im just gonna throw that out there

Like hell the red lion is gonna let keith go so easily

bonus: black paladin, out. *throws double peace signs*

Headcanon that the ghost DNA that got stuck in both Vlad’s and Danny’s DNA were actual ghosts
Like, eventually Danny starts hearing a strange voice in the back of his head, or maybe he’s been hearing it all along and it pushes him to do Good Things bc it was a very good ghost
But Vlad’s was horribly evil, maybe even killed the kid that got mixed into Danny’s DNA and talked young Vlad into being evil when he was lying in the hospital bed for so long, telling him things to warp his mind and world view
Idk its an interesting thought for me

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hi i love your writing so much and was wondering if you had any fic recs to hold me over until your next update 😭


I’m just gonna throw out whatever comes to mind ok and its probably mostly all smut cuz I’m a perv sorry (wow this ended up being way longer than i intended IM SORRY)

@jiminniemouse is the queen of threesomes so take a look into her profile but some of my favorites is:

Crave (Yoongi smut), Taste (Hobi smut), Making Him Jealous (ima call it a jikook threesome let me live), and her ongoing series Purple Jewels!


@jungblue ok anything from this girl is gold G O L D i love all of her fics but if I have to choose then

Future Hearts (Jimin/Jungkook love triangle), I Hate You I Love You (Jungkook smut/angst), and Control (Jimin smut omg i am still having chest pains thinking about this one)


@seokvie This girl has got a whole fucking load of fics it’s like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow smutland wonderland your vag will cry in joy and pain

Costume (Hobi smut MY ALL TIME FAVORITE FIC I L O V E IT), View From 4-B (Hobi smut), basically all her Hobi smuts, Show Off (Wonho smut), Paradise (JB smut), JUST BINGE READ ALL OF THEM (i am also excited to read her new fic with jimin and assplay and lets just say my ass is ready but I DONT HAVE A KINK FOR ASSPLAY OK LET ME LIVE)


@jungkxook yes yes yes everything all of it just do it

Pour Up (taekook threesome), Hiraeth (zombie apocolypse au)


@war-of-hormoan‘s For You (Tae angst) killed me about 40 times


@kimvtae‘s Fall For You (Jungkook smut) series and Couples Costumes (Hobi smut)


@minsvga‘s Philophobia (Jungkook/Jimin smut/angst) series, Taking Risks 101  (Jimin smut), Children of the Night (Jungkook/Tae smut) series


@yoonminnings‘s Lace Casualties (Jimin sugar daddy)


@trapmonster‘s He Didn’t (Yoongi smut/angst), Bite me (Jungkook smut), Silent Treatment (Jungkook), Nerd (Tae), Toxic (maknae line)


@btssmutgalore oh my god all of her fics ALL OF HER DAMN FICS LETS JUST SAY SHE SERIOUSLY OWES ME A NEW PELVIS OK FUCK but my favorites so far are

Nude (Tae), Lightweight (Jungkook), Business (A FUCKING TWO PART TAEKOOK THREESOME GOD), Lollipop (Jungkook), Forbidden (Hobi)


@ellieljade‘s Apologies (Tae smut/angst) is one of my favorites and honestly just read all of her masterlist as well i cry (out of everywhere)


@kookingtae‘s Experimental Error (Tae smut I fucking died), The Switch (OT7 Smut holy hell this was one of the first bts smuts ive read and wow now you see why I really love them), Falling Into You (Jungkook smut GOD I LOVED THIS SO HARD) + the rest of her masterlist


@floralseokjin oh my goodness ok i cant believe i havent discovered you sooner I fucking love your writing pls

Buzz trilogy (Yoongi smut & O       M       G), Playing with Fire (Jungkook smut) i havent read anything else yet BUT I JS SAW SHE POSTED A NEW FIC YOU KNOW WHAT IM READIN TONIGHT


@onlylovekpop basically all her Wonho smuts and drabbles killed me k i l l e d me but my fav is Bad Behavior


Other people you should def look into is @kittae (cat fics yes) @seoulscapes (an amazing demon wonho au) @helloblamebts @seokline @kstopping @imaginethisbts @kainks @jeonins @baeseoul (p r o t e  g e)

Im so sorry I’m still sick and I’m getting tired and lazy so I just had to bunch up the rest HAHAHA but I hope this helps anon! And you will def not be disappointed in any of these ok they are amazing and beautiful and amazing and everytime I read their stories literally

how to tackle dreadful classes

yes im back at it again with the horrible intros masterposts!! (honestly im not even gonna try bc the title is self explanatory and im just gonna ruin this post if i go any further oh no i already did it rip)


1. figure out why you hate this class. is it because you find it boring? you’re not doing so well/you don’t like the challenge? do you dislike the teacher? do you dislike your seat/the classroom/setting? whatever it is, figure it out and then work to eliminate it.

1.a. you find the class boring. this is inevitable because there’s always that one class ;; BUT! you can beat this! throw yourself into the class. find something about the class that you actually like and focus on that for the whole period. examples of this are: your seating (do u sit next to someone cool/nice? maybe a cute person that u rly wanna talk to? [uh don’t let this distract u tho!!]), the benefits of the class (if it’s an ap class, youre earning college credits!! might even help with your major; if its a language class, learning a language is SO important), the setting (is the room aesthetically pleasing? do you get to look out of the window at the blue sky when you’re done with your work?) or even the teacher (lmao i have more teacher friends than student friends). maybe it’s even the fact that it’s’ the first class in the morning, so if you do well in it, it’ll set the tone of your day? idk, just find something that’s not boring and focus on that all period. !!

1.b. you’re not doing well/it’s too hard for you. honey, this isn’t an excuse. even if you suck at a class, YOUR EDUCATION IS HELLA IMPORTANT. once again, throw yourself into the class! find people who are good at the subject and form study groups with them (or just ask ur own friends if ur too scared to talk to new people). TALK TO YOUR TEACHER. dont just sit there crying because you dont know how to solve that equation! ask for help! go on youtube, go on khanacademy, go on kuta, DO SOMETHING. even if you still continue to struggle, your teacher will appreciate the effort! 

1.c. you dislike the teacher. this is probably one of the worst ones lol. why do you not like the teacher? is it because they never call on you? is it because you think they’re too hard on you/they grade things viciously/too much homework and tests? do they always seem to be after you? well, some of these might actually be your fault. many students think that the workload is more than it actually is, simply because they don’t plan and aren’t prepared. or, some teachers target students for being bullies or for talking in class. these are things you can change. however, if it’s something like your teacher never calling on you or coming at you for no reason, that’s something you and your teacher have to discuss. ask them (POLITELY) “i feel like i am targeted/ignored by you during class and it makes me uncomfortable. is there anything i can do to change this?” chances are, your teacher will like that you’ve taken initiative to not only fix your relationship, but ultimately do better in their class. BAM.

1.d. you dislike the setting/your seat. quick fix: if you don’t like where you sit, ask your teacher to move you (dont forget to give a valid reason!! this does not mean lie. i see u) however, if you dont like the actual room…there’s nothing u can do about this; sorry bub! MAYBE if you and your teacher get close, you can help them redecorate one day? this is unlikely but worth a shot.

1.e. if it’s really THAT bad, switch classes, my dude. i know lots of schools have the option to switch classes at a certain time.

2. work to solve whatever the reason is that you hate this class. (mentioned next to each cause above ^)

(i just realized that i didn’t need to number this because there were only two main bullet points)

ok this is literally the worst masterpost ever but !!!!

also: what do do about classes you hate by @tbhstudying!!

[[i really hoped this helped + sorry for the crappy masterpost (’: ]]


dating anthony headcanons


  • he would call you a different pet name every day
  • like sweetie, honey, love, babe, and stuff like that
  • sometimes you would ironically call each other things like sweet cheeks or smth
  • just ridiculous pet names !! but mostly really cute

he would spoil the shit out of u

  • like he would get you everything you want like u want shoes ?? ha he’s gonna get them
  • or you wanna go to a concert or something ?? he’s taking you and there’s nothing you can do about it

cuddles !! he would always want to cuddle you

  • like it doesnt matter if both of you are really busy 
  • hes gonna find a way to cuddle and still get shit done
  • because hes lowkey very clingy

he would insist on cooking something together all the time

  • “c’mon lets bake cookies!!! or make a cake!! lets make pancakes!!”
  • “anthony if you make a mess im gonna kick u out”
  • “who do u think i am i would never” *throws an egg at you*
  • but you like cooking with him anyway bc its always really fun

he would break into a song as if this was high school musical

  • mostly with stuff like you could say “how does-”
  • and hes being a nerd like “a bastard, orphan…”
  • which sometimes is annoying but its mostly really cute

he doesnt know how to take a compliment 

  • “anthony youre cute”
  • “whos anthony”
  • he would be a blushing mess and start mumbling and just,,, hes a mess
  • “ha im not cute i mean theres people cuter than me right ha what”

when he compliments you its a different story

  • you would be like drinking tea and be like “yikes this is hot”
  • and hes like “like you”
  • and you would look at him and see him smirking and just really proud of himself for that
  • its adorable honestly

i wanna date anthony ramos.

Free! Cast: Things I've actually heard College Students say
  • Nagisa: Look how pretty my notes are!!! Too bad I'll never study them.
  • Nitori: I might look fine in class but I'm dying inside.
  • Rei: I've never seen Frozen and at this point I'm afraid too.
  • Haru: When the professor shows up Im just gonna get up, make eye contact and leave.
  • Gou: Shut the fuck up and eat your shitty Frosted Flakes.
  • Momo: Is it acceptable to throw myself out this window after the exam?
  • Nagisa: I need more gay people in my life I'm suffocating in straights.
  • Haru: I think I'm gonna sleep outside and let the snow bury me until I die.
  • Rin: Why the fuck would I pay $5 for a grilled cheese? Oh wait they're delivering them? Buy 3.
  • Makoto: I feel like a child but I look like an adult and I think it throws people off.
  • Momo: Yo look at this dog! I want this dog. This dog is a straight g.
  • Nagisa: I got super drunk and told everyone I was a lesbian.
  • Rin: I've only done anal twice okay!!!!!!
  • Gou: Instead of studying art we should make art with our bodies!!
Seventeen as things Ive texted the one friend I have this week
  • <p> <b>Seungcheol:</b> I said "yaaasss daddy" out loud and i think my family heard<p/><b>Jeonghan:</b> I aint saying ur a furry im saying u could easily become one under the right circumstances<p/><b>Joshua:</b> This is the most lit anime opening ever<p/><b>Jun:</b> This mascara commerical said "clump free eyelashes" but i thought they said cum free eyelashes and i choked<p/><b>Soonyoung:</b> How did i get to the point in my life where i cry while licking fallen whipped cream off of my earbud wires<p/><b>Wonwoo:</b> I was in the bathroom and the light went out and instead of freaking out i just silently accepted my own death<p/><b>Woozi:</b> Gimme their names and adresses ill throw the wheelchair at them what the fuck wrong with them<p/><b>Dokyeom:</b> Whenever i feel sad i play the Hamtaro theme song<p/><b>Mingyu:</b> Idk what this pastry that i was just given is called but it saved all my husbands and children from our burning house<p/><b>The8:</b> My emotionless ass is crying<p/><b>Seungkwan:</b> I bought myself a coke. This is what self comfort is<p/><b>Vernon:</b> *sad music plays in the distance as i realize im gonna have to shave my legs*<p/><b>Dino:</b> Girl guess who almost fell again<p/></p>
dating jaehyun!!


sorry guys, but i will only write for the ones i have inso. for. 

its not that i don’t want to write the others, but i don’t have any ideas to keep the au going

- dating jaehyun is like dating a pizza pocket

- soft and squishy on the outside, but steaming hot n slightly gross on the inside

- thats exactly how u and jaehyun met actually

- y'all were at the school cafeteria y’know the usual 

- and u go to the nasty microwave to warm up ur pizza pocket

- buT noPE jeffrey from california buts u in line

- “uhm excusE mE u butted me?? i was in line before you??”

- “hhehha so? i need to warm up my lunch”

- “bIHH mOve beFOre i bUst YO aSS and turn it into a lumpy piece of poo”

- honestly jaehyun thought you were the weirdest kid ever

- tbh u were

- anYWay

- from that moment on, jaehyun found you EVERYWHERE

- in the library? he see’s u

- in the gym? he see’s u

- in the grocery store? he see’s u


- “boi calm yo tits its not my fault even,,,you always appear after me, so technically ur stalking me”

- he hates u

- but likes u at the same time

- honestly jeffrey didn’t evEn know

- aight so in science class one day

- y'all were assigned as seat partners 


- low-key he was happy cause he could bug u

- and tease u

- “wow arent you happy we sit beside each other???for the rest of the year???”


- time skip 2 months

- jaehyun and u have a pre decent friendship

- always teasing each other ya know

- “ewW jAEhyUN geT yO sweATy ass away from me”

- “its not my fault I’m hot ;)”

- “wha-that wasn’t the right context- honestly i give up”

- yo but jaehyun has a huge crush on u

- like hUgE

- one of those crushes where u tease ur crush and make fun of them idek why

- anyway so jaehyun likes u rite

- and one day the science teacher decided y'all were not a good match and wanted to move u


- “pls,,, you can’t,,, i like her :(”

- u choked on ur spit

- ur teacher choked on their spit

- your class choked on their spit

- bitch when??? i was such a mofo to u (your thoughts)

- honestly though, u weren’t complaining cause u liked him back

- so like the teacher decided not to move u cause

- “young love”

- and jaehyun asked u out right.there

- front. of. the. whole. class

- “will u do me the greatest honour and date me?”

- ‘jaehyun get off ur knees this isnt a proposal for marriage”

- “not yet ;)”

- ya but u do accept his love

- jaehyun likes kisses

- not pecks on ur forehead,cheek or nose

- he likes long, sensual kisses (yALL IT TOOK ME LIK 8 MINS TO WRITE THAT WITHOUT CRINGING)

- jaehyun treasures u, it may not sam like it cause he is always annoying you  but he truly believes that u r the one. 

- he once faceted u at 2am cause he “missed your face” 

- “jaehyu n we saw each other today and we have school tmrw jfc”

- total babe

- first date story time

- he wanted to make it special so he invited you over to the dorm and cooked his favourite meal for u

- then accidentally burnt himself

- and then set the heat alarm off

- and then burnt the meat

- hONestLy jAeHyuN

- its gucci though, cause you saved the day

- and y'all ended up ordering in pizza and watching netflix

- sometimes he texts u the weirdest things

- like he sent u a text a 1am saying

- “hey baby girl look out yo window, rapunzel is here for u”

- “jaehyun are you dumb? rapunzel is the princess”

- ou didn’t look out the window just for that tbh

- so jaehyun had to climc up ur wall and through your window

- its ok though cause y'all cuddled

- omg jaehyun loves to cuddle

- he likes spooning you and leaving little butterfly kisses on ur neck

- speaking of which…..



- he likes being all rough n roamy ;)))))))

- speaking of which x2…..


- honestly, he kinky as heLL

- anD doesnt even care

- he likes to try out new things

- “that look s cool can we try it”

- “no jaehyun thats nasty”

- but y'all end up trying it anyway




- moving on

- jaehyun sometimes appears behind u and whispers the weirdest pick up lines

- “if u were a booger, i’d pick u first”

- “do you like dragons? cause i’ll be dragon my ball across your face tonight ;)”

- sometimes u wonder why u agreed to date him

- your parents adore jaehyun

- they loVE HIM

- “aww sweetie when will you bring your bf again? he’s so sweet,caring,handsome,tall,perfe-”

- “y'all i gawdee”

- you’re low-key jealous of him though cause so!many!people!like!him

- he always gets 92893289 gifts on his bday/valentines day 

- and u just get one 

- but its gucci cause atleast its from him!!!!!

- when jaehyuns sad, he tends to cut people off and wanna be alone 

- you get that because everyone needs space

- but then he gets all clingy and whiny

- and it throws u off cause i??thought??you??wanted??to??be??alone??

- honestly dis boi is a mystery

- but he’s your mystery <3

- jaehyun loves you so much he wouldn’t trade u for anything cause he just loves u so much and suhushuhs he loves u ok

tis the end y'all

im gonna post neighbour!renjun next if i can


- emma


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*sees you need fluff; runs to the rescue* Due to cat tendencies being obtained with the miraculous, Chat finds yarn to be REALLY fascinating. So, LB brings it with her so their fans can have a ball playing with Chat. Like, they throw it and he'll catapult himself via baton and catch it. Just: LB and CN spending time with their fans. (more fluff on the way, IM GONNA PULL YOU OUT OF THE ANGST HOLE)

im looking at RogueLass’s closet and they included Empowering Amror™ for Sebastian and like it looks SO NICE but like, im crying bc his tiddies are all out he got a crop top on

he looks like the Big Bad Villain of the film just captured him and put him in something slinky so the hero would find him in sexy, sexy peril

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how do you motivate yourself to write because i've been in the longest writers block and i feel like trash.

oh my god dude lemme tell you that i am the worst procrastinator for writing

i’ve started implementing a designated writing time every day, right before i go to bed. i lay in bed and churn out a few pages ‘cause its the time that works best for me and usually the only time i have free OTL it doesnt matter how much i get done, just so long as i get SOME done ya know?

sometimes, when im really behind schedule, i just make myself write. like, throw away everything that could distract me and make sure my sister or someone is there to force me back to my notebook if i wander away. its gonna be shit and its gonna feel awful but sometimes you have to power through writer’s block. ALL of chapter nine was written with writer’s block cause it just wouldn’t go away but i had to get that damn chapter done so i had no choice. its brutal but sometimes its necessary. 

for me it’s less about motivation and more about schedule. if i’m feeling particularly inspired that day i will sit down and write outside of my allocated writing time but usually i just make myself do it even if im feeling blocked. its just gotta happen.

good luck friend! listen to some music and kick that writer’s block to the curb!

consider: threads in which james reveals a sense of emotional vulnerability, be it a sense of melancholy, anger, concern or joy. moments in which he allows a small glimpse into what sides of him hide behind the ambiguity and pretences he puts on, are something which i’d definitely wish to explore, though not without prior plotting. 

whilst he greatly opposes giving too much away and believes someone could utilise such a situation to obtain leverage over him, james is still inherently human, despite being a mutant; there’s more to him than meets the eye, and moments in which his facades slip a little, in which he’s inclined to react in such a way, be it intentional or not, are bound to happen at some point. i wish to showcase more of this realistic, human side to him, in which he becomes more expressive than usual. 

EDIT: additionally i’d also rly love 2 write him in settings where he utilises his abilities

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What kind of wedding do you think Lance and Lotor would have? Would it be one of the traditional Earth weddings or a Galran wedding? Now I'm picturing them trying to find a way to combine both traditions and it's either a huge mess or something beautiful.

Why have only one wedding when you can have two? Obviously a grand public wedding is necessary, Lotor is the crown prince and he can’t just get married without the entire empire knowing about it. 

There’s three officiants, a thousand delegates and ambassadors, and Lance isn’t even sure how he’s gonna walk in any of the four wedding dresses - ‘ceremonial robes,’ says Lotor, ‘it’s tradition!’ ‘Then why aren’t you wearing it’ he’s pretty sure Lotor is bullshitting him on this, but whatever, he can rock a damn dress anyway -  the wedding venue ends up looking more like a sold out concert, the security is insane, and Lance is so, so glad there’s an army of war-weathered wedding planners dealing with this, because ohmygod Lotor we don’t need balmera crystal centerpieces is2g, or the molten gold fountains are you serious, his life has turned into fittings and diplomacy and vetoing his dumb fiance’s outlandish ideas.

Lotor makes it rain crystal flowers anyway. He has three airships on it and Lance still isn’t sure how the prince managed to get that past him, obviously one of his wedding planners is a dirty, dirty traitor. He’ll make sure to chew them out once he stops crying bc its the most goddamn beautiful thing.

They have another, more private ceremony on earth, surrounded by Lance’s friends and family and at first Lance can’t help but feel awkward standing in the tiny house introducing his new alien husband - he’s purple for chrissakes, his mama just about had a heart attack - while Lotor eyes the chickens clucking around outside warily. After all that grandeur of the space wedding, this just really hits home how different their worlds are.

Lotor is a prince and Lance is just… Lance. But Lotor is in a borrowed sweater cautiously tasting his mama’s hot chocolate, eyes going wide ‘Lance, Lance, what is this delightful concoction, Laance’ and his sister has somehow convinced the prince to play Mario Kart and is beating the heck out of him, and the wedding is going to be in this tiny chapel, his family cooks all the food and his uncle is making the cake and his little cousins picked all the flowers out of the garden this morning (mama is gonna be pissed) and are throwing them as they make their way down the aisle. Hunk is the best man, and Pidge has insisted on being the maid of honor, his sister tried to contest this but Katie ‘we were stuck in space for years and saved the universe together’ Holt, wouldn’t have any of it, ‘im his sister’  there are two maids of honor now.

They say their vows and it’s perfect, its just absolutely perfect. Coran is crying. His mama and papa are also crying. He’s pretty sure Shiro is too. Lance has never been happier in his entire life. 

The honeymoon is in varadero beach


❝ ————if i was WHOLE i’d turn right now, i’d forget it && just walk away, cause i’ve been told that i’m dragging it out, but i’ve been d y i n g just to see your FACE. all i wanted was to say goodbye ), into the fortress && you’re stuck behind && into the silence now i realize. that after all, I BUILT the walls ). ❞

                                                           —portrayed by ale—