im just gonna go ahead

crit role rsweek day one: kima x keyleth

i like to imagine on some early mornings, kima and keyleth just meet up for drinks to talk about how much they love their girlfriends


My boy Roswell getting in trouble


  • Since he already bears such a strong resemblance, im just gonna go ahead and make them cousins *cackles*
  • If he’s in the same vicinity, he’ll drop in to tease his cousin and futilely flirt with Hina


  • reports to him in addition to his commanding officer at G-2 since Sakazuki has the unique ability to terrify him into good behavior
  • was trapped in the plaza at Marineford when meteor volcano was unleashed, was nearly killed and has been a little shaken ever since
  • constantly getting yelled at for sleeping with pirates and other criminals, and generally being a mess

i feel kinda bad saying this but like, if a character is trans could artists here please remember that? because there’s differences between dfab and dmab bodies and sometimes it gets a little old seeing art of trans characters with very obviously cis bodies

Lil Big Giveaway

(5/19/17; 5:30pm central)

So here’s an idea- what if i input every single gen1 (shiny) pokemon into a trading bot and just went from there ?
So thats what im gonna do.

Go ahead and deposit a male Salandit nicknamed NJSKGA for any generation one pokemon- level lock to 41-50 for non fully evolved mons, and 91-100 for fully evolved mons (for mons like Onix which have evolutions from different gens, level lock to 41-50- however, dont do this for mons like Poliwrath that are one of two third evos). Do not gender lock !

You can go for up to three pokemon. I will know if you take more !

(oh, and excluding Mew of course, since it is not GTS tradable)

Disclaimer: I have no idea if this is gonna work, but what the hell. may as well try it out :)


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yo idk what they're even talking about - i feel super connected to sana. i literally started this show cause i saw a gifset of sana on my dashboard; she is a great character but has been given a season that was lowkey subpar with regards to plot/arc

same!!!!!!! i’ve NEVER connected with and loved a character as much as i do sana. this sounds super cliche but IM JUST GONNA GO AHEAD AND SAY IT ANYWAYS sana bakkoush, my sana sol, the sunshine to my darkest days literally inspired me to be a better person. she is so selfless and she cares so much about others and she truly is a beautiful soul

i think that this has already been said but like i’ve heard ‘for good’ so many times i barely hear it anymore but sometimes that part where they sing their parts together switch singing roles so that elphaba sings the higher parts and glinda takes the lower, supporting notes- like they literally changed each other.

…. when you’re in a writing flow, but then come to a point where one character asks the other what they are drinking and you realize that you know nothing about beer and find yourself googling about beer, trying to find out what’s typically being served in pubs and bars in England and Wales….

On a COMPLETELY unrelated note - does anyone have a suggestion about what kind of beer Owen would drink? :D

wait what-

tbh i found this fascinating lol bcs a non-fan almost believed that theyre actually together, THUS PROVING that im not being delusional😂