headcanons for the gang when they are sick/injured. Ik some would be proud of being hurt, and others would be bummed

im so sorry these suck, my heart wasnt really in it. so my apologies, but i really want to try and bring back positivity.

- hes NOT sick
- he can still work
- and then when he pukes everywhere
- hes still fine
- “i promise” *pukes again* “i feel 100%”
- but when hes injured he rests it because thats the logical thing to do

two bit
- hes a big baby
- youd think he was dead or dying
- even just the common cold, he cant lift a finger
- except when his mom is around (cred: @changesxnight )
- he is usually pretty proud about injuries
- but is also a baby about them too tbh

- almost as bad as darry
- i promise im not sick
- BUT he does like to sleep in so he takes advantage of that
- so so proud of his injuries
- “look at this broken arm man”

- oh Lord
- he is so moody when he is sick
- almost as bad as a girl
- one minute hes fine, the next minute hes collapsed screaming because he cant carry on
- and injuries are the same way
- “i cant drag race with a broken wrist!!”
- “bitch watch this”

- he tries to act fine
- but he just tries to casually lay around the curtis house
- but hes okay dont do anything special for him
- he would be sooooo bummed out if he got anything broken or sprained

- youve watched parks & rec right??
- chris traeger

- ponyboy is such a drama queen
- almost as bad as two bit
- like he cant do anything when hes sick except cry and eat soup
- injuries are the same
- “darry i cant, my leg hurts so baaaad”

I feel bad for thinking this but like

I wanna find positivity for being underweight sometimes

I’ve always been really thin and it upsets me because I can see all this bone and mess but if I try to find stuff to feel better about it I just see eating disorder stuff.

(I’m trying to gain some weight right now but I feel sick if I eat.)


Lance is sick, just a cold or something, a space cold, and he wants to skip training but Allura gives him a Speech about how they cant do that they are Paladins and they need the training and Lance is really sick and he feels like shit and he reads into what Allura says as ‘you need the training’ so he gets mad and they have a huge fight and Lance goes to train and tries really hard just out of spice.

“Lance you don’t look so good, you sure you want to keep going?”

Lance looks up to the control room glaring “Ye well, apparently I cant afford not to”

But hes so sick and he has a fever and he just blacks out in the middle of hand to hand training with Keith.

Everyone freaks the fuck out specially Keith (because for a moment there he thinks he hurt Lance) and Allura (because she feels guilty af).

But Shiro is on him right away and he calms everyone down saying its just a cold and he picks him up and takes him to bed.

“He just need rest” he reassures them.

Lance spends a couple of hours napping and Allura is still freaking out so she stays with Lance and helps him though his fever pressing wet cold cloths to his forehead (maybe humming some lullaby her father used to sing to her when she was sick) and then Lance finally wakes up all groggy and cutely smiles at Allura bc shes being all sweet to him and she never is (but thats his fault for being a little shit, he knows)

And Allura sees him smile and they just had an ugly fight and hes in bed now because of her (Allura calm down he just needs rest) and shes so stressed and she just breaks down.

“Im so sorry Lance, I should’ve taken better care of you,  I could’ve paid more attention, you are my responsibility and-” And there’s tears rolling down her beautiful face and Lance sits up on his bed and takes her hands,

“Allura stop, this is not on you, this is not your fault,” He tells her “I wasn’t feeling myself this morning and I was cranky and I took it out on you, I could’ve explained myself better and I should’ve taken better care of myself”

And Allura is looking at him silently because he looks so serious and Lance is a bit of an asshole but when hes serious he says the most important and the most beautiful things.

“We are not your responsibly, neither is the war, or the universe for that matter, its ours, all of us, you don’t have to do it all on your own princess. Yes, we are your Paladins but we are also your friends and You. Are. Not. Alone. Ok?” And she hugs Lance and its gross because hes sweaty from the fever and shes crying but its not from guilt anymore so its okay.

1° i just thought Allura needed to hear that and also needed a hug and Lance is my fave and i always use him as a plot device????

2° this might be the first of a maybe series of scenes of fics i will never write just so i cant get them out of my head,,,

3° y’all should be proud of me for not inserting more shameless klance and shallura in this

edit: there’s a second part now!

All i do is work. I sleep my life away. I hide my emotions constantly and keep myself locked away. All under lock and key I strive to be alone but underneath these sheets I’m truly only cold. Not in a temperatures measure like Fahrenheit. I’m cold in my soul, my eyes my heart. I drink to warm my chest to. Feel heat in my bones, but honestly I’m nothing, im empty, just a drone. I sit here all alone my thoughts echo off these walls. I wonder if i scream could the world hear me at all? I’m sick of all this silence just these nightmares mocking me. What really is my point, my choice, my Destiny? I’m lost inside these walls of a building unknown to me. How can i find a way out or some way to set me free? I wander and i walk with feet swollen and sore, no matter how many steps i take i still see no door. I think im stuck. Is this place a home? Or is it just a room with only walls? Is this a prison or my own mind? Honestly i just want someone to call out and answer. Some one just find me…

Dating Suga would include...

  • Cuddling 
  • Like lots and LOTS of cuddling
  • Hearing him rap all the time 
  • You would make him rap Cypher for you like all the time
  • Hed be working on his music all the time 
  • And sometimes hed ask if something was good
  • But other times youd ask what he was working on 
  • And hed hide it saying it wasnt ready 
  • Hed practice his lines everywhere 
  • It was actually really cute 
  • Because sometimes hed do it without noticing 
  • Hed tease you about being short 
  • Even though he wasnt much taller
  • He was just happy to actually be taller than someone else
  • “Look at you! Youre so tiny” 
  • His gummy smiles
  • It would probably take a while for him to open up to you 
  • But eventually he would 
  • And people would wonder how the hell you did it 
  • He would tell you the dumbest jokes he heard from V or something 
  • Lazy day 
  • Everyday
  • Deep conversation at night 
  • But also 
  • Like you guys can enjoy each others presence 
  • In just silence 
  • And be okay with it 
  • Really cute selfies
  • Him trying to be lowkey about how much he loves you 
  • Like “Hey make sure you put a jacket on its cold outside” 
  • “Woah is Min Yoongi worried about me”
  • “Fine get sick if you want. Im not going to be taking care of you”
  • You got sick
  • He was taking care of you 
  • “See. This is why you should listen to me more”
  • “Mmm fine just go to work then”
  • He missed out on work to make sure you were getting better
  • Hed be very protective 
  • Making sure you werent getting out of bed
  • He made you some really good ramen
  • Gordan Ramsey style
  • “You should be lucky you have such a great cook as a boyfriend”
  • Hed rub it in
  • And also the fact that he was right about you having to wear a jacket 
  • Making bets all the time
  • Because youre both very competitive
  • And love winning 
  • “How long do you think Hoseok can go without screaming?”
  • “How about Namjoon, How many things do you think hell brake today?”
  • Hed never let you live down whenever youre wrong 
  • Constant teasing 
  • Its a love hate relationship 
  • He would be too shy most of the time to show affection
  • Or be the first one to start something
  • And he would love when you do 
  • But hes too swag to admit it 
  • Youd take his clothes
  • And he would get flustered
  • “Yah what are you wearing?”
  • “Your sweater? What does it look like im wearing?”
  • “You better wash it when youre done wearing it”
  • He would joke
  • You knew he didnt like those cheesy couple things
  • So as a joke you got a couples matching sweaters
  • He would get teased by the others for wearing it 
  • “Bahah You actually wore it?”
  • “Well yeah. Havent you worn yours?”
  • “Yoongi I bought them as a joke you idiot”
  • He refused to talak to you for the rest of the day 
  • He secretly got a couples matching pajama for the both of you 
  • “You actually have to wear this though”
  • He got really happy
  • Even though it wasnt much of his thing
  • Youd make him take a selfie with you 
  • He made you promise not to show anyone
  • The stupid faces you would both make at each other
  • You would watch his performance videos about  300 times
  • Just to get the right derp faces
  • And embarrass him
  • Hed make fund of you trying to rap to Cypher
  • Make faces acting annoyed when you and Tae rapped together 
  • But in reality hes just really happy you like the song 
  • Hed let you listen to part 4 because he loves you that much 
  • Shower sex
  • Whoops where is this going…
  • He has this one kink 
  • Which is p gross in my opinion but whatev I just know it! im onto him
  • Slow sex
  • Hes v dominant 
  • Whenever you tried to be dominant 
  • Hed just laugh 
  • Kitchen sex as well ?
  • Like lots and lots of shower and kitchen sex
  • Hed buy you cute underwear 
  • He just wants to see you in them 
  • Your relationship is just a lot of insults
  • But its okay
  • Because its how the both of you get along
  • Taking pictures of him sleeping 
  • To show the others
  • Hed get you back somehow
  • Most of your camera roll is just embarrassing pictures of him 
  • And his is just of you 
  • Some of them would be taken when you werent noticing 
  • And he just found you cute 
  • And hed smile thinking of how lucky he is
  • Hed have his arm wrapped around your waist 
  • And you would just be talking about deep things
  • Or insulting each other 
  • Or talking about lyrics
  • Hed be so soft 
  • And squishy 
  • And his kisses
  • Would be the best things ever 
  • Because sometimes 
  • Hed be really sweet with them 
  • And other times hed be really passionate 
  • And rough 
  • Soft lips
  • Im v weak right now someone hold me 
  • Dates woulf just include napping all day 
  • Movie marathons
  • Laying his head on your lap while watching tv
  • This boy is whipped
  • But SOOO in denial 
  • He loves you lots, he might not show it often but this boy loves you a lot!
  • Hed secretly make songs for you 
  • ksdhksdhksd
  • This boy 
  • Kill me 
  • Anyways please love Suga a lot. This little mint marshmallow

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anilahsadventures  asked:

Hey can you get dizzy with EDS? Having bad flareup and i feel sick which is usual

yes! bad flare ups in pain can cause severe dizziness because your body is exhausted, if you have POTS too, this can make the dizzyness worse.

i usually drink cold water with extra strength tylenol and eat a full meal, it helps a little bit. but some days im just so dead energy that nothing helps.