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crit role rsweek day one: kima x keyleth

i like to imagine on some early mornings, kima and keyleth just meet up for drinks to talk about how much they love their girlfriends

wait what-

tbh i found this fascinating lol bcs a non-fan almost believed that theyre actually together, THUS PROVING that im not being delusional😂

Request from @ghstczerny: Kandreil: The first time Andrew watches/tells Kevin what to do to Neil/Kevin calling Neil ‘pretty boy’ in bed

OH MAN SARAH I am so glad you sent this :D  Anyway this is like…. so filthy, so if you don’t want to read smut then…. here’s your warning: HELLA NSFW 

  • Andrew can barely handle getting touched by one person, much less two.  It takes him awhile to warm up to touching Kevin just like how he did with Neil, but they find ways to work around it in the meantime. ;) He quickly learns that he likes to step back and watch Kevin touch Neil.
  • Kevin is so much bigger than both of them—Andrew loves the way he looks hunched over to reach Neil’s lips and how his hands cup Neil’s entire face and wrap around the back of his neck to twist in his hair.
  • If they make out long enough, Kevin’s back starts to ache, (he 2 tol) so he takes to shoving Neil up against walls and dressers and lockers and anything else to eliminate the height difference.
  • The strangled gasps Neil lets out when Kevin manhandles him are a definite bonus.  (Andrew has to swallow hard every time to avoid making a noise himself)
  • One day they’re in the dorm—Andrew’s sat on the windowsill with a cigarette in his mouth, and Kevin has Neil crowded into a corner while they make out—and Andrew just casually blows smoke out the window and says “Get on the bed.”
  • Neil’s eyes go wide and he flushes from his cheeks right down below the collar of his shirt, and he and Kevin both turn to stare at Andrew, who says “yes or no?”

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You know that post that says that all superheroes with their gender in their name (Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Aqualad, Hawkman, etc.) are trans? That it's basically like a "these are my pronouns" for superheroes? Well, I just realized that that applies to the Robins too, since they go also by "Boy Wonder" or "Girl Wonder." (And since Tim went by a gender-neutral term, "Teen Wonder," sometimes too, I wonder if that means that he's nb/genderfluid.)

OH MY GOD OKAY SO I ACTUALLY THOUGHT ABOUT THIS TOO WHEN I SAW IT!! (also i love that post i need to find it again asdjgh)

all of the robins are trans!!

i have to admit i completly forgot tim went by teen wonder sometimes too but yes omg. A blessed concept to consider:

genderfluid trans boy tim (genderfluid between male and agender) 

@transoiks aaa i haven’t finished them all but heres one ;;u;; you inspire me to make The Softest art bless you for your content  💖 💖 💖 💖

i think that this has already been said but like i’ve heard ‘for good’ so many times i barely hear it anymore but sometimes that part where they sing their parts together switch singing roles so that elphaba sings the higher parts and glinda takes the lower, supporting notes- like they literally changed each other.


in other news heres this

anyway im just gonna go ahead and go back to doing what im supposed to be doing, i just wanted to get this outta my system for now. will continue later

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You know im not even gonna bother trying to explain why hating on a ship is bad and unnecessary and mean, im just gonna go ahead and block you, cuz i dont need your negativity in my tags 😊😊😊

I hope your sensitive ass cries really really hard when bug/head break up in s2

i just am gonna go ahead and say im so beyond proud of daring and i’m so glad this special didn’t treat his beast form/false destiny as a joke like i thought it would

he was coping with losing his destiny as apple’s prince by getting absorbed in himself and his good looks. he doesn’t know how else to make himself feel better, so he takes the only thing he prides himself on and focuses in on that.

and then he gets cursed, and his only source of comfort is taken from him! he feels like he literally doesn’t have any significant qualities other than the way he looks

it didn’t seem, to me at least, like his distress was “haha look hes not handsome anymore so it’s funny” it was written like something that was a real problem for him. like, him saying “without my looks, I’m nothing!” and “i need a friend” to apple showed he was hurting and he was lost.

and i don’t get why people are upset about darabella?? she was the one who helped him through accepting the way things were for him now now, and was pretty much the only person willing to consistently stick with him and talk him through things. she didn’t have to do that but she did!

AND! him offering to take faybelle’s burden! he has come so far from being just the comic relief “I’m Pretty” character and I love him i’m so glad

mod: so im just gonna go ahead and avoid these ask. this is literally a blog about LGBT ponies. you know, cartoon horses. im not looking to get really in depth with all this i just wanna have some fun you know?