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BIRTHDAY HIATUS      !  (  September 29th - October 2nd  )

All right glitter bombs  !  It’s time for me to make that one post. ( Yes I’m cheesy and made a graphic with our muses sue me ).  As some of you know it’s my birthday September 30th, and I’m going to be spending a whole 4 days with @systemctic​, who actually was with me on my last b-day as well if you’ve been following me long enough and can remember that. 

I will be driving +2 hours to get her and +2 hours to come back tomorrow and then we’re gonna be spending all the time we have doing stuff like : braiding each other’s hair, taking dumb selfies, seeing movies, eating bad food, crying about Peter’s ass and being nerds etc. etc. all the things ya girl dreams of doing tbh which means I cannot guarantee any activity on the blog other than the queue I am going to set up until the end of Sunday. This blog is often way ahead of schedule as far as the queue is concerned. I’m pretty sure that there might be a couple of off days next week while I start a queue that will run smooth ideally until the day I die, jk, kinda. I appreciate everyone’s patience with me with these 70+ threads I’m trying to keep up with somehow. 

I’ll be honest, my irl situation as of late is not that great and my mental health isn’t the greatest so I can safely say that while I want to take this hiatus and spend it with baest™, it’s a needed one too. We might pop up here once a while if we feel like it, maybe cry about the M/agnificent 7 or some random thing, who knows  ?  As much as I wanna share the b-day excitement like last year  ( it was such a blast on here  ! ),  I am not too sure if it’s healthy for me to be here at all due to the exhaustion I feel I can’t describe. I just require space even though I’ve been feeling hella spaced out lately anyway. I need to recharge my batteries.

Once I return I’m gonna change a lot of stuff here, unfollowing sprees, s/kype clear out, format change, conduct change, whatever change, you name it. I will most likely bring back the concept of ‘exclusiveness’ but that’s for another post. If you read this far and are still doing so, you are a real MVP  !  If I get any kind of b-day wish post on here  or on s/kype this Friday, I will respond to all of them after I come back Sunday evening, so I’ll see you then  !


✨Glitter Queen✨

If you're in New York

I have some art on display at Holyrad Studio with a bunch of other babes. The shows called I Play No Games and is curated by Grace Miceli for BOOMBK. It opens tomorrow!

The rsvp link is in my bio on insta or you can Google it! It’s gonna be amazing and there’s loads of really interesting screenings/art/music bits happening for it which you should check out if you haven’t heard about it.

lil announcement


um ive been getting a LOT of asks lately about ocs (like a lot) and ive read every single one of them and i appreciate them all BUT it would probably get annoying if i tried to post them all at once (i dont just want to leave them if people took the time to send me them yknow) 

so im going to be posting 5 oc-related things every SATURDAY from now on! hopefully the posting won’t be inconsistent and weird any more 

(submissions will be posted as i get them like usual - unless i get a lot at once, then i’ll queue them)

OH PS if you don’t want to see any of this stuff i’m going to be tagging it as: not character development, oc stuff, and vampires (if its about vampires)((100% of the messages in my inbox are about vampires rn and im thrilled))

Thanks for reading bye

( @poppo911​ asked for #6 and #11 from this lovely prompt post. This is #11 - “You’re going to make it. Just stay awake.” Im not sorry it’s angst central, and this ended up much longer than originally planned…)

The sound of the metal against her throat still rang in his ears. The stench of blood was thick in the air, and the pooling darkness around her made him nauseous. The more he stared, the more he shouted, the more the panic in his voice rose.

She was going quiet.
She was slipping away.
She was going to die.


He watched the slow rise and fall of her chest, the pained grimace on her face, the quickly paling skin, and the ever widening pool of blood. That damn doctor was saying something else - taunting him, pushing him. 

“Lieutenant, hang in there! Can you hear my voice?!

In his head, the list of ingredients he had had Breda collect came flooding back, the theory easy and circle already provided. He could live with whatever the Truth took in exchange for his sin, whatever price he was made to pay. He could not live without her. 

“You bastards! Lieutenant, answer me!”

The men holding him were too strong, and his shoulders screamed indignantly as he battled against them to get to her. She had never failed him; he could not let her down now. She was growing weaker as he watched, that repulsive doctor speaking once more.

“Who do we transmute? Family? A friend? A lover?”

She was all of that, she was everything. Where could he possibly start in what she meant to him? 

Her voice was so tiny, so weak, so un-Riza like that it startled him, and he wanted to weep as she spoke. He had ordered her not to die, selfishly, greedily, and even now she was clinging to that. He had burdened her with this loyalty, and again with this pain. He had put her in this whole fucked up situation, as Bradley’s assistant, as his weak point, as his bodyguard, as his conscience.

“Your precious woman is dying.”

The rage that filled him was unspeakable, and he lunged forward as the doctor’s foot made contact with her, restrained once again. How dare he touch her. The urge to incinerate the man where he stood was uncontrollable, and that fucking demented smile of his made his skin crawl.

“So what is the choice you will make? Maybe she’s dead.”

The Philosopher’s Stone glinted in the dim light as he held it up, the blood red contents calling to him. He could save her. He had to save her. A world without her was a pointless one; what was the point of rising to Fuhrer if he could not even protect her? And for one awful moment, where she didn’t move, didn’t make a sound, he was convinced she was gone, and everything was coming crashing down about him. Riza Hawkeye could not be dead.

But then her eyes met his, the pain on her face unwatchable, and that stare of hers chilled him to the bone.  It wasn’t even a plead or a beg -  it was an order. Even now, on death’s doorstep, she was giving him an order. And he heard it, loud and clear. They had years of glances and silent gestures, a language all of their own, and it was making her order clear as day.

Don’t you dare, Roy.

Damn her, in all her stubborn, indignant nature. She was asking him to keep his promise in impossible circumstances. He had never promised to walk the moral path if she was not there to guide him - that had never been part of their deal. He stared back helplessly, feeling the sweat drip from his forehead, mixing with the salty tears that stung at the corner of his eyes. No. He refused to accept this. Refused to accept that she would insist on this. He had to accept the offer, had to complete the transmutation, had to save her. 

Her eyes moved, shifting upwards, and he froze. A plan? She had a plan? She was asking for his trust, for his belief in her, to follow her. That meant forsaking her. An impossible choice, yet he knew truly he did not have one. His head hung, feeling the nausea and guilt wash over him as he spoke. To hell whether she had a plan; this was betrayal, of the very worst kind, and it would stay with him forever.

“I won’t do human transmutation.”

The next few moments were a blur of action, yet time seemed to move so slowly. It felt like hours before he was able to free himself of the binds of the men holding him, rage and adrenaline filling him as he lunged forward, incinerating the man that stood before him, his eyes fixed on her unmoving body; he had no time for this, she had no time for this.

“Out of my fucking way!”

The sight of her made his stomach turn. She was quiet, far too quiet, sheet white, her delicate frame soaked in blood. He cradled in his arms in seconds; she had never felt so small. The warmth of her blood on his hands, quickly starting to soak his gloves, contrasted so sharply with her cold skin, and the roar in his ears was growing louder as her eyes remained shut, her face unmoving. Fuck.

“Open your eyes, Lieutenant!”

Not even a flinch from her, and had it not been for the slow rise and fall of her chest, he would have believed she was gone. She was slipping through his fingers with every passing second. Letting her go for May was almost impossible, and he watched every flinch, every tiny movement, like a hawk as the young girl drew her transmutation circle, the second ticking away. This had better work. Not that he had any other choice. It wasn’t until she grimaced in pain that he let out a breath he’d been unaware he was holding, gathering her back up in his arms tightly, clinging to her. 

“I’m sorry…”

Sorry didn’t even begin to cover it. This was his fault, he had dragged her into all of this, with his naive dreams and arrogant grab for power. His lips found her ear, whispering frantic apologies over and over. Apologies for leading her here, for listening to her, for forsaking her, for not being able to heal her himself - he was unsure himself just how many he gave her. You’re going to be okay. You’re going to make it, just stay awake. Please, Riza.

”Don’t talk, just rest.”

And when her eyes slowly flickered open, unfocused as they met his own, relief flooded through him. He’d never quite noticed just how often he found himself staring into her eyes until they were not there. The fight was continuing round about them, but he couldn’t have cared less, lost in the moment of having her back.

“We’ve been together a long time, after all.”

The gentle smile that she gave him was one usually reserved for more private occasions; it did not suit the stoic, public Lt Hawkeye, so she believed anyway. It was the smile her remembered her wearing as a young woman, the one she graced him with on the odd occasion that they were alone in the office, the one he dreamed of seeing in his darkest moments. And in every moment of darkness, he reckoned she could always be his beacon of light.

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4,5 and 9 😇💕

OH boi this is going to be LONG

Why I love my bias so much

Okay…prepare for the sap…
Idk i just fell in love w jungkook the first time i saw him (bih i was 14 im almost 18 now save me from this hell) but anyways….sth abt him just made my heart go !!!! I cant describe the feeling tbh… n then i found out we’re almost the same age & that he likes to draw like me and i think that’s when i rlly fell d e e p fam
I also love his voice so so much!! He has that mysterious breathy calming voice & whenever im anxious it calms my heart and i get such a warm feeling in my tummy…..;,,,
I love his determination & how he always strives to be the best & never gives up!! He’s come so far at such a young age im so incredibly proud
I love his crooked shy smile when he gets complimented by his hyungs or when he feels awkward omfg & i love his cute little scar on his cheek
Tbh i could go on forever but i dont want this to be too long hahahaha

My favourite style/look that my bias has had

The last picture I have on my phone of my bias:

alright. since i didn’t quite word my last post properly, and taking some advice from friends and reflecting on how much goddamn effort ive put into this blog over the years ive had it: i wont be deleting it. im just going on a “indefinite hiatus”

i wont be here for a while, but i’ll be over at twitter if anyone still wants to keep in touch or see me rant about motorsports!

i’ve loved my time here the past few years, i just need a break and to refocus my energy onto other projects im doing at the current time

thanks for the love, i’ll see y’all around in the future :)

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hi hello no need to respond to this publicly i was just reading that matt/shiro post and wanted to let you know that 'spaz' is considered a slur in some places. i thought you would want to know. have a nice night my dude.

ooo i did not know this, im sorry for any discomfort that me being uninformed may have caused. the post is pretty widespread by now, but i’ll go back and edit it toooo…”dork”? that’d probably be better, and closer to the meaning i was going for. again, sorry for any offense or discomfort, i’ll be sure to phase that word out of my vocabulary! thank you for letting me know (and so nicely too!!). you have a nice night as well

hrrrrnmm im not gonna vague about this person any more than this one post but oh my god ok

1. im reblogging posts from you bc i like ur aesthetic. all my aes posts go to queue so its not like im on ur blog all the time

2. seriously youre just going to send some snarky remarks and block me? ok cool

3. i dont have a personality. its completely fabricated. idk what the is wrong with me but i dont have any personality

4. all the pixels and shit i got offline from google or pixel blogs + my desc has been formatted in bullet points for most of the 4 yrs ive been on this hell site

5. why do you fuckin care. why do you care that some 16 y/o who youve never met before has a similar blog to you. we werent even mutuals. what the fuck

( Based of Rick’s short story Vikings in Times Square )

I didn’t know i need Percy to play a kazoo but I’m so glad this is a thing

the new upd8 is wonderful and all but i was thinking

everyone involved in the fights around skaia can fly right

john rose dave jade dirk jane roxy and jake are all godtiers, hell even terezi has her jetpack

except for kanaya

kanaya we know why youre not grinning in anticipation youre about to fight the motherfucking batter witch who is floating 30 feet above you and you cant stay airborne if you tried


skinny!steve + realizing that he may have made a very bad decision (◡‿◡)

This is actually something that I drew a few days ago bUT I really wanted to draw something and I wasn’t sure what exactly and I’ve had this particular idea for a long time so I GAVE IT A SHOT AND I’M SO SO HAPPY WITH HOW IT CAME OUT.  I’ve always thought that some of Robin’s hair styles that had her braiding or doing something with the sides of her hair were really pretty (though the short style that Carinus has is my fave obvs iaeirg.)  So I just had this idea of mama Carinus braiding and pulling Lucina’s hair back in a pony tail for her one day and putting white flowers in it because she thought it looked pretty on her and Lucina would love it and (*’v`丱)☆+゜

This was so, so much fun, I think I had the most fun with her hair.  I originally had it down and then the parts of her hair that were braided pulled back but I couldn’t get it to look the way I wanted it too so I tried putting it all up and I LOVE IT SO MUCH *゜✲ฺ(✿◕ฺ ∀◕ฺ)ฺノ゜* This whole thing I just couldn’t be happier with like uGH aoerihg  Also fun fact, with the flowers, I was trying to carry over the flowers from Lucina’s (just S?) support with male Robin.  I DON’T KNOW THE FULL CONTEXT BEHIND THEM I haven’t seen their support yet but I thought mama Carinus would find them pretty on her baby girl.


I searched up ‘couple shirts’ and the top image is what I got

who knew toudou is good at tie-dying