im just making things to distract myself

Sometimes i like to think funny jacoffel scenarios to distract myself from all the possible angst i can make with them, and so i just thought about this

After the first time they somehow end up having sex eiffel spends the entire next day thinking “i cant believe i slept with jacobi, i slept with the enemy” meanwhile jacobi is stuck at “i cant believe i slept with eiffel, and liked it

Cue to the urania “maxwell im having a crisis” “oh boy not again, what happened?” “you know the term netflix and chill right” “i dont think i like where this is going…” “alright so yesterday eiffel and I…” “i dont like where this is going” “a l a n a

words have powers. don’t say “I hate myself” out loud, don’t give it a hold on you or on your reality! blast music, dance, take a shower, eat something warm, drink a whole bottle of water, reach out to someone you love, try out things to make you think of anything else. it’s just distraction! distraction and resistance!

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How do I get over a nigga? He's so wishy washy and I know he's not worth my time and no good for me but I still want him 😓

GIRL …I find I only have time for niggas when im distracted or afraid of focusing on myself ..don’t be afraid to exfoliate and deep condition your hair and make a list of your goals and things your grateful for (you’d be surprised how much there actually is .. Eyesight to read this with for one ) file your nails take your hair out of ur face..make smoothies clean your room.. just like shit that nurtures YOU !!! Don’t feed into lower distractions . Ur worth the same attention u was finna give him for free

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Any headcannons about dark with a tear-prone s/o?

He isn’t good with emotions but he’s good with his words so he’ll always find ways to soothe them or distract them from whatever has caused them to cry.

He’ll watch out for what sort of things might trigger it and find ways to make them less of a trigger or just generally avoid them or at least watch out for them so he can be ready to help.

He’ll never be annoyed by it, he’ll assure them its perfectly fine and he’ll always be there, he’ll comfort them and keep them safe.

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hey are you alright? do you need somebody to talk to or something? regardless, I hope you feel better soon and that you have a nice weekend

i appreciate it but probably not on talking. talking about certain things is just a rabbit hole that unearths trauma that makes me Not Safe to myself, so it’s better i avoid those conversations at all costs. I just need to distract myself. Augh sorry for venting publicly on my blog dont worry guys im fine, im used to taking care of myself like this. im just stupidly sensitive ;;

I Just Want To Be Your Little Girl LDR STYLE

🌸 Call me your little girl, princess, or babygirl
🌸 Send me Kisses over Skype
🌸 Tell me how much I mean to you
🌸 Remind me that I am yours and you are mine
🌸 Give me a task that let’s me distract myself when we can’t talk
🌸 Watch movies with me and make little skype dates
🌸 Sing to me softly and soothe me when I am scared or upset
🌸 Tell me to put my paci in to either soothe me or shut me up when im bratty 😂

Just be there for me and tell me things will be okay. I won’t always be happy, and sometimes I may cry, but do not fear or be discouraged. I am more than happy to be your little girl.

my name is Rhiannon and both my parents are unemployed (have been for a long time) and it doesnt look like either of them will be getting a job anytime soon (I cant get a job either since im too young). Im really in need of money. I have a donate button on my blog and heres some reasons as to why its there

  • I need new clothing, almost nothing I have fits me and just about all of the things that do fit are close to 2 years old and have a bunch of stains/rips/holes in them
  • I really should have a few things to distract myself with when I feel the need to harm myself

  • (related to first reason) Im a trans male and I would really like to be able to buy some clothing that would help me pass off as a male, the current things i have are extremely feminine and whenever i wear them people usually make jokes about me “all of a sudden wanting to go back to being a girl” and i hate it so much it makes me feel awful
  • i absolutley NEED to go back to therapy, i havent been to therapy since early-mid last year since we couldnt afford it and since then my mental health has just gone to complete shit  

any amount of money you donate would help a ton and i would appreciate it so much!

whats it called when its night and you get kind of bored and sad with your life and you dont wanna just sit around on the computer like you wanna read books at a library, and make things, and walk somewhere, and learn things becasue ive been feeling these things too often and i need to know im not the only one