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@people who refuse to tag their 4th of July posts

Hello! My name’s Laura and i’m Lakota Sioux!

My family and I abstain from celebrating 4th of July every year because we’ve literally had our lands taken from us, our people brutally slaughtered and our traditions erased by the white people who brought ‘independence’ to this country, and we see it as a big middle finger to Native American people. Naturally, as such, I don’t enjoy seeing posts about this holiday. They physically make me upset, and more often than not i’ll see my mother cry because of people’s blatant disregard for our struggles. 

People tell me to shut up and not ruin their fun every year. People tell me to not be so preachy. People tell me relax. No matter how many times I try and explain that their ‘FREEDOM FUCK YEAH’ posts only apply to those of light skin, people still ignore us. 

I understand that you guys want to just have a good time, and don’t let me stop you, but please have some regard for us today. Please keep the people who’s entire existence was tarnished to make this day a thing in your minds and hearts when you’re eating apple pie and setting off fireworks.

Please just listen to us for once.

Reblog this for me, please. I want this to be heard.

Edit: If you’re coming here to harass me over this, consider going through my ‘native stuff’ tag and fact checking before you start flaunting how much you hate mixed race kids.

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Any soumako fic recommendations? I'd appreciate it!

np! ive got a couple, lol :’D 

- When The Stars Align, by astudyinwhimsy. soulmate AU, very dreamy and cute. :’) i don’t often read soulmate AUs, but this was a reaaaal good one. 

- Unnamed, by tastewithouttalent. PWP, featuring soumako one night stand and bottom!sousuke, which im personally a big fan of. great characterization, great writing, great smut, with the tiniest dash of angst to top it all off. 

- close quarters, by popnographic, aka @radiodread (<3) roommate AU with broke friends, sousuke and makoto, bein adorable sexy dorks together. a must read. 

- 404 by moeblobmegane is another soulmate AU that’s FANTASTIC. a great example of a soulmate AU done right, and it’s adorably done soumako, to just add a whole new level of perfection to it. :’) 

- Image recieved by Trashness, aka @irrevocably-delicious, is an absolutely hilARIOUS texting fic that should be a required reading for anyone who likes soumako. so good. makes me giggle just thinking about it. 

- To the flower of winter, by aesopeau, is a soumako classic that’s p much 25 chapters of pure poetry. it includes yakuza!sousuke and paramedic!makoto, and i just about die every time i so much as think about the title, it’s so good. 

- I’ve known you before…, by wheelsablaze. Another soulmate AU, but much more lowkey on the soulmate aspect of it. focuses more on the fun lil plot. remember how i said i didnt read a lot of soulmate fics? well i wasn’t lying, soumako just happens to have top-tier soulmate fics that get the better of me. anyways…. real good fic including messy makeouts and scary video games

- Ever Blue! Iwatobi Music Club, by karumello aka @karumello. super cute band AU with slow burn soumako bein high school dorks. features both of them singing, so you know im gonna lovelovelove it

- and, of course, the legendary Future Earth, Future Sky, by Inky. the soumako bible, if you will. it’s unfinished, (and probably abandoned for good, as much as it pains me to say,) but boy oh boy what a fic. 57 chapters of A level shit right there. 

Really anything by cyancandy (@roseshell ) and Miss_Murdered (@miss-m-muses) and ishka (@iskabee) is gonna be hella good. Very trust-worthy writers who leave me shook again and again. next level shit w/ them, guaranteed. you should check out their blogs too, bec i know iska and miss-m both have soumako drabbles on their tumblr and roseshell’s got a greaaaat soumako dance AU under the tag :’D

ok, that’s all im gonna say now, bec im p sure that’s more than enough and im starting to feel guilty about tagging all these people :’) sorrryyyyyy


25 Day Fall Out Boy Challenge: Day 1 - first song that you heard

↳ My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark

my favorite part about white people defending dia de los muertos appropriation is the white europeans who think they’re entitled to wear our culture just bc they celebrate a similar tradition. all saint’s day, all soul’s day is not the equivalent of day of the dead!!!!! our rituals go back 3,000 years ago and were started by the aztec people of mexico, it wasn’t until the c*lonizers came over that the holiday was watered down including the actual days they’re meant to be celebrated, which is in august not october/november. that was only done to make it coincide with the christian festivals so our ancestors’ traditions wouldn’t be seen as “sacrilegious”. also you don’t celebrate all saint’s day, all soul’s day by wearing la catrina makeup and dressing up in traditional mexican folkwear. yeah, honor your loved ones who are no longer here by visiting their graves, putting up an altar of them, etc, but stop being disgusting and excusing cultural appropriation just bc you think we /share/ a holiday. WE DON’T. A IS NOT THE SAME AS B.

so. consider. drarry buzzfeed unsolved au

a good extention of the ‘post-war draco running away to become a muggle’ trope is he starts a vlog channel, imo. if anyone is gonna!!! & he just vlogs about weird muggle shit but in such a way it reads as, like, sarcastic irony to muggles? so he has this following of people who mostly think he’s a comedy man. he’s niche but popular for being niche, like a few hundred thousand subs at the time of this au

&, so, harry crashes draco’s vlogs sometimes. they’re not dating (yet) but they are good friends who spend a lot of time together. probly this started cuz draco owled harry to ask how the fuck various muggle shit worked & in true draco malfoy fashion it was a thinly-veiled excuse to talk & this escalated into actual friendship

they’ve Talked About Shit, ofc, post-war drarry doesn’t work if they haven’t hashed out at least some stuff, so. harry’s told draco about the resurrection stone?

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“Phem, it’s 3 AM! What have you been drawing all night?”

“…uh, don’t worry about it.”

Shit, guys. Jikook looks real to me now. And I’ve never actually believed in ships. Ever. And I don’t know if I’d say they’re together, I just think they’re something.

I’ve just watched a ton of YouTube videos and the thing that makes jikook stand out (against v///min and tae///kook) is that Jungkook and Jimin actually communicate about their feelings (yes, jealousy but other stuff too). And it’s not even just to each other but to other members (about each other).

Like, I’d add gifs but I’m a loser who can’t so. Just. This is where I stand for now.

Jikook looks the realest to me so that’s what I’m gonna roll with.

~~ HAPPY (early) VALENTINES DAY!!! ~~
I Just wanna greet you all a Happy Valentines Day!! This is to all My friends,Senpais and All The People Out Their. I Might not have a valentine but hey idc My friends are ok enough for me! Im gonna start sketching some ships I adore and post em at Valentines Day… I’ll Just tag my loved ones ;3;
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look dnp aren’t Evil or Problamatic for calling the monolids “sneaky” especially since they weren’t actively making fun of asians, but their comments are a result of ingrained racism and they are offensive so they should check themselves, especially considering they’re so obsessed with anime maybe they should take a minute to learn about actual asian culture. but overreacting like this is unnecessary and stuff like this is what leads to actual problematic behaviour being pushed aside because “they didn’t do anything wrong people just like to make a big deal out of nothing”


So it’s not narnia, and not the maze runner actually haha. But I kind of started a fanfic for Teen Wolf. It’s about Liam and Theo when they’re around 11/12 maybe 13/14 years old, based on this post.

I know that people mostly follow me for narnia and tmr (obviously) but would anyone be interested in reading it? Shall I publish the first part that I’ve written? (and also, keep in mind that Im not actually a writer haha im only now starting to get back to it, so even if people want me to publish it, it might take a couple of days since i want to polish it and make it a decent writing quality)

Im gonna tag some Thiam blogs that I follow (hope you’re okay with that): @thiamtrash, @thiam-lover@thiamismyanchor, @thiamfresh, @fuckyeahthiam

Please let me know what you think in the replies, message system or by asks! (or likes, I’ll just think of likes as approval haha)

Have a great day <333


And when my time is up
Have I done enough?
Will they tell my story?

Red vs Blue & Hamilton

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I'm writing a story and I could use some help. In the story there are two friends, they're really close almost like brothers. At the end of the story the main character finds out his friend has actually been doing awful things (stalking, threatening him and people he cares about, etc.) How can I give the readers subtle hints that the one friend is obsessive/possessive of the main character And how can I write that the protagonist kind of over looks him or takes him for granted?

Okay! Becmfore i start im obviously gonna tag this one for triggwr warnings: warning for abuse. Both physical and mental. Manipulation. Isolation. And depression! Be careful guys,i dont want to harm ir trigger anyone!

Okay, do all the stuff you just told me they do; the stalking, threatening, and isolating them.but tone it down a little. Make it smaller on the paper,and larger off. It’s not uncommon for abusive traits to slip by unnoticed if you do them them a certain way. If you do these things, but play it off a bit like they are doing it to be nice. Then your character would never know. In my experience, there are a few signs of abuse that if done a certain way, can be disguised as love.

1. Control. Controlling your partners life, and their schedule down to every last detail. All the whens, whys, what’s, where’s and who. Things like planning out their weekly schedule and not letting them be around other people. There is a huge difference between “sweetheart, can you do some grocery shopping tomorrow? We are out of a couple things.” And “honey, I’m gonna have you go to the market down the street tomorrow morning at 9 am. I need you back by 11 no later. I’ve made out a list of everthing you need to get.” There’s also a difference between “I know you had plans today, but I’m not feeling well. Could you stay home with me?” And “I don’t want you to go hangout with them. You don’t need them. Stay here with me. I’ll be so hurt and lonely if you leave.” The second ones don’t have to have controlling or abusive undertones. Unless you make it clear with other abusive like actions. Their are people who like to be precise and punctual and orderly. The difference is the intention, and the build up of everything they do.

2. Isolation. A common thing in abusive relationships is for the abuser to try and isolate their partner so that they have no one to rely on but them. And isolation can be as subtle as things like “I don’t think they’re good for you. They are a bad influence on you, they’ll help you get no where in life.” Or “why are you friends with them? They have never done anything for you and look at everything you do for them.” Making the other people in their lives seem like the villains. And usually leaving the victim with no one but their abuser. Making it harder to see the relationship clearly and hard to break away.

3. Guilttrips. “I don’t know what I’d do if you ever left me. I’d probably die without you.” This is a big one. Guilt tripping someone into staying with you, making them fear what could possibly happen if they left you. This can be used really subtly as ‘what would I do without you?’ Can be dropped casually and often.

4. Need to know and often pushing the limits for that knowledge. Pushing someone out of their comfort zone just for them to admit something is a huge no-no.

5. Demanding. No longer asking for things. But expecting them and demanding them. A form of control. Demanding someone do something,demanding their attention, demanding their presence repeatedly and without the others consent or care can definitely be abusive.

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Hey, what exactly is the Adventure Zone? Is it the podcast? I really like your art of it and am curious now

it is a podcast! it’s a dungeons and dragons adventure. and it’s pretty darn great

it starts kinda tame (and by that i mean, like a good dnd adventure) but things pick up pretty fast, with foreshadowing and theories and stuff! It’s really fun to listen to but it doesnt shy away from sad n dramatic moments. ALSO LGBT CHARACTERS! WOMEN THAT KICK ASS! it’s pretty nice.

It’s hosted by the McElroy brothers+dad (Griffin, Travis, Justin and Clint), which are all becoming more and more well known lately THANK GOD. You might know them from  Monster Factory, MBMBAM, Griffin’s Amiibo Corner, Car Boys, and that’s just my favorites because honestly they just are doing too many things for me to check them all out?? but please check it all out

You can find TAZ episodes either on iTunes or here! It’s probably my favorite podcast right now. here’s two tweets I made trying to convince people to watch it

listen to the adventure zone its real good

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Yo, personally i've seen a LOT of jasper hate especially back then, hate in the tags, people getting hate anons, jasper posts getting "uhmmm shes bad and ur bad" added. I've also seen a huge garbage explosion when lapis admitted she liked hurting jasper, suddenly people tried to make lapis this pure angel who did nothing wrong, and jasper the big bad abuser and rapist. Now i dont see as much of it, bc i just started blocking everyone who was mean

yea i mean im totally not gonna deny theres shit like that cus i have seen some of those posts

i just dont know if its happening as much now

Sorry i’m so late on uploading this, I just haven’t really posted much OC on here recently and I’m trying to start doing it more. i got tagged by a bunch of people and I’m sure I’m forgetting some but the most recent lovelies to tag me were 







and possibly @thelittlefae but idk i might’ve responded to that one already 

im gonna pass it on to @dudeletsflyaway @weed-breath @kawaiidabber and @coureypie