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in SU something i really want to just. see more of is how OTHER PEOPLE are mourning rose.

we see it with pearl. every single time. over and over. sometimes we see it with greg but even then it became more about how pearl was mourning. im not saying she isnt allowed to mourn, im just. look im tired of watchign everyone else’s emotions be pushed aside by the narrative so pearl can mourn more and more (and yes, this being said by a very mentally ill person– i get what mourning is like and having no control over your emotions. but pearl isnt a person shes a character in a story. the writers make all these decisions)

i wanna see more of garnet being forced to be the leader. how unsteady she was. how she felt as the future she always saw quickly became replaced by a future where rose didn’t exist anymore. how amethyst reacted to hearing rose, someone she always knew, one of the only constants shes always had, wouldn’t be around anymore–ever again. did garnet feel guilty? if she drove greg away this wouldnt happen, but also rose wouldn’t be happy. was amethyst not enough? amethyst could try being a baby if thats really what rose wanted and greg and her could just raise her instead of rose going away forever. garnet heard that some humans cant have a child on their own so they could get a human baby no one wants anymore right? 

and i wanna see all this without pearl being or turning into the main focus. she can be there. she can cry. she can rest her hands on their shoulders. she can say “i understand. im sorry i haven’t–i haven’t let you grieve have i? i am so used to feeling like rose’s everything i forgot how much she meant to you and i’m sorry. i want to hear you out, i want to hear about how you feel” 

i would legit rather watch this than see that cursed fucking barn again okay 


“Well as u know im a bit of a flirt and honestly?

If you’re an adult, i don’t care what you are… small, tall, fluffy, muscly, curvy, skinny, pretty, ugly, human, humanoid, whatever! I like people who are FUN, people who are LOYAL, people with character, people who ARE characters ,the rest is just artificial hoo-haa

Now batman, THAT’S a character… and the fact that he’s tall, dark, handsome and able to break a log in two with his bare hands is just the cherry on top of the sundae”

Okay tumblr kids time to gather around for a piece of advice. This is advice coming from an adult who very much wishes she’s gotten this same advice when she was a child.

Do not trust adults that are apathetic about issues involving kids.

Do not trust adults that have a “not my kid not my problem” mentality

Do not trust adults that put out harmful content onto public platforms, and then blames parents, or the children themselves, when said kids are exposed to the content.

Do not trust adults that would rather push children out of public spaces, rather than make those spaces safer for kids.

Do not trust adults that don’t feel an obligate responsibility to make the world a bit safer for kids to explore and learn and express themselves.

Do not trust these kind of adults, because they don’t care about you. Or worse, they’re going to try to take advantage of you.

Avengers headcannon: you're on your period

A/n: I have PCOS and terrible cramps so this is from my period experiences…which is so awkward to talk about in my head since I’m reading over this

- It starts off as a normal ass day for the avengers till you’re grumpy ass woke up. walking in the kitchen wrapped in a blanket and it’s like nat and Wanda just know. you just wanted you’re fucking cereal, but Steve had to be an ass and put it on the top shelf, so you just turn and glare at the super solider. “I’m very uncomfortable” he coughed. And oh god he had absolutely NO room to say that he’s uncomfortable like tf! YOU ARE THE ONE WITH SORE BOOBS, A DEMONIC HUNGER, BLOOD GUSHING OUT OF YOU, AND THE FUCKING CRAMPS! But you still stared a him and if looks could kill our poor little capsicle would be dead….“I’m on my period you asshat, NOW HAND ME MY GOD DAMN CEREAL!” And since you said that here’s how the rest of the week went;

- Thor didn’t understand what was wrong with lady (y/n) so he just kept his distance unless he was called
- Bruce was like ‘NAH BRUH SHE SCARY IM OUT’ and spent the rest of the week in the lab
-Wanda made sure you got all the things you needed. Along with her brother pietro who gave you all the attention you wanted
-Steve was hiding behind the couch with Bucky as you growled at tony. To be fair tony ate YOUR sandwich.
- you screamed and slapped Steve and the next minute you asking Bucky to love you and rub your tummy ( lets face it he’s a human furnace)
- you cried because peter Parker is the sweetest baby and you love him so much
- “MY SMOL BEAN” *dramatic sobs*
- tony is very concerned for Steve
- cause honestly the whole time it’s like “fuck you steve or fuck me steve” cause periods make people horny af don’t deny it
- sleepy time with nat
- watching movies with Clint
- using Thor as a personal pillow
- pietro and sam cooking you yummy things
- girls night
- you and Wanda sync up
- run pietro….run

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WAIT a second. If Taako is in his prime sixty-some years after the finale, and elves are only technically considered adults at around 100 or so, but he's gotta be considered an adult when he joins the ipre- and since elves base "aging" on maturity rather than physical growth, and Taako got the stolen century erased - does that make him the human equivalent of roughly NINETEEN starting at here there be gerblins???

ok boring and logistically: i believe at one point justin mentioned that taako was like….150, but i dont remember where, or if this is canon (if anyone wants to check that’d be dope) and also elves live to be 700, and i think canon dnd states that elves are considered Grownups at about 110. 

sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo yeah. well, canon is dead and we killed it. soooooooo well, maybe twenty - he did spend time on faerun wandering around with sizzle it up w/ taako. 

tbh i just really like the idea of taako and lup being like. magic prodigy children, just recently adults, technically old enough to be grownups but like HELL is anyone older than 25 gonna consider them adults. only chosen cause they had MAD SKILLZ and because well, i mean, nobody checked AGE requirements, only PROFICIENCY ones. and nobody on the starblaster is elven and like, elves all look beautiful and young for a solid three-hundred years before starting to even look slightly older/middle aged, so when the rest of the team finds out that they’re like. twenty, it’s just a “holy FUCK” situation all around, and lucretia and magnus (the two other Young) people on the team are like “wait why the fuck have you been acting like you’re older than us we’re mentally older than you are” and davenport is like “this explains. so much about them. they’re like. human-nineteen. gods.” 

anyway i guess what im saying is that barry feels like a dirty old man for like. a long time re: lup, but after enough time its less weird.

also its just really funny to consider magnus merle and taako rolling out to phandolin and its like, an adult, and older adult, and a barely legal practically teenage elf. wild. 

Ok, hello guys i want to talk something Personal here–

Im already TIRED of doing resquests already, it kinda gives me stress alot. And for the people who requested //especially the anons// please please remember this “im not a MIRACLE WORKER” i dont take shizz fast ok. Im just a human please im tired

My parents are kinda Worried about my doings like: Sleeping late, not eating much, insomnia attack, cold and stress
Sometimes i dont talk to people already, especialy the ones i am really close to. Sometimes i always think that if i say no to you guys you will not care about me anymore, so thats why i forced myself to do the thing you asked

But for now let me rest..

Push and Pull| Two

Originally posted by everythinkpop

[song inspiration: Jordan Sparks & Chris Brown - No Air]

|Chapter One| |Chapter Two| |Chapter Three|

pairing: Jimin x oc x Jaebum
genre: angst, slight humor
word count: 1.4k
a/n: Isolde spent three years with Jimin after meeting him by chance in a dance studio. He was perfect and he loved her, she thought he was the one she’d spend the rest of her life with. That all crumbles when he decides he wants to please his parents and leave her so he can be with someone like him. Isolde is plummeted into turmoil and leaves her job as a choreographer to move back home to the states. A mutual friend named Im Jaebum reaches out to console her, lift her back up from her fragile state. It’s a push and pull tug between what she thought she had and what she could have.

Within the week I had my entire apartment packed up and shipped back to my mom’s house in the states. Despite my request to Jimin not to contact me, he did anyway. He called over and over, sent text, left voicemails where I could tell by his tone he’d been crying. I did not answer though, I refused. I couldn’t. It would only make things more difficult than they already were for myself.

Yoongi’s girlfriend Suran, my best friend, was the first person I told. The morning after, I called her and asked if she’d help me start packing. She already knew what happened, Jimin had gone straight to Yoongi at two in the morning, knowing he was the only one awake. Suran didn’t ask questions, just told me she’d get everything set up and her and Yoongs would take over my lease since they’d already been looking for a place.

The next person I called was my mom, told her what happened and she supported my choice to come home, even though she didn’t think running away was the best way to deal with it. She paid to have everything I wanted to take shipped back, which was only clothes and all my books. All the furniture, electronics, all of it, I was leaving for Suran and Yoongi. They needed it more than I did and everything just reminded me of him.

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I highly recommend Dear Zachary for the creepy docs thing

first off, DONT look up dear zachary for reasons im about to explain.

oh christ i saw dear zachary i wouldnt call it “creepy” as much as id call it “something that will absolutely destroy you emotionally for pretty much the rest of your life.” im not joking, i saw it probably 3 or 4 years ago and still when i think about it my mood like, changes. i just feel simultaneously so much worse about the world and so proud of how resilient the human spirit is. i will say that you really shouldnt look it up except for where you can watch it because the way its edited/shot will make you feel emotions youve never felt before watching movies, and i mean the full breadth of the emotional spectrum.

in “dear zachary” you will see on display both the worst examples of human cruelty and just, god fuck im trying to explain this in an eloquent way but my point is you will get so fucking pissed and so fucking just, DESTROYED watching this movie, much more so than any other piece of media ive read, heard, or seen in my entire life even now.

but at the same time you will have such a deep deep respect for certain people in this movie that you just want to reach into the screen and hug them for hours for continuing to live through the absolute hell they’ve been through.

if you aren’t emotionally vulnerable i strongly recommend this movie but, fair warning, it will change the way you see the world. i honestly feel like watching it made me grow up in ways i didnt want to. it is absolutely impossible to make jokes about this movie. want to know how i know? i first heard of it in a reddit thread where people were recommending movies, every single one was being made fun of, people were making nazi jokes about schindler’s list and shit and its just, typical reddit being shitty as usual, but i didnt see a single joke about this movie or anything in it. its a movie that made reddit stop being shitty, temporarily but still. 

in conclusion, if you’re not in a good, stable place emotionally or mentally speaking, dont watch this movie because it will put you through the ringer. but if you arent and you’re ready to devote your evening to it (trust me, you wont want to do something carefree like playing video games at least a good bit after watching it, or at least i didnt) watch it because it genuinely changed me.

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for sunday blurbs: YN wins her first Oscar,and Seb(and their fans) go crazy on social media

i know you said for seb to go crazy on social media, but i changed it up a bit i hope you don’t mind!

when your name was called, your heart literally stopped and you could not move. everyone around you jumped up and applauded and you just sat there in disbelief. your best friend, whom you brought along as your date, nudged you and you turned to look at her. she nodded at you to go on stage, mouthing to you that you had won.

you jumped up and smiled at everyone around you. you couldn’t believe that leo fucking dicaprio was standing up and applauding you when you should probably be kissing the ground he had just walked on.

you quickly hurried to the stage and hugged and kissed the presenters on the cheek. you held the oscar and stared at it, let out a slight chuckle. you could not believe it.

the music and the applause died down and you began to talk into the microphone. not before letting out a profanity which sent the audience into laughter and the technician’s backstage a frenzy. it was live for the east coast, after all.

“sorry,” you winced, letting out a laugh yourself. 

you thanked the director of the film, the producer, your cast mates, your manager, your publicist and everyone in between. you saved the best for last. your family, friends, fans, and sebastian. he wasn’t able to make it to the show since he was off in another country filming.

“sebastian, i wished you couldve been here tonight to share the moment with me,” you grinned. “but since you’re not, i guess you’ll just have to watch on tv like the rest. i just want to thank you for always believing in me and pushing me to be better and bigger. i wouldnt be standing here on this stage with this award in my hand if it weren’t for you. thank you. i love you.”

you finished your speech with something a bit more cheesy before walking off stage. you took pictures with the presenters and then you were told that your actual statute was going to be at the after party, where they would engrave your name on it.

the award show soon ended and when you were outside waiting for your ride, you took out your phone and quickly noticed all the notifications on your lock screen. chuckling you replied to all the texts and emails from people congratulating you. going on your social media was even crazier. all of your fans were spamming your old posts with congratulations.

but there was one person that was missing in the midst of all the craziness - sebastian. he had sent you a long text message that you would save to read in the car.

once the car showed up to take you to the after party, you hopped in and quickly opened his message.

(y/n), i am soooooooooooooooooooooo proud of you. and i too, wish i could have been there. but like the rest of the human race, i did watch it on television just for YOU. not like i needed to watch it to know you were going to win, but it was nice to hear them say it and to see you holding the damn thing. God, I wish i could put into words what i’m actually thinking, but this text message would go on for days if i did that.

i guess, in short, what i want to say is that you deserve this award more than anyone else in that room. ok, maybe im being a bit dramatic. can you blame me? but, seriously, you do deserve it. everyone fucking gave you a damn standing ovation!!!!!!!!!! god, i wish i could’ve been there!!!!! stupid work. 

anyway, i love you and i’m so damn proud of you. i just wanna go on the top of this hotel roof top and scream it, but i’d probably get kicked out and my publicist wouldnt really enjoy fixing that, but who cares. YOU WON A FUCKING OSCAR!!!!!!!!!!!

thank YOU for being YOU. 

i love you, (y/n). ❤️😍😘

p.s: i want to be the first one, other than any one else around you, to see your statute with your name engraved on it. 

i don’t want to sound snobby you ever just think about how good doctor who used to be??? like, it was a show that was easy to watch from week to week w/o having to see all the episodes, the characters were all unique and flawed and so terribly human, rose with her easy smile, martha and her unrequited love (and growing /past/ it), donna and her sharp wit, jack and his obnoxious jackness.. just frick my peeps, i just love it so much

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Okay I swear your artwork is amazing like literally, you are now one of my top five favorite artists on Tumblr. Also, I saw that you sometimes answer requests? If you do, could you please (like I'm begging on my knees please) draw Demon!Sam and Angel!Dean just going out for a really cheesy date? (The more bad puns the better). Thanks for reading this! Have a nice day!

Dean frowned.


Because, Sam - although being taken on a perfectly cheesy, romantic, share-a-fucking-milkshake date - was frowning, glaring down at his hand and staring solemnly at the ketchup as if it was the one to fling him from heaven.  Dean found the whole brooding thing quite offensive, and propped one naked foot onto the booth seats and leaned further into his brother.

“Hey, uh, Mister Tall, Dark, and Handsome, what’s with the long face?”  He asked, laying his head on Sam’s shoulder and Sam gave him a passive side glance.  The demon proceeded to then have the audacity to look around the mostly empty diner, as if Dean could have possibly been speaking to someone else.

“Yeah, you - the only ‘Tall, Dark, and Handsome’ around,” when assured he had Sam’s attention, he continued, although the demon looked to still only be half listening, “I have you here on this awesomely romantic, classic milk shake date, and you’re still all this.”  And with that word he gestured to his face, to the faux grim frown, and Sam’s eyebrow quirked.

“What ever do you mean?”  Sam drawled, resting his cheek on one fist and Dean found that better than Broody-Mc-Pouty-face.

“Oh, I’m sorry, were you not here for the last thirty minutes of me babbling about how weird human toes were?  Because I was legit doing that.  Hell - you agreed to paint my nails, and to let me braid your hair you were so distracted.”  Dean said, threw one hand out in exasperation, and Sam chuckled.  Improvement, at least.

“I was just thinking on how to rid myself of one certain destroyer of my ‘bad assery’.”  Sam quoted Dean’s previous words, and Dean gave him an amused glance.

“Oh, yeah?”  Dean asked, looking up into Sam’s black eyes - he noted how Sam stopped hiding them now, and that was something that made Dean’s heart flip more times than necessary - and Sam shot him a small smirk.

“Yeah, I figured if I’m to go all out, I need to really perfect my image.”

“Dye your hair black, that’ll help.”

Sam seemed to ponder that a moment, looking up to the ceiling and Dean near giggled at the serious look of contemplation.  “There’s a thought.”  Sam finally said, stroking his chin and Dean turned onto his knees, leaning over into Dean’s lap and hands resting on Sam’s knees.

“Oh, maybe file your teeth too, get them pointy - also, why not we get you some tear drop tattoos?”

“Black lipstick?”  Sam shot back, and Dean nodded with a hissed laugh.

“Oh, yeah, absolutely.  You’ll be on everyone’s fuck list.”

“Hm…”  Sam stroked his chin again, “well if I’m going all out then shouldn’t you do so as well?”  Sam eyed him, and Dean quirked a brow.

“Aren’t I already?  I mean, look at this face - totally innocuous and trustworthy.”

“Yes, but..”  Sam leaned forward, tracing Dean’s lips and cheeks.  “Why not a little bit of pink lipstick, maybe some rosy red blush for your nose and cheeks - become a pretty princess to stand for the ‘truly good’.”  Sam quoted that, scoffing, and Dean personally felt that one.  

Seemed these days the ‘good guys’ were all sorts of assholes.

“Okay, but - then you hafta’ buy yourself a nice leather outfit, complete with chains and choker.”  Dean said, eyeing Sam and trying - and failing miserably - to picture Sam in a gaudy trench coat littered with chains and upside down crosses.

“Then you’ll have to put on a nice, frilly pink dress.”

“Fuck you, I’d look fabulous.  You’d look like a giant poser dork.”

Sam pulled a face, thought a moment, then nodded, agreeing.  “You have a point, there.”

“Course’ I do, I’m always sorta right, in case you haven’t noticed.”  Dean said, tossing an old, soggy fry at Sam’s face and laughing when the demon threw a projectile of his own - a fry that had sat out even longer than Dean’s, resting so elegantly in the liquid that steadily perspired from their milkshake.

“Oh - yes, you’ve never been wrong before - that’s why your garrison almost caught you with me when you decided going to a fucking church to have your weird fantasies play out was a good idea.”  Sam hissed through his teeth, playfully glaring down at Dean and Dean couldn’t rebuttal that one as well as he would’ve liked to.  His face flared red, ears burning and he looked to the side, glaring a moment at the lovely family seated some tables away from them.

They all looked to be having such a nice time, perfect wife, perfect husband, perfect two kids and whatever amount on the way, and Dean childishly stuck his tongue out at the youngest child when it stopped smashing it’s pancakes with grubby fingers to look at them with wide eyes.

“Hey, Dean, you know I’m messing with you, right?”  Sam said, face worried and Dean turned to look back at him with a reddened face and mix of playful hurt.

“B-but, Sammy, you know I don’t kink shame you, a-and the thought that you -” he broke off there, pitching his tone high and stuttering for effect only to have the demon give him an unimpressed curve of brow.

“You’ll have to do better than that.”  Sam deadpanned and Dean’s face instantly turned sour, puckering his lips in a pout.

“What if I cry?”

“I’ll salt your wounds.”  Sam gestured dangerously to the salt sitting all innocent like on the table and Dean gulped, flopping onto Sam’s lap fully now and finding comfort in the dark trap between table and Sam’s jean clad thighs.

“Spoil sport.”

“Kinky fucker.”

“You’re kinkier.”  Dean shot back, all childlike-eloquence, and Sam could only shrug a shoulder at that.

“You got me there.”

“Yeah, and you got me here right now, so let’s go back to discussing how exactly I’m going to braid your pretty hair.”

“I didn’t agree to that-”

Oh, but you did, now, do you want the dutch braid, or the french braid?”


Dean just grinned devilishly, because Sam had to rest his eyes sometimes - humans had some things down correctly, and sleep was pretty bad ass when you needed a break from heaven-hell politics.

And the second Sam deemed it time to take a break?  Dean would so be ready with the perfect tutorials to have Sam waking the prettiest demon of the bunch.



also hehehehe glad u like my stuff, makes my cold ded artist heart all fuzzy on the inside :’)

bodyguard!Seventeen: Vocal Unit

find vixx (here)
find hip hop unit (here


  • smiles while twisting some dirtbags wrist
  • gives you a thumbs up after he’s “disposed” of a threat 
  • always has this serene aura around him even in the most panicked situations like you have never seen him lose his cool he always looks so professional and collected
  • wears his hair in a ponytail when it was long and after cutting it he just clips it back and it’s ,,,,, so cute ,,, 
  • will hold a grudge for 20000 years if someone hurts you like he. will. not. forget. 
  • playfully jokes around with you by keeping silent when you ask him something and you’ll be like “jeonghan? jeonghan are you asleep?” and when you get close to his face he opens his eyes and just very calmly kisses you and goes “boo” (but only when no one else is around)
  • has an unexpected amount of power when he’s really really mad like if someone hurts you, he suddenly gains the strength of like a horse and literally other guards have to keep him back 


  • tries to keep you on-time and on-schedule and literally has every part of your day memorized
  • and all the other bodyguards are like dude you’re not her assistant or planner and joshua’s like aS bodyGUARDS our DUTY should BE TO KEEP eVERything safe and ORDERLY 
  • and sometimes like the other bodyguards are like hey doesn’t it kinda annoy you but you’re like what no it’s so endearing im actually so thankful
  • and tbh you once said that to josh you were like “without you, i would be a mess” and joshua like nearly fainted from overheating on the spot 
  • carries like napkins and medicine and like i dont know an extra blanket with him just in case of emergencies and like it melts your heart he’s always so attentive to you and sweet 
  • he once got sick but refused to leave work until you sat him down and ordered him to get some rest and put your hand to his forehead to feel his temperature and he was like aHHHHH on the inside because you’re touching him is THis wORK APPROpriATE 


  • gets underestimated but then everyone learns that he can pack a punch so they’re like oH and keep their mouths shut 
  • wears the same, grumpy expression most of the time and it’s hard to read him because he is literally always grumbling about something 
  • every other bodyguard always has a weapon on hand somewhere but woozi is just like “my fists of anger will be enough”
  • you caught him once tippy-toeing to reach for something and you were like he’s so cute but you said it outloud and woozi turned around and knocked the thing he was trying to get down and it hit his head and he was like oW and you were like omf im sorry and went to help him and he was just like i G T G and ran off 
  • you were like ???? but woozi was in the other room like talking to himself like no no they didn’t call you cute no no you’re not cute woozi you’re intIMIDATINg as HELL 
  • but he actually secretly is soft and watches you from the corner of his eye when you’re busy and notices little subtle thing that make him smile
  • the rest of the bodyguards see him smile and they’re like oh he’s human but then woozi frowns at them and they’re like sHIT HE CauhgT US wE ARE DeAD 


  • the sweet shining sunlight of your life who also sometimes, rarely though, puts bad people into chokeholds…….
  • shows up to work in the button down and slacks and the other bodyguards are like !!!! where’s the rest of your suit/??/? and dk’s like “oh i passed someone on the street that needed a blanket so i gave my jacket to them ^^ this is ok right??” and before the bodyguards can say anything you’re like “it’s fine. it’s perfect” and DK is like thank you so much ^^ 
  • shows you dog memes on his phone during like boring conversations and the other guards are like put your phone away but you’re like nAH show me more dog videos
  • for the most part in dangerous situations he actually despises using violence and he usually tries to talk it out with the person bothering you, usually just politely asking them to leave and rethink saying or doing something stupid
  • but in those scenarios where someone doesn’t want to listen DK loses the smile and is like “I don’t want to do this but-” and well KO 
  • likes to playfully tickle you or ruffle your hair when it’s just the two of you and you’re always like !!! stop why!!! and he’s like idk i just wanted to touch you hehe,,, 


  • good aim with a weapon, but an even better talent is his ability to hit high notes like his voice never fails to amaze you
  • always getting calls from his mom during press conferences or when you’re going somewhere and the other guards are like silence your phone but you’re like it’s his mom seungkwan you can answer it tell her i say hello
  • and seungkwan is always so thankful to you because you’re so sweet and considerate and tbh when you’re not around he’s like mom mom listen im in love- 
  • tries to be ‘cool’ by saying things like “looks like it’s time to kick ass o’clock” when he has to deal with someone difficult and you wanna giggle at how cheesy it is and seungkwan’s like nO you can’t laUGH it’s supposed to be cool im supposed to be like james bond 
  • he also has this like obsession with making sure you’re always covered as in like he’s always giving you his jacket or passing you a big scarf to put over your legs if you’re wearing something that comes up above the knee or if you have something without sleeves and you’re like seungkwan please and he’s like what if you get cold. whAT IF?????? 
  • but it could also be because he doesn’t like the look other guards or people are giving you because seungkwan is like extra protective of you 
  • i mean he told his mom he kinda loves you SO 
  • One day Reiji comes home with his fkcnkg ‘friend’ on a stormy night. They were hanging when it rained and since they were closer to the mansion they thought it was a good idea
  • One thing tho: the guy/girl ‘s like a full on punk 
  • Lip/ tongue/ ear piercings, ripped jeans, leather jacket, fingerless gloves goddamn
  • Shu did a double take like??? “Reiji this random person just followed you in the house should we kick em out?”
  • (Reiji’s glasses cracked, thunder boomed and you could hear screaming in the distance) He cleared his throat. “Uh, this is- allow me to introduce (name),  they have accompanied me here because it was raining and-”
  • His screaming attracted the rest of the house, wondering who this person is.
  • Reiji tries to talk but his friend does before him: “Im (name), me and Reirei are best buds! You must be his brothers!!!”
  • The household is shook before laito snorts loudly. “…Reirei? lol” 
  • Reiji’s like shit I told you not to call me that 
  • Whoops bruh my bad
  • Time skip~  everyones talking to Reijis friend with one question in the back of their heads: “HOW?”
  • They find the friend is a pretty chill person and even teased reiji when they did, but when it got too far the friend put their foot down with a loud thud.
  • “You guys, that was too far even for me. Brothers or not Im not gonna sit here and watch you ‘tease’ him and do nothing. C’mon, reiji.” they grab his arm and lead him away.
  • The sakamakis are in shock. While talking to them not only did they find out this persons physical appearance didn’t match their personality 100%, but also they shared the same interest with Reiji such as a love for tea or an appreciation for antique furniture. 
  • After the friend left for back home, they attacked reiji with questions and subaru even threatened to drain them if they spoke to them like that again.
  • Reiji was like ‘aHA no you’re not.” He simply responded that this ‘irritating’ person kept pestering him until reiji found out their similar tastes in things and that he may have ‘judged their appearance too quickly’
  • They all pause.
  • Kanato’s like “Wow four eyes, you’ve really changed haven’t you? But if they disrupt me or teddy again theyre dead.”
  • Reiji’s like sure buddy
  • Surprisingly, shu then announced no one is to cause any harm to reiji’s ‘friend’ or else-
  • Reiji’s like ?????that was unexpected but then smiles a little despite himself
  • the rest of em boooooo as they disperse, going back to their regular activites
  • Shu silently sits in the corner and smiles. Whelp, human or not, I’m not gonna let him lose his first friend

—— do you remember me?

I figured I should introduce myself to the rest of the angelic community.

My name was (is) Avriel. From what I’ve remembered so far, I believe I was either a seraph or dominion. My human(-ish) form had slightly opalescent skin and my wings were white with each feather fading into a grey-silver tip. I am still remembering myself, so I will keep you updated on my memories.

I am looking for more angel incarnates to follow!

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hi! whos the girl in cardiff louis "murdered?" sorry i just read like everyones tags and now im curious haha

 Once upon a time in March 2013 the boys all went clubbing together

*GASP* yes, harry and louis went clubbing TOGETHER

they just wanted to dance all night to the best song ever 

but along came a girl that was looking for death in the all the right places

do you want to see what ‘fuck you’ looks like in human form?

rest in peace girl from cardiff

I present to you, human!sonic & human!Amy! I was actually waiting to draw them but I really didn’t like how it ended up in the end. But this is what I came up with. I’ll also be doing the rest of his friends soon. Hope you like it! 

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How did gabbador's first kiss go

Okay so, first of all: in the “alternate canon” we’ve created, Francesco is the popular extrovert kid who loves clubbing (he’s a PR, not sure if I can translate that) and he invited Salvo at the school party (Salvo was still a misanthrope at that point so he was like “yikes humans”), and Salvador said no at first.

Then they grew closer and became friends, and (this part is like a vague hc) Ciccio tries to invite him to the party again, promising he’d give him half of his sandwich every day for the rest of the year if he came. At this point Salvo was like “Yeah, I’m totally coming just because you wanna, no second purpose or anything” while inside his head he was like “OMG DID HE JUST ASK ME OUT IM SCREAMING IM SO GAY *curses in Portuguese*”, so he ends up going to the party.

Then at the party Salvador actually is having fun, he’s had some drinks (”NATHAN CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS” “NO WAY BRO, WE NEED TO DOCUMENT THIS”) and his brain-to-mouth filter is… how you say? andato a farsi fottere. So before you even know he’s rambling to Demy about how much he loves Francesco while she’s gesturing her gf Diana (the only sober one gdghghjvh) to bRING HIM THE FUCK HERE DEE NOW IS THE FUCKING MOMENT

And then the two finally arrive and Demy and Diana disappear to make out God knows where, and Francesco’s like “So, are you enjoying the party?” smirking and Salvador dies for the 75587698 time since the beginning of the story, and ofc he can’t let him know he actually is liking it a lot so he’s like “Yeah, kinda… Though I gotta say, it’s a lot better now that you’re here” and Francesco melts because this dork ghjgsdhjfk 

And they’re making small talk and then Ciccio’s like “So, do you like anyone in our school? ;) ;) ;)” and Salvo just blurts out “I’m into guys” (because did I mention his brain-to-mouth filter gone to hell) and Francesco’s like “Cool, me too” and Salvo’s confused because “wait did you just come out to me” “Dude, I’ve been acting queer around you for like the whole year, I thought you’d gotten the hint by now” “Oh” *long ass flashback compilation of Ciccio acting queer around Salvo, starting from the infamous kiss on the cheek* “Yeah, I should’ve noticed that”

And then Francesco’s like “So, well… do you like any guys? ;) ;) ;)” and Salvo’s like *facepalm* because he can’t tell him he likes him but also he sooooo wants to and plus he’s gay (?) so there’s a tiny possibility that he likes him back???? And everything is so confusing this poor guy’s lost someone help him pls

and he says “yeah, there’s this guy and he’s really smart and deep but also really funny and pretty and he sings so well and he’s great really” and Francesco’s like “:/” because he also likes him and he doesn’t want him to get Hurt By The Straights TM (but let’s be real is anyone even straight in that school)

but then he says “He seems cool!” because he wants to be Supportive and Salvador’s like “I bet he does, it’s you” and then goes on to die again and bury his face in his hands because wtf was that Salvo you didn’t really just say that to your crush did you and then he looks up and Francesco’s beaming (Manel, Nathan and Slavko high five in the background) and then ???? they’re kissing ???? and Salvo’s lowkey freaking out but he kisses him back and Demy&Diana come back from their alcove and probably cry with the Bro Squad because “Holy shit finally!” and that’s basically how I think their first kiss went lmao

This is so long tbh I thought it’d be shorter I’m sorry XD

Inspired by @u-r-a-n-i-a 

things me and my friends have said starters
  • “no offense but you’re not a god”
  • “inspiration machine broke”
  • “walk walk jashion baby”
  • “i just canceled cringe culture”
  • “buckle up, we’re going to feelidelphia”
  • “can we all just agree that life sucks?”
  • “time to punch god in the face”
  • “im am hell.”
  • “you can’t ground me, im gay”
  • “ask me about my sex jeans.”
  • “no vore in this house of the lord”
  • “you know what really turns me on? committing arson.”
  • “we’re all gay now.”
  • “did you name our son after a meat?”
  • “maybe the true mental illness was the friends we made along the way.”
  • “the correct term, [name], is HENTAI you UNCULTURED SWINE”
  • “there are no [blank] in Germany”
  • “gosh i can sleepy?”
  • “im chill but my music’s been ANGRY”
  • “Im an emo under the guise of a jealous prep under the guise of another emo”
  • “[name] is kin with weed infused lube”
  • “[name] is a thrussy inclusionist”
  • “nothing like 2 bros chilling out to emo music”
  • “hey [name] you missed my drama boner”
  • “i got the meat sweats”
  • “whomstve just did that?”
  • “my special attack is kinkshaming”
  • “im depression”
  • “who wants to see my premium cursed images?”
  • “you couldn’t have just said pizza bagels. you had to go creepypasta on us”
  • “guys my mom said i could start a gang”
  • “join the club; we’ve got jackets”
  • “im not licking the floor; plan canceled”
  • “theyre pizza rolls, man. c’mon.”
  • “wait, you’d lick the wall for one pizza roll?”
  • “[name] get ur bitch ass in here and enjoy my country rendition of wonderwall”
  • “we’re having a rustic party in here”
  • “its like texas but with human rights”
  • “im no prep, i listen to big time rush like the rest of us”
  • “Ha. I still outrank him in gay points.”
  • “stop using hashtags in the groupchat”
  • “Who doesnt have a hot topic membership card tbh”
  • “[Name] called infinity dibs when we were like 12”
  • “im a professional homosexual”
  • “Anyways I’m going to get drugs!”