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this is my upcoming(in august) pair :0  they are hmpk yellow koi betta!  im in love with yellow koi and cant wait to see the outcome of this spawn!! will probably have some of the fry up for sale once they are old enough, gonna try and keep the price down as much as i can, since buying online is usually SO expensive, and i’d rather people spend their money giving their fish a great life rather than just to get the fish to their door, lol

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Do you have headcannons for Jon or anyone else seeing one of gendrys and aryas little arguments? Once they're all reunited

omygoodness i love your ask thank you so much for this! (btw my headcanon involves jon just meeting gendry for the first time)

  • arya and gendry causing a fuss at the great hall because apparently, arya was eating way too fast according to gendry
  • jon freaking out deep inside while acting all cool and chill cause a boy is arguing with his lil sis and he doesn’t know whether to punch gendry or to stop arya from killing him by the looks of it
  • “oh please gendry, it’s not like im gonna choke”
  • “yeah keep talking while you eat and you might soon enough”
  • sansa smirking at the two of them because gods, these two are trying so hard to act normal with each other when something else is clearly going on and it’s adorable
  • bran thinking, yes if arya doesn’t stop talking, she might actually choke with the speed that she’s devouring that chicken
  • and bran taking a good look at gendry and approving because, “Gendry would be good for Arya, as she is to him. I know this is true, I dreamed it
  • Lem laughing at their argument with a nudge at gendry’s side while saying,“You might actually steal kisses from a princess now!”
  • arya blushing and shouting at gendry with “you stupid bull i hate you! AND SHUT UP TOM”
  • rickon hearing the commotion and smiling to himself because gendry is so in love with her sister and even though he just reunited with her, he can see despite the death glares she’s sending gendry’s way that she loves him too
  • if the way that she looks at gendry like he’s the only one at the hall isn’t proof enough, he doesn’t know anymore
  • meanwhile, hot pie’s rolling his eyes because if these two idiots start kissing again after an argument he’s gonna lose it 

mmmmmmmmmmm you know what i think im gonna archive this blog! my activity feed is all messed up, ive got a bunch of spamblogs/personals following me and im following way too many people, and i just. need to be Fresh n Clean to get it all manageable again. so ! keep ur eyes peeled and ill be moving sometime soon

so my friend told me recently to look into bipolar 2 and i have been and alot of the symptoms sound very similar to me (not saying i have it obviously im gonna go to my psychiatrist about that) .. its often misdiagnosed as unipolar depression and treated as depression w antidepressants but alot of the time they hardly work..the only antidepressant that has actually worked for me so far was trintallex which is a rly new one so they dont know tons about it. but even now after nearly a year of taking it that’s seeming to not work, only keeping my dangerous depressive symptoms at bay enough to keep me from going over the edge w dangerous behaviour….and even then that hasnt been working recently, particularly under the influence of alcohol. anyways does anyone have any experience w being misdiagnosed w depression but actually having bipolar type 2?? like i said im not gonna jump to conclusions and say that i have it, im gonna consult w professionals, but im just curious about what ppl think

hey sso i was camping these last four days and i just got back and im not sure if this is 100 percent fact but if stefan’s cancer is terminal-

Im gonna do my best to keep happy and productive and i’ll keep him in my heart and try to be hopeful but like… this is some of the worst news i’ve ever gotten in my life

idk what this post is gonna be so… have fun reading dkfjsdkfsd my heart rly just??? hurts??? from being so in love with kihyun n also im constantly worrying about him hoping he’s okay having a good day feeling okay eating okay etc etc i know he told us he’s okay and not to worry but i still?? am here worrying… i hope he doesn’t feel bad when ppl keep telling him to eat more like i know we’re all just worrying bc we care but i hope he knows ppl say those things bc they care and not bc they don’t like how he looks now or smth…. he’s so hard to read idk what he’s thinking if he’s annoyed by ppl telling him to eat more or if he feels bad or if he even takes things like that to heart like… i just hope he’s feeling happy and comfy and confident with his body and staying healthy and eating well and not overdoing himself or overworking i hope everything’s okay and that no one makes him feel bad about losing weight or keeping his abs and i hope he doesn’t feel pressured to keep them n if he does keep them he’s doing it healthily i just… godkdfjksdfsdf why am i getting so worked up over it i don’t know hes a grown man i don’t need to worry so much and i trust him  but i still….im rly dkfjsdf about to start crying as im typing this god why am i so lame dkfsjdfksjdkfjdfksdfjk

Ladrien June Day 15: Fear

flame decals!


What can a female character do without being criticised mercilessly? [insp]