im just rlly proud of these boys

not all of us are made of stardust
not all of us are gold-breathers, poet-girls, doe eyed boys with soft teeth

I was born with red poppy lips and horns that broke my mother’s poisonous bones. my throat is the wind on the rainy day and I cannot stop the cold or the spring buds. there is a trembling in my hot bones, shaking fingers pressed to parted lips and eyes open too wide

I collect poet’s tongues in a yellow paper envelope with nothing but “empty lungs” written on the back with thick black sharpie

my desk is the space under the sink in the bathroom, the door with the broken lock. it is a burned tile floor with droplets of dried rust blood but it is mine and I will keep both hands on the double-edged sword.

my own teeth are full of the fury of a summer storm, all the wicked power meant for more than this body, meat dripping off the bone. flesh and mind are at war and I am the sole witness to the damage of my vicious honey-bitter soul.

my hands are charcoal, vanilla ice cream in the mouth of an empty-eyed child, vile words on a crisp clean paper.

there are flies on my lips, they can taste my stagnant breath and know that my lungs have been breathing air that wasn’t mine. I can’t get away from the child that used to be me, my decaying name is a shard of glass plunged into my bandaged ribcage every time my mother opens her mouth.

my way out isn’t reading books any more, it is ripping them apart and writing poetry. it is walking in the rain until I can’t feel my arms, burning my tongue on fresh brownies, wearing flowers in the hair that is too long but is mine anyways. it is breathing with bandages and anxiety in every open stall, it is blood and stained glass and permanent markers on my skin. it is the smell of gasoline and the deer who stare at me just out of reach.

I am not a gold-breather, poet girl, I am a doe eyed boy but not with soft teeth. I am sickness, a fever in the brain, a numbness in the body. I am burnt lover letters, a lightning struck tree.
I am judas, kissing jesus not because I was born a traitor but because I want to taste him and neither of us wants to die alone.


heres your 159 piece chicken tender order

aka,, my art blog turned 1 year old this may!  ✨✨✨

I’ve been drawing with the intent of improving for not quite two years now and I honestly wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for all my friends’ and your support and encouragement. I’ve been through a lot in the last year, both good and bad, and the one thing that’s always been my safe space is being able to draw my favorite boy. So thank you all for pushing me and keeping me afloat even when all I want to do is give up. 

And a huge thank you to Tendou, my muse, my prince, my inspiration, my everything, because without him I wouldn’t still be here in existence. 💜 I owe him sosososo much.

Thank you for sticking with me, and here’s to another year of Tendou!! 💜

But like…park woojin could rlly make it into the final 11…it could RLLY happen!! Just imagine it, the boy who startet his first ranking from position 72 and continuously climbed his way up, without centre positions, without editing in his favor, just with hard work and his own talents. The boy who was so shocked when he got into the get ugly team because all the popular trainees where in that group but still managed to get number one. The boy who got the most votes AGAIN in the never team, even though he had shingles and wasn’t in his best condition. He could RLLY MAKE IT like…I’m about to cry, im just sososo proud of him he deserves it so much :(

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Yoongi the cat and I are celebrating 4 years with bts and we getting lit boiiiiiii.🙌🔥🔥 Just kidding, im crying because im super happy and i love out boys so much and i cant belive its neen 4 years already jfhgrjddjc anyways yoongi is judging me. Also have a great night. ❤

Im so proud of the boys 😭😭😭😭😭😭

Tbh i rlly want to draw a comic but idk what to draw????? I wanted to draw smt from the KKUL Radio vid but the eng sub sksbskjsks I cant find something funny with the missing sub skksksks
So yea if u found a funny moment from the vid plz tell me maybe Ill draw smt out of this 😭😭😭


excuse my red eyes I was rlly tired but liSTEN IM SO PROUD OF THIS YALL!!!

ive had this look planned since before ethan hit 300k but I just hadn’t had time to sit down and film it until now!! and theres like 3 hours of footage I have to edit!!! but its worth it!! ethan If you see this I hope you like it and congrats on 300k!!! you deserve it blu boy!

other pics Here

im just thinkin abt being Bisexual & how i actually told my close friends about it this past year, and how scary that was?, and how i kind of told my mom and she was like okay we love u!, and idk, and i never really thought of it as coming out bc i think i feel fake and i can hear them in their heads going “phase” or “not rlly gay so why she making this a big deal” and i think pride month has been so eye opening so far? ppl in disney were wearing rainbow mickey stuff everywhere and everyone online is so positive, and sticks up for bisexual ppl, and for the first time i feel..part of it? bc i finally feel comfortable in my sexuality? despite the “ur not really queer bc youre not a lesbian” thing that sounds off in my head..i just know this is me and its rlly comforting and nice to have something that i finally feel a part of,,,,bc before i accepted it pride wasnt for me but now it is and im so happy and proud and bi

not to be Overdramatic™️ or anything but can we talk about how lovely the german nt was today??
idk about yall but i fully expected to come into this match and watch chile absolutely wreck our asses but that wasnt the case!!! i know i know we arent the underdogs of our group but !!!!!! i know it was a tie but i dont think it was j u s t a tie
i love these boys and im very proud of them and maybe im overexaggerating and im aware we’re a v imperfect team but i just rlly wanna talk about how happy i am with this team and how excited i am for the younger and lesser known players to rlly come into the spotlight