im just farting in this tags idk

MBTI Types Nightblogging

(as nightblogged by an unstable ENFJ at 3 a.m.) 

INTP: wtf free will is an illusion

ESFJ: so sad :’( Wish He Understood

ENFJ: *months deep into someone’s personal blog* 

ENTP: But Have You Considered the Bees


ESFP omg guys guys what if trees have feelings im already vegetarian idk what 2 do

ESTP: hahaha kisses sounds like farts we r all farting

INTJ: *psychadelic nietzsche gifs with illuminati every 5th frame*

INFJ: *super angsty poetry* if anyone is up feel free to IM me even if we dont have mutuals!!!!

INFP: *INCOHERENT SOCIAL JUSTICE RANT* gah will probs delete 2moro *doesn’t*

ISFP: fml i dont know wut im doing with my life :’) *actually deletes the next morning* 

ESTJ: im just so tired of “certain” ppl and their shit jk not just ppl jessica this is u u ho

ISFJ: *reblogs aesthetic posts, puts life story in tags* 

ENTJ: god ppl can be so dumb sometimes. -15 min- enough said -15 min- ALRIGHT IT’S TOTALLY MY ENGLISH TEACHER WHAT A BITCH *1500 word rant* 

ISTP: u up? ;) 

ISTJ: *doesn’t nightblog, is asleep fuck all of you get some fucking rest ok acts superior when they aren’t dead tomorrow rightfully so tbh*