im just curious to see who would take these even though they are failures in my eyes

Peter Pan Imagine: Happy Valentine's Day Part 1/? (OUAT)

A/N: I am terribly sorry that this took so long and that I went a little crazy with this. I may have tweaked with it a little but I do hope that you enjoy this because I had so much fun writing it. It may have to be two or three parts though! Thank you!Sorry for any grammatical errors. Prompt: Any prompt? Hmmm, how about maybe y/n finds out away from neverland its nearing valentines day and she tells all of the curious lost boys about the customs and what happens and so on and little does she know uninterested peter is actually planning that when it does become v day (off of neverland) peter takes her on a fluffy romantic date and OMG MUCH FLUFF CX (im a hopeless romantic sorrynotsorry) Warnings: Mass amounts of fluff and even more fluff

(y/n) POV: I didn’t want to wake up but I knew I had to. My hair was tangled and I had a bit of a headache. Nothing a drink of water wouldn’t be able to fix. I groggily climbed out of the bed, tossing the covers completely off of the bed. Walking to the bathroom, I looked at the calender I made when I arrived in Neverland. I wanted to know what day it was and what was special about those dates. It was Feburary 12. I squealed, jumping up and down. “I need to tell the boys!” I said to myself as I quickly made myself presentable. I ran out of the tent running over to all the boys. I ran over to Felix who was looking half asleep. I felt the excitment flowing through my veins. “Felix!” I yelled, leading him to snap up, “It’s Feburary 12!” I ploped down next to him. “What’s so special about today?” he asked, looking quite annoyed yet interested at the same time. “It means that there is only two more days until Valentine’s Day!” Everyone turned, blurting out questions of this day. I looked across the boys to see Pan, looking uninterested as usual. Why can’t he be interested in anything? If he was he’d know how I felt, not that he would ever feel the same. I sighed, continuing with the subject. “What’s a Valetine’s day?” they asked, cocking their heads to the side and raisng eyebrows. Of course they didn’t look as hot as Peter did when he did that. I could tell he was still listening to our conversation. “Well Valentine’s day is a wonderful day where you express your love to the person you love.” I started, only imagining what it would be like. “Like a kiss?” one of them asked. “Well that’s one thing that you do. But, you also give eachother gifts such as a box of chocolates, flowers, cards, letters, and activities to show your love. I mean, like a dinner or a nice, romantic evening stroll along the beach.” I sighed at the thought of how Peter and I could expirience the holiday together. “Do you love someone (y/n)?” I sprung back into reality, a blush flushing my cheeks. I looked at all the staring boys, but there was one I never would have expected to see. It was Pan. He store straight into my soul, an eyebrow raised as if he was trying to find out an answer. I stammered, “Um, I-I mean… I think I do… yes?” I looked towards Peter, who returned his gaze down to his hands. “Mind sharing?” Felix chuckled, already knowing who it was. I rolled my eyes, knowing that they all had an idea of who it was. “It’s Pan isn’t it?” a boy laughed, clenching his stomach. I sat wide-eyed, especially when guess who shot his green eyes back into my heart. I felt my stomach do a flip flop. Pan POV: Love someone? No way! I tried to hide the jealousy that pecked at my heart, but felt that I was on the verge to failure. Nope! Cannot have that… after all, Peter Pan never fails. “Um, I-I mean… I think I do… yes?” she stammered, making my heart feel a bit shattered. I looked down at my hands when our eyes met, leaving my heart to race. Then the one thing I never in a million years would have wanted to hear, someone asked if it was me. All the boys laughed, as my head shot up creating eye contact with (y/n). “Oh god. It’s not me is it?” I couldn’t help but feel broken, when she never answered. She sat there mouth agap and eyes wider than I have ever seen. I quickly shot up into a standing position and motioned for Felix to follow. I had an idea to make sure she loved me and only me. (y/n) POV: I couldn’t form words, only strange sounds that made me sound like an idiot. Peter stood up and walked away Felix following him like he usually had to do. “Ouch.” I mentally said, my heart dropping down to my stomach. When he was gone, I mouthed to the boys, “Yep…” They all stopped laughing, and couldn’t help but feel bad for putting me through that situation. “Oh… sorry…” one boy apologized, straching his neck awkwardly. “It’s fine.” I smiled sadly, thinking about how Peter really didn’t care. I just wanted to forget the whole situation even happened. When Felix came back I hung out with him, hoping that his company would empty my thinking patterns. “Are you sure you’re okay?” he asked for the millionth time that night. “Yes, I’m fine!” I let out a slight chuckle, reassuring him… again, “Thanks for actually caring. I gave him a quick hug, when I noticed Pan looking at me again. "What’s his problem?” I asked Felix quietly, rolling my eyes. “Hard to say, he always has something wrong doesn’t he?” I laughed, the void feeling filled for a while. I felt myself becoming drowsy, so I said my goodnights to the boys. I made sure to avoid Peter as I walked into my tent. He raised an eyebrow at me, watching me walk away. I got ready for bed and layed down. Pan POV: Why is she avoiding me now? It’s not my fault I love her! Right… she doesn’t feel the same. That will change, I guarantte it. I will be the only one she loves and she will be the only one I love. It has to be that way. I have one day to finsih everything and prove to her that she is all I need on this island. I called for Felix and continued my gait to where I had been all day. It was time to work on my little surprise again.