im just really confused about everything

monsta x in chicago!

firstly… i apologize.. for probably being confused about everything im about to say also it’s not even the Important stuff that other people have already said it’s just whatever is coming to my mind right now fjdksflds

  • wonho fell at the end of shine forever!! i feel bad for laughing jfdkslfds i posted the video i really hope he’s ok though? i didn’t notice anything wrong after but i saw people say he might’ve been limping and he did step off stage for a minute or two during the talking part right after those songs.. hope he’s ok but i think all is fine
  • please their english was so cute and good? changkyun seemed a lot more comfortable than normal which was nice :’) kihyun’s pronunciation was so good? and jooheon and minhyuk in general just wanted to try to get as much english in as possible fjdsfds pls :( i took vids of uh… every single talking time fjdksfds so if i find anything particularly cute again i’ll post it… changkyun called us his babies at the beginning i really wailed.. all their intros were cute as hell
  • chicago was really in love with wonho.. and his muscles.. every time he took off his jacket everyone SCREECHED and jooheon kept saying “make some noise for wonho’s muscles!!!” (on at least two different occasions)
  • i think? they did a trespass rock version? i’m honestly not sure fjkdslfds it might’ve just been a strong bass but i think they said afterwards that it was special so i think?? it was a rock version? anyway trespass + rush rock version were a PARTY
  • speaking of trespass!! a personal favorite moment plfjdskflds ok during trespass i noticed that minhyuk’s hair got.. puffy? i don’t know how to say it it looked kinda static-y dkjslfdsfds i’m not sure if it would even show up in pictures but it made me laugh he looked SO SO cute and i thought maybe i was just imagining it but then he came over to my side of the stage and i was like Wow ok and then jooheon stepped up behind him and flattened his hair pls fjdkslfds my little fluffy duck :(
  • listen i never knew the baskets were for throwing chocolate.. have they done that before.. it was wild they were really throwing chocolate everywhere (i didn’t get one rest in pieces) but anyway A CUTE MOMENT jooheon and minhyuk ran into each other by accident i think jooheon was looking back and not paying attention and minhyuk like grabbed him by the waist pls i really screamed
  • ok people in the front row.. must be fuckin dead because they were all personally handing them chocolate… also changkyun took a lot of people’s phones on stage near the end? like taking selfies of himself and just filming things pls release that footage mbbs im begging you
  • during fighter that one part where kihyun and wonho circle each other wonho like,,, spun kihyun around by the waist oh my god it was so fcuking cute PLEASE tell me someone got a video.. i think minhyuk did something cute too but i was still crying at the kiho
  • minhyuk really,,,,,, dressed as a farmer during 24k magic,,,,, for me oh my god
  • they mentioned hyungwon so much!! saying how he wanted to be there and hopefully he’ll be back soon :( i think it was shownu? held his arm out like it should be around hyungwon’s shoulders and i cried :(
  • they mostly didn’t replace most of hyungwon’s parts but i Think they had jooheon covering it sometimes? and i think i caught shownu with a few lines as well… could be wrong about all of this though tbh
  • listen the translator fucking sounded like changkyun fdkjsfds i didn’t even realize it during the show but afterwards when i posted that clip of wonho hitting on the translator.. i can’t even tell if the translator said it in english or changkyun wtf…
  • they’re all so talented and beautiful!!!!!! everyone pls im in love with monsta x im gonna fuckigng cry they deserve the world :((((((((((((
False Alarms and Revelations

Fist spideychelle headcanon!!! it’s gonna be kinda spideychelle and kinda not at the same time but more subtle???? anyway, i hope you like it cause I’m really excited about this!!! ENJOY

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(ALSO: not my gif, all credit goes to owner)


-Everyone is at the decathlon practice (shocker, even Peter), bright eyed and read to answer; while Peter sat there, hand under chin, mind somewhere else

- Michelle stood front and center, white flash cards in hand, while her honey brown eyes scanned over the classroom

- Michelle looks at Peter, happy to see that he’s here as it took a lotto blackmailing to get him here for one practice 

- Reading one of the questions, “Which of the following explains the vast variations of traits in organisms on Earth?”

- Seeing the confused faces, as they tried to recall the answer

- Ned rang the bell in front of him and Peter

- “Ned?” Michelle said in a monotone voice sighing 

- “Natural selection”

- “Very good Ned”

- Looking at his partner, Michelle noticed Peter was not in the zone 

- Michelle wanted to walk over and slap the boy for just sitting there

- His brown eyes staring blankly at the wall, his soft chubby face squished from his hand resting on his face; ‘he looked cute’

- ‘Ew, did I just say Peter is cute?????’

- Shaking that thought from her head. Michelle spoke up

- “Peter, the least you can do it pretend to participate, or you can get up and leave; your choice”

- Peter snapped from his blank stare as she started to scold him

- ‘she looked so cute while she was mad’ he thought

- “Sure MJ” he simply said 

- Michelle’s heart skipped a beat (??) when he called her MJ

- Clearing her throat, she looked back at the cards and read over the next question 

- “According to the article, “Jurassic Genome”, what is “junk DNA”?”

- And of course, Peter being the smart ass he is, he rings the bell before anyone else even had time to think

- “DNA that does not code for proteins” he says in an innocent tone

- Michelle and Peter stare at each other for a moment 

- Michelle raises her brow at him 

- Looking down at the card again she looks for the answer

- ‘Shocker, Peter got it right’ she thought to herself

- “Correct” Michelle simply said

- Peter being the cute son of a gun he is, he gets all giddy in his chair

-  Michelle fights back a smile looking at him 

- Behind her, Flash sat, his feet propped up

- “Penis Parker, being his know is all self, as usual”

- The class snickers at his remark and Peter’s cheeks flush

- Michelle turns around and shoots Flash a mean look and he rolls his eyes

- Looking over the next question Michelle starts to read aloud

- Peter tries to stay focus but a chill runs up his arm

- Soon his whole body has goosebumps???

- Confused, is Peter

- After the goosebumps, the hairs (or what little hair on his body he has) on his arms and neck stand up

- Peter looks around the room, but it seems to be moving in slow motion

- Looking to Michelle, he doesn’t hear her talk

- Instead, all he hears is white noise.

- Shifting uncomfortably in his seat, he looks to Ned

- “Dude, something is off”

- “What do you mean?”

- Michelle hears Ned talk, shooting them a look 

“Girls, yeah hi, save you gossip for later okay?”

- Peter looks at Michelle then back at Ned, just as Ned speaks, the same feeling washes over him and the white noise comes back 


- Standing up from his seat ready to say something the intercom goes off

- “Yeah hi, uhh, so not quit sure whats going on, but there is a man here with a gun and the police are on their way. SO, lock the doors, and hide until further notice”

- The intercom went silent and as soon as it did everyone seemed to loose their shit




- Flash chuckles

- “Aw Abraham, don’t worry, you’re still going to die a virgin

- Abraham and Flash start to bicker, some shoving going on

- “Everyone needs to relax” 

- Michelle looks at all of them annoyed

- Peter looks at Ned and brings him to the side

- “I need to go, I had a feeling something was off” 

- Ned nods and looks back to his classmates

- “What do you need me to do?” 

- “Just distract them, and ill sneak out that window and try and calm everything down”

- Nodding, Ned ran off and distracted them

- Peter looked to see a window and rushed towards it

- Climbing on the walls outside the school, he went back inside through another opened window

- Standing in the classroom, he strips from his regular clothes to his blue and red spandex

- Leaving the classroom in a rush, he hurries down the hallway to another open window to the front of the school where he can hear the wee woo sounds from the police. 

- Watching the police move in, he started to come up with a plan to go down there and take down the bad guy

- Michelle, Ned and the other students were visited by the principal, and were moved t the library

- OBVIOUSLY Ned being the guy in the chair slipped off to go find Peter

- And Michelle being the OBSERVANT girl she is follows behind him

- Cause i mean, why the fuck not????

- Ned quickly finds Peter

- Michelle not too far behind

- Peter got the weird feeling again and quickly turned around

- Shooting a web behind him, He shot Ned



- *Michelle is laughing in the background*

- Peter then focuses his attention to Michelle

- Clearing his throat he looks at her and Michelle slowly stops laughing 

- “It looks like you caught yourself a snack for later Spider-Man”

- Peter starts to chuckle, forgetting his friend is behind him struggling to get free

- “UM HELLO!!??11″

-“Sorry , Ned”

- *Tries to help Ned get the webbing off before remembering Michelle is there*

- “Ned, why did you bring Michelle?????”

- Peter gets freaked out and Michelle simply chuckles 

- “Oh i don’t know, WHY DONT YOU ASK HER?”

- Michelle looks at Peter and chuckles

“Come on Parker, Im not an idiot like these other people we go to school with,I notice the subtle changes, and the fact Spider-Man is always there when we go somewhere and you’re not, like DC”

- Peter stares at her with his mouth open, but obviii you cannot see it for it is covered by his mask

- Peter pays his attention to the situation at hand

- Stopping the gun man

- Thinking again, he tries to come up with a plan to save the day

- Deep in thought a loud THUD  booms through hid ear drums 

 - “Im just going to swing down there and check; make sure everything is okay” 

- “Go get em’ tiger

- Peter swings off, the nickname she gave him ringing in her head

- Following where the wee woo sounds were he found the police

- Landing beside one of the officers 

- “Psssst”

- “Hm?”

- The cop turns to face Peter a little confused that he was there but not really at the same time???

- “What’s the situation?”

- “We got a call from the school about there being a gunman on campus walking from the theater”

- Ready to go in, he was told to wait since there was people already in there 

- Soon the doors open and his theater teacher walks out?????

- “False alarm” 

- Word quickly gets around to the police, and it turns out it wasn’t even a real gun

- Someone called the police on the drama teacher bc he had the prop gun for the play in his hands and it looked real

- (Lmao, this is based on a true story)

- ANyway

- The police get to the office and everyone that was in the school was released

- Peter texted Ned to meet him behind the band room

- And to bring his clothes

- Swinging to being the band room he waited for Ned

- Playing around with his webbing he pushes a button that changes the setting 

- “What does this do?”

- *causally shoots a web grenade*


- ned…obvii

- “Peter, I’m going to kill you”

- “… Ned….”

- Michelle burst out laughing, pointing to him and laughing

- “Man, you guys ARE losers”

- Michelle pats Ned’s shoulder, touching the webbing and gets her hand stuck

- Looking at Peter, all amusement was gone, and was now replaced with annoyance as well

- “Fuck”

- Peter snickers

- Michelle takes her free hand and flips him off

- Fast forward and the three of the are at Ned house

- Michelle’s hand still glued to Ned

- And the boys are building the Millennium Falcon

- “ So…”

- Michelle and Ned look at him

- “Wanna get some Thai food?”

- Ned and Michelle look at one another and stand up and leave the bedroom leaving him alone

- Looking down he picks up the Millennium Falcon 

- “… Pew Pew…

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Okay so i know you can have super small bonsai but is there like a mid sized bonsai? Can you make yourself an apple bonsai thats just the size of a largeish houseplant? Or would that require an extra large pot for the roots to grow in?

ok so im gonna just dump here everything i know about bonsai, which isnt a lot but its what i have:

-i had a friend who was really into bonsai and he said that, in theory, you can make any plant into a bonsai. i have no idea if this is true

-sometimes the plonts get confused and grow full sized fruits even if theyre really tiny

-bonsais take years and decades to make, and its a process called “training”, as in, the plant starts????? semi-big i think?? and then theres a special way you slowly prune it back until the plant is used to being small??????

-bonsai vary in size??? like ive seen some on display that are older and smaller and some that are younger and larger because they’ve been in training for less time?? the younger ones ive seen are about the size of a mid-sized houseplant or smaller. 

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im a little confused by the most recent podcast. is jack (or geoff) leaving? or was geoff just being really sappy

Nope, neither of them are leaving! They were just telling a story from years and years ago about when Jack accidentally made a big mistake at RT before he even worked full time so they let him go (they said it’s like such a “non-event” now, they all joked about it). But obviously they ended up bringing him back some months later and Geoff and Jack just had a sappy moment about how they’re both glad everything worked out because they love each other <333

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my dude, i think you are the best to approach with this Discourse. so i love all the zack-as-trini's-wingman headcanons but what i really need to see in the fandom are some trini-as-zack's-wingman headcanons. because zack deserves all the love too, and trini will (while denying everything) have her bff's back. i also think kim-as-zack's-wingman or trimberly-as-zack's-wingmen headcanons are great. yes/no/maybe?


I got a comment on AO3 about We Intertwined that kind of bummed me out. But I feel the need to post it, as well as the response, on here, just to clear some things up in case there’s confusion on here as well about the plot, or Raine as a character.

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Boyfriend! Jimin

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-so you two have been best friends ever since you grew up in Busan together like you went through all of the awkward puberty phases but you didn’t start dating until you both were 17 because you were playing truth and dare with each other and you ended up kissing and you’re both like “wow I really like this why haven’t we done this before"

- but you have to schedule dates around his debut training so most of your dates would be eating ramen together at the 24 hour convince store across from the bighit trainee dorms at 1am

- tbh when BTS debuted you were the biggest ARMY out there because you also love all of the others a lot because they are basically your brothers

- you love his body no matter what like honestly you can and will cuddle with anything and everything

- you two just love to reassure and comfort each other so much

- like sometimes he’s like “wow I’m super awful at everything and everyone hates me!” and you’re like “!!!!listen that is very incorrect!!! You are very good at everything and so many people love you,, you are loved!!”

- and sometimes you’ll just pull up one of his fans tumblrs so you can show him how much his fans love him and appreciate everything he does

-then you’ll kiss every part of his body until he’s giggling because that shit is like music to you ears and drugs to your veins like you could listen to his giggles for days

- there are other times when he has to comfort you because you’re like “omg im the worst! And you deserve the best because you are the best!” And he’s just like “???ummmm you are the best what are you talking about??? Im so confused???” Then he’ll just give you a really tight hug and you’ll stay there for a really long time because youre really warm and you don’t want to let go but also all of your limbs are numb so it might be a good idea

- you still go on a bunch of ramen dates but like you have got to be sneaky about it so you aren’t caught but like you’ll be walking down the street both wearing facemasks and sunglasses and hoods and shit at like midnight and you just hear Jimin next to you loudly humming the theme from Mission Impossible

- he pretty much likes to stay at your apartment when he is given time off but sometimes you two will go to Busan to visit with each other’s parents and they all are really happy because they knew you’d be a great couple ever since you both were toddlers

- when he goes away for long periods of time for tour or filming something in another country it’s really strange for you because you’ve always had him around and you’re comfortable with his presence so you find yourself walking into the living room like “Jimin can you go get some mil- oh wait you’re in New York shit.” Or you’ll be taking a shower and be expecting him to walk in and join you but he’s in Japan so that’s kind of impossible

- when he gets back its full of endless cuddling and kisses because you missed each other a lot and he tells you about everything that happened to him while he was gone and you’re really proud and happy that he is living his dream and doing what he loves to do

- you two end up getting a cat together so that you have something to cuddle with while he’s gone and also cats are the best

- fighting him anytime he’s like “maybe the fans would like me more if I got abs” because he’s beautiful the way he is and real fans wouldn’t give a shit if he had abs or not

- also you love his tummy and fingers when he puts on a little weight, it’s something that drives you crazy and you basically worship his entire body because more body means more to worship and he’s just so thick and and also you need to take a very cold shower anytime you think about it too much

- sometimes you just kinda look at his hands and his short lil fingers because they are so nice with all of the rings that he wears and they fit so perfectly into yours and you just love them so much and he’ll get kinda self-conscious like “what!! I know I have tiny little sausage fingers you don’t have to stare at them!!” And you’re just like “I just really like your hands boy???!!! They are Good™!”

- you’re fights are usually really tense and awful and it just starts with something that’s really small but it will turn into passive aggressive comments from both of you that make you snap every time and it lasts like a week and stresses you both out so much and you end up just not talking to each other because every time you say anything you start another fight and it’s just really exhausting

- one night during one of you’re fights you’ll wake up in the middle of the night to sniffling and the sound of Jimin trying to cover up his sobs you’re like “hey what’s up?? why are you crying??” then he’s just like “I’m so worried that you’re going to leave me because I’m so hard to be in a relationship with and you deserve someone who can spend all of their time with you but I just love you so much ” then he can’t talk any more because he’s sobbing really hard and hiccuping and you’re furiously wiping at his tears like “no baby it’s alright I love you so much and I would never want you to leave me so I can have someone who can spend all if their time with me I love you and I couldn’t imagine being with anyone other than you ,,,also just because we’re fighting doesn’t mean that we’re going to break up every couple has fights but I know that this is just going to make us stronger and I’m sorry that this has been going on for so long but we’re both just so damn stubborn and I love you so much please don’t cry!!“ And now you’re crying and you two just get really close to each other and everything is tight but also soft and you know that it’s going to be okay

- the day after you two spend a lot of time physically close and talking about all of the things you wanted to say the past week and drinking hot drinks and watching movies together and everything is better and you feel like you can breathe again

- anyway dating Jimin would be a wild ride but also very soft and good 99/10 would recommend

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you describe having emotions so beautifully 😭 im basically full of air and fire, a hot air balloon if you will lol. i have pretty minimal earth/water influence and when i see people talking about what its like to feel i cant really... relate? i understand what they mean, but i dont necessarily feel what they feel- im not as empathetic and i intellectualize everything? i wish i knew what i felt and how to just let those emotions be.. whats it like to be a cancer? from a genuinely confused gemini

Awww, thank you :’) Having Fire influence makes people pretty emotional too though! Not as much as Water influence, of course, but you know what I mean.

Basically, being a Cancer is a very rewarding experience. I have to admit I was an underdeveloped Cancer a few years ago, (but to be fair I was severely depressed so it was a disastrous mixture) however I have learned to grow from that and develop myself better. As a Cancer, I feel my emotions very strongly and very deeply. It’s inevitable - I can’t pretend to ignore my feelings or push them away. That’s not option for most Cancerians, because we are ruled by the Moon and therefore there’s much emotional influence. I view things from an emotional lens; when I read things, or see things, or hear things, I take a step back and ask myself “okay, how does this make me feel?” It’s all about feelings with Cancers. They experience love, happiness, peace, anger, and moodiness on grand scales because the inner emotional state is illuminated and intensified with this sign. I’m naturally empathetic and I put myself in other people’s shoes very often. Like when I am watching a film or when I hear about stuff going on around the world I try to understand it from the person’s perspective and I think “what would I do if that was me?” Cancers are also extremely romantic, homebodies, loyal, very funny, sweet, innocent and nurturing. I really love being a Cancer. And as they grow older, they are increasingly independent and protective of their loved ones, standing up to any threat. Cancers are princesses of the Moon and complex creatures overall. :-)

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Hey i saw ur post abt bullying or smth and i was wondering what happened???? I was gone for three days and a LOT happened so im confused- 💙

Don’t worry about it as far as I’ve heard everything has for the most part been resolved. There was no bullying, but we all just ask that everyone, tone down the Klance asks for me, Keith, Lance, and any other official accounts that ask for no Klance and that everyone should be careful what they type/ask us and really think it through :) -Mod

idk how to word this or whether im right or wrong. but like im starting to question the idea that lesbians saying one thing about their experience has to imply something else about bi women’s? (im also not saying here that bi women view everything that lesbians say as an accusation)

like i really don’t know how to explain what im thinking or whether it makes sense. its kind of just a vague idea floating around in my head. but like maybe a lesbian saying the world wants her to be available to men. maybe that doesn’t have to imply that bi women are available to men. bc she’s speaking about sociological trends not expressing her personal views?

idk, this line of thought that im mustering up is starting to confuse even me lmao. but like maybe if she says that the world wants he to be available to men it doesn’t mean that she thinks other women are available to men she’s talking about the social structures that make everyone view every single woman as available to men??

like sometimes people say things are straight up laterally aggressive but maybe those types of analyses aren’t automatically that way?

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Any recommendations for people who want to learn Korean?

Oh man okay THIS IS VE RY LONG lol putting together an answer is a little challenging haha the website where I first started learning korean actually closed down hfaisuehif I learned like in 2013 so jfoisajf yeah.

I’ll start with hangul which is what you should learn first!
tbh i suggest starting with seemiles youtube playlist because it’s really helpful when you’re first going in and you’re not sure what to do to supplement it i suggest watching other hangul videos as well and not just that. and what’s going on. For a VERY in depth understanding of korean I suggest hyungseok song’s playlist, his videos are very long and very thorough. but like i said you can watch other videos as well theres tons on youtube

You don’t have to stick with one thing you can use multiple ways to learn, it’s important to figure out which way you like learning best.

I REAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLY suggest writing out the alphabet literally over and over whichever way you want because that’s the best form of memorization, i recommend a journal or notebook to use while learning korean, i use an A5 journal it looks like this ~~ tbh writing everything out as you learn will help. also just sayin but writing in blue ink is supposed to help your memory lol

Hangul apps:

Korean Writing Plus - this is made by HyongA and this was an app that helped me learn hangul a lot, even if it’s meant for children. The first vocabulary I memorized came from there too. It’s 99 cents on the play store but 2.99 on the app store (no idea why) Play store / Apple store
Korean 123 Read Write Practice: This one is nice it’s another kids app (listen, don’t judge me) besides hangul it also introduces numbers and it pronounces the number in both of korea’s number systems (they use 2) Play store / Apple store
SNU LEI: I really recommend this one! This was made by HyongA but it’s free and it’s for older users unlike korean handwriting plus. Play store / Apple store

The alphabet is fairly easy to memorize it’s not very hard to write either, even if you just know the alphabet you’re already doing very good because honestly, when you first start learning, romanization is fine it gives you SOME kind of understanding on how to say the words but as you learn more, do not rely on romanization. Later on, romanization will not help you and it’ll just slow your learning process. you will not sound fluent,, or understandable,, if you just rely on romanization.

also when you’re learning hangul i suggest trying to read anything and everything, you can even use kpop to study. try to read lyrics in hangul, that’s how i got the hang of reading hangul. you can look up the song name and then 가사 for lyrics.

For vocabulary, your regular vocabulary apps are fine. the way I learned was with korean-flashcards lol but I found out they switched websites but their website is still super helpful. It works according to what you currently know and you can make adjustments as you see fit. And it sends daily korean exercises to your email. You can find that website right here ~~ not only that but if you see a word like in a song or a drama and you wanna know what it means, use naver dictionary! i suggest installing the naver dictionary app bc even i use it to this day when im unfamiliar with vocabulary. but you can def also go into the app store and look up korean vocabulary and find something you like

For grammar I suggest Learnkoreanlp, I’m using that myself rn to go over stuff I’ve learned and to learn new stuff bc I’m not fluent or anything. You can find that right here ~~

Talktomeinkorean also covers a lot of different things from what I’ve been told but i havent used it myself you can check that out right here ~~

There’s also a grammar app called grammar haja worth checking out. The korean alphabet is easy but the grammar is hard so it’s gonna take a while to learn, don’t rush it or if you can’t understand something don’t give up, search for other grammar sites or ask a native speaker. even if i dont understand it i write it down anyway, just to have it in my brain lol

Howtostudykorean covers a lot of stuff like Talktomeinkorean, you can check them out here also try looking at their learning how to read section for hangul.

This masterlist has some other stuff you can check out, just remember what I said about romanization later on. 

When you get the hang of hangul and you’re trying to learn vocabulary and grammar and stuff I suggest getting into language exchange bc it really helps talking to a native speaker. There’s apps like hellotalk, you can search language exchange in your app store just be careful of crazies. Also if you have questions it always best to ask a native speaker. for anything you might be confused about but u dont have a native speaker to ask i really suggest hinative app!

later on when you move on to grammar, or if you feel like you can’t learn on your own, maybe look into an online tutor (or real life tutor if possible)? i’m considering that myself

so to wrap it up, get a notebook, a blue pen, write everything out, repeat. even im constantly relearning grammar tbh.

Sorry if there any typos I hope this is understandable and somewhat helpful jfaosiejfaosje

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Hello! How are you? If it's alright, could I request some headcanons with peter maximoff and a human s/o? Like, just some general notes on how they'd deal with scrutiny and whatnot from families and/or communities and how they first got together, or anything else you want to add in. I haven't really seen this done before and I really appreciate your writing and headcanons, so thank you for considering this!

this was such a sweet, polite request (everyone else take note pls) so im doing it at my first moment of ability (now!)

  • when you first discover his mutation, you’re mainly confused
  • everything about him seems to suddenly make sense though? you understand how he always seems to be able to do thinks in a snap, no matter what the task is
  • he expects you to be kind of afraid of him, but you’re not – in fact, you’re really happy that he decided to tell you about it
  • once you find out, it seems like, due to the positive reaction that he got from you, that everyone else will share similar thoughts and reactions
  • unfortunately, that isn’t the case. once his speedster ways are discovered, and your parents find out about how he’s been using his abilities to be a thief and what not, they don’t really want you anywhere near him, thinking that he’s a bad influence on you
  • they even form the assumption that all mutants, regardless of their mutations, are inherently “bad” and nothing but trouble
  • you try to tell them that he isn’t, and the rest of these mutants aren’t, either, but they don’t listen
  • they attempt to drive you further away from peter, but that only brings you closer to him
  • eventually, one night while the two of you are sitting at the park while the sun was dwindling down beneath the horizon, he just sort of kisses you – and from there, a relationship blossoms
  • the both of you decide to not tell your parents about it; specifically your parents, who don’t like him – if at all – and that’s that
  • it’s difficult hiding the relationship, especially when prom rolls around and your parents are asking you who you’re going with as a date
  • you just tell them that you’re not going at all, and it’s whatever, because you don’t care about prom anyway
  • but your mother, former prom queen, definitely cares, and she wants you to go so bad
  • you tell her that you’ll go, and you tell one of your other guy friends that you’ll “go” with him as a date
  • when the day of prom comes around, that “date” leads you off, driving you down to a bowling alley where you, peter, and your “date” all just hang out and go bowling – you in your prom dress and your friend in a tux and peter dressed as informally as ever
  • eventually your parents discover that you didn’t go to the dance at all, but that isn’t until much, much later
  • sometimes you get kind of self conscious that you’re just a regular human, while peter is actually a homo superior, meaning superior to you
  • peter tells you not to think of it like that because, to him, you’ve always been the one superior to him in every single aspect
  • he reassures you whenever you feel down about not being “special” like him, just as you reassure him for being different from you

@raypclmer @jxbilationlee @quicksxlvers

So I just thought about how projected seating charts can be really useful for Geography teachers to introduce and practice map reading (bc im always thinking of cool ways to teach everything BUT my own subject), and it finally clicked why my Honors Alg 2 teacher in high school assigned seating charts by giving us each an ordered pair and then letting us figure out how the seating Graph was oriented (the first time we were so fucking confused. Eventually we became pros at it.

I wish i could do something like that with my classes, but I don’t know if they could handle it. Might try it once or twice just to see.

Everything is just a lot right now and I don’t know what to do.
I know lots of different things but when i try and think about them in words or talk about them I can’t cause they fall apart. Its like being under a lot of blankets and I know I need to get out from the blankets but theres a lot of them and i dont know which way is out.
Im really confused. I just want to sleep but sleeping isnt helping cause i wake up and I’m still here. I dont know how old i am still but i saw something about a little robot all alone on another planet that sings happy birthday to itself yesterday and its called Curiousity and I like that name. I want that to be my name but someone says it’s too long to say and I can say it not out loud but I can’t tell anyone that it’s my name. Its not really mine, I just like it.
Trying to talk makes me dizzy and sleepy and I just want to go to sleep and feel better. But theres stuff that I gotta tell people but I cant because I cant get the words out.
And time is moving really really fast. Not just because I keep sleeping. I dont understand the date or the time and its weird and it makes my head hurt.
Its not before stuff its right now stuff but its still a lot and I know we need help with it but I cant talk about it cause it all bunches up and tangles together in my head and I just want to sleep. Trying to think about it is making me feel dizzy and sick and sad and I dont want to cry because I cant explain why Im crying.

From Curiousity

*sigh* Just when I thought I was done being confused.

So I already know Im asexual. But now I dont know how I feel about my romantic feelings.

Okay so, Like I get crushes and everything and I really want to get a bf and so cute ass shit with him.

But then I dont. The thought of just kissing and cuddling someone makes me uncomfortable.

So this guy I liked ended up liking me back and you know its just *shrug*. I wasnt really all that happy. I was but… eh

I feel like I like the chase of going after my crushes but when I actually get something I just you know…feel uncomfortable.

But I feel like I need to experience dating first before I just decide that somethings up.

Does anyone have anything to say to help me?

anonymous asked:

Im sorry to bother but you seem to know alot about redbubble and i just wanted to know if you know what a manufacturing invoice is? I got one and i dont really know what it was and i panicked and deleted my account ;~;

Oh no! I wish I could have helped you sooner so we could’ve saved your account QoQ 

A manufacturing invoice is nothing to be afraid of–it’s basically like a receipt! Everything on it should have already been paid.

Lemme lay it out so there’s no confusion! Basically, every time you make a sale, Redbubble will send you TWO e-mails. The first one is a notification telling you that you’ve made a sale! The second one is the manufacturing invoice, which is a notification telling you the product purchased has been manufactured and is on it’s way to the customer. The manufacturing invoice is simply for your records and is kind of meant to be just a little heads up of, “Hey! We made the thing, here’s what we took.” It’s purely for legal reasons, but it is in no way an indicator that nay financial or legal business may be at hand!

This is just what I gleaned from reading the e-mail and knowing what I do about invoices. I’m not an expert so if you have anymore questions it might be best to refer to a Redbubble admin or check their FAQ/Forum!

I hope that helped!

crumpledup-piece-of-paper  asked:

JD, I've read everything on your,felix,nyc blogs. I don't understand what the exact situation is right now and whether the pics are false or old or combined. Can you tell me if you really have more inside information about the nda being broken and the leak is coming within days or weeks? And will it be only a leak or a very clear message with more information to shut mm down for good? I'm sorry, im just confused about what's happening and what to believe. I can't imagine ph/rf being this stupid.

it’s broken, the agreement is done. KP and CH will handle this along with Prince Harry. They will be proactive and I don’t know where or when.

The pictures are photoshopped, the meta data wiped clean, it’s a created image.

People have theories, but the bottom line is fake pictures whether they were created or old, still PS.

It won’t be a leak anymore, a firm it’s over is coming. This will shut this right down.

thanks cpop 

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Hi, this might be TMI but... Ive been struggling with masturbating bc I dont think I can find my clit. Ive looked at diagrams, and Ive looked at my own anatomy in a mirror, but Im just still pretty confused about where/what everything is. Idk, do you have advice for finding your own clit/anything about female masturbation? Itd be really appreciated :)

Hey anon! 

I’d say that finding the actual clit (so the little nub that hides beneath the clitoral hood, which is why you might be having trouble finding it!) isn’t hugely important, because direct contact to the clitoris can actually be over-stimulating and uncomfortable (especially when you’re not warmed up). But the clitoris is actually much more than just the little head that pokes out, it actually extends hidden behind the vulva, so the areas around and near the clitoris and labia will also feel good!

There are also many different ways you can masturbate, so I’m not even sure where to begin: You can use your hands, a vibrator, a pillow, a shower-head faucet, basically anything that you can thrust against or hump or that creates vibration, rhythm, and/or pressure.

So my advice would be to take some time to yourself, somewhere comfortable and private where you won’t be interrupted, and do some self-exploration. If you want to use your hands (which I always see recommended when starting out), then you can try touching/rubbing/massaging different areas until you find something that feels good. You can try out different patterns and speeds and pressures, you can use both of your hands together or separately, you can switch up positions, whatever you like! When it feels good you know you’re doing something right, and when you find what feels REALLY good keep doing that/things in that area. Repetition is what will ultimately build to an orgasm if that’s what you’re looking for. And with skin to skin contact (so not over your clothes) adding lubrication like spit or lube or a body-safe oil like coconut oil can help, especially at first!

Here’s  two videos that give good overall advice on this topic. And I will also direct you to @lesbian-ed​. Their blog is more sex-ed related and I’m sure one of the very smart ladies over there could give you some more in depth advice and help you out :). Good luck!

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So I'm new to this Stella argent thing.. Not really.... I've been seeing gifs and I'm getting hecka confused bc other people are posting different story lines... So can you please explain the whole thing about her life, like who she's friends with, her family, and etc just everything bc I've seen other gif sets with Stella argent with a different story... Like why the gang is looking for her.. JUST EVERYTHING bc I'm really getting confused

Sorry you’re confused because that’s most likely my fault because in my mind her story kinda flows because I come up with stuff that happens in between gifs or just little things i dont actually gif and stuff but when I look at the gifs I’ve made her story seems kind of….choppy? so im very sorry about that Also my stella story is kinda it’s own track like sammy who almost created stella makes gifs on her but they kinda don’t go together but they do at the same time because we sorta have different ideas of how certain things go? I don’t know if this makes sense but now to answer your real question

I’m just going to give the whole break down here. its wordy

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