im just in that state where i ship them so much

Mami’s Guide to Monsta X

Hello~ I have a rather odd request. You know Monsta X super well and I was wondering if you could give me a small guide on each member? Like their names/stage names and a little on what they’re like. Im so bad at telling them apart and remembering their names ㅠㅠ It’s really a really odd ask so you don’t have to ^^;; Thank you though.

This is not a weird request at all, in fact, I’m rather honored you asked me of all people to do this tbh so I am going to go all in ayy and tell you about this wonderful group of memes.

So, I was going to put a link on here to wthmille’s stan monsta x video (it sums them up perfectly) but it seems to have been taken down so unfortunately you can’t watch it unless you watch this where some British lad reacts to it. It’s not the same effect but it’s that or nothing unfortunately. I’m salty that video has gone down tbh it was amazing. Mille is also amazing- okay focus, Monsta X. Right.

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I’m going to start at the beginning of Monsta X and give you a lil’ bit of history of these memes. So, they all started off on this music show called no mercy with a bunch of other guys. The idea of no mercy is basically you have to perform each week and someone gets knocked out each week. The winners of the show, obviously, are our wonderful seven.

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We’re going to start with leader Shownu (Son Hyunwoo) he’s a rather shy character and the others like to make fun of him. He’s, from what I gather, a really fluffy and sweet guy. He was at JYP as a trainee, but shit went down and now he’s with starship. He’s friends with GOT7.

He’s super talented. He has an incredible singer, and his dancing is literally out of this world. He helps create the choreographies and claims he can pick up and move things around with his toes. I told you they are literal memes. He is very much a gym person and likes to work out a lot (it certainly shows)

When I write for Shownu I try my hardest to capture his soft soul and his kindness. He seems like the kind of person that is quiet, but has the biggest impact of all. The rest of Monsta X are literal animals so I question how he stays so sane sometimes. He is known as the “Dad” of the group, and he does come across of acting rather fatherly towards them since he looks after them all.

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So now we’ve discussed Dad, I should probably introduce you to the Mum of Monsta X, otherwise known as Yoo Kihyun. Kihyun, according to the other members, nags them a lot and doesn’t like mess. He is that much like a Mother, and he also checks Changkyun before he sleeps (how fucking cute I can’t even-). Fun fact about Mum and Dad though, in no mercy, Kihyun and Shownu had to work together to do a duet and they were so awkward. Like you could just feel the awkwardness watching them, they were so uncomfortable around each other. Obviously, they are comfortable now and yeah, but I just think it’s amazing how much they’ve developed. A lot of people ship these too but I can’t really bring myself to. I’m changki trash I’m sorry.

Anyway, Kihyun is basically lead vocals (he kills it, he’s amazing) and if that’s not enough, he can also play the guitar and the piano. He’s also talented at cooking, he likes making ramen, and according to him, all of the other members are awful cooks (I can believe that tbh). He’s really salty about his height since he’s one of the shortest members. He hates his aegyo but let’s be honest he’s the only one.

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Now I have told you about Kihyun, I can tell you about his other half, Lim Changkyun (Stage name: I.M.) He used to live in America at some point so he can speak English rather well. He’s another one that is rather quiet though, he’s not your stereotypical childish maknae, he’s rather reserved and comes off as quite mature. Except for when he’s biting Shownu’s arms I can’t justify that I’m sorry, I don’t get it either.

Apparently he is closest to his fellow rapper Jooheon, but he is close with other members too, and likes to play games with Kihyun. He seems sweet, but don’t be fooled, because he can and will wreck you.

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Let’s talk about Lee Jooheon shall we? Well, Jooheon is literally a ball of fluff and a ball of fire all at the same time. When he raps, he’s like a beast, honestly, he’s so powerful and strong on the stage but in real life he is a literal cinnamon roll and his aegyo will make any heart melt (except for the one time he did aegyo and a baby cried). He’s kind of innocent to be honest, especially by comparison to the others, he doesn’t seem like he really understand innuendos, but he’s still hilarious all the same.

Fun fact for you, he really disliked Changkyun on no mercy because long story short, Changkyun replaced someone else and Jooheon (and the others as well tbh) were really salty about it. But they’re literally best pals now so it’s chill. He is also friends with GOT7 (at least Jackson, anyway). He plays the cute boy image really well. He’s scared really easily.

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Next up we have Shin Hoseok (stage name: Wonho). This is where the penny drops and people who are now just finding out about this group realise where the inspiration for my username came from. Wonho is everyone’s bias wrecker. I don’t care what you say. If he’s not your bias, he’s your wrecker.

Wonho is literally the cutest member. He openly states he doesn’t care for gender roles and he has admitted before now that he doesn’t mind what gender he dates, all that matters is that they can cook good ramen. A lot of people ship him with Hyungwon, I am also guilty as charged.

Before he debuted, he lived in a poor family. He cried on no mercy telling the story of how his Mother sold all the furniture and that he had to debut for her and omg (I don’t cry, ever, and this nearly brought me to tears NEARLY) He is rather sensitive from what I gather, but that’s just what makes him all the more charming. He’s another one that takes his gym and fitness very seriously (again, it certainly shows).

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Next we have Lee Minhyuk! The sunshine of the group. Minhyuk is the energetic one, and according to the other members he’s quite talkative even though he was quite quiet when he first started at the company. (ofc now he never shuts up, but that’s the beauty of him, really)

He’s said many times that he’d like to become an MC. He often MC’s for Monsta X on variety shows. He is a great MC. he’s very loud, confident and bubbly. He’s definitely the mood setter in the group. One of the members that he is closest with is Shownu because he said their personalities are so different it just works. There are a fair few Showhyuk shippers out there.

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I was trying to avoid this one until the end because last but not least, we have my bias. Chae Hyungwon. Now, Hyungwon wasn’t always my bias, he was my wrecker, and unfortunately, he wrecked me completely and now he’s my bias.

How do I begin to explain Hyungwon? He’s a meme, the biggest one in the group, but he is also so sexy. He doesn’t get a lot of lines in songs I’m salty af but when he does he kills it. And his dance moves? It’s literal dancing sex jfc (I feel like I’m slightly biased ayy about him but idc)

Hyungwon is known to sleep a lot, apparently he can sleep for like 30 hours in a row or something like that. He’s rather calm and reserved in interviews and on national appearances but according to the other members he’s the loudest in the dorm so, who knows???

He dances really well, is widely known for his mantis dance (don’t ask). He does a lot of modeling in his spare time, and a lot of people compliment him for his good looks (the judge on no mercy was really flustered by him because of his good looks.) He is both a visual and a meme.

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So this is my guide to Monsta X. I hope it was somewhat educational.

Please stan Monsta X, they are well worth it. I promise you will not be disappointed.

p3/p5 family au info thing

first and foremost, i’d just like to reiterate that this is an au so i can do whatever i want with it, don’t go militant on me for having fun pls thanks 

alright so i woke up with like 409386093 asks about the parents dying [niijima parents’ death isn’t a spoiler but there are p3p spoilers in here so watch out :0….]  and i suppose this is needed shdfjfgkhfjal i’m laughing so hard- so the range of questions i got are “YOU’RE GOING TO KILL THEM OFF?” “THEY’RE GOING TO DIE” “THIS MEANS THEY’RE DEAD” and

OKAY SO, i originally made this au so i can have them both alive and happy so, it doesn’t really follow p5verse that much. i didn’t really think too deep about this au to ponder about how they’ll die because i just really wanted to have an akiham family to play with LOL (i like to call this branch “please save me from p3p depression”)

however, after some development with friends, it got a little bit more angsty and this is where it starts to follow p5verse more. so back to the original p5 plot: yes, both parents will die like how p5 has told. (i call this branch “Depression Setting In” GKSGLSKG:AL;)

so basically:

  • first branch = lighthearted; “No Angst Allowed, Good Time Only”
  • second branch = angsty, bittersweet; “lms if u love eating shit and dying”

i like both branches tho so i will most likely draw for both sometimes! mostly just the first branch tho bc i wanna run away from depression pls so i apologize in advance if i ever confuse you all with that HAHA so you can interpret my drawings with whichever branch you prefer: if you love being in post-p3p/p5 canon denial bliss or eating shit and dying, it’s up to you my dude

for the second branch, to answer the questions:
1) “how will hamuko die?”

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Why I ship Aokise (part 1)

there’s plenty of ships in KNB, but is there a specific reason why I ship Aomine and Kise together the most and why it’s my favourite ship? The answer is: I have tons of reasons why I ship these two. 

It’s not just because Kise looks up to Aomine the most and that Aomine is the one that inspired Kise to play basketball and helped him hone his skills the most, but it’s in the subtlety of their friendship, the unspoken words between the two. It’s their trust and deep connection with each other. 

Disclaimer: This is not going to be about a post on how Kise has always idolized Daiki, but how these two, in my opinion, has the best relationship development. There’s no hating on other ships here, and please, if you have nothing good to say about this post then say nothing at all.

Some might argue that Kuroko and Aomine has a deeper level of friendship (no Im not hating on any other ships), but Aomine’s said it himself (you can check it out on wiki) - outside of basketball, the two have nothing much in common. Aomine in Teiko thinks of Kuroko as his best friend, Momoi coming in second because she’s has always been a constant in his life.

But Kise. The idiot he purposely threw the basketball at, the one who despite crushing several times, never stops asking hm for one-on-ones. Kise has also somehow wormed into Aomine’s heart, whether he liked it or not.

Part one - The Kaijo vs Too event

1. He acknowledges Kise as a strong opponent.

I’d like to think that Aomine has kept tabs on Kise in the few months they’ve been separated. Aomine knows that Kise is strong, probably stronger than ever since the GOM’s separation. He knows that his team wouldn’t last without Aomine playing - that’s how much confidence he has in Kise’s skills. 

Aomine has never said it out loud, but he has always thought of Kise of a worthy opponent. Even during their Teiko times, Aomine is always seen baffled by Kise’s growth rate in basketball. He’ll never admit it but if Kise is able to play how most players do that has trained for years and years in merely months, then Kise is one of the few that has a standing chance against him.

2. They both know each other best

This is something that i’d been wanting to talk about. In fact i’m so excited to talk about this I’m not sure where to start. They’ve been training together for months, of course they’d get used to each other’s patterns. It was one of the craziest intense match as the two of them tried to outsmart each other. They know what moves the other might make and all that, but this isn’t just it.

Outside of basketball, they often hang out as well. In a few KNB games, the two often hang out and they both know what each other likes and dislike. In fact, Aomine knows how Kise doesn’t like worms but he got Kise a larvae as a gift on his birthday, knowing it would piss him off (in a small comic strip by the artist of KNB). 

…i think I’ll write this part in another post.

3. Neither of them want the other to go easy on them.

After Kise gives Aomine “the look,” this is what Aomine said to him. He realizes that while Kise is using an underhanded tactic, Aomine doesn’t want him to go soft on him because of his 4 fouls. He wants Kise to win as much as Kise doesn’t want him to lose. This wasn’t stated in the anime or the manga but you can see that Aomine is sick and tired of Kise running after him all this while.

Kise knew Aomine wouldn’t hold back with his 4 fouls. Kise knew that this tactic of his wouldn’t work against Aomine. And the fact that Aomine found out about this little tactic of his made Kise happy - it just really means that they knew each other so much that Daiki was able to realize what the blond planned. 

4. Aomine looks out for Kise’s wellbeing and feelings.

OKAY SO THIS IS LIKE. The main reason why I even ship these two to begin with. People ALWAYS tell me that it’ Kise hanging on Aomine most of the time and I don’t deny this. But have you ever notice the way Aomine treats Kise? Not as if Kise’s fragile, but in the way Kise wants to be treated - as a challenger, as a strong, worthy opponent. While Aomine has always told kise that he’ll never be strong as him, but Aomine knows that all these words will just serve to motivate the blond more.

This part though:

Here, Aomine subtly states that he knows Kise isn’t at maximum power and full potential yet, and that he’s losing to Aomine now, but will be even better in the future, the next time they compete. Can I also take this time to mention how both of them are smiling wide and blissful while Kise is saying that? It’s like Aomine’s saying “yeah I know so its okay.” Aomine agrees with him (though like. very subtly)

Aomine knows that Kise has a bad leg. This can be proven as Aomine didn’t enter the zone against Kise. 

Also, even Imayoshi knows that Aomine has a soft spot for his dumb blond. 

This was translated slightly off from the manga. In the manga Imayoshi says: “If he had any weaknesses, it would be the soft spot he has for his former teammate.” Plural. 

5. Aomine cares.

To those that think Aokise is an abusive ship, stating that Kise’s adoration is borderline creepy and how Aomine stomps all over Kise’s feeling, please look and consider again. These two share an amazing rivalry and friendship.

Aomine knows that whatever he says to kise would only hurt and make the blond feel like he’s making a joke out of him. Aomine actually knows how to hold his tongue when it comes to Ryouta. 



THIS PART!!!! Some may overlook this part but it’s so so so very important. Aomine actually stood behind Kise to see whether or not he can get up by himself. His concerned face says it all. He knows that he was the one that pushed Kise to his limit, and Aomine is at a lost for what to do. ‘Do I help him up? What if he rejects my help?’ his face seems to say.

If Kasamatsu hadn’t come and help (not that I’m complaining since this is one of my ships too), I’d guess that Aomine would eventually offer his help. 

And if anything, Kise looked like he was expecting Aomine to be the one who offered him help.

AND MOREOVER!!!  Aomine stood by to make sure Kise has gotten help before moving back to his team. He made sure that Kise was in safe hands before looking away.

Aomine stood by to make sure Kise has gotten help before moving back to his team. He made sure that Kise was in safe hands before taking his leave. I may be getting ahead of myself, but I think this is exactly what it looks like. Aomine is a big softie (and a huge idiot) when it comes to the blond. 

6. Finally, this.

Ummmm? If you didn’t know, this title comes from Aomine’s point of view. Here, ‘おまえ /Omae’, referring to ‘your’, is used by Aomine. Kise uses ‘あんた’ when referring to others. Aomine is talking about ‘Their Basketball.’ No one else’s. I’m not sure why i added this point but this fact just makes me so giddy.

But in my point of view, Aomine both despise and love their basketball - he doesn’t like the way they play so similarly, the way they know each other best, the way Kise is trying to use Aomine’s style against him. But at the same time, he enjoys it. Aomine may make fun of him and belittle him verbally, but he really does enjoy playing with the blond because Kise is exciting as well as challenging. This is ‘their basketball,’ and nothing can change it. Aomine enjoys the blond’s company and vice versa (as seen from the manga) and knows that Kise could one day overwhelm him in terms of power (also from the manga). He knows that even if their basketball has changed, he wouldn’t trade it for the world.

PHEW! That was a long ass rant. Tl;dr - Aokise has a lot of potential, and I’m really sad that people actually shit on this ship. I wanted to bring this side of the ship into the light where it isn’t just Kise doing all the chasing.

I’ll upload the rest of the analysis later (teiko days, Aokise on casual days out, them from the Manga and Replace Plus, Knb Last Game, Official art and their screen time during games) So if you enjoyed this, reblog it or drop me a message!

Seeking Strength (Peter Quill)

word count: 1, 372

request: Peter quill where you comfort him after everything that happens with ego???


request: I literally just got out of watching Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and it was purely amazing and has made me want Peter Quill fics! So could I get a Peter Quill x reader where reader is a part of the guardians and maybe after a mission everyone dispersed and peter is listening to his tape and starts to cry and reader comes in and comforts him in a very fluffy way! Peter crying is my weakness. Thanks, no rush. 😊

requested by: anon & @buckysendoftheline

warnings: suicide, major character death, depression

a/n: So um….im sorry @marvelavengings . and @buckysendoftheline as a matter of fact. this turned out more angst then fluff, but i tried. next time , it will write a happy fic. i miss writing those.

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Lapidot Moments - The Masterpost

The “Lapidot Moments” series is an ongoing project that aims to discuss all of the possible hints and evidence for the Lapidot ship.  It covers the actual episodes of Steven Universe themselves, as well as possible hints from the Crewniverse and even topics such as the use of actual Peridot and Lapis Lazuli gemstones in crystal healing.

Please don’t look at this post expecting a simple bullet-pointed list - each point is followed by a link, which will take you to a post discussing that subject.  Everything being said is therefore being backed-up with some written analysis and/or images and GIFs from the show.

This masterpost will be updated (and possibly subsequently reblogged) each time we get more Lapidot hints/episodes/evidence.  

If anyone thinks that I’ve missed anything, please do let me know!  My inbox is always open.

In chronological order

The Return

Log Date 7 15 2

Same Old World

Barn Mates

Too Short To Ride

Beta and Back To The Moon

  • Peridot and Lapis are so happy and relaxed around each other in Beta - it’s arguably the happpiest we’ve ever seen either of them.  They’ve set up a home together, give each other some quite telling looks, and Lapis is shown to be the only Gem who has ever truly taken an interest in what Peridot likes doing:

The Kindergarten Kid

Video Chat

Gem Harvest

The New Crystal Gems

Room For Ruby

General analysis from various episodes




Im Jaebum X Reader

Fluff ~ Fluff


Super fab Anon That Gives Me All The Love Asked: Omg… i have so many ideas… but the first i want to ask is: can you do a fanfic with Jaebum where he is catch by the members while he is doing adorable things to “jagi” and he gets embarrased Sorry if my english sucks but im from latin america and im learning… LOVE YOUR ACC BIG FAN HERE… All the love💜

A/N: YOU’RE MY FAVORITE ANON EVER! YOU’RE SO CUTE AND INNOCENT (post scriptum, your other requests are coming. don’t worry)

(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ Requests open for got7 ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)
All gif credits go to the rightful owner(s)

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 Lazy days with Jaebum were probably your favorite. These were the days when it was just you and him; being yourselves without any judgement. This was today.

 You and Jaebum were chilling out at the dorms while the other boys were doing their own things, leaving the leader and his beautiful girlfriend alone for the day. Jae was looking through the TV channels, trying to find something interesting to watch; he soon became frustrated with the boring options.

 “Why don’t we just play a game or something since there isn’t anything good on.” You suggested when you noticed his puff of annoyance towards the television. 

 He looked over to you and breathed out as a smile grew on his face. He turned off the TV and pulled you closer to him. “What kind of something are you implying?” He smirked, earning him a loud laugh from you and a playful hit to the chest. 

 “Shut up.” You giggled.

 “What?” He put his hands up in surrender. “I didn’t do anything.”

 After you rolled your eyes, you stood up so you could go and grab a drink but he grabbed your wrist almost immediately and spun you into his torso. He leaned into you and gave you a light peck on your nose. You smiled at him and blushed a bit.

 “Jae, I was going to get a drink.” You whined.

 “Well, I was going to get you, and now I have you and I don’t think I wanna let you go.” He smiled sweetly. 

 “Oh really.” You giggled. 

 “Mmh, what are you going to do about it, Jagi?” He questioned, with loving eyes. He was about to give you another kiss, this time on the lips, but he heard what sounded like muffled laughs.

 He let go over you and walked towards the noise, only to find the two evil maknaes hunched down in the hall. 

“What are you two doing?” He growled.

“Nothing!” Exclaimed Yugyeom. “We were going to get food but didn’t want to interrupt the cute moment you were having.”

They tried to suppress their laughter but failed miserably after Yugy’s statement. Jaebum glared at the youngers, not sure how to react.

“Yah! Jaebum-ah, who knew you were such a romantic.” Bambam giggled.

“Shut up!” Your boyfriend yelled as he walked back over to you.

 “But hyung~ it was too cute.”

 “Bambam’s right! You’re such a softie.” The maknaes continued to laugh, despite the death glares that Jaebum was shooting towards them. 

 He gently grabbed your arm and dragged you to his bedroom, trying to ignore the obnoxious laughs that echoed through the dorm. After he shut his door, he dove onto his bed and hid his face in a pillow.

 “Awe, is someone embarrassed?” You cooed as you crawled onto the bed beside him.

 Jaebum rolled over onto his back and looked at you pleadingly. “No. Don’t start. I get enough of it from the guys, I don’t need my own girlfriend teasing me as well.” He sighed.

 “But it’s so cute to see you all flustered.” You smiled innocently as you pinched his cheeks.

 “Babe~ Please stop.” He whined, swatting your hands away.

 “You’re not fun.” You sighed. “But, I guess I could, if I get a kiss.” You leaned down to his face.

 “Oh, I’ll do much more than just kiss you.” He stated, cupping your face and placing his lips upon yours. He gently moved you both over so he was on top of you. His kisses got more and more passionate and rough as he tried to forget about the embarrassing incident that just occurred. When he disconnected his lips from yours to start sucking your neck, you muttered a sincere “I love you so much.” While a smile began to form on your face.

 He went back to your lips from a moment before speaking. “I love you too and I’ll show you just how much, Jagi.” He smirked.

i kind of have a hc about keiths mom and dad being like forced roommates?? that shack was like a cabin that keiths dad went to sometimes and suddenly boom an  alien crash lands in his front yard. so then hes like what the fuck? and she like fuck off n hes like youre in my house??? im giving you first aid?? you fuck off

  • they gripe at each other a lot but then fall in love bc im a huge sap
  • so like
  • she crashes basically at his front door right?
  • he saves her, obvs
  • fixes her up bc he is Kind and Compassionate and Totally Not Freaking Out bc what is this huge purple hottie
  • the previously mentioned fuck off scene happens
  • she doesnt take proper care of herself and is out of bed trying to fix her ship after like 6 hours
  • n hes like maybe dont?
  • n shes like i gotta get back to space to do space things
  • the ship is rote off
  • sets up a distress signal instead
  • goes back to bed
  • keiths dad is just like sooooooo…
  • she cuts him off w a look
  • dont. ask.
  • so keiths dad is just sitting there in his cabin with a mean alien when all he wanted to do was relax for a weekend what is even happening?
  • cause like, he cant make her leave thats not nice. he cant leave bc this is his place and what if she hurts herself again bc she obvs doesnt care about her own wellbeing
  • and then hes like oh right the government and military exist i saw those movies i know what happens i gotta keep this on the downlow
  • after a few days of awkwardness and culture shock theyre running low on food bc he was only supposed to be there for a few days so hes like i gotta go get some shit
  • she like i wanna go too this place is boring
  • or something
  • n hes like no. No™ NO NOPE NO CAN DO
  • he gets food and also clothes for her bc shes been wearing a tattered space suit thing
  • the clothes are too small bc she so tol
  • She just takes some of keiths dads clothes even tho those dont fit her either but they fit better than the other clothes he got her
  • this whole time keiths dad has been asking questions about galras and space and shes not telling him a damn thing bc the blade of marmoras lips are sealed tighter than a virgins asshole
  • she just tells him her name and assures him rescue will come soon
  • months go by
  • keiths mom slowly and i mean s l o w l y opens up to keiths dad
  • they become sort of friends
  • he kind of quits his job to stay with her so she wont be alone and starve to death bc the moment she goes anywhere near a town she will be detained and dissected
  • idk if EI exists in the states but im going to assume it does so he lives off that and also has his own savings account so theyre ok
  • his friends are all like what are you doing?? and hes like …nothing…
  • real smooth buddy
  • after a while keiths mom starts to think the BoM arent coming for her i mean whats the life of one soldier marooned in the boonies compared to the whole universe??
  • they talk a lot bc there isnt rly anything else to do and she eventually tells him everything
  • keiths dad just eats this right up he loves space and i mean LOVES IT
  • he wanted to be a pilot but he was colour blind so the garrison booted him
  • (this is a lot of hc to have for someone who was onscreen for like 2.5 seconds and one who hasnt even and maybe never will be introduced)
  • so much time passes that keiths mom gives up on being rescued
  • they fall in love and have a kid and GUESS WHOS BACK (BACK BACK) BACK AGAIN (GAIN GAIN)
  • its the blades!
  • they came all this way to save ur sorry ass so u better get on that ship they say
  • so keiths mom is like but i want to stay
  • they dont care
  • keiths dad is watching from inside trying to keep keith quiet bc neither of them know how the blades would react to a human/galra hybrid
  • oh ya i forgot to mention that keiths mom was supposed to be a rly important person???? yeah shes that
  • anyway shes rly important within the blades and they want her back asap it just took them forever to get to earth
  • so beforehand keiths mom gave keiths dad the dagger to give to keith if the blades ever came and took her back bc they would never let a liability just live contently in the middle of nowhere
  • and she would be, if the empire ever found her
  • shes got the deets
  • so it was either go with them and be an active blade or die
  • they have to basically drag her to the ship but she goes, hoping that one day keith will find out what the dagger means and find her
  • MEANWHILE theres been rumours going around about that weird guy who lives in the desert
  • keiths dad moves back to the city brokenhearted with a half alien son
  • finds a job
  • years pass
  • life goes on
  • those rumors are STILL flying around, the government catches wind
  • keith, this scrawny elementary schooler, goes home to an empty apartment
  • keith goes to the next door neighbour bein like my dads gone
  • he goes into fostercare
  • foster home number infinity rolls around a guess what older genius he has to share a room with
  • shiro
  • its shiro
  • queue found family brotherly bonding
  • keith joined the garrison bc of shiro
  • behaved because of him
  • got to the top of his class from his encouragement
  • but then
  • oh but then
  • kerberos
  • queue abandonment issues
  • once he was gone
  • pchooooo it all went downhill
  • keith got kicked out for not dealing with his feelings in a healthy way
  • he didnt need to be tossed for issues with authority he needed grief counselling
  • and then he became a desert gremlin
  • i also have half baked ideas of a secret bunker beneath that cabin where his mom and dad hid most of the wreckage that keith could eventually find if they go back to earth 

A Little Hero au where the Marvel universe characters get their starts as kids! I’ll probably do some X-Men and characters like Sam and Bucky next. Fury and Coulson too. I hope everyone likes these as much as they did Peter and Wade! Comics and fanfiction are coming from this. Im sorry.

Tony Stark- After the events of his parents death,his own kidnapping and invention of the Iron-Man armour, Tony Stark became the sole heir of Stark Industries. Immediately deciding against it and wanting to avoid anything regarding the his status as a minor, Tony now lives with on and off girlfriend Virginia Pepper Potts (18) his appointed CEO and  best friend James’ Rhodey’ Rhodes (20) his legal guardian. After the events of the Avengers Tony offered his up his tower as a residence for his new companions where the group now resides while they’re in town. Tony spends most of his time with in the lab but when not he’s mostly hanging out with Bruce, playing with little Peter and seeing how often he has to flirt with Steve before the guy figures out he isn’t joking about taking him on a date to see the Mona Lisa.

Steve Rogers- Two years out of the ice, Steve Rogers has been residing in his personal floor in Stark Towers since finding out he wasn’t old enough to own his own apartment. Between his time out and about drawing, taking a few college classes to catch up on lost time, and visiting  Peggy Carter (74) in her retirement; Steve keeps busy during missions with Natasha, catching up with his newly revived best friend Bucky and keeping Tony out of trouble and making sure he doesn’t let Peter set anything or anyone on fire. Again.

Thor Odinson- After his younger brothers realization of adoption, Thor suddenly found himself with the task of finding Loki (10) on earth and returning him home to their worried mother. Refusing to return home fully when his brother escapes grounding on Asgard after the Avengers events, Thor resides between Stark Tower and Asgard while he tries to negate his stubborn younger siblings mischief and tantrums. All while enjoying his new life on earth with his other avengers and friends. (including Jane Foster (14) and Darcy Lewis (9)) Thor has come to favor his life on earth as of late since his discovery of frozen yogurt and,being the flirt teengerdom as made him , the vast number of very beautiful new people the super hero community has to offer.

Natasha Romanoff- Five years fresh out of the Red Room, Natasha is still learning how to act outside if her life as an agent. She spends free time away from missions with Bucky,Steve, Clint,Sam and few other friends mostly in the team or acquainted with them ( Such as She-Hulk and Susan Storm). She enjoys ballet, either watching or performing when alone, and reading on her floor. Her brand of humor seems to keep her from seeming too stoic while she learns the ins and out of society as a normal teenager, but seeing as her foster father Nick Fury (37) isn’t the best option for learning the do and don’ts of being a teenage girl, she’s pretty much on her own.

Bruce Banner- As the youngest official avenger ( sadly being small for his age as well), an orphan scientific prodigy and makeshift doctor, Bruce spends most of his time meditating and studying hard core instead of socializing. After having to run off on his own, away from his brief foster dad General Ross and best friend Betty Ross (12) Bruce was only recently put back on the radar during the Avengers. Surviving for a year after his accident in ways he won’t talk about, Bruce finds himself trying to control his monstrous alter ego. He struggles with the occasional temper tantrum and finds himself in a constant state of nervousness and quiet. He;s made few friends such as Tony, who marvels his young mind and after one too many times hearing about the trouble the young boy faced with clothing after transformations, made Bruce a stretching form of underwear to wear under his clothes for just the situation. One day Bruce simply wants to be able to see his best friend again, and possibly control the other guy ( which the team seems to be doing easier after finding out Hulk has a soft spot for Natasha and Tony. Twas badass that tamed the beast?)

Clint Barton- Eager to build his name as a hero, new SHIELD agent and former circus performer Clint has taken to spending time on missions before friends, but all making time with his old friend Natasha and picking on Phil Coulson (19), newly revived agent of SHIELD. Being as social a kid as he is, Clint prefers time at the range and on missions rather than at the tower, but has made the air vents his own personal playhouse since taking over a floor with Natasha. His hobbies include archery,balancing arrows between the gap in his teeth,pissing off Tony and genital blocking every attempt to hit on Natasha she gets, not that he likes her like that or anything.

Can you do a napping with Zoro, Luffy, and Law scenario! Sorry if its a bother requested by @voidygal

A/N: I hope you like it! I didn’t really do napping ALONE, idk i had to think of something else like storywise….i hope that’s Ok… tell me what you guys think wohooo (and btw its not a bother don’t worry im very happy about requests!!!)


You never were the kind of person to just go and nap somewhere. It didn’t quite make sense to you; why waste the day to sleep, when you have the whole night to do so? You’d rather lay somewhere and watch the sea or do something productive, maybe talk to your friends but sleeping when the sun was out? Never. At least before you meet a certain someone.

That someone, a green haired someone to be honest, was the reason you caught yourself sleeping day after day in the daylight. It was not that you wanted to sleep, it was just the warmth that came from his arms or the smell that lulled you into a light sleep and before you could catch yourself, you fell asleep.

Zoro didn’t mind though. Actually, he really did like to see you sleep, it was something that calmed him down and ever since the adventures of the strawhat crew got more dangerous by day, he found himself longing for something to calm his nerves, something that could make him relax, make him feel safe. That something was you.

“Zoro…”, you whisper from the side of the room he was currently in. “Don’t you think it’s enough? You’ll hurt yourself, if you don’t stop.”

You were worried sick. A few days ago, your boyfriend had gotten into yet another fight with Sanji, but this time, he must have said something that made his ego hurt. He had been training for days straight, barely talking to you, barely talking to anyone, actually.

“No, I won’t.”, he mumbled back, not bothering to look up to you from where he was seated, lifting weights as if his life depends on it. His skin was glistening with sweat, a sight that made you gulp, but you pushed those thoughts away quickly. Angrily you walked into the room.

“Yes, you will! Why do you suddenly care about what Sanji says to you?”, you crossed your arms over your chest. Yes, Sanji was your friend and one of your crewmates, but honestly? Both of them are just completely senseless when it comes to fighting each other. “Just, I don’t know, at least take a break from whatever you’re trying to achieve.”, you added a bit more softer.

“Cant.”, he whispered back, put the weights away and looked at you. For a second you could feel him muster you, his eyes wandering from the top of your head to your toes. “I need to show him that I’m better. And stronger. And better.”

“Seriously?”, you rolled your eyes, this was just too childish. “Please come and take a break, just ten minutes.”




“Please?”, you tried again, this time trying your best to make him give in. “Let’s take a quick nap… just a tiny one.”

He hesitates, you stay silent. His gaze starts to wander, as if he’s trying to find an excuse to stay, but after a while you break the silence. “I won’t leave, if you don’t come with me.”

He stands up, sighing. He takes a towel and dries his sweat, but doesn’t care to do something else. The both of you leave the room, you smiling happily and him right behind you, groggily walking along and a slight blush on his cheeks.

The both of you enter your room, a bed in the corner just big enough for the both of you and a lot of plants all around you. Raindrops were quietly hitting against the little window, making the room look even cozier than before.
You let yourself fall down on the bed, feeling the mattress shift from the weight on the right side of you, after he lets himself down as well.

“Just a few minutes.”, he reminds, his blush turning into a deeper color and his eyes staying glued onto the ceiling. “…not more, right?”

You hum quietly and lay your head onto his chest, your arm hugging him lightly from the side. For a second he freezes, even though he’s been in this situation with you for a million times now. After a while, he relaxes and hugs you as well, pushing you closer to his side. His hand slowly starts to stroke your hair carefully, afraid to break you.

“Just a few minutes…”, he mumbles again, barely making a sound as his eyes fall closed. You snuggle closer to him, inhaling his scent and humming quietly afterwards.

You don’t really care about him being a bit sweaty, you don’t really care about the footsteps echoing around the ship as your captain runs from one room into another. The only thing you care about is his steady heartbeat, how it speeds up every time you plant a little kiss on his chest and how his rhythm seems to match yours perfectly, even after you both fall asleep. Just a few minutes turn into half an hour, half an hour turns into one hour, one hour into two…


It had been a horrible day. A very horrible day, to be honest.

You were seated somewhere on the deck, watching the waves for what felt like hours now, even though it had only been about twenty minutes since Franky had left. The sun was glaring at you from above, making everything feel just a tiny bit worse.

The day had started perfectly: the sun waking you up, a deliciously made breakfast from Sanji, a beautiful little song by brook, a cute peck on the cheek from Luffy.. everything had been perfect. But then it happened.

You were walking around, not doing much in particular when you felt the first cramp. Stopping your walk, you hissed, but ignored it anyways, deciding that it probably wasn’t something to worry about. But you were wrong. The second cramp followed shortly after, the third one right behind.

Groaning in pain you had held onto your stomach. Something was wrong. You thought for a second, could it been the food? No, Sanji would never give you something that would hurt you. It must have been something else, a virus maybe.

After a while, you decided to walk to Chopper, maybe ask him for his opinion, but a few steps later, you realized that it wouldn’t be that easy. Your stomach started to turn, your head started to spin and your feet dragged you to the side of the ship, where you emptied your stomach quickly. It was horrible.

Franky, who had been standing a few feet away from you, quickly came running to you. “Oi, Y/N! Are you alright?”

Not being able to say anything, you shook your head and decided to sit on the little chair not far away. “I’ll go and get Chopper and Luffy! Don’t go anywhere!”, and then he went off.

Even in your state, you couldn’t help but shake your head. Of course you won’t go anywhere, you are barely able to stand on two feet. Time kept passing by, and soon, minutes flew by like the birds in the sky. Hell, how hard could it be to get Chopper and Luffy? But as if they had heard your thoughts, the two of them ran towards you, Franky following close by.

“Y/N! Franky told me you were dying!”, your boyfriend yelled. He crouched down next to you, his face showing his worry for you.

“I’m not dying.”, you said, your voice hoarse from the pain. “I hope.”, you added, trying to make the situation a bit lighter, but it didn’t work. Luffy was worrying even more, his eyes staring at you deeply and you felt your heart jump.

“Let me see,” Chopper said and pushed Luffy a bit away from you. He started to ask you questions, what you ate, what you did, what you did yesterday and so on. After his questions had stopped, he nodded. “It’s nothing bad, you just need to stay in bed for a while.”

You nodded as well and tried to stand up, but lost your balance shortly afterwards. Luckily, Luffy caught you. He hugged you close, using his devilfruit skills to wrap his arms around you not just once, no, eight times.

He brought you to your room and sat you down on the bed. “Thanks.”, you mumbled.

“Do you want me to bring you some meat? Maybe this will help?”, he asks you. “Meat always makes me feel better, I’m sure it will work!”, he adds brightly and turns around, ready to leave and get the food when you grab his arm.

“No, I think I just want to sleep for a bit.”, you say and try to bring him closer to you, but instead of him coming closer, his arm just starts to get longer.

“Oh. Okay. I’ll tell Sanji to make you something delicious for later then!”, he starts to walk again, his arm stretching more and more.

“No, L-Luffy!”, you yell, your stomach turning again. “Please, can you come lay down with me?”

He looks at you curiously and confused. “Will this help make you feel better?” You nod slowly and he smiles, his huge sunshine smile. “Okay!”

The both of you lay down on the bed and yet again Luffy wraps his arms around you a million times, but you can’t complain. It feels nice to be in his arms like that.

You bury your head into his shoulder and try to concentrate on his smell, the feeling of his skin against yours and his breathing, anything but the ache still prominent in your body. After a while, you start to feel tired, your eyelids growing heavier by the second and your mind slowly drifting off into the clouded world of dreams.

You still register Luffy snuggling closer to you however, rubbing his head softly against yours like a little puppy and you smile. You think he must have been tired as well, because shortly, his breathing starts to even.

Time passes by and the last thing you hear, is him whispering something about how good you smell, almost better than meat. But just almost… and then you fall asleep.


Being a member of the heart pirates was amazing and you loved lots of things about it. You loved the bond between you and your crew mates, how you could always count on them and your captain, no matter what happened. Even though it had a lot of good aspects, it also had some bad ones.

You being completely stressed, for example.

It wasn’t your task to help all of your crew mates, it really wasn’t but also… it kind of was. You were the one they always came to with their problems and questions and honestly… it was exhausting.

On one particular day, you couldn’t bear it anymore. “How do you ask someone out?” - “Do you think I would die, if I ate only pancakes?” - “What’s the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’?” And your absolute favorite one for the day: “Y/N, is Captain a good kisser? Please don’t tell him I asked you that!”

After a few hours of you trying your best to help everyone, you decided that you needed a break. Exhausted and a bit annoyed you left the deck and went inside the submarine, a slight headache thumping evenly against your forehead.

You went for the kitchen, ready to make you a nice, warm cup of tea but decided against it. Your mood will probably affect the others trying to eat, or worse, your presence will make someone think of a weird question again, which they’re dying to ask you. So, nope. You won’t go there.

Your feet dragged you to your own room, your mood falling more and more, so much that you didn’t even realize you were walking straight past Law, who was asking you if you were alright.

You opened the door to your room and let yourself fall down on your bed, face first when you finally heard Law.

“Y/N? Are you alright?”, he asked and walked into the room. He didn’t wear his hat, which you didn’t see, because your face was buried deeply into the pillows.

“Yeah. Just exhausted.”, you tried to say, but your words got swallowed by the pillows underneath you. You sat up and repeated yourself, this time looking straight at him.

“Hm,” He sat down next to you on the bed. “Maybe you should nap for a bit. It will make you feel better.”

“Will you join me?”, you asked. He was already here with you, he might as well stay and spend some time with you.

“Do you want me to?” You nodded. “Alright then. I guess I can take a little break.”

He pushed the blanket a bit down, enough for him to get inside and let you lay down right next to him. You were laying face to face, your hand grabbing his shirt tightly and your head snuggled into the blanket.

He put his hand over yours and started to slowly stroke his thumb down your hand, making you relax instantly.

“Tell me what was bothering you.”, he said softly and even though your eyes were closed, you could feel him staring at you.

“Nothing, I wasn’t feeling well, that’s everything.”

“Don’t lie, Y/N.”

You huffed. Of courses he knew you were lying. You snuggled closer into the blanket and opened your eyes a bit.

“The crew… they were asking me so many things.. it was so, ugh, I don’t know. I was feeling weird.”, you let your eyes wander down his face, studying every little detail about him. “It wasn’t weird because of them, it was rather weird, because sometimes I didn’t knew what to answer.”

To your surprise, his lips started to curve slightly upwards. Trafalgar Law was not someone who was easy to make smile, it was very hard actually. Sure, you could say you were the best one in doing so, but still.

“You’re…”, he started and his eyes turned a bit brighter, a bit warmer, a bit… more in love. “…adorable.”

“No, I’m not.”

“Sure.”, he brought his hand to your hair and started to massage your scalp, which made you close your eyes again. A deep sigh left your lips. “What kind of questions did they ask you?”

You snorted. “Someone asked me about your kisses,” you said. “Guess who it was.”

“Bepo.” Instantly.

You laughed. “Bingo.”

You could hear him shake his head. “So, what did you tell him?”

“Told him they were horrible.” You teased and giggled right after. Of course you didn’t say that, but it was fun to tease him.

“You’re the worst.”, he mumbled and pushed you into his chest. You inhaled his scent and hummed in content. Yeah, you were definitely in love. “What did you really say?”

“I didn’t answer, it was just too weird.”, you laughed again and felt your body become more tired by the second. You just wanted to sleep.

Neither of you spoke for a while, both of you just enjoying the company. You fell asleep first, he didn’t. You didn’t know Law liked to watch you, when you sleep. To be honest, he didn’t want you to know, it was weird.

But he still did it, because it made him feel good. It made him feel safe, it made him appreciate who he was, simply because he had you with him.

When you woke up again, about two hours later, you were alone. You touched the side of the bed, where Law had been laying and felt it to be still a bit warm, so he must have left not too long ago. You were about to turn around and sleep some more, when the door to your room broke open. You screamed.

“I told you to not tell him about my question, Y/N!”


Saudade (7)

Bucky x Reader

Summary: She’s willing to do anything to keep Bucky out of harm’s way, that’s why she’s so expendable, and expendability is dangerous.

Word Count: 2k+


Warnings: swearing, angst, violence



Originally posted by cherry-midnightmoonlight

Tony didn’t expect anyone at the Avengers doorstep anytime soon. So, when an elderly woman sat in one of the empty conference rooms, it stunned him.

“You’re Howard Stark’s kid, right?” she asks as he steps inside the conference room.

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allura-of-altea  asked:

hey, this is for Minty. I'm an anti, but right now i'm contacting you as a concerned adult who has seen your type of behavior before. You don't have to stop shipping sheith, I think it's toxic but honestly my main concern is real life minors like yourself. Right now it seems like the people around you are grooming you into thinking adult/teen relationships are ok so long as the teen is 'mature' enough. i've seen you say that you're 'practically an adult' which is concerning

i’m reaching out because I really want to help you. I know these messages will probably be ignored/brushed off but I have to try. I’m not saying that your fellow shaladin shippers are pedophiles, or anything of the sort, they probably don’t even realize what they’re doing. I’ve seen this happen before, telling a teen that they’re mature for their age, that they’re practically an adult is so normalized especially in fandom where adults/teens interact a lot.

but that doesn’t mean what they’re saying isn’t harming you. That doesn’t mean some other won’t predator will take advantage. you’re in a situation that’s very dangerous right now, and you should leave it. Continue to ship what you want but cut yourself off from anyone who tries to convince you you’re basically an adult. reach out to adults outside of fandom and let them know what’s being said to you. this is so important. I hope you at least think about what i’m saying.

I became an anti not because I am a minor or a CSA survivor but because i’ve seen fandom used to groom teens into entering unhealthy relationships with adults. My concern isn’t the fictional characters in adult/teen relationships but rather the minors in the fandom like yourself who i’ve SEEN get abused. I don’t care what you’ve said or done, you don’t deserve that no one deserves that. At the very least you should think critically about why someone would try to convince you you’re an adult.

there’s nothing else I can say other than I truly hope you seek out an adult outside of fandom to help you through this. and I hope you realize that the way this fandom portrays sheith and other adult/teen relationships isn’t how they are in real life. They aren’t happy and healthy, they’re abusive. It’s not worth the risk. whatever you decide, I hope you don’t get hurt.

ok ma’am. i’m going to start this off simply. there’s no need for help.

now, from your first paragraph with that “practically an adult”, when did i ever say that.

i’m going to teach you something: there’s no fun in being an adult.

what? you’re gonna get to drink and drive? then pay bills, taxes for bombs, having to see money go by. probably struggle some times. maybe get a shitty job here or there.

ma’am, i’m not rushing to be an adult. ive stated that being a teenager is to get ready to be an adult. there’s still many things i have to learn and experience and i know that. you shouldn’t be concerned if you haven’t read what ive said correctly

this fandom isn’t “grooming” me into thinking this or that. i know when im ready to have a relationship with anyone. it’s under my control. i know if the relationship is toxic, bounce the fuck out.

this fandom, is a fandom. it’s not a lifestyle, it’s a place where i can jump in with some friends and share tasty art and fics. nothing is damaging me because at the end of the day, it’s a fictional show for a fandom. so away with that.

“im not saying you or your shaladin shippers are pedophiles but they probably dont know what they’re doing.” no, they know what they’re doing. they’re shipping two characters together. end of story. its a character in fandom space, we can change ages, we can change stories for the fun of it. (aging up, au’s.) there’s no morals being tugged. just do whatever you want. if someone is uncomfortable, tag and tell em about blacklisting. blacklisting is the way to go most of the time.

now to the third one, i don’t think you understand how much i know. is it because i’m 15? look, i said this before, im a social junkie. ive seen toxic relationships no matter what age. no one is grooming me, im choosing what i want to see. not that hard to understand. just like how you might enjoy the popular ship k/ance, you would like to see it. (which has a mass amount of nsfw for it being underage kids but lets not talk about that ;) )

“i’ve seen fandoms groom kids into unhealthy relationships with adults.” three words: manipulation, fandom moms. when someone says “hey i like this too!”, you’re obviously going to strike up a conversation with them, correct? this is simply how they get minors with them. “that cool dude likes the same content as i do? awesome!” then they interact more and have that bond like any other normal person.

it just gets concerning when they start suggesting weird things to do. (start up discourse, ask for any nsfw content, etc.) 

look, thats the least of my problems, i can detect bullshit from a mile away, you got nothing to worry about my friend.

“there’s nothing i can say except i hope you contact an adult outside of the fandom.” wym, i see my mom everyday, she’s my ride or die. lmao wouldn’t me contacting and adult outside of the fandom backtrack what you said about adults in general? 

to wrap this up, i dont think you got the answers you wanted. what you probably wanted was a “omg im so sorry, ill listen to you ok!” which won’t leave my fingertips anytime soon. yallah my dude.

Why I only act like a fangirl for GOT7

-They’re not just GOT7. They’re VISUAL7, TALENTED7, AEGYO7, LIT7, FUCKITUPPP7, EVERYTHINGAMAZING7 -But no really do y'all pay attention to their looks?? -NONE OF THEM LOOK BAD EVER. NOT EVEN STOP STOP IT ERA THEM -BamBam is a dank meme -But JB is too -And Mark lowkey -Don’t forget Yugyeom -Actually let’s just say they all are -The Naruto run in that one interview -Mark, Jackson and JB fly and twirl in the sexiest ways -OKAY BUT HAVE YOU EVER PAID ATTENTION TO THE MUSIC THEY LISTEN TO IN THE BACKGROUND OR THE STUFF YUGYEOM DANCES TO?? THEY LISTEN TO DRAKE AND JEFF BERNAT AND BRYSON TILLER LIKE I CANNOT EVEN 😩 -Yugyeom makes every stage he comes on pregnant -Like honestly, yes his sexy dance is sexy af no lie, but do y'all see how this guy never missed a beat? He catches EVERY BEAT IN THE SONG LIKE HIS DANCE ABILITY IS RIDICULOUS -But let me not leave out Jinyoung and JB’s skills because dayum have you seen their moves? -And Jackson’s -And Mark’s -And Youngjae’s -They all dance so well it hurts like I live for the choreography and their songs. I want to learn to dance to them all -All of their smiles. Because I feel the sun shine brighter when they smile. Like each one has their own unique smile and all of them are beautiful -BamBam pre glo and after glo. Both are just perfect -Jackson’s fucking powerful ass freestyles. Like he’s goofy af but he’s really got the moves. Go Wang Puppy -Mark can fly -Mark is the visual out of a group of visuals -Mark’s hairstyles -Mark’s dancing. Really guys, who the hell said he was the weakest? Cause in every dance video, my eyes somehow get drawn to Mark at some point and I have to rewind because he drew me in with his dancing -Like before I noticed Mark, I noticed Mark’s dancing -“Who’s the red head with the moves? 👀” -His personality shows in his moves. They’re fluid and easy going and it looks so easy to follow his moves. Until you actually try to -Then you realize these guys work hard af and Mark has the moves -Jackson with his hair down -He’s literally a puppy. I mean a giant puppy for real -But then again they all kinda are -Except for Jinyoung -He reminds me of a kitten -And Yugyeom reminds me of a Golden Retriever sometimes and then a mouse the other -Cause Tom&Jerry -Jinyoung’s dorky laugh -Jackson’s high pitched laugh -The fact that when Mark laughs, it sounds like he’s a child at a park having the most amazing time on the merry go round -It’s so giddy and precious and makes him so innocent -HIT THE STAGE YUGYEOM -The migratory bird’s laugh -BamBam’s breathless laugh -JB’s geek laugh -Youngjae laughs like a child being chased by the tickle monster -Yet another person who laughs like a kid having the time of his life -The fact that Youngjae is sunshine otter -The fact that no one can ever really rank members without feeling somewhat discontent because they’re all so good at everything like -The rap line sings really well. Jackson is the most confident which shows in his voice. BamBam comes in second with that because he prefers to sing off key purposely to be the meme he is. And then Mark is just a shy bean. It’s so cute and I know you’re busy squealing at his cuteness and laughing till it hurts at BamBam, but really listen to them -Cause Mark and BamBam have the fucking vocals -While we’re on the subject of vocals, JB’s voice is so strong and soulful -Like you can tell that man listens to Musiq Soulchild because his voice carries alot of R&B traits -Youngjae made me think of Elliot Yamin the first time I heard his voice and then I find out he likes Elliot Yamin -Not saying they sound like them, but the music you listen to impacts how your voice sounds. And they both have very strong emotional R&B type voices -Lemme not leave Jinyoung out though -I can’t really pinpoint a single genre for Jinyoung’s voice. -But his voice has alot of emotion and soul -It’s soooo underrated -Like have y'all heard his voice in Mr. Chu’s chorus? Or in the Japanese version of Stay? Or in This Star?? -Which he wrote -Speaking of which, they write alot of their songs -And they’re hits -All over the world -Jinyoung and Yugyeom’s choreography skills -Jinyoung’s acting -JB’s acting - I love both but like… Jinyoung really gives me fucking chills -The fact that they took one of their self made memes and made it into a lit ass song -Youngjae’s engrish -Youngjae period -The fact that so many people claim Youngjae is a weak dancer, when I can’t seem to find this weak dancer -Like he can move forreal. He’s shy about it but he can. He’s weak with freestyle and that’s cause he’s shy. But weak dancer? Where?? Je n'ai comprend pas -Jinyoung’s facial expressions -Mark’s facial expressions -Both really speak well with their faces -Like Mark can just give a look and you just know what he has to say without him saying it -BamBam’s cooking skills -Markson being bilingual on Star King -Like they remind me of two mischievous brothers. I can’t ship them as anything but brothers honestly -Like they make me think of a cooler Zack and Cody -Mark is calm quiet -Jackson is loud and rowdy -They’re like Yin Yang actually -Mark is calm and quiet but he has hyper and loud within him as well -And Jackson is the opposite -But back to the brothers thing. They’re like two smart ass twins who cause good natured trouble -A little like Hikaru and Karou from OHSHC -Dream High 2. -Dream Knight -“A” Teasers -Their reactions to all 3 -Their reaction to Jackson’s YouTube video on Weekly Idol -The fact that when Mark gets shy or overwhelmed, he unconsciously clings to or hides behind something -Or someone -Someone like the giant Maknae -They have a giant maknae -Jackson on Roomate -When Jackson’s parents came on Christmas -Y'all I’m not an easy crier. But I was bawling -Because Jackson, despite how popular and rowdy and everywhere he is -He’s still this amazing kid who loves to be in mommy’s arms -He loves his parents so much -The way he lights up with them -I saw a clip where he was in between both his parents -He couldn’t keep the smile off his face -Even when he wasn’t smiling you felt the light and smile radiating from him -Speaking of smiles… Jackson has bunny teeth -It’s so precious -Mark has shark teeth -I have a thing for guys with pretty eyes and pretty smiles so when Mark and Jackson smile… Jesus -JB’s eyes. They’re extremely cute. Especially when he’s in puppy mode (Puppy mode=Hair down and in it’s natural state) -The fact that BamBam puts on makeup, but then takes it off and looks the exact same -Except tanner. Which isn’t bad at all because his skin tone looks amazing on him -BamBam’s legs -Yugyeom’s legs -Mark’s butt and legs -Jackson’s thighs -The fact that Jinyoung is a tease with the clothes he wears showing he does in fact have this bomb ass body but never taking off his clothes and showing us said body -But that’s okay because these boys don’t need to strip to bring appeal to them. We die when they just breathe -The fact that this could go on forever because they’re really amazing and everything. -I’ll state a few more and then go to sleep cause it’s 4am and bitch I’m dying -Flight Log. All three. Beautiful. -The guitar playing in Flight Log: Departure ( DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE I CAN LISTEN TO A FULL COVER CAUSE I REALLY HAVE A THING FOR ACOUSTIC GUITAR AND PIANO) -Youngjae’s trance when he plays piano -Yugyeom’s trance when he dances -JB and Jinyoung’s trance when they sing -Mark’s trance period -They love what they do so much that it makes me happy to understand how much they love it -The aura when Yugyeom is being a lil shit and goofing off around his hyungs vs. His aura when he’s performing his dance moves -Like Hit The Stage had me shook. His whole aura changed. Maknae my ass. He became daddy -The fact that I can say alot about GOT7 without sounding too creepy or too mature because I was born in 1999 -Youngjae’s shyness -Everytime they’re on Weekly Idol -Everytime they’re on a variety show period -Law Of The Jungle -Mark’s Hyper Time -IGOT7 -REAL GOT7 -Just right summer -Youngjae is a visual -GOT7 dissing 2PM -Their reaction when a member of 2PM came out while they were dissing them -Like they all screamed and ran to the other side of the studio like toddlers. So precious -The fact that within the first 5 minutes of IGOT7 episode one, BamBam had us swooning by moving to shyly stand in the corner cause he was overwhelmed by all the cameras -Signal to their pastselves -“ANDWEE?!! ANDWEEEE!!” *Voice cracks* -“This is 2015.” “ It’s 2016.” 0.0… “They said it’s 2016.” -Jackson going off on himself in 3 different languages -“Do you even understand what I’m saying right now?? STUDY KOREAN.” -“RAMEYOOOOON (Furious)” -“ NEVER ACT CUTE” -“Here…. It is 2016. And you are… a really boring life. Do something. Whatever… *Smiles pitifully*” -“Better just not make a comeback period.” -DON’T FALL ASLEEP IN THE HAIR SALON -Jinyoung is an little devil -“Did you hear that? He said he’s going to kill me.” -Jackson’s heart -Mark tried to save a fan from a falling light fixture -The fact that Mark is an idol but is so humble and down to earth -“Don’t just walk off. Make sure the cameras see you too.” -Mark, who cares not for appearing on broadcast, but on being a helpful silent hardworking child. Bless him -Idol life never changed any of them. They’re all humble great boys. -“Hyung! Do you believe in me?!” “YES!” “…BUT I WOULD LIKE TO APPEAR ON BROADCAST!” -“BABYBABYBABYBABY-BABYBABY!” -Follow Me -Yugyeom and BamBam are fanboys -They’re the best of friends -It’s beautiful to watch how close they are -All of them really -No one is left out -They are the definition of “Ohana means family and family means ‘No one gets left behind’” -Stan them and everything about them -Because these 7 dorks… The way they are. The things they do. They not only entertain you, but they make you wanna be great too. It’s amazing really -They are

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okay, so i’m borderline cross with this whole ordeal so here’s my take on it


this “jeonlous mouth thing” have been around for sometime now and i dont honestly get the negative feedback people are starting to impose on its name these days ????? 

shipping in general, as much as it leaves so much of a bad taste in our mouths and as much as i hate to admit it myself, is run by the delusional (read: responsible for delusion) cogs in our minds, lubricated by the teeny-tiniest details of the pairing’s words, actions, quirks and personalities to fulfill our wild desires to prove “TRUST ME, THEY’RE BANGING EACH OTHER ” and to act as supporting evidences to back-up this “constructed reality” of what we want them to be.

the thing with jikook // koomin otp, as most other kpop pairings are, is that they’re members of the same group or band or whatever you want to classify BTS as. one way or another, they’re bound to have a relationship, may it be purely for their careers (a business relationship, as described by SHINee’s Jonghyun in one of their Happy Together guestings) or an established platonic one, heightened by the difficulties they’ve dealt with and the feats they’ve achieved as a group. 

from this, we can branch out to a ton of “stuff” for a lack of better word, and i can only discuss (read: rant) so much


bts members are friends more than co-workers and we are very much aware of that, as opposed to those groups with their contracts sufficing as the adhesive to weave each other together (c’mon, this is not a shade). i dont know about you but in a squad (a group of friends rather, if you don’t like seeing that word), it’s most probably mapped out that as humans, we’ll be drawn particularly to one of them; hence, the best friend phenomenon. 

so…are they best friends? well, there’s still taehyung in the equation and there’s no way we can dismiss him like that. (side remark here: the three of them can just be each other’s best friends, you know? im aware that this is an actual, real life thing that happens to other people…but i’ve been in that circumstance and it’ll be hard juggling your attention and love equally that it’s more deteriorating than beneficial to all ends) now, taking into consideration how much emphasis the whole korean culture put into respect and age, the maknae line just transcends through all that , BUT

1. jimin and taehyung are close (even regarding each other as soulmates in one of their recent fanmeetings) esp because of the fact that they’re of the same age, meaning, the level of comfort with each other is as much as korean society expects them to have. they’re not just “comfortable” brothers more than chingus though, they’re that comfortable with each other it’s beyond classifications (like there are classifications, but you get the point).

2. maknaes are very much endeared in the whole korean “age-and-respect-and-authority-and-hierarchy” landscape (can it even be called that?). jimin has shown how much he cherishes jungkook even tracing back to their predebut days up until now, successfully fulfilling the role of hyungs in korean standard whose role among many others is to take care of those younger than they are. other members also treat jungkook fairly similar or sometimes even topping jimin’s treatment to the maknae aka taehyung, whose life source is probably skinship + aegyo with other members (we’ll get to that) and the whole reason im confused who’s whose when it comes to this best friend thing 

3. still in the korean view of age, you address those older than you with respect by how? c’mon, we’re all nuts about kpop how must we not know? there’s oppa, unnie, hyung and noona (this addressing thing is more of an asian thing than mere korean, really). now, here’s the catch: jungkook calls jimin hyung borderline merely (read: close to the bare minimum). a mere slip-up? a moment of the perfect mask idols need to sport, carelessly put aside? more than anything, it just fuels the fire in this situation. jungkook addresses his other hyungs with the names they need to be called, even taehyung he’s very close with. and this just show that jungkook considers jimin a chingu, one he can comfortably act towards, (just like jimin and taehyung’s relationship, being the actual chingus here) despite the apparent age difference.

i dont know if i’ve gotten to anything at this point, but i’m lenient to the concept of jimin and jungkook being the best friends which explains most of the things they do together which leads us to:


skinship between friends, more specifically friends belonging to the same sex (gender’s a bit more complicated concept, you guys), is the most normal thing in korea. they probably are most expressive with each other to the point that it baffles foreign onlookers, a good example of which are the int’l fans.

remember what i said about taehyung? all males in korea are practically like him, even stemming from young age, being touchy-feely here and there with, ever wondered why apparently jikook is not a huge, blown out of proportion ship in korea as opposed to its stance in the international fanbase? yup, that’s because for koreans, seeing jimin and jungkook’s interaction with each other is like seeing the average same sex chingus walking downtown or their buddies at school as they do everyday. holding hands, feeling each other up, sitting on laps, pecks on the cheek (less observed), and even touching thighs, crossing the boundaries of what foreigners would deem appropriate, is common and normal (have i made my point about this issue yet? i’ve become a broken record,my goodness).basically, there is no such thing as personal space in korean culture of friends; thus, skinship is prevalent.

a very much related issue to that is korea’s view on homosexuality. no matter how peppered with the stereotypical gay (not meant to be taken offensively, guys im also a queer folk hi) interactions and copious displays of affection korea is, homophobia is still present. it’s too ridiculous that it’s become funny. you can tell me how korea has become liberated and all that shit but the thing is, they’re not. korea is just downright a conservative country (is this an offense too? oh god). korea is still anchored to the concept that people are only and only and only limited to a man-loving woman and woman-loving man. topmost reason why idols cannot come out and identify as different from the two because to deviate from the norm is supposedly throwing away tradition and rude and can spite everyone around them that they’ll lose their job.

i dont know where im going but i still am in check of what im talking about. bottomline of this exhibit is holding onto the contradicting persona of korea, jikook is all but nothing more (this is proper grammar, you guys) than a thing of delusion.


kpop idols love to treat their fans and bts is not a loser in the game. they give back quite warmly to the fans. they deem armys highly because, nonverbatim, bts is nothing without their fans. fans are the reason among others (to dismiss their hardwork is plain rude) why they’ve made it this big. so they’ve got fanservice in store for us, the majestic element of them all, leaving us in a baffled rut whether or not our otp’s interaction are candid or sheer fanservice. THEY ALL KNOW THAT THEY’RE PAIRED WITH EACH OTHER. a gift for the fans? publicity stunts to gain the favor of their audience? whatever meaning fanservices hold in the hearts of our dear bts members, it just ups the notch of the level of our delusion when it comes to our ships 

(it’s heartbreaking, i know. i didn’t even want to write this part out. if you can just sense my unwillingness to write on the matter ㅠㅠ)


let’s go back to what actually irked me and cross me so much that it driven me nuts to the point that i actually spend my time writing this long ass rant. 

“jeonlous” = a jealous jeon jungkook

now, this has gathered a negative connotation primarily but is not limited to two things:

a. “this jeonlous thing manifests a relationship with an abusive undertone” (okay, so i constructed that sentence to make their claims much more rational than it fucking is)

b. it does not make sense for jungkook (and even jimin) to get jealous of other members/fans/other people not them in general

firstly, what does it mean to be JEALOUS (can you see my eyes rolling?)

in the evolutionary, biological scale, is the exhibited response to the threats to the relationship they are in because monogamy that’s why (a reality that’s manifested almost throughout all the animal kingdom) 

in psychology, is the complex emotion that’s not just about anger, abandonment, fear or sadness; it’s the simmer that’s aroused when a valued relationship is somehow not in its standard state and there is raw desire to regain the affection and/or attention. it’s even described as “a necessary emotion because it preserves social bonds. it motivates people to engage in behaviors that maintain an important relationship.” a clinical psychologist characterizes jealousy as something we don’t have much control over, and that it is a natural, instinctive emotion that everyone experiences at one point in their lives. 

it just follows that when jealousy is at hand, people tend to do things that has become seemingly second nature tics to them. now, this is a good reason to back up the jeonlous mouth/tongue thing, how much of a mere coincidence it may be. jealousy is not bound to romantic tones; it can encompass siblings fighting for their parents’ attention or even in friendships. so that’s a yes, yup, jungkook can get jealous of other members because he has that valued relationship (refer to exhibit a) with jimin and there will be a lingering longing in him for jimin to get back at being jimin again (read: showing him affection and attention; emphasis on him) 

don’t get me started at this abusive, emotionally manipulative relationship issue here because it’s just absurd and this rant will be longer than my lifespan i dont even know anymore (ok but the insecurity that is woven in the ambiguity of jealousy may also be responsible in driving someone to emotionally manipulate his partner to the point of abuse BUT JK JUST WANTS JIMIN’S ATTENTION BACK SO WHAT’S ABUSIVE HERE calling this whole ordeal abusive is too much of a stretch like really? really? y’all are actually taking this into consideration? really?)

(okay this rant had high hopes in presenting evidences to support my claims but i havent slept a wink yet and im also half angry ????)

the thing is, as much as we’re delusional in shipping jikook, y’all are just delusional claiming that the fucking quirk jungkook exhibits is abusive WHAT DO WE EVEN KNOW ABOUT WHAT THEIR ACTUAL STATUS IS IN THE FIRST PLACE goodbye y’all im just im–ugh this is so dumb

you wanna know the catch about this jeonlous thing that gets me every single time? IT’S THAT IT’S FUCKING CUTE. AND I’M SHIPPING THEM TO MY PLEASURE THAT IT GIVES ME JOY TO SEE THESE MOMENTS WHICH GIVES ME LITTLE SPARKS OF HOPE THAT MAYBE THEY’RE MORE THAN FRIENDS YEAH I KNOW IM DELUSIONAL BUT MOSTLY BECAUSE IT’S CUTE and that’s good enough reason for me to fawn over their “supposed” romance 

y’all are hypocrites enjoying the jeonlous thing one second then next second, condemning it after reading a post and riding the mainstream. Y’ALL NEED TO SIT THE FUCK DOWN (also reevaluate the hypocrisy but oh well)

why k/urotsukki is bad, without hating on the actual ship

i feel like this shit is long overdue, as the fandom seems to have not noticed what’s wrong with the portrayal of krtsk and frankly im sick and tired of seeing the same terrible thing in tags. so, without bashing the characters or the actual idea of the pairing itself, i’m about to list the issues of the godawful fanon kurotsukki and why it needs to stop like immediately. i mean there’s been three seasons ffs, with actual interactions between the characters. there’s no excuses now for how terrible it is. 

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Upside Down (part 4)

Intro: I kinda wanted to pull them apart before I put them together, so the next two chapters are focused on that.  Love is hard.  And running away from feelings is sometimes easier than facing them.  

Pairing: Scotty x reader (and best friend!Jim Kirk)

Word Count:  1,616

Warnings: totally 100% fake engineering everything, (I was too lazy to actually come up with proper terms so I just made up words), eventual injury, swears.

Summary: The starting point for this fic was Scotty x reader who loves engineering as much as he does.  So that’s where I went with this fic.  You are second-in-command engineer and Scotty one day ends up being in charge, much to your chagrin.  You butt heads.  Scotty gets hurt.  Feelings get hurt (mostly my own).  Welcome to my trashcan.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5


“You look like crap.” A voice naggled at you, rousing you from your sleep, but you didn’t open your eyes or lift your head, assuming it was Jim coming to say hi. 

That was until a set of fingers tightened on yours, making your eyes fly open and your head pop up. 

“Scotty?” You breathed, squinting in the bright lights of the room to see Scotty with his head propped up and his eyes open, a small smile on his mouth. 

“Have you eaten anything recently, lass, you look worn down to the bone.” Scotty worried, his hand releasing yours to brush across your cheek softly, making your breath catch and tears prick at your eyes. 

“You can’t say much, you don’t look so good yourself.” You joked with a watery laugh. 

Scotty dropped his hand back to the bed, this time not touching yours.  He furrowed his brow as he looked at you, “Shouldn’t you be running our ship?" 

You huffed a laugh, feeling a warmth in your chest when he called it ‘our’ ship as he usually referred to it as 'his’ ship. 

"Yeah, well my shift doesn’t start until…” You checked your watch, your shift started 20 minutes ago, “now, but I left Riley in charge.”

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LL trans-headcanon fics

a masterpost no1 asked for but probably wanted (these r all the ones ive read, im 150% sure there r more fics. i didnt include trans female smut bc there is a LOT, u guys)

Perfection / nozoeli / nervous about her apearance, eli is staring at her reflection in a dark shop window + nozomi reassures her she is perfect

Transgender Dysphoria Blues / platonic elirin / two trans girls reassuring each other that they r perfect human beings

Elijah / nozoeli / an ongoing multi-chapter fic where Eli(Elijah) comes out to Nozomi that he is a trans guy right after she confesses to him. Elijah goes through a lot of gender dysphoria, especially since he hasnt come out to anyone else yet, and nozomi is learning about what to say or do

Gifts, Snuggles and Memories / makirinpana / rin is a trans girl and pana is nb, they come together to figure out the perfect birthday gift for their girlfriend maki

How did she do this / nicomaki / nico is dealing with body dysphoria and maki is there to listen

The trouble which binds us / a multi-ship/chapter fic set post-canon. not much has happened yet but Maki has said she wanted to quit being an idol. the author has said they will rewrite their chapters before updating, so lets wait patiently and let them work on it at their own pace

it’s a sure thing / rinmaki / a multichapter fic, not necessarily based on them being trans, but its got Them Headcanons we all Love.
maki(nb) asks rin(transguy) directions to a ramen shop where theyre gonna meet up with their girlfriend nico. rin exclaims he works there and they walk togehter

Nini saves the day! / kotorin / a age regression fic where rin is a demiboy that suffers from PTSD and kotori is there to take care of him

Oh, Love & Peace! / rinpana / a multichapter fic about rin growing up as a trans girl. She has support from her family and hanayo since primary school. (Kinda reminds me of Hourou Musuko tbh)

My Weird Little Family / lily white siblings / after umi was kicked out after coming out as genderfluid and rin getting too overwhelmed by her parents guilt trips about trying their best to be supportive of their trans daughter, nozomi adopts them as her siblings.

Two Birds / uminico / although the author hasnt stated that its trans umi, they said its up to the reader to interpret it however and rly its just how i interpreted it
Umi argued about revealing outfits with kotori and honoka, nico steps in to help umi out

Bind Your Secrets Up Inside / nozoeli / eli wants to come out to nozomi that she’s nb. However, nozomi figures it out before her (classic nozomi)

Love Live! Sunshine!!

Why am I here? / yohariko / content warning for brief mentions of self harm, transphobia and teen pregnancy
yohane is a trans girl that finds a home in Aqours where everyone is accepting. She ends up running away from her parents to live with Yo(nb) and confesses to Riko. other gender hc in this fic: kanan is a trans guy and dia is nb

Lovin’ Captain Yousoro! (NSFW) / diayou / transguy Yo and nb Dia do the dingaling. very vanilla.

Another kind of hunger (NSFW) / diayou / multichapter fic where Dia wants to take their relationship to move a little faster but still respecting Yo’s wishes to move slow(its not stated but im assuming due to gender dysphoria ?) However, Yo makes the first move. They are both awkward nerds

Trans Riko and Genderfluid Yo / youriko / this is a series of various fics of trans guy riko and genderfluid you


these r all the ones i know, if u know any that isnt stated hmu so i can add it

• studying abroad

@trashyemonerd requested: I sent a request like 24 hours ago but I wanna send one again. Can you please write a Kj imagine where Kj will be staying out of NZ for months to film Riverdale and his career like blows up so he’s doing tons of projects and decides to stay in the US. And the reader, his gf, is left in NZ to study but then surprises Kj that she’ll study in a Uni near him? Omg. Im getting the feels from this haha bc Im having a uni interview tomorrow. Ahh ty

A/N: This is rather late, I apologize for that but I hope you did a good job on your university interview. I hope I did an alright job as I’ve never really been anywhere outside of the U.S but I’d love to travel and visit other places, especially Italy or Japan. I did do a little research on universities in NZ and the States / Canada so there we go. You, the reader are from Massey University (NZ) to U/N which is University Name since I’ll let you decide where you want to go to school as originally I was going to have you in VSAA (Vancouver School of Arts & Academics) but decided to change and let you do the picking. I decided to change up the parents a little so please don’t hate me, just change it to ‘dad’ or something if you don’t like having two moms. I’m trying to be more diverse with my writing and if you forgot, YN/N is your nickname. This does mention the whole KJ liking a comment that is fat shaming people which really has been blown up and I really don’t mean to offend anyone out there by mentioning it. Also this turned out rather long by accident, oops. Posted from my library near my apartment so yeah. . Ships are closed for the time being and requests are open unless stated otherwise by me!


Originally posted by mdblanchard

                                Relationship(s): KJ Apa & Reader 

You remember when you had to say goodbye to KJ when he was picked to play Archie Andrews for the new show called Riverdale, it was a big chance for him and you wanted to be supportive. Even if that meant you would be stuck in New Zealand while he was going to the States and Canada as you never have had left your home country. You were still studying at the Massey University in Wellington before and after he left. It was okay for the first few months while you stayed and watched Riverdale which was surprisingly becoming one of your favorite shows, totally not being biased or maybe you were a little. But it did make you miss him a little more than you thought even texting and skyping was a difficult due to the wacky time zones and KJ’s schedule not being in his favor. You decided to do probably the biggest choice you’d make in your life, well one of them anyway and you decided to ask your parents about it.

“Well what do you think? I promise to stay in school and not be like that crazy college kid who just drinks and parties. Plus I’ve gotten such good grades during my first year at the university.” You say with pleading eyes to your parents who kept looking either you, each other, or your little PowerPoint you even made for extra brownie points. It was happening so fast for your parents that you wanted to go out of the country, let alone study aboard in a different country. Even though your parents did house some foreign exchange students while you were in high school. Eventually they agreed as long as the school board was okay with transferring your existing credits to the school you already picked out, U/N. Which so far has worked out smoothly as you stopped to see your parents whom came with you at the airport as you moved the strap of your carry on bag to hug them more comfortably.

“Remember we expect you to call when arrive safely, okay Y/N?” Your birth mother says with a serious facial expression on her face, “I don’t want anything bad to happen to you.” She says as she gave you a hug before went to hug your stepmom whom was very excited to see you go study aboard since she did it herself when she was younger.

“Be good okay? Remember I packed a camera in your bag so be sure to send plenty of pictures, I can’t wait to see your adventures out there. Oh! Don’t forget to say hello for us when you see KJ.” She says as she presses a kiss on your forehead while you nod before waving goodbye to them as your plane was calling your passengers.

 { time skip due to long and boring flight across the pacific ocean . }

You remember telling KJ that you were just visiting but you didn’t quite tell him that were actually studying abroad as you looked around being noticing a familiar face that you missed so much. He seemed to have noticed as well while you both ran up to hug each other after it seemed like forever. You let out a squeak as he picked up you just a little before you let go. He didn’t look much different well, excluding his hair that was still in that noticeable Archie Andrews auburn ginger. “Gosh, it feels weird not being New Zealand anymore. But I miss you, you big goof.” You say as you nudge him in the forearm before walking along side to get a move on with the crowds of people in airport, not noticing that cameras were on you.

“I miss you too, YN/N. It’s been crazy since Riverdale really took off on CW, I didn’t expect it to suddenly give me such big projects or popularity. Or the scandal that’s going that I’m sure you’ve heard of me liking a comment that was very inappropriate and shame on my part. I guess people are hating me but like you said Y/N. ‘You can’t expect everyone to love you, some will hate you and try to bring you down’ right?” He says while absently rubbing the back of his neck, “And you know, I haven’t mentioned you yet to the public because I’m scared that they’ll start turning to you and spread all sorts of mean things.” KJ mutters as you gave him a one armed hug while you remember that before picking up your suitcases from baggage claim. The former burnet furrows his eyebrows at your bags in confusion, “I thought you would pack less for what you said you were coming here for.”

You brought up a mischievous grin on your face, “That’s because I wanted to surprise you. I’m going to start studying at U/N now so we’ll have a more time together with your crazy schedule, plus New Zealand isn’t the same without you.” You say as you start chuckling at KJ’s shocked face and you elbowed him once more, “You look like some gaping bird waiting for a worm. Oh and my moms say hello. I need to call them soon to let them know I arrived safe.” You snicker as the other just shook his head at you while you followed him.

“You are full of one too many surprises YN/N for your own good you know?”

anonymous asked:

Ok im like a bit lost when ever people call FinnPoe the cute safe ship? Like did we not watch the same movie? Cuz the one I saw had Poe go through the same force torture bullshit that Rey did with out having the force to psychologically fuck with Kylo like Rey did. And Finn was with the First Order for years being stripped of a identity and who knows what else. Plus no doubt Poe has been through alot of shit being with the resistance for so long. Why do people think he and Finn pt.1

have less emotional baggage than Rey and Kylo Ren? That they wouldn’t suffer the emotional reprocussions of that. I’ve seen a few people point Finn would but like no one points out Poe would too? What am I missing here? Is it cuz those two got away from the first order early in the movie while Reys torture was later in movie? Is it cuz Finn and Poe don’t seem angsty enough for the fandom?pt.2

`For Poe it may be partly be for the reasons you stated, and the fact that the movie didn’t delve into his trauma the way it did with Finn and Rey. I don’t think that fully explains it, though, because while we might not have had many introspective scenes with Poe his pain is all there in the script and in Oscar Isaac’s amazing acting. We see Poe conflicted to leave the village even though he sort of has to go save the galaxy, we see him stay behind to fight despite hopeless odds, we see him so desperate to save Lor San Tekka that he breaks his cover, we see him scream “No, no!” when Kylo Ren gives the order to slaughter the village, we see him beaten bloody, we see him scream in pain and terror under torture, we see him dazed and in pain in the aftermath, we see the wounds he still bears from torture while he leads heroic air raids time after time and… wow. Thinking about what Poe went through always makes me a little emotional.

The point being, we have watched Poe suffer from the very start of the film and saw the physical wounds right up to the end, There is absolutely no reason for anyone to dismiss the mental and emotional effects on him–none, except a serious gap in empathy between him and other characters. As you point out we see this gap with Finn, too, despite the fact that we watched him be traumatized on literally his first appearance and continually afterward.

Finn’s pain is often dismissed and minimized because he’s strong and good enough to handle it or whatever, even though some of the best and strongest people suffer trauma. As for Poe, the idea of him having an internal life doesn’t seem to register on some fans’ radars at all. In both cases their pain is often waved away under the guise of admiring their strength, burying their very real trauma and emotional baggage.

Not only are Finn and Poe both complex characters who have suffered so much, their relationship itself could be as fraught as it is loving. In addition to their individual baggage, I think a lot about the fact that Finn was right next to Slip when Slip fell to Poe’s blaster. It could just as easily have been Finn who was shot. I wonder if that adds to Poe’s many nightmares, and if he wakes up in a cold sweat grabbing for the man he loves, to make sure he’s alive and not… I wonder if Finn has to soothe Poe through the terror to assure him that yes, it is another man, not Finn, who bled out on the desert sands of a distant planet.

I wonder if they have to grapple with the fact that Poe’s actions defending the village left indelible trauma on Finn, and yet Poe was very much justified and would have been right to kill Finn at the village, yet is so very glad he did not. Do they marvel at how fragile chance and love can be? Do they cling the harder to what they have because of the irony of it all, that they met as enemies on a battlefield where either of them could have killed the other (according to the novelization Poe thought Finn was his executioner, and that was my impression as well), yet beyond all odds they are here, breathing in each others’ lives, holding each other close despite the thorns?

But sure Stormpilot is the cute safe ship. I mean, of course they can be, fluff can be all the more precious precisely because there’s so much potential between these two for pain. But to think Stormpilot can only be cute and fluffy? Ha. As if.

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you have this one HC where neil and andrew are playing against kevins team and then kiss to piss kevin called them "powercouple of exy" now imagine: kevin & thea vs neil & andrew; media completely freaking out about who the actual powercouple of exy is

ahh okay i love this! here is some of the reactions to the Exy Powercouple™ Rivalry for andreil v muldayni (idk if kevin/thea have a ship name but i love muldayni so im going with it)(i referenced exy powercouples here)

  • so i would like to imagine that both the exy specialists/commentators and the exy fandom are super split on who they actual powercouple of exy is
  • at this point kevin and thea are on the same team and andrew and neil are on the same team
  • after neil and andrew are out (they never really hid their relationship but the media was able to put the clues together after they joined the same team and were always together) people start comparing them to kevin and thea and everyone picks sides

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