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And most of all she’ll know that, even though her head and her chest feel weary and broken and shattered… she would choose him again.

Fanart for  @nightingaledarling‘s ficlet, Gray (I hope you like it!)

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headcanon that matthew is the best sex alice has ever had and she's often shocked and mortified at how loud she is with him, and finds herself covering her mouth with her hand to drown out her moans. but matthew grabs her wrists and pins them to the bed because he WANTS to hear her. and knowing this turns alice on even more. am i wrong here??

it’s smut.

The mechanics of sex aren’t foreign to her: rut and thrust and press and touch just enough until everything is slick and wet and climax is achieved. It’s perfunctory. Sex is a series of rehearsed steps and she knows them well.

Except Matthew deviates from these steps. 

He bites her shoulder while he pumps his fingers inside her, curling just so and sparking pure heat within her until she is arching up off the bed, clawing at his shoulders, and gasping out his name. 

Vocality is not something she’s accustomed to and it surprises her when her mouth is dry, her throat burning. His name and a litany of Oh god, yes, please, there, more, please had filled the room. Matthew seemed to feed upon it, nipping at her skin, pushing his fingers a little deeper, sucking at her breast more forcefully with each cry.

She thinks this is the end, he will be inside her and they will move in tandem and then it will be over. But Matthew settles himself on top of her, kissing her languidly, taking his time. HIs fingers ghost over her breast, cupping and palming the flesh, rolling her nipple between his fingers while his mouth slides over hers, tongue dipping and sweeping inside and tasting every inch of her. 

The sweat upon her skin makes her feel hot and wet and wanton and she rolls her hips up against him, impatient to have him inside her. But he chuckles, low and teasing, “Patience, sweetheart.”

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well it seems as though people don’t understand why others dislike one we call Octavia Blake.

Out has nothing to do with “bellarke” or “Bellamy stans”

She both physically and verbally abused her brother over something he did not do, and unsuccessfully tried to stop. He made mistakes, but that does not excuse her behavior.

People seem to gloss over her abuse because “women empowerment”, and that just pisses me off. Abuse should never be condoned, no matter WHO it comes from. Women can be abused, but women can also be abusers.

What she did was uncalled for, and disgusting.

Now, this in no way means I’m condoning Bellamy’s actions in season 3. What he did was wrong. He murdered a lot of people, and that won’t be tolerated either. What matters is that he felt awful about what he did, realized he was in the wrong, and did everything in his power to fix his mistakes. Octavia NEVER did that. She never acknowledged that her actions went too far. She never said she felt sorry, or that she felt bad. In fact that only reason she even “accepted” bellamy was AFTER he put himself in danger for her.

Funny how it took that much for her to even appreciate him after he gave up everything for her.

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it would be so touching and so great for girls who get scoffed at for enjoying star wars like little girls can watch it with their dads and be included in the story its not just little boys and their dads girls can be the skywalker hero too they get this wonderful heroine to look up to and the rocky-turned-strong relationship she has with her dad who loves her more than anything in the galaxy and also !! also !! through ben and leia you kinda get a contrasting mother-son relationship too a strong mother who’s actually alive so little boys can take their moms with them to see the movie even better if leia plays a big role in ben’s return to the light a mother’s love for her son a son’s love for his mother a father’s love for his daughter a daughter’s love for her father these are two dynamics we’ve never had before in star wars and i am 100% here for them

This is the star wars I am here for