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The bricks are warm on the roof of the library, where the sun has heated them near past the point of comfort, but still Ohm sits at the furthest bench overlooking the yard and beyond.

“I have no money,” he says before he even sees the man that steps behind him. The thump of those boots across the rooftop is something he’d always be aware of.

The door clicks shut behind him and, for a moment, there is no response. Just the shrill whistle of the wind passing roughly by.

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Em… a witchy nerd???


I felt a heaviness in my chest. Just like the months leading up to when I broke it off, she’d ask me, if I was going to leave her again. Over and over. I’d lie but she believed me every time.

I knew I had completely shattered the trust she fully gave in the beginning.
I was so worried for her I let her go. In doing so I shattered everything she ever believed in. 
I was her first love and all I was doing was showing her how bad things can go when you love the wrong person. All she was doing was showing me how wonderful love can be.

She was showing me how to fall in love and I was showing her how to stop.

guess whos yelling. its me.

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Can you do more Filipino Yamaguchi head canons please, they're just perfffff ( ; 0 ; )/

filipino yamaguchi is my everything (。’▽’。)♡

half filipino yamaguchi tadashi making jokes in tagalog but they don’t translate in japanese

half filipino yamaguchi tadashi likes opm (not all of the songs tho bc some of are really corny) and introduces some of his fave songs to tsukki

half filipino yamaguchi tadashi whose older cousins (they’re in college by now) ask him if he wants to spend their summer break with them in baguio! yams asks tsukki and he goes with him and tsukki isn’t expecting baguio to be so damn cold so he doesn’t bring any warm clothes with him. when they get there, tadashi’s college friends flirt with the both of them. tadashi flirts back in tagalog and tsukki (even though yamaguchi and his mom have been teaching him some tagalog) doesn’t understand anything. yamaguchi buys him strawberrry taho afterwards

half filipino yamaguchi tadashi whose older cousins bursts in their room at midnight, waking them both up and demands they go ghost hunting since they’re in baguio!! that’s like, ghost party central!

half filipino yamaguchi tadashi who invites tsukki to the philippines for christmas break and yamaguchi wakes him up at 3 in the morning, telling him to get dressed for simbang gabi

half filipino yamaguchi tadashi who knows how to cook filipino food but he prefers cooking sweet things like turon, yema, polvoron, pastillas, palitaw etc etc

half filipino yamaguchi tadashi telling his team mates stories about the philippines and some of them lose their shit over cheese ice cream

half filipino yamaguchi tadashi who helps his grandma make ube and candied peanuts (which are basically just peanuts cooked in butter and sugar) because she needs someone strong to keep stirring so they won’t burn

half filipino yamaguchi tadashi whose chosen as an escort for flores de mayo/santacruzan and his cousins send pics of him in his barong tagalog to tsukki

half filipino yamaguchi tadashi whose fawned over by the same girls who used to make fun of him when he was younger because of his freckles just because they realized that he’s surprisingly handsome when he’s all dressed up and looks like he’s ready to go to a wedding

half filipino yamaguchi tadashi who somehow convinces tsukishima to have a movie marathon with him and they start watching really bad/funny/heartbreaking filipino movies

half filipino yamaguchi tadashi who is expressive as heck when he speaks in tagalog