im just not emotionally ready yet


The left picture is my favorite part of the first ending: Nozomi appearing in the doorway gleefully and Eli right behind her, stiff and embarrassed. Given that, as well as the gap Eli leaves between herself and Honoka in the right picture (the only gap in the whole line of them), I like to think that this ending takes place in those couple weeks after Nozomi and Eli join and before the concert.

I understand why the anime skipped over those weeks, but it’s one of the most disappointing things the anime does, in my opinion. We see Eli go from antagonist to best friend in the span of 30 seconds, when the actual process wouldn’t have been anything like that. Eli’s stubborn. At this point she knows she’s in the wrong, that she has to be nicer to Honoka and the rest of the girls, but she’s too awkward to do it naturally. She’s going to keep being stubborn simply because that’s all she knows how to do it, and it’s going to cause friction in the group until she can calm down. There’s going to be arguments, disagreements over leadership (who’s in charge? Honoka, as the person who started muse? Nico, as club president? Eli, who’s been in charge of everything her whole life?), and while in the end it will bring the group closer, you could have an interesting story where they almost fall apart.

The one saving grace, aside from Nozomi’s magic, is that most of the group can’t hold a grudge. Nico and Maki are the only ones who stay angry (and Eli should be really glad the subunits didn’t exist because bibi meetings would have been awful), but eventually Maki decides she doesn’t care enough. Nico is good at staying silent and angry for a long time, but once she’s alone she gives in too, and it’s only then that Eli can start to relax and truly bond with the group.

This post didn’t quite end up where I expected it to go but basically: those two weeks after Eli joined would be full of character development and awkward bonding moments and I really wish we had seen them.

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i feel like im never going to have the courage to come out and im just going to be scared the rest of my life

Just because you aren’t out yet doesn’t mean you are weak in any way. you are not lying to anyone by not telling them you are gay. You DO NOT owe it to anyone to tell them your sexuality. Coming out is scary and emotionally overwhelming and its okay to not be ready babe. You’re going to be okay. While your in the closet work on self acceptance and work on building yourself up so when your ready no one can tear you down. Your love is beautiful and natural there is nothing to be ashamed of  

I am not mature enough for a serious long term relationship just yet and it took me some time to realise & accept that but one day I hope I will have grown enough emotionally to be able to keep up a good stable relationship, instead of messing up again and again right now while I’m not ready. its self awareness and im grateful for that

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Hey, I've been texting thiss girl for awhile now. She's always there for me even when im being a shitty human being, she never leaves my side. I told her I am emotionally unstable, yet she stays. She is great and funny, but.. is it fair or me to let her wait till I am.. ready? If I'll ever be.

Hmmm if she wants to wait. Then let her wait it is her choice.. it is maybe hard for her and for you. But just be honest about things tell her how you feel and let her know where she stands on this moment and what you feel for her.

are there movies/shows u wanna watch but youre just Not Emotionally Prepared For

like for me, ive wanted to watch 5cm per second for years but i heard it was sad so im like ??? haha miss me with that sad shit. or like im not ready to inhale a whole series yet like what is this nonsense i just have to watch stuff

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What were the specific moments when Farkle and Maya were emotionally adopted by Corpanga?


  • Okay so Cory gets emotionally attached to Maya fairly quickly
  • Mostly because he’s the designated Play Date Chaperone so he sees her all the time but also because he’s like!!!! My daughter has a friend clearly she’s great!!!! And then of course once he gets to know her a little better he thinks she’s adorable/funny/feels bad for her because of her parents situation
  • And we know Kermit didn’t officially leave until she was like 7?? So they had already known her for a little over a year at that point. So after Kermit takes off Cory’s just like “…Fuck I’m the only male role model in this kid’s life aren’t I?”
  • In fact he was!
  • And he took some childhood development classes and all when he was studying for his degree so like. He knows she needs a positive role model omfg
  • So he just made himself more available so to speak, you know, like when an aunt or uncle or older sibling tends to “step up” to help if a child’s parent dies
  • And for the looooongest time Mini Maya thought he was just acting like he cared out of sheer pity so she’d fight with him all the time to see if he’d give up on her. That’s why in the pilot episode she was so positive Cory was going to make Riley stop hanging out with her, she thought she finally pushed it too far. But after he didn’t is when she realized he actually cares about her and started warming up a lot more.
  • With Topanga it was just the more and more she got to know her she lowkey fell in parent love you feel
  • There was also a part of her that identified her with Shawn (because tbh I think Topanga’s head is shoved up BMW Assumptions’ ass farther than any other character in the show, but that’s a rant for a different day lol)
  • Also Topanga still hasn’t entirely worked everything out with her own father really, and since she was getting the story from Maya’s pov, she probably had a lot of problems with Katy in the earlier years and that’s why she’s always aggressively in mom-mode for Maya
  • Also on a very lowkey subconscious level, perfectionist fix-everything Topanga sees a little girl who keeps referring to herself as broken? I’m just saying
  • But yes so with Maya neither of them really had a moment where they were like ‘oh shit we just emotionally adopted a child’ like it was a very gradual thing that felt natural and they can’t really pinpoint.
  • F a r k l e
  • Okay so the second they found out Farkle was the spawn of Minkus and Jennifer Basset they were like y i k e s
  • There was a lot of conflicting emotions in that first playdate right after the kids had first met lol
  • But the kids are already too close and too adorable it’s too late for either couple to do anything without Romeo and Juliet-ing their children omfg
  • But anyway, Farkle starts spending a lot of time at the Matthews’ place, mostly because that’s just the apartment the kids prefer to hang out/have sleepovers in, but even when they wanna go somewhere, Cory’s the only one who’s job let’s him have weekends and summers off so it just makes more sense
  • Both Cory and Topanga are very polite to Farkle, because the kid is completely adorable and delightful but they’re lowkey waiting for him to show signs of being crazy like his mother lol
  • Okay so it’s summer time, the kids are 7, Topanga’s super fucking pregnant but refusing to take time off from work because she’s stubborn. Jen scheduled a vacation in the Hamptons with her friends unknowingly at the same time Stuart had to rush off to Australia for a business deal. So they’re completely desperate and the Matthews agree to watch Farkle like a week and a half.
  • So both his parents jet off and Cory’s only had these three kids for a few hours before they start up with the “we’re BOOOORRRRED” stuff, and Cory knows if they whine anymore they will wake up/set off his hormonal time bomb of a wife and he doesn’t want these little kids to die, so he decides to take them to the park lmao
  • And there weren’t really any good ‘playgrounds’ by their apartment at the time but there was a normal park and Riley had skates, Maya had a skateboard and Farkle had a bike so he figured they could keep themselves entertained right
  • Poor Cory he really tried omfg he triple checks everyone’s padding and helmets and orders them to only stay where he can see them from the bench and made Maya promise to not cause trouble or try to instigate races and made them all swear to not talk to strangers like he does the whole spiel
  • But then he sits down on the bench and takes out a book because he really needs to be getting work done to plan out his syllabus and lesson plan for September
  • The SECOND they’re out of ear shot obviously Maya starts trying to talk Farkle into racing her omfg
  • She starts off with ‘only losers ride bikes’ and goes from there and poor little Farkle is just like…stop,
  • But she won’t and instead of stopping her, Riley is just in full ‘But daddy told us NOT to race!!!’ mode even though everyone knows she’s gonna take off the second Maya does. So this leaves Farkle alone to defend his and his bikes honor but he’s not exactly the best with confrontation lmao
  • So she eventually wears him down because she goes ‘Aren’t you a scientist? Don’t you wanna PROVE your bike is better and faster than my board or Rileys skates???’, and Farkle is just immediately like…it is ON.
  • remember that their seven
  • So anyway peer pressure wins out so now Riley’s game for this too lol and they agree where they’re going to race to and CORY’S GLANCING UP EVERY NOW AND THEN BUT STILL VERY ENGROSSED IN HIS WORK so the three of them take off!!!!!
  • I t s  B a d
  • Riley was actually in the lead but Farkle was in fact kicking Maya’s ass but then he just. Crashes his fucking bike
  • He hit something on the path that made the bike jump, he goes over the fucking handle bears, hits the ground with all his momentum, and rolls very hard off the path and down the little hill, into a tree, where his bike then lands on top of him t h i s  c h i l d
  • What a dramatic way to die,
  • So once he snaps out of the immediate breathless shock obviously he’s crying because everything hurts and he’s literally a baby
  • The girls are f r e a k i n g the fuck out and Cory heard him yell when the bike first hit something so he saw this whole thing and runs over omfg
  • Cory is in a PANIC which isn’t reassuring the girls at all because they’re positive Farkle is gonna die omfg
  • So now Cory’s got three sobbing children and one bleeding that might have broken bones f u c k omfg he’s trying to get the girls to quiet down and check to make sure he can safely move Farkle at the same time it’s a mess
  • Okay so Cory is actually pretty good with first aid so after looking him over he’s pretty sure he can get him cleaned up back at the apartment and would only have to take him to the hospital if he shows any signs of a concussion
  • So he picks Farkle up and this poor kid is still sobbing omfg and he makes Maya get his bike so she can walk it back to the apartment. Riley keeps her skates on and grabs onto one of Farkle’s hands so she can easily move at the same speed as her father the whole walk and ask him a million questions all boiling down to ‘is Farkle gonna die???’
  • “Riley why are you so morbid oh my God don’t say that in front of him he’ll be fine”
  • But Cory’s got two panicked crying girls, one bloody kid sobbing into his shoulder and he’s basically internalizing the fact that he’s also a mess rn omfg he’s doing the whole ‘he got hurt on MY WATCH’ thing and Farkle’s clearly in pain Cory is weak and his heart is breaking omfg
  • So they get in the apartment building and Cory tells the girls to run to Mrs. Svorski’s apartment to borrow her first aid kit in case he’s missing anything
  • And he heads up to the apartment without them and Topanga is deadass just coming out to leave for work and she’s FLIPPING SHIT when she sees them because who expects to open their door to see their husband covered in the blood and tears of an injured child like
  • So Cory’s just trying to calm Farkle down because he’s still a bit hysterical and Topanga’s in worried mother mode like omfg this angel child doesn’t deserve this @God why you doing this
  • But Topanga’s now running late for work so Cory convinces her he’s got in covered and the girls run in right when she’s leaving
  • So Cory sits him at the table and gets him all cleaned up (with the still very worried Good Little Nurses Riley and Maya hand him things) and Farkle does eventually calm down a little omfg
  • He had SO MANY cuts and bruises omfg but luckily nothing seemed broken or needed stiches. His glasses were completely shattered and since he was still there for the week Cory had to dig up his pair and hope the prescription was close enough (and they were way too big so he had to tie a string around the ends for if they fell off his face o m f g)
  • So he’s finally done but everyone’s still lowkey crying this was a very emotionally taxing event omfg so Cory just put some kiddie movie on and they all crash on the couch omfg.
  • He’s still holding Farkle omfg after a while when the kid officially calms down he starts feeling really embarrassed about his reaction and everything (bc you know how boys can get) and he said something like “Mr. Matthews you can let go of me now” and Cory’s just like “yEAH NO IM NOT READY TO DO THAT YET” “OKAY
  • Because now Cory’s letting on how freaked out the whole thing had him so that makes Farkle feel a little better omfg
  • Like listen bring this event up to present day Cory and he might still tear up while the kids laugh at him omfg
  • But anyway Topanga gets home a few hours later and all the kids are asleep on the couch as Cory is very intensely staring off into space and when he realizes she’s there he points to her huge baby bump and he’s just like “…We have four kids now.”
  • “Cory, oh my God.”
  • And Topanga knows there’s no shaking him and as she gets to know Farkle a little better over the week he’s staying with them she’s just like…oh no now I’m getting attached too f u c k
  • However, she doesn’t fully commit and get completely emotionally attached until 5th grade when Farkle tells them about how his parents fight all the time then she’s READY AND EMBRACING THIS omfg she knew she always had good reason for hating Jennifer Basset
  • So yeah basically if you ask Cory and Topanga how many kids they have while they’re distracted, they’ll tell you 4 omg
  • losers

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Re: drawing them: YOU HAVE THE INTERNET. "How To Draw A Cock" returned over a million results. References abound! GO FORTH AND PORN!

Hmm. Okay. So I don’t have my tablet right now and I’m a lazy butt so! mouse art.

i think that went wonderfully XD