im just dead look at that princess ):

I had some free time and so I drew some Shallura.I don’t know why did i draw these crystals around them but… why not :) 

And yeah,I always wanted to draw space.

P.S: Please do not copy my drawings.Thank you ^^

How I Have You

Title: How I Have You

Read the drabble leading up to this: How I Want You   

Pairing: Demon!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 543

Smut Appreciation Day 2017

You heard the sound of his belt being undone and clothes hitting the floor. The bed dipped as he crawled between your legs.

“Well right now, I’m going to have you how I want you, when I want you.”

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ok so could you write a scenario about a fem s/o teasing deidara about looking like a princess and playfully picking him up bridal style its 9am and i just pulled an all nighter bc finals help im dead inside

Heyyy x aww this is super cute! I hope you’re okay? I’m sure you’re going to do sooo well! Stay healthy and happy! My thoughts are with you and anyone else doing finals <3 xx Hope this is okay x


Deidara sighed at the sound of his girlfriend’s voice. It was high pitched and child-like which only meant one thing. 

She was teasing him. 

“What is it Y/N?” Deidara yawned as Y/N plopped down on the sofa he was currently lounging on. Y/N began to twirl locks of his blonde hair around her finger which Deidara couldn’t resist but relax into. Usually the culprit who dared to touch his hair would be dead by now but how could he resist the gentle touch of his beloved. 

“Your hair is so pretty!” Y/N smiled sweetly and Deidara’s eyebrow twitched in annoyance. 

“…Y/N” Deidara warned, but it unfortunately fell on deaf ears.  

“You’re like a princess!” Y/N squealed and Deidara jumped up, pointing an accusing finger at his smirking girlfriend. 

“Dammit I’m not a princess, I’m a man! You’re as bad as Hidan! Men can have long hair too hn!” 

Y/N slowly walked over to Deidara, an innocent smile still plastered on her face. 

“Aw the princess is grumpy today! Better take her to her room!” Before Deidara could react Y/N’s arm collided with the back of his legs in an attempt to carry him bridal style. As he felt himself being lifted from the ground he began to protest and wiggle which caused Y/N to let go of him. On instinct he grabbed her for support, causing them both to end up in a jumble of limbs on the floor.  

In the process of falling Deidara had wrapped his arm around Y/N and cradled her to his chest so he’d take most of the damage from the fall. This was her fault and she’d teased him but he’d never allow any harm to come to her. No way in hell. 

Y/N was about to scold Deidara for wiggling around like that when she heard him groan in pain. Realising that she may have actually hurt her boyfriend tears began to pool in her eyes. 

“Deidara! Are you okay!? I’m so sorry! I’ll never try to carry you or call you princess again! Just please be okay!” Y/N cried but then stopped as she heard Deidara chuckle from under her. 

“Jeez Y/N relax! I’ve had worst than this!” Deidara smirked as his girlfriend sighed in relief. 

“Sorry…Princess.” Deidara pouted but then blushed as Y/N kissed his cheek affectionately. 

“You’re lucky I love you hn.”   

Thanks! x

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A life without them ***SPOILERS***

Carl Grimes Imagine!
A/N: This is based off of S7E1 and i just had this idea in my head for a while. I wrote it like two days ago but Tumblr decided to delete everything so i had to start over >:[ p.s: contains spoilers, so obviously don’t read if you havent seen the episode.
Triggers: blood. gore?? death

This is what i get for wanting to tag along. I was currently sitting in the line-up, between Rick and Sasha. Negan smiles as he walks by. My eyes wander to the bat covered in barbed wire resting on his shoulder. He holds it up for all of us to see. “This… this is Lucille. And she is awesome.” he chuckles. I glare at him. He then turns his head to look at me. “All this, all this just so we can pick out which one of you gets the honor.” He points the bat each of us. I look over at my boyfriend, Carl, fear evident in my eyes. He looks at me with a somewhat reassuring smile. Though i know he’s scared. Maybe more than me. “What are you two lookin’ at?” We turn our heads to see Negan staring at us. He stalks over in front of Carl. He studies him for a moment before turning to Rick. “This is your kid, right?” He roars with laughter. “This is definitely your kid” Carl risks a glance at me. Unfortunately, that was the wrong move.

Negan looks over at me. A smile creeps it’s way onto his face. Rick takes my hand in his and gives it a reassuring squeeze. “And i’m assuming this is his little princess?” He laughs. “JUST STOP THIS!” Rick yells next to me. “HEY” Negan says pointing the bat at Rick. “Do not make me kill the little future serial killer” He says pointing the bat just centimeters away from my face. “or her lover.” He points the bat towards Carl. “Don’t make it easy on me. I gotta pick somebody. Everybody’s at the table waiting for me to order.” Negan says then looks back at me. He smirks. “I got an idea.”

He grabs me by the arm and pulls me to my feet. Rick’s hand is yanked from mine. Negan drags me to the center. He whistles, and suddenly, the group, my family, all have guns to the back of their heads. “You, pretty little lady, are gonna choose who gets to meet my girl Lucille.” He smirks. Negan grips my arm so hard i’ll surely have a bruise. But i’m not to concerned about that right now.

Panic. Panic. Panic.
I can’t do it.
“Now i’m gonna give you 10 seconds, or i’ll have my boys blow every single one of their heads off.” Negan smiles like he just said the funniest thing ever.
I don’t know what to do.
I’m shaking now.
I can’t.
Negan’s voice gets louder and louder.
I can’t.
He’s yelling now.
I can’t let any of them die.
I can’t.
“Times up sweetheart.”
I won’t.
I hear the guns click.
And everything goes silent.

A smile slowly grows on Negan’s face. “Brave princess.” He chuckles. I look at Daryl. The man who i’ve looked up to as a brother. He looks at me with so much fear and sadness in his eyes. I look at Rick, he was like a father to me. He meets my eyes and i know he’s breaking. He can’t watch his people die. I look at Carl. My love. My everything. He looks back at me with sonething i cant quite make out. Anger? Like he’s mad i could even think of making this choice. Sadness? Like maybe he’s about to lose it all. Understanding? Like he knows i couldn’t live with anyone dying for me. One by one, i look at everyone in the group.

I look at Glenn. He’s crying. So are Maggie and Rosita. I glance at Abraham, who looks like hes about to explode. I finally turn back to Negan and give him a small nod. At first, i don’t think he notices, but then he chuckles again. “Time to go, princess.” He smiles and raises that bat over his head. I don’t close my eyes. I don’t flinch. I just wait. I wait for the skull crushing pain. But it never comes. “STOP. Take me instead” i hear a voice say. I really hope it’s not who i think it is. It’s not. I look over at Abraham, who’s eyes are full of rebellion. Negan roars with laughter. “Looking out for the princess, huh?”

Abraham clenches his jaw. “Well if you insist” Negan says and i instantly step up. “No please, don’t kill him.” I beg. Negan just laughs at me. “NO! No please, please don’t kill him. Kill me instead please.” Negan chuckles. “No, im gonna bash his skull in, and you’re gonna watch.” One if Negan’s men grab me by the arms and drag me to wear Abraham was. “You gotta get used to the real world, princess. So, you close your eyes, you look away, ill bring this bat down on another one if y'all’s head so fast you wont know what happened til they’re dead.” Negan says. I look at Abraham, who gives me a small nod. My lip trembles and i look at Daryl who has literal murder in his eyes. “Anybody moves, anybody says anything, cut the boy’s other eye out and feed it to his father and then we’ll start. You can breathe, you can blink, you can cry. Hell, you’re all gonna be doing that.”
Negan says and before i can react, brings the bat down in Abraham’s head. Hard. I flinch, but i don’t look away. The bat comes away bloody. Abraham looks back up at Negan with defiance.
“Ho! Ho! Look at that! Taking it like a champ!” Negan laughs. Abraham glares at him. “Suck. My. Nuts.” He says. That’s when i knew it was all over. “Damn” Negan says and brings the bat down on Abraham’s head again. Over and over and over again. All i can do is stare.

When he’s done, Negan gets right up in my face. “Get the picture, sweetheart?” He says to me. That’s when Daryl loses it and shoves me out of the way, then punches Negan in the face. At least 4 men including the one that was holding me tackle Daryl. Negan just laughs. He then uses the end of the bat to hit Daryl in the stomach a few times. “Take him to the truck. We got ourselves a fighter.” He says. “Listen, i don’t tolerate any of that, and i need you all to know me.” He says before turning and smashing his bat onto Glenn’s head.“ Someone screamed. It’s takes me a few seconds to realize it was me. The bat comes away with blood and flesh hanging off of it.

The rest goes by in a blur. Negan taking Rick. Almost forcing him to cut Carl’s arm off. I knew i couldn’t freak out. So i sat there. Numb.
By the time Negan’s crew left itwas morning. No one says anything. No one moves. Thats when i lose it. I start bawling, not being able to breathe. Carl crawls over to me and cradles me in his arms. “Shh baby its ok. We’ll be ok” He says gently. I don’t have to look up to know everyone is watching. But i really don’t care. “It’s all my fault.” I mumble. “No, no i promise it’s not.” Carl says after a second. “Yes it is! If Negan would’ve just killed me this could’ve been over! Abraham wouldn’t have died! Maybe even Glenn would still be alive! This is all my fault!” I scream. “No, no Abraham made his choice for you, and you has nothing to do with Glenn.” Carl says reassuringly. I bury my head in his chest and sob uncontrollably for the next 10 minutes. I don’t look up, but i know they moved the bodies.

Maybe i could’ve saved them. This is all my fault. I should’ve died, not them. I cry, until i slowly feel myself fade into unconsciousness with only one thought on my mind.

These people are my family. Death doesn’t scare me. A life without them does.

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ok but thats so weird that another anon said the thing about tom calling u princess bc i dead ass thought of that too today like..... im p sure i don't have any legit kinks buuuuuut if a boy (*cough cough* tom ) were to call me that i would just N*T RIGHT THERE

Lolol pretty sure if Tom so much as looked at me I’d nut right there

Flizzy Files Pt. 9

gotta give yall the backstory so yall get it

aiight so my mans had the hookup on plane tickets he was like just give him 100 and he’ll get me a round trip ticket to miami for memorial day weekend so im like aiight

so its just me and him  we book separate rooms cause we pretty much going down there to get vacation box no clubbing no drinking we on a mission

so we land we had late flights landed at like 10 at night so we check in immediately hit the streets looking for shawties to bring back to the hotel

we spot these 2 girls they gawjusss natural hair wearing tiny shorts sweat glistening off they thighss so we flirting with them or whatever running mad game and they asking us mad questions like aww yall local.. yall came down here alone ?  yall got money ? we telling them whatever they wanna hear told them our pops own a couple big clubs on the east coast

the one im talking too we vibing lol we hugging she got her finger in the waist of my shorts so i whisper in her ear “how about we grab a bite to eat then maybe we can go lay down and i can grab up and bite on u;)” she like that was cuteeeee she like how about we skip the meal and i snack on u .. im like worddd then she asks her homegirl who flirting with my other man if shes down she say yeah so they like lets go

so me an my man look at each other like

we in thereeee

so they make a call like we at hotel “blah blah blah in room 317”

so im like cool they playing it safe incase we crazy no problem let your friends know where u at

so we get up to the room he take his girl to his room i take mines to mine we do that fronting sit on the edge of the bed fake watch tv stuff like we dont know what we tryna doo so i look at her like i wanna feel your lips then we kiss and start getting into it like 3-4 mins later i hear a knock at the door shes like ill get it

i see my homie coming to the door with his pants around his ankles and his hands up

im like

fuck is u doing then i see 3 dudes come behind him in northface jackets with bandanas over they face im like if u own a northface in hot ass miami these niggas is bout that life

im like oh hell nah

the girls is scared too so i thought nothing of it theres this one dude like where the money at im like “is yall strapped?"  this dude had the audacity to show me some brass knuckles

im like

im like "but is yall strapped?”

if u think u gon rob me with some brassknucks u lost your damn mind so im like we could fight it out

one dude in the back like “lets just go im scared, we gon get caught”

but he sounded like a gay bottom fresh out of atl

then one of the girls goes damn jay shut the fuck up

so im like hold up she know his name

so i start peeping the setup

i start peeping the dudes assesing the threat.. under them heavy jackets one got on leggings and one got on some Angela Vanessa simmons pastry sneakers i knew cause my sister had a pair like that so im like hold up yall gon try to rob me in leggings  im like hell nah i start realizing they a little on the fruity side im just get out and we gon let yall live they start talking bout how give us the money or they gon kill us

so i assess the threat

point 1: they dont got guns

point 2: they all gay so i didnt think they could beat me (lol this was 2 years ago before tumblr dont hit me with all that gaymisogony anger im telling yall how i felt at the time lol)

point 3: he wearing leggings

point 4: he wearing leggings

so im like fuck it i walk up punch the dude with the brass knucks dead in the jaw he falls down other dude start swinging im just rocking him and throwing him into the wall and shit hes like “oh my god princess help” i guess thats the dude in the leggings he came forward my man started washing him up the girls tryna jump on our back we fucking the hotel room up then i guess someone called security they came broke everything up told us to get our stuff we getting kicked out talking bout they charging our cards once they assess the damages and we gotta leave so we leave

we looking for another hotel everything booked cause its a busy weekend we like fuck caught a cab back to the airport and slept on the airport floor

thats pretty much it lol, we couldnt find anywhere to stay so we flew back home

and i did what any real nigga would do.. i called my card company and told them i lost my card and to cancel it.. cause they wasnt finna charge  me for that flat screen, the hole in the wall and that broken mirror fuck i look like



(now kids its very wrong to download games you dont own shhh)


no but enjoy this because it is the BEST RENDERED graphic i have seen so far

from now on everything is deeply disturbing you have been warned

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With how fucking depressing you look right now, I’d dare you to tell me something fun you’ve managed to get yourself into since the time I’ve been in New York – if there even is anything you did worthy enough to mention. I mean, do you just like to plant yourself like a constipated grandma in that position as a little past time when you’re bored? You can rest when you’re dead, princess. If you want to get out of here, let’s fucking go and start havoc. – Or move because you’re in my way if you’re not up to do anything.