im just excited for the movie

i have some thoughts about this photo that is apparently from josh’s twitter. these are my thoughts: hunk looks terrified, lance looks overjoyed, and keith just looks bored?? what is going ON in that movie

Just got back from Power Rangers (2017) and Im


“Boyfriend trouble?”
“…Yeah. Boyfriend trouble”
“…Girlfriend trouble?”


Also Jason’s dad probably called him a ‘screw up’ because that sounded pretty repeated to me

Please protect all versions of Billy Cranston, whether movie version or 90’s. THE WAY HE CLAPS WHEN EXCITED WAS SO PURE.

Rita Repulsa was also FUCKING TERRIFYING. Reminder Rita is not a dentist.

Sequels are coming. I can feel it. But how tf would Tommy even appear without the green power coin tho.

Anyways I’m dead. 10/10.

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Just to add to the excitement if the predictions are true the next Dunkirk trailer will premiere in front of GOTG2 which is in just a little over 3 weeks!!!

I think…. I think the guy I’ve been crushing on since the 1st grade just asked me out on a date..? 
But when he asked to hang out I didn’t.. know…he actually said ‘movie date’??
But then he texted me telling me he was so excited I said yes??

………… this real???

Yall im freaking out...

@netflix just made my night… 13 Reasons why was my favorite book growing up i was 12 when i first read it… and it was the reason i became a bookworm… i never expected it to become a movie or a series cuz i didnt know it was that popular… but it is and im excited…

The rush of nostalgia i just got was intense

Bangtan reaction to being your first kiss

Kim Seokjin

You had told Jin when you first started dating that you had never kissed anyone and he didn’t seem to mind. “I’m ready when you are” he would say. But when it came time to actually kiss you he acted like it was his own first. He stuttered and was all flustered. “Did you like it?”

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Min Yoongi

Yoongi would be really calm about the situation. He did care if you had kissed everybody or nobody. But he would be happy that his was your first. While you were watching a movie together he just leaded over you taking you lips with his. He couldn’t help but laugh at your cute shocked expression. “You’re to cute jagi.”

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Jung Hoseok

Hoseok would be really excited that he got to be your first. He would be over the moon that he got to kiss such an amazing person that really liked. When the time came he lean in and captured you lips. “OH MY GOD I JUST WANT TO SAY THANK YOU AND IM SO HAPPY THAT GOT BE YOUR FIRST AND-” 

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Kim Namjoon

Namjoon would be surprised that you have never had your first kiss but he wouldn’t mind. He cares about you a lot, but is exited to steal some innocence from you. “So, if that’s a first, I guess there’s a lot of other new things to try then.”

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Park Jimin

Jimin would be super flirty with you when he found out that you have never been kissed before. Stealing it right then just so he could make sure that he was your first. “Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of you jagi.”

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Kim Taehyung

Taehyung would also be excited that you trusted him enough to take your first kiss. (But not as excited as hobi) He would make sure that it was perfect planed, but when things didn’t go as planed he got whiny. “Nooooo jagi! You weren’t supposed to be there and-” Before he could finished you shut him up with a kiss. 

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Jeon Jungkook

Jungkook would be shy about it because it was his first kiss too. He’d make sure that he didn’t make you feel weird or anything like that. When it came time to do it he was really nervous. “I’m sorry if it’s not perfect, it’s may first time to and I don’t know-” 

“Jungkook just shut up and kiss me” You’d say leaning in to kiss him.

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you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so excited i just watched an irish sapphic film!!! it’s called “a date for mad mary” and it’s got a happy ending!! also very strong accents so if you are not irish you may need subtitles. Seriously though what better day to watch an Irish movie than the 17th of march. Here’s to a Very Gay St Patrick’s Day!!

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Disney Manga Beauty & Beast GN Box Set LTD ED 

“We’re excited to announce our upcoming two part manga to accompany Disney’s Beauty and the Beast live action movie coming out in 2017! With BOOK ONE telling Belle’s version of events and BOOK TWO from the Beast’s perspective. This slipcase combines the two volumes of Beauty and the Beast as well as a mini poster, perfect for collectors. “ 

I JUST PRE-ORDER the box set from Barnes & Noble!!! <3 IM SO EXCITED I’m mostly~ excited for the Beast’s book….. Give me any book from the Beasts POV and I’m all about it!

Pre-order of the box set (~20$) and individual copies (~8$ each) are available through Barnes & Noble and Amazon (and I’m sure other bookstore’s websites like Books-A-Million).

okay but fucking listen!!!!! tony taking away the suit just shows how peter is still trying to fucking learn how to be a superhero!!!!! and deal with his abilities!!!!!! we never got that with the other spiderman’s!!!! they knew immediately what to do in like a week!! seeing peter struggle and still trying to be the best that he could be, just proves that this the spiderman we’ve needed since the beginning!!! bless the mcu for fighting so fucking hard for this. it’s also a plus that we are graced with tom holland who gives so much back to the fans and is as excited for the movie as we are!!!! it’s a dream come true and i’m happy i’m here to enjoy this!!!! we finally have our A+ spidey and i love him so much already!!!! 

what it (might) be like to date Tom Holland

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  • he is incredible strict on tea, “no, no, no. that’s too much milk!!” “it’s not strong enough, leave it in for three minutes!!” 
  • laying in bed together, facing each other as his hand cards through your hair trying out different nicknames : “how about…..cupcake? dandelion? pancakes? cutie pie, sugar bunch, honey bunch of oats”….it goes on for hours unless you get distracted or fall asleep
  • “if we ever get a house together can we let harrison have a room?”
  • he’s used to getting up early for work outs so he wakes you for class or work or just to say good morning after he’s freshly showered and his hair is still damp and all curly
  • sometimes he gets a little insecure about his height so you place kisses along his neck, assuring him
  • when he gets excited he talks really fast and his accent gets thicker and he looks at you all wide eyed and smiley
  • “i’ve met him” he says whenever you’re watching a movie and an actor he’s crossed paths comes on screen
  • “ah, darlin’” he coos whenever you’re sad or upset or even just because he wants to say it
  • he talks to you in that cute lil voice he uses sometimes during interviews (i’m talking about the voice he uses when saying ‘im really good at the diet’)
  • mimicking your accent in stories about you or just to annoy you
  • loads and loads of pictures of you two occupy his camera roll, his favorite is one of the two of you laying in bed, being goofy
  • stealing those cute lil plaid pajama pants he has because they’re cosy
  • begging him to dance but them roasting him once he does because he’s actually a drunk dad at a wedding with a fedora. 

Big Hero 6 parallels

the most important news in the entire 26 minutes of the HnT video: details are vague so far, but sometime this summer, there is going to be a collaboration project between Aikatsu and Aikatsu Stars!! the aistars anime’s producer said they are planning something not just for the arcade game, but for the anime too…! ✨

if I had to guess… it might be an aistars movie with an aikatsu segment and an arcade tie-in, just like last year’s movie (which did come out in summer).

/// -insert loud screaming and tears-

IT IS DONE. to quote Jesus. I have submitted my Nursing application and it is now waiting time. I can’t breathe. I am relieved and yet totally terrified. Ohdeargod. I’m done. I’mma just lurk a little…won’t be doing anything tonight but watching movies/clips and eating Cherry Garcia icecream cause im strugglin here people. 


im excited for this semester to end because one of my professors has been increasing the amount of spectacularly sexist things he says each week and if i hear him defend himself by citing 1930′s movies or using the phrase “it’s just logical” one more time im gonna throw down in the middle of class