im just messing around and this movie tho

prussianwitchdoktor  asked:

Wait, it was the soft asks you reblogged, sorry, I seem to have went off and left my mind in another location. Fluffy pillows, laughter, and bird songs, please?

dont worry its ok x3

fluffy pillows - what happened in your most recent dream

well, i was in a party at school messing around with @katze-kaiser nwn, then a unicorn appeared from nowhere, and… there was a hitler… dancing like a fag


laughter - whats the funniest joke you’ve ever heard

i already answered dis one but im gonna tell ya te second most funny joke ive heard lulz

it just happened today tho, and it was an accident

i was with a friend talking about the new movie of cars, and she accidentaly sayed “macarthur” instead of “mcqueen”


bird songs - name five things you love

okii here em gooo

1. cats

2. history

3. le hirocarthur otp

4. @katze-kaiser

5. @fraulein-blitzkrieg