im just gonna go ahead

aaaaaaaaand i’m back and i have some korrasami for you! :D

crit role rsweek day one: kima x keyleth

i like to imagine on some early mornings, kima and keyleth just meet up for drinks to talk about how much they love their girlfriends

  • Ohba: I don't believe in life after death. I believe that once you die, that's it. Death Note reflects as such.
  • Me, sliding over a $1 bill: I see your concept of Mu, but I raise you this; Light and L being gay in the afterlife together.
MP100 Character Songs

I have a really bad tendency of matching characters with songs so uh,,,, i decided to make a whole list from that!

Mob - Glassy Sky cover by AmaLee

Ritsu - Lost One’s Weeping sung by Kagamine Rin

Teru - Last Surprise from the Persona 5 Soundtrack

Shou - Wildfire sung by GUMMI

Takenaka - In the Wings by Mother Mother

Tome - Alien Alien cover by Rachie

Emi - How to be a Heartbreaker by Marina and the Diamonds

Tsubomi - This Little Girl by Cady Groves AND Take a Hint by Victoria Justice and Elizabeth Gillies

Rei - Up all Night by Owl City

Minori - Fellow Feeling by Porter Robinson

Shimazaki - Beat It by Michael Jackson

Touchirou - Jericho by Celldweller

I’m dying for putting this one on here but:

Mogami - Don’t you Dare Forget the Sun by Get Scared

the actual file name of this pic is “Jon but like George Washington Werewolf”

I don’t really like how this turned out but??? the important thing is that I tried instead of giving up, so go me. Dynamic lighting is hard :( but the only way to get better is practice.

But the most important thing is the pun.
*wipes tear* i’m so proud.

headcanons for my demisona that no one asked for lol!
  • so her name is ellie or el for short
  • (omg name reveal?? :0000 i know)
  • bc im not creative lol
  • daughter of apollo
  • since apollo is kinda an asshole shes like rly rly sweet
  • like shes naturally sweet but always makes an effort to be sweet
  • to like make sure her family doesnt go down as assholes
  • shes know that apollo was her dad for forever
  • but only recently join camp
  • and she was!!!!!!!!!!! so !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • i feel like i should describe what she looks like more
  • so she like always wear her hair up in a high ponytail
  • her hair is some dark/navy blue color
  • and its suuuuper long and wavy nd shit
  • i was literally complaining to will 
  • abt how my demisona would just be like me
  • except i have short pink hair lmao whoops!!
  • anyways
  • she wears always green camo tees and light blue jean shorts
  • exception: when she wears the camp shirts
  • cute nd curvy bab
  • loves hugs
  • ALWAYS has new music to recommend
  • birds love her (esp ravens obvi)
  • rly good w bow & arrow
  • just a giant ray of sunshine
  • (get it bc apollo rules over the sun hahahaha im funny)
  • oh also shes rly funny
  • always cracks lil sarcastic jokes and stuff
  • just likes to make ppl giggle
  • like, if u snort or wheeze or giggle at one of her jokes shes like :0 <3
  • always has lil home remedies to heal ppl when theyre sick
  • lowkey hates blood tho whoops
  • (dad is like “????? no u gotta fight ppl nd heal ppl bb girl cmon”)
  • (she just stays out of fights whenever she can)
  • basically the mom of the group always
  • she doesnt realize it but if she doesnt like you, whenever youre around her, youll sneeze a lot
  • has a knack for writing
  • weirdly good at telling if people are lying
  • like two truths one line??? she fuckin DOMINATES that shit
  • all the lil weird things abt her (ravens love her, loves music, bow n arrow, etc)
  • are because her dad rules over those things
  • but shes just like “¯\_(ツ)_/¯ idk its just been like that forever”
  • ya thats it i think
  • will made me inspired to write a lil thing about my demisona and his and pips
  • (so look out for that soon)
  • but i thot i should tell yall about her first
  • :D

real talk now if gamefreak for some godforsaken reason puts archie and maxie in another game as a cameo, not even usum im just talking a side appearance in a random future game, im gonna go ahead and consider them the closest to a canon lgbt couple they’re ever gonna give us because come the fuck on.


My boy Roswell getting in trouble


  • Since he already bears such a strong resemblance, im just gonna go ahead and make them cousins *cackles*
  • If he’s in the same vicinity, he’ll drop in to tease his cousin and futilely flirt with Hina


  • reports to him in addition to his commanding officer at G-2 since Sakazuki has the unique ability to terrify him into good behavior
  • was trapped in the plaza at Marineford when meteor volcano was unleashed, was nearly killed and has been a little shaken ever since
  • constantly getting yelled at for sleeping with pirates and other criminals, and generally being a mess

anonymous asked:

Ship your mutuals with members of exo!


@velvetchen im just gonna go ahead and ship you with jongdae because i know how much you love him😊  also you would definitely be so cute together!

@yeoleow i ship you with junmyeon!! and you love him so i think it works hahaha

@baekhyuns-wife definitely baek! though i want to keep him for myself, you’d be adorable together 💕

@btwowb i dont know who your exo bias is, but if i had to pick, i think id ship you with yixing?? idk man it’d be cute!!

@shesdreaminginoverdose im gonna say baekhyun and thats a big deal, considering the fact that i adore him so much!! but yeah, you’re too sweet and adorably perfect for him 😘

@serendipity-eve definitely jongin! i dont know why, but he’s the first one that popped into my head!

@ourlordandsaviourohsehun not just saying this because he’s your obvious bias, but i think your personality would match sehun’s so well! 

@kookiie-bear jongin!! (i know you love him)

@universedxo im gonna say kyungsoo…not really sure why but yeah!! cuteness!!

@hyunyeolx babeee you’re the only person on this list im shipping with chanyeol, and its because i just KNOW you’d be perfect together

@peachykaix a little obvious, but i ship you with your beloved baby bear jongin, i think if you ever met, it would be like an adorable instant love situation

@byunshim baekhyun!!! ive literally shipped all my bbh mutuals with bbh wow

@forexcapism can i say minseok?? imma say minseok 😄  

phew so that’s all from the top of my head, but theres still mutuals i havent mentioned!! will maybe do another? but this was fun!!