im just done with this drawing

poses from imagination to practice what i (hopefully) learned and commit it to memory QAQ

top half (lighter purple) was from may, I drew scribbles and forced em into a pose, so they came out kinda stretched & funky looking lol

bottom half was from june where i was trying to figure out what i need to study next (x’s are there to mark the areas where i was having trouble/getting confused and frustrated) also I invented a pose and then tried to draw the same pose from two other angles OH MAN it was SO HARD  LIKE you WOuLD nOT BElieVE but very very helpful; I’m gonna def keep doing that exercise

just-yummy-pancake  asked:

Nu overwork self because it lead to stres and migraien and both not good so have a good nice cuppa tea like a british with two sugars (ALSO IM JUST HERE TO SAY LIKE, KEEP IT UP YO, YOU DOIN GREAT AND I THINK I MAY HAVE A TREND WITH LIKE, GIVING SOMEWHAT HELPFUL/CHEER-UP/GOOD-FEEL MESSAGES TO ARTISTS THAT ARE REALLY STRANGE AND/OR LONG, I DUNNO!). ((also liek you art~))

Mod: I have overdue commissions I seriously need to get done because it’s not like I have the money in my PayPal right now to pay them all back. So like.. yeah.. don’t have time to really draw with all this babysitting.

Honestly I want to flat out quit because I only meant to babysit until I had the money to go to New York. I went to New York. So why the hell am I still babysitting? Because my brother took advantage of the fact that I was available and made me out as his permanent babysitter.

I only get paid $100 a week. FOR 3 KIDS. He doesn’t even leave me money to feed them. I have to pay out of my own pocket to feed them. Do you think that’s fair? No. It’s really not. It’s not fair at all. I barely sleep as is. I just can’t. They’re not my kids, man. I’m their aunt. I talked to my brother about paying me more already. He promises to. And just gives me the same amount. Am I suppose to not complain because he pays my phone bill and is helping me pay for my own birthday party?

But how can I just quit though? This is my only source of income right now. I put in other applications for real jobs. I never got them. So yeah.. this is what I’m left with. My brother’s permanent nanny..

I kinda want to go cry now


my animation final!!!! or you know the bare basics to pass

audio from prozd

I haven’t animated in so long??

the new taz ep was really fucking good and emotional I almost cried and this is what I’ve decided to draw to express that

So i decided to cosplay Sniper!Lance instead of generic 100% cannon Lance since I’m…really weak for the sniper lance thing. So I decided to design the gun! I’m probably gonna stick with this design unless you guys have feedback ;v; (which i would love to hear omg…..)  
I probably won’t be making this until the end of october tbh. 


“h.. Thanks.”

“You’re welcome.”


I saw this lovely comic by Max, and I thought I should add a little something of my own.

They get gold rings, eventually.


did some facial ref practice with the vento aureo gang also @ davidpro part 5 when????