im just really hungry


My brother had his first baby. 

My college BFF is getting married. 


I’ve been sitting in the corner of an empty study room reviewing administrative procedure law for 8 hours and still feel like I don’t know anything and I still need a million things to do before class on Monday. 

honestly fuck everyone who made Himchan feel like he needed to lose weight.

To TS: Treat your artists better? theyre people not products. without them you wouldnt make money how can you sustain a company treating them like this?

To the “fans” who told him he needed to lose weight: honestly why would you try and hurt someone? Himchan doesn’t owe you anything. If you wanna stop stanning BAP because he gained a little weight then good its nice when the trash takes itself out. Don’t pretend you suddenly care about his health now just because something came up. You cared more about him fitting your beauty standards than him being happy and healthy.

my pudding no touchie

ugrghhrghrgh im so tired but i have like a page and a half of this paper to go

writing it has actually been way faster than expected im just exhausted and also getting REALLY hungry

me at 1135 on a saturday night
- i hate being alive lifes a joke and i especially fucking despise being sober for too long and my idea of too long shrinks rvrry day
- im so tired and also fucking pissed cus this kid is so flakey and its shitty and im sober
- all i want is to b w my fucking friends and im stupid
- should i go to sleep now or ditch the kid and try to go out w a girl pal or just the dudes from next door and get obliterated
- im really hungry but nauseous so i cant eat im also disgusted with myself bc my stomach is puffed up and my torsos shapeless and my hairs shit
- im petty and annoying and in an i hate everyone mood

im not really hungry enough to make a sandwich, ill just see what snacks are in the kitchen

me: *eats 3 slices of bread*

me: *gets like 4 slices of cheese*

me: *takes all the ham*

me: *pours an entire jar of mayonnaise directly into my mouth*


Fml it’s 11pm and I’ve just realised I’ve not had my dinner.

I’m hungry but I cant go downstairs since it’s bedtime, plus I’ll get into trouble with my parents (even though they should’ve remembered to make it in the first place damnit).

At least the old sweets I’ve been storing have finally come in handy to eat I guess.