im just really hungry

doccubus is a perfect example that if you give starving queer women the representation they need, including support from all sides, amazing chemistry, screen time, and sex, you will create an intense fandom that will love you with all their hearts and stay up till 4 a.m. voting on pointless polls and somehow winning, despite being probably a third of the size of their opponents.

basically treat us the same way you would treat your star hetero couple, and we will give your show recognition and popularity beyond what they could give you.

my pudding no touchie


Fml it’s 11pm and I’ve just realised I’ve not had my dinner.

I’m hungry but I cant go downstairs since it’s bedtime, plus I’ll get into trouble with my parents (even though they should’ve remembered to make it in the first place damnit).

At least the old sweets I’ve been storing have finally come in handy to eat I guess.

peachkissing replied to your post “u know those people that are so hot and u dont see them for awhile and…”

i missed jewish cello boy stories hallelujah

jewish cello boy is my dream man tbh like to heck with everyone else

he waved and smiled at me while i was playing but he also could’ve been waving at someone else?? the perils of orchestra sectionals