im just doing homework

son of man


and when the lights start flashing like a photobooth
and the stars exploding
we’ll be fireproof

—troye sivan “youth” / © hoshi majoo

im literally fuckgu ncrying because im tryign to do my homework btu i just realized  that that gif i ahev of the white kinkster in an oversizzed suit trying to whip his belt on his bed loosk like genji pressign e to deflect

He be shoppin for Killy in Killy’s clothes (aka buying a store’s worth of chocorobos for his boyfriend) 

[IM SUPER SORRY FOR NOT POSTING IN AGES!! I have been really busy with band practice and then track and doing field events until around 6pm so ive just been super extra exhausted lately. (also im not sure if i drew Killua’s shirt right, I had like 30 mins to draw smthn so I couldnt really pull up a ref aaaaa)]. 

au where everything is the same except im a responsible human being


@klanced you called?

also don’t look at it too hard cos the more you do the more you realize how much I screwed this up

anonymous asked:

Melchior Gabor insists that all colors of fruit snack taste the same then complains when he gets an all orange pack

“You’re just mad because you don’t like orange, Melchi.”
“Shut up.”

Dating Diana Prince Would Include...

anon ask : can you do what dating diana prince would be like?? i really liked your malia tate headcannons so much!! 

 [A/N] : aww im glad you liked it!! i just finished doing my chemistry homework and im in a good mood bc i got an A for it sooo here ya gooo!! (this was supposed to be posted tomorrow but im in a good mood) 

how does one obtain a diana prince in their life 

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  • the first time she saw you she nearly fainted mostly because she lived on an island full of women and she never felt this way before?? 
  • the only time she felt like this was with Steve after he died 
  • she thought that she wouldn’t ever feel that way again but then she saw you and wow?? 
  • you didn’t even look that nice in fact you were a mess 
  • you worked at the louvre too 
  • you were carrying stacks of papers 
  • while struggling from dropping them you accidentally knocked down a very expensive vase 
  • diana caught it in time 
  • the vase was covering your face so she lowered it down 
  • and then she saw you apologizing over and over again with a blush on your cheeks 
  • she dropped the vase

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