im just complaining

Seriously. Again a moment in which i wonder “have we played the same game?”
Fenris is not super wide and as bulky as for example Carver or Garrett.
His size is about the same as the females models, because thats how the elves in DA are made.
Why do people insist (or rather complain when people dont do this) to make him super tall and super “bara”, when he is clearly not?
Compare his thighs to Bethanys: He´s so much thinner.
If you make him tall and bulky I feel like you´re pressing a heternormative genderstereotype on him. Men dont have to be tall and have wide-shoulders.
And dont come with “hes a warrior!!” because im talking about how he is shown IN the game.

Honestly I feel like a have a good chunk of followers yet I still don’t feel like a significant part of the muse community like I just wanna be a cool kid and have people mention me by name and have jokes with people wah

the thing about humans using quadrants like

for me at least i just??? cant seem to understand why its used so if i ever make rp blogs for the homestuck kids or any human hs character i dont utilize the quadrant system only because i dont think the EXACT MEANING of the quadrants will ever be able to translate perfectly into a human mindset

like there are just things that cannot be explained because the culture is different for trolls etc etc

i mean i guess you can say NOPE YOU CAN UNDERSTAND IT but thats just what i think

I never show my parents my art because they either don’t care, or they just make fun of it– but my dad just saw my computer background, which is a collage of a few of my drawings, he looks at it, asks if I drew them, I say yes, and he starts laughing and says “guess artistic talent doesnt run in the family" 

it feels so good to have a supportive family