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Elsanna Week Day Six: Heir and Spare

only one more chapter lovelies. after this im planning on finishing a couple of fics that can be finished (*coughspråketcough*). i have some ideas on my mind though they’re for a different fandom. i will not abandon my stories but im also super lazy :)

The first thing Anna did when she got home was mull.

She had plenty of time on the train, but this was different. She just sat on her living room couch and thought. It could be ten minutes or it could be an hour. Either way, by the time her mind finished running through everything she did today – and running through everything Elsa did since they had met – she was hungry and angry. She could only imagine Elsa felt the same.

Elsa did not feel the same. She wasn’t hungry. In fact, she didn’t really have an appetite at all. And she certainly wasn’t angry. Sad, or heartbroken, would have been better words to describe how she felt.

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a doodle in tribute to the original otp back before I got into ks. my deviantart is full of them. I was looking at zukos clothes to base off my ks atla au and the feels came back that atla au got me tho i have a whole story in my head with kakashi and sakura sighhhhhhhh all my ships aren’t canon but at least theyre also all perfect.

I was just abt to read some zutara fics but then I realized I didnt feel like crying today. THEY WERE PERFECT HOW CAN THEY NOT BE CANON????. they are like the narusaku of naruto,except I like zutara better tbh,like so many hints and almosts like wtf why why why
Malec Headcannon.

Magnus hugs Alec all the time. Lazy hugs during morning, a lovely hug when they are on the kitchen, a hug before the shadowhunter goes to the institute, even when he is dirty from his nights fighting demons, Magnus just love to hug Alec. To feel the boy in his arms. Safe and sound. And his only. There is a feeling that can’t be replaced and the warlock just can’t name it.

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idk if it was a mistake or not but you just liked my "i feel like i was productive" post right now and im??? SHAKIN' man i really was productive if u liked it sbfksdfkdfks (im 100% aware that youre gonna know who i am if u liked it on purpose) but yeah i just came to say thanks for supporting my non-lazy-today-will-go-back-to-being-lazy-tomorrow ass and its posts thanks youre the best

the fact that you still send me anon asks is so endearing :’) 

of course it wasn’t a mistake!! I go through my favorite blogs from time to time to get stuff for my queue and your post was very cute. You are hardworking and you deserve lots of love! <3