im just going to sit here and

This class man

Another story from algebra. So there’s this really old really nice sub and we all love him but he’s pretty much deaf. So he walks in and is like hello class how are you and I guess this kid thought he wouldn’t hear him so he yells “SUP BITCH” to which the sub replies “hello hows your morning”. So later on he’s calling roll and gets to this kids name and the kid goes “I go by frank now” (which he doesn’t) so the sub goes “shut up jimmy” and marked this kid absent so he goes “let me clarify only mr.tyler is absent” and this kids obviously like no im here and the sub just yelled “SIT DOWN JIMMY” and anytime the kid tried to talk for the rest of class he called him jimmy and told him to shutup

heellO!! listen if anyone would like to plot somethin wild for the event, I’m here for ittt. Like let Jax take some punches bc that shit gets him going but lmao pL S
I’m gonna be at work all night until like 3am just sitting in an office reading while cleaners do their thing (sos help me) but I’ll be mobile for IMs and I also have Skype (caitcam10) on my phone so heY EVEN IF U DONT FEEL LIKE PLOTTING LETS CHAT??? 🖤🖤

Just Sitting In The Grass, Ladies… Oh Nothing Special Im Just Sitteng Down Nicely… Nothing Much Going On At Oll Here In My Lump… Well Its A Nice And Pastoral Day And There Is Nothing Whatsoever To Report

The funniest thing to me is that moment in a show when a character has just died in some tragic way, and it’s just like the saddest thing ever and everyone is bawling

Then you go backstage and they’re just sitting there scrolling through their phone because now they have nothing to do for the rest of Act 2

Dont ever forget how easly it is to loose control of meth or any other drug. One day you will be having the time of your life and the next minute your life is a disaster and drugs suddenly become the worst thing to ever happen to you. Dont let it get that far. Dont be like me. I use to have so many friends that i would use drugs with and we would have some of the greatest times. But then one day i looked around and it was like “hey where do everyone go?’” They grew up. Moved on. And now Im just here chasing the high while everyone else is making something of themselves. Its embarrassing, Being the druggie who could never walk away. Who would keep coming back here to this same, dark, depressing world. I wonder to myself when am i going to say enough is enough and its time to live life as a responsible adult. I sit and think am i going to be 30 or 40 years old still on drugs? Still making nothing of my life. Still just a fuck up. Whats it gonna take for me to stop? What do i gotta do???? I WANT A NORMAL LIFE. I think about all these things, but as im thinking im \ getting high and suddlenly all those thoughts are gone from my mind, And idc anymore, 

Although the idea of Junkrat and Roadhog joining Overwatch because it was either that or go to prison is most probable, I really like the idea of them just kinda, showing up one day. They’re just sitting in the Overwatch living room drinking tea and everyone is just like, um how the fuck did you get in here? Roadhog and Junkrat just laugh and very plainly state that they’re joining Overwatch, thank you very much. The worlds going to shit and if they can help save it by blowing up some omnics, then yeah, they’ll lend a hand. (also bounty hunters would have to be stupid to try and get to them through Overwatch, but they’re not gonna mention that part) This, as you can imagine, is met with a unanimous- Hell no. Problem is, Overwatch can’t exactly just send them off to prison at this point cause they will 100% tell the authorities that Overwatch, a technically criminal organization, is in fact still operating and they know where the base is and who their operatives are. And thanks to the grenades hooked up to Junkrat, killing them isn’t an option either. In the end, Overwatch doesn’t really have much of a choice but to let two of the world’s most wanted criminals join them. Overwatch isn’t happy about this in the slightest, but Roadhog and Junkrat? Well they think its hilarious.

Random kurotsukki quotes
  • Kuroo: hey, Tsuki, babe, watch this
  • Kuroo: *flips a glass bottle*
  • Bottle: *breaks*
  • Tsuki: OH MY GOD KUROO!!
  • Kuroo: I just wanted to look cool for you! *cries*
  • -
  • Tsuki: *walks past Kuroo*
  • Kuroo: *stares at his ass*
  • Tsuki: oh you like that? Shit comes out of there
  • Kuroo: actually, that's kinda hot
  • Tsuki: oh
  • Tsuki: OH my god
  • -
  • Tsuki: I just love it here at the training camp we share a lot of laughs
  • Also Tsuki: Fuck off Kuroo-San, I'm not going to your stupid practice match
  • -
  • Kuroo: hey Tsuki did you sit in sugar beca-
  • Tsuki: heard it
  • Kuroo: ... Ok, are those space leggings-
  • Tsuki: really?
  • Kuroo: alright, are you a flower because I'm-
  • Tsuki: haha, oh god, are you even trying?
  • Kuroo: *grunts* oh yeah? You seem a little cold, wanna use me as a blanket?
  • Tsuki: aww *puts his hand on his chest* nice try~
  • Kuroo: OH COME ON!
  • -
  • Kuroo: summer lovin! Had me a blast!!
  • Tsuki: ...
  • Kuroo: *bats eyelashes*
  • Tsuki: summer lovin, happened so fast
  • -
  • Tsuki: golly, that ice cream was sure hard to bite!
  • Kuroo: ... *smirks* you wanna know what else is hard?
  • Tsuki: don't, just don't
  • -
  • Tsuki: Kuroo, I swear to god, whisper "are you feeling it now, mr. Krabbs?" In my ear one more time and we're breaking up

consider: lance has never kissed anyone before and he really wants to and so one day hunk is just like “you can kiss me” and lance is freaking out a lil cuz he’s definitely got a crush on hunk, who just offered to KISS him and he tries to play it cool and is all “dude really?? u would do that for me??”and hunk is like “i would do anything for u bro” (that makes lance’s heart flutter like crazy!!!) 

and so they’re sitting on lance’s bed and it’s kinda awkward and lance is trying to keep himself together cuz holy moly he’s about to kiss HUNK his best friend and crush and hes just “so um…im gonna kiss you now” and hunk says “okay” and they close their eyes and lean in all slow and nervous and then their lips touch and they’re both so tentative with each other and it’s really short and soft but when lance pulls away all he can say is “wow” bc WOW he’s kind of wanted to do that forever 

then lance notices that hunk looks kinda nervous and that makes him nervous bc what if hunk thinks this is a mistake and he’s ready to suggest they just forget about this when hunk asks “do you wanna do it again?” and lance’s heart just… flies out of his chest he never thought he’d get to kiss hunk once and now he can do it TWICE?? so they kiss again and this time it lasts longer but it’s still just as soft and hunk puts a hand on lance’s cheek and lance’s heart is Out Of Control 

when they pull away they’re both looking at each other, hesitant and unsure and lance swallows his fear with a nervous laugh and says “hunk, you’re a 9 and i’m the 1 you need” and now hunk is SMILING and it’s so beautiful and lance feels So Warm when hunk just goes “lance that’s ridiculous you’re a 10″ “you’re a 10 too” and anyway please just consider… HANCE

john picked up the phone and asked sherlock where he was. he was upset like why arent you in the hospital? please. sherlock tells him to meet him somewhere, its important. john goes. sherlock looks so solemn. johns shook. he doesnt argue with him as much as he wanted to. sherlock asks if john trusts him. of course he does. of course. go sit over there then, sherlock says. he ruffles john’s hair up, pulls his collar up. john questions him but doesnt rebuff him. its silent and intimate and dark and strange in here. “why are we here?” “dont you want to know who did it?” now is when john protests- sherlock why dont you just TELL me why dont we just TELL the police? -DO YOU TRUST ME? sherlock asks. his eyes ask please. john trusts him. john trusts him completely. please just be safe, he thinks. please. then mary shows up, and he’s like, mary? what on earth is she doing here? john probably gets jealous. sherlock says marys name when he woke up. now here she is? is she on johns level that she should be here to find out too? but then sherlocks not coming out to meet her. shes on a phone with someone. john remembers the perfume. he remembers the office. he starts to feel nauseated and anxious. why DID sherlock say her name? he must be ridiculous. and then he sees the gun. and hears her say she will kill sherlock again. oh my god like oh ymg god

while im on the subject of phineas and ferb shitposts, i just want to go on the record and say that escape from phineas tower is conceptually the funniest episode ever because the whole premise is that phineas and ferb build a death trap and then program an ai to kill them and theyre like ‘ok so who wants to come in here with us’ and everyone else is like …um … no thanks .. ..  we’ll skip out on this one + they just sit fucking around like ‘so do u think phineas and ferb are dead???’ ‘… .naaah’

~*~Bath Time!~*~

Here is my list of tips and tricks for of bathy goodness. This is just what I like to do and have done in the past. Keep in mind it can all be taken with a grain of salt [literally!!]

Preparing the Bath

🛀🏻 HOT water. I find it super cleansing and sweating is really good for you. I like to sit in the bath and my face sweats and im like YEAH lets cleanse this bod inside and out. pls dont burn yourself though peeps.

🛀🏼 Oils! My go-tos are lavender + coconut oil. I do 7-10 drops of lavender and one or two spoonfuls of coconut oil. Lavender for smell and relaxation and heavenly goodness, coconut for super smoothness of skin. If you are going to use other essential oils please do your research and make sure they are skin-safe! I also generally tie up my hair to keep it out of the oiliness.

🛀🏽 Epsom salts if you got em!

🛀🏾 Candles + crystals can line the tub as desired. I usually have all the bathroom lights out + 4 candles going at the foot of the tub. dont light your towel on fire.

🛀🏿 Cup of tea on the side! I like this for the added internal + external cleanse of the bath. Hot + nourishing on the outisde and hot + nourishing on the inside.

This is what I do and think about in the bath!

💧 oh my gosh water how healing you are, how cleansing, how warming.

💧 the water and oils im sitting in are literally soaking into my skin right now. the essence of this tub is entering my body

💧 touch your body. you’re naked right? perfect. time for some self body love. tell yourself you love your legs, while touching them. “i love my little toes.” “look at how nice my hands are.” “i love my pretty/handsome face.” “my brain is so smart and quick and calm.” “i love every little hair on my body.” “i have the coolest belly button” tell yourself things that you dont instinctually believe. go after the parts that you’re self conscious about “i love my tummy” “my bum is amazing” “my arms are the perfect size” “this is my favourite flabby bit” etc.

💧 drinking the tea if you have it- the heat and intent of that tea is permeating through all your internal organs. feel the heat through your mouth, esophagus, stomach, feel it blend in with the heat from the water entering your skin. full body heaty hot heatness

💧 the other day when i was in the bath i put my forehead/third eye on the faucet and pictured the vast network of pipes around the city supplying water to everyone. I thanked the water source and sent my energy throughout the pipes to hope that everyone was using it for good and healing and nourishing ways

💧 deep deep breathing. this is cool if your chest is below the water because when you exhale it sinks down and when you inhale it rises up. you can sync this motion with a prayer, mantra, chant, intention, whatever you wish!

💧 meditation. feel the heat, listen to your heartbeat, imagine all the little water molecules full of heat energy, vibrating, sending you their little blobs of heat energy into your skin, fueling your own little internal fire

💧 my FAVOURITE thing is the end of the bath. I sit in it, sometimes cross legged or curled up in a ball with my head on my knees and unplug the drain and stay like that while the whole tub drains. I picture the water whisking away all the negative in me and draining away. It’s like a re-birth! you can slowly feel your body get heavier and heavier as the water gets lower. Keep picturing the water taking away the bad and keep thanking it for cleaning you and nourishing you and healing you. seriously, how generous of the water to not only GIVE YOU it’s nutrients and warmth and thirst quenchy goodness, but to also take away all your badness, all your negativity, all your dirt and grime and leave you revitalized. water is so selfless. water is the best. thank you water.

💧 now that you are reborn as a new human (or otherwise) you can breathe and feel the differences in your body and just marvel in the smoothness of your skin and warmth of your body and heavenly bathy feelings that just soaked into you.

💧 another thing that might be cool is to weigh yourself before and after the bath. Your weight will go up like 2 or 3 pounds after you get out of the bath, which i find super cool. PROOF that the water is literally entering your body through your skin and staying there to heal you up real nice.

The most important thing IMO:

Do what comes to you naturally. all of this stuff just came into my head at different points in bath time and felt right for me to do. meditation might help you connect with that intuitive part of you that tells you what you need. if you get an urge, follow it. if your brain/body/soul tells you to stand up and sit down a bunch of times, or to dunk your head in or to blow bubbles or to splash with your feet, DO IT! just be safe and don’t hurt yourself or light anything on fire.

🐳The End🐳

OK sorry this post got out of hand but as you can tell i really like baths and water and bath meditation. This is something i’ve been doing for a while and it all came to me kind of naturally so forgive me if it is not specifically inclined toward a perspectives or approaches that you normally adhere to. I’m open to questions n things <3


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You know that when you're lifting weights, lying on that bench thing (guys I don't know shit about gym terminology, so excuse my vague explanation here) the correct way of doing it is not moving your hips. So imagine Bucky is doing that and he keeps movings his hips, so you go and straddle his lap to get him to stop doing it 😏

I’ve actually read somewhere that if a woman sits on a man during his reps it boosts this testosterone and therefore more muscle growth.. Im just going to leave that fun fact here. 

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Sinful Sunday™

no but like okay so emeraude has been talking about this new sexuality which im betting is pansexuality, but she has said that theyve had (presumably pan) people in to give the writers advice but does that mean?? theyre going to like explain it on the show?? and discuss it like im just sitting here imaging simon talking about loving guys and gals and nonbinary pals and i just like can you believe

Smrookies Graduation today ‼🎉

i …..i can literally SENSE yuta’s debut tingling thru my buttcheeks im