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GOT7 Reaction // Their s/o tells stupid jokes.


He wouldn’t even have to cringe, he would just automatically laugh and smile at you. You were so cute to him.

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He starts giggling after he heard your terrible joke and would just hug you and squeeze you.

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he literally only laughs at your jokes so he’s your tiny hypeman. He makes that high pitched screech whenever u throw some terrible jokes at him.

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cringes super hard, your jokes are so terrible *gif*

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It would take him a second to catch on to the terrible joke you just told, but once he got it, he’d be cackling so hard,

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He probably flick you across the head cause your jokes were so bad, but then he would kiss you to make up for it.

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He would start sarcastically laughing and hyping up your terrible joke. Then he would tell you that it sucked ha!

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im gonna try my best to keep up with everything!

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~If you're gonna be a stubborn little child about this, I'll let you be the one trick pony you've always wanted to be since you cant handle criticism. Continue "writing" your shit tier characters with their shit tier "Character Development". Keep drawing what "makes you happy" because i know you're just doing it for the followers so they can emotionally validate you. And im pretty sure I dont have to deal with a shit oc like kummie cuz you'll dump her like the rest of your other ocs

oh shut the hell up, I honestly dont give two shits about what you think about me or my ocs. You could have been a sensible person and talk to me privately, talk about it like how the orginial commenter did with ‘not liking the ship’ thing (which in the end, we came to an understanding. He was honestly so surprised that he thought your comment was totally unnecessary). Instead you insult me for drawing what I like and for having ‘no personality’ ocs over a comment you honestly have no business butting your ass in. I’m just drawing for validation is literally not why I draw but okay. If that helps you sleep at night. It wasn’t about you yet you decided to add in your insult on anon.


I’m gonna be a bad boy and take the saniderm off my tattoo in the shower tonight…I think ppl usually wear it for another day or two but I also think other ppl got another piece??? Idl im just gonna make sure to keep it clean and moisturized 

me: 2 new rookies?!?! Im NEVER GETTING A BREAK

my therapist: you have to sort out your priorities because quite frankly, you’ll become drained trying to balance all of this, you cant keep giving your lo-

me: *breaks a piece of my heart off* just one second doc, lucas honey can you hand this to those 2 over there? oh and here’s some money for when your album drops so you can get me a copy thanks bby 💞💕💖 tell the other 17 members, 17 members right? yeah the other 17 members of NCT that i love them too haha ~

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I know there's people who want to call her Eleven or El, and there's people who want to call her Jane, but how about we all just wait to see what she wants to be called? She has never gotten a chance to be a normal human girl and I feel like choosing what she wants to be called is going to be a big part of adapting and actually getting to be a kid.

cool you can go ahead and wait im gonna keep calling her el because jane is no longer her name

The solarpunk!Luigi and steampunk!Mario piece from the stream today - thanks to everybody who dropped by!! took me ~7hrs not counting first sketch to finish this piece. what am I doing with my life 

Ladrien June Day 15: Fear


What can a female character do without being criticised mercilessly? [insp]

flame decals!