im just crying in my mind now

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i keep seeing pictures of keith and im slowly turning into a stan im not complaining but can i be a temporary stan this boy is just too cute everytime i see him on my dash i cry a little inside (as soon as that good lance vlog comes out im going to turn back bet)

bruh i completely get you

i started s1 as a keith stan, shifted to lance stan in s2 and 3, and now ive come to a point where keith is inching his way back into my life again. that vlog literally ust

shoved him into my arms

not that i mind ,,,,,

but yes !!!!!! cute boy !! precious boy !!! keith kogane is a one of the 7 wonders of the world ! (shiro, pidge, lance, hunk, allura, and coran are the other 6 :-) )

MBTI as stuff I've heard in the nurse's office over the years

ENTJ “Hurry up and get me some ibuprofen. I gotta get back to class so I don’t end up with some shitty job like yours.”
INTJ “Chemistry accident”
ENTP “*holding tissue in nose and ice pack over face* I wanted to see what happened if I smashed my face into the desk”
INTP “I was attacked by a basketball in gym class”
ESTJ “Dammit Gabby’s 2 minutes late for her meds where is she”
ISTJ “Dealing with all these idiots has given me a migraine”
ESFJ “Okay you can stay back there for twenty more minutes but don’t tell my boss I’ll get fired”
ISFJ “Don’t worry about me, just need a bandaid. *HUGE BLOODY SKINNED KNEE WITH GRAVEL IN IT*”
ESTP “So he punched me in the face so I pulled my blade on him and I think I’m gonna be suspended again”
ISTP “Um I nearly cut my hand off with a saw and had to have surgery”
ESFP “HEEEEEEY LADIES HOW’S IT GOIIIIN no im not here for any reason its just that geometry is boring”
ISFP “*to nurse* uuuughhh…my stomach hurts… *to other person* the truth is i never studied for this test we’re taking in class right now”
INFJ “I was just walking along having existential thoughts when I tripped on my shoelace down the stairs *mind you this was a fucking fourth grader what the fuck*”
ENFP “Well I was spinning around and around and then I hit my head on the cabinet and I think I’m gonna puke”
INFP “*crying* Reality sucks let me lay down”

(whoops i accidentally deleted this ask straight after i posted it so HERE WE GO AGAIN)

do you mean can i relive @pika-ace messing with my emotions for 12 beautiful beautiful chapters just to draw a picture???


(psst the last chapter made me cry dont tell anyone)

a k2 comic i made (that i didnt finish bc college and shop ;;) where kyle caught up in an accident and got selective amnesia and cant remember kenny (bc you know when kenny as mysterion said kyle is the smartest kid in their class)

now i need a fic of this im crying ;;;;~:;;; i need more k2 angst

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What's your favorite Danny x Colleen moments in The Defenders? Separate and together! :)

why would you ask this because the answer? every scene of them. every scene. but also like this is my favorite thing to talk about right now so I’m going to go thru a bunch of it. 

  • that moment in episode one with colleen being all worried and touching danny’s face all gently like wow ok help me
  • “but do you trust me?” “of course”
  • the way danny looks at colleen in general like this boy is so in love
  • holding hands in the helicopter
  • that little moment in episode 8 after they get out of the building and danny just kinda hugs colleen to his side
  • “but we can figure this out. together”
  • colleen basically being the Supportive Wife 
  • danny calling colleen to let her know he’s safe and everything
  • like he’s so good and pure??
  • that look colleen gives danny in episode 3 before she and claire leave him and luke together 
  • danny running into the dojo and immediately hugging her rly tightly like ok i am dead
  • that scene in ep 3 where they’re at rand and talking to the lady and just seamlessly going back and forth explaining stuff to the lady like y’all are so married
  • the fact that they are the cutest married couple to ever cute
  • “i’m glad you’re meditating, you need a break” further proof of supportive wife colleen wing
  • colleen being excited about the sword guy’s workshop and the whole “is it weird that i want to live here?” and danny probably falling 100% more in love with her right then
  • colleen being all defensive when luke is super skeptical about the iron fist stuff “there’s this mystical place called k’un lun”
  • danny being like no i’ve got this and then saying the exact same thing 
  • danny completely ignoring bakuto once he realizing oh colleen is hurt and instead immediately goes to her
  • have i mentioned the way they look at each other yet bc i cry
  • they trust each other so! much!
  • colleen “i’m just here to blow up the building and save my husband” wing
  • them both wearing soft sweaters at the same time and looking adorable 
  • matching outfits in general oh u lil dorks (ep 8 specifically)
  • danny just sort of living with colleen even tho realistically he could buy somewhere else to live but he’s just kinda there with his colleen
  • colleen cupping danny’s face all gently!
  • before kissing him!
  • the fact that danny pretty much just gets much happier every time colleen is in the room 
  • when colleen is injured and they take her into the police station and danny gently touching her face (me crying)
  • colleen just wanting something stable in her life and that absolutely can be danny now haha i love dying
  • also that kiss in general like that??? was so pure??? 
  • they’re! each others! home!
  • they’re! each others! family!
  • “it’s starting to feel like home” im not crying ur crying (haha yea i cried)
  • the parallel thing between colleen in ep 1 “what do you need it to be?” “home” and danny’s “it’s starting to feel like home”
  • this picture
  • colleen smiling at danny before and after kissing him and the way he looks at her after the kiss like she’s the most important thing in his life  

this is just what comes to mind from my admittedly fuzzy memory of defenders rn so i’ll probably add on when i finish rewatching


So i just found out my blog celebrated its 4th birthday a couple of days ago, so I decided to actually celebrate it through more than just a text post that said “oh it was my blogs bday blhbdhsh” (And ive never done a follow forever soo)

So obviously, I’ve been on this platform for a very long time. And this blog has SEEN some shit. It started in 2013, when i was young and… a menace–ok. FOB ref. cool. No really, I was p young and foolish (and naiiiiiveeeee) but I still managed to build friendships with people. How fucking mindblowing???

So yeah, 4 years can change your fandom, URL, and even the name you use, but I’m still p much the loud complaining crybaby i once was (i just cry about other things now) and I’m happy a lot of things improved, like my english haha. So if you don’t mind I’ll talk about how far my blog has come. You can scroll down and ignore this part if u want, im still gonna talk about it bc its my blog boo :* hahahaha

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okay i have never saw the teaser of MCSM Season 1 when it first came out long time ago sooooo…

i’m literally losing my mind at Lukas’ old appearance aksjfdaskjfa


i was watching YOI and my mind just began thinking “YOI EP 12 ENDING SKATE BUT WITH YURI’S FREE SKATE MUSIC” and yeah now im crying i hope you all enjoy this with me

(credits to YOI for clip and music!) 

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Hello! It's good to see you back! *huggles him before crying* GOD I MISSED YOU //hello hello! If you don't mind if I just... boop into your askbox

tae is a senior now 

mun: yes im nearly dead
i have a big national exam that decided my life
die or survive so thats the thing they do in asia
killing student w national exam

checking songs by that VA that voice class A-1 for my karaoke episode headcanons and i’m having a great time

i just found todoroki’s singing part of your world

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Ok i just had to say this: Your Satisfied animatic was literally the best ive ever seen in my life. Its the best Animatic ever done for the musical i swear. The way you did the colours and the emotions was beautiful. Especially at the "I know my sister like i know my own mind" part and after it was so beautifully done that i cried. Like the only animatics that made me cry was its Quiet Uptown and Stay alive Reprise by Spibbles. But Satisfied? never until now YOu DeSERve More ThAn 1000000 ViEwS

im still shook i hit a million!!

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What if Mystic Messenger was rated 18+?... what would the calls, the chats, THE VISUAL NOVELS be like? Can we be graced with your smut? 😘

um nut?? fuck yea?? its prob gonna b short but here u go

so like yoosung right
what if in texting its kinda like huniepop and
u can send and receive noods
and holy shit what if u have a choice like
daddy yoosung or sub yoosung
(not sin but im still laughing at this idea i had, where u can dress ur avatar in the profile pic right and instead of like a selfie its just a picture of thongs and socks im crying)
ANYWAY what if
what if right
what if in that 1 pic of yoosung w the roses everythings the same except its a bouquet of dildos and dicks

jumins is already fucking kinky enough this man is a living furry kink
but what if you set the profile pic as a leash and ur status as smth like fuck me master
and he fucking comes over or texts you and nuts on your face
that sounded a lot better in my mind

maybe ill continue this but for now I can’t think of anything for the others lmao

me: minding my own business

my brain: what if, because of trauma he sustained in the sewers, hide doesnt have a clear memory of kaneki? what if he tries to purposely block kaneki out of his mind now because his body convulses with unimaginable pain, both emotional and physical, whenever he thinks of him? what if somebody else had to send the book to kaneki because it hurt hide too much?

me, sobbing: can i please go to sleep now

my brain:  what if hide hates ken for what he did because he cant remember it clearly anymore since he’s blocked some of it out?

I’m legit crying right now

I’m rereading all the nice messages you guys sent in today and I don’t know what I did to deserve such an awesome and amazing following addkjfds ignore me I’m so emotional right now because I love you guys and I never thought I would actually achieve one of my life goals and it’s all with your help . who knew one video game could actually change my life like this holy shit my emotions are all over the place im sorry i’m just gonna go to bed now

inbox status: 82

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I'm sorry if your feelings got hurt but? Writers receive criticism all the time, harsh or not. How are you supposed to be a writer if you can't even handle some tiny comment that may be a bit 'harsh'??

im…..what is happening

teenage nightmare

age fourteen

the teenage nightmare

when most girls are kissing boys and loving life

then there’s you.

a chubby girl who wanted to kiss girls but was too scared of being who she was.

a girl where her night wasn’t complete without scrolling through thinspo and crying because why can’t i be her.

why is she so skinny and i’m over here at 130 pounds.

why am i so disgusting.

age fourteen

wishing she was dead

wishing she was skinny

wishing she could just stop being so fucking closed minded to think she might be gay.

wishing to just be free

now at age fifteen

still a teenage nightmare

although, she finally realized she can who she wants

gay and 125 pounds

wishing for love

wishing for life

wishing for more