im just complaining

Me: *is exhausted from my day and should probably go to bed*

Also me: * decides to read multi chap fanfics till the wee hours of the morning*

Me the next day: “gosh why the hell am I so tired?”

So I’ve been thinking

The reason why Sidon is so big compared to the other Zora’s is because he’s royalty and male Zora royalty tend to be larger than the average Zora given their royal status and such throughout the Zelda games

So by that logic that means Prince Sidon is gonna get as big as his dad right?


HAVE YA’LL NOTICED how quick garnet is to apologize and admit when shes wrong. see exhibits A, B and C: “i should have listened to you. you’re a crystal gem too.” (marble madness) /”i took a risk at your expense. i thought there was a chance we could grow closer” (future vision) /”im sorry, i saw her find all of us, i couldn’t be here with you” (stevens dream) LIKE 

meanwhile pearl traumatizing connie, (see: connie flipping out on that kid because of her training) letting steven fall in roses scabbard, almost killing him in space race, doesn’t even warrant a recognition that what she did was fucked up? let alone an apology?? im losing it scoob


An AU where young Keith, a Filipino-Korean, moves to the USA; on his first day at school, he refuses to talk, partly because he’s not exactly very sociable but mostly because he’s incredibly embarrassed about his English and lack of proficiency in it. O and shiro walks in

TRIPS OVER MY OWN FEET oh my god this was supposed to be black and white but then i wanted to paint but then gave up andCHRIST. my art style changes 600 times during this comic its dISGUSTIGN. THEN AGAIN it was rly rushed i just wanted to get this idea outta my head before school starts.

peachykeen-piggy-prattles  asked:

ok, here's a question that's been with me for years now: so uh, what exactly is the history of the tfwiki? why is it comedic in nature? im not complaining, its just that the tfwiki is so different from all other fandom wikis that i'm curious how it got that way. did it start as a regular wiki before someone added a funny caption as a joke, and it just went from there? or was it always going to be comedic? who created it? why? forgive me if this has been asked before, but google is useless here.

“Teletraan I, the Transformers Wiki” was originally founded on Wikia (then called “Wikicities”) back in May 2005 by a user named Nova81426, with the intention that he and a friend of his would work on it as a hobby. The week after opening up the site, however, the pair were offered a big job opportunity (to take over the running of a comic book store), so their planned project had to be shelved so they could devote their time to that.

Nothing much happened to the wiki for a while, until April of 2006, when it was discovered by longtime Transformers fan David “@itswalky“ Willis. The editing of Transformers articles on Wikipedia itself had been increasingly troubled for some time thanks to the efforts of one particularly terrible editor, so Willis determined to turn “Teletraan I” into the “proper” Transformers wiki as a way to have a good online resource free of that nonsense. He chose to make it a little humorous, and the first few editors who joined him in working on the site - being from a similar era of fandom as him, and sharing a similar sense of humor from being in the same fandom circle - rolled with it.

And y’know, it might’ve ended there, with the site being somewhere these guys had fun while documenting Transformers, but instead it just kept growing and growing as more people joined up to contribute. And as popular as we are for our tone now, back in the early days, whee-OOOH, there were some folk that HATED it, and were really out to get the site! But as our main talkpage still says, “THE FUNNY STAYS,” and eventually history got on our side. :)

To complete this recap of our history and answer the other big question that’s often asked - “why are there two wikis?” - we’ll jump ahead to 2008, when Wikia was in the process of redesigning itself to look less like Wikipedia, leading to the incorporation of an increasingly ridiculous number of ads. You’ve seen what Wikia (or “Fandom,” as they’re call now) looks like these days, right? This was the move toward that. The Transformers Wiki had no time for the talking auto-play adverts that were being shoved into their page layouts, forcing text and images off the screen, and as the Wikia administrators were not willing to compromise on the issue, it was decided that, in order to preserve itself, the site would go independent, moving to its own server, owned by Willis. That was when we were rechristened “TFWiki,” and where we remain today, while the previous Wikia wiki still exists in a largely-abandoned state.


“I love you.”

// GIVE THE BOY THE LOVE HE DESERVES. 2016 will be known as the year where i was overly invested in fictional boys… have a merry christmas and a happy new year, my loves. ♥  (for @half-burr)

ok but seriously please tell me y’all noticed that persephone suddenly got RIPPED like where did all of those extra abs come from? does the transformation into a god also make you more conventionally attractive or has she just been logging a lot of gym time? is it all that pomegranate salad because if so sign me UP

red vegeta vs saltsuke 

i sometimes feel like the fandom grinch because as much as i enjoy portrayals of purple garrett hawke as a dorky dumb boyfriend, i feel like they kind of gloss over the fact that purple hawke is extremely clever, charming, and witty. like varric will even mention in inquisition how he tricked people who were trying to kill him into playing a card game, kept them busy so long they were arrested, and some of them even came back later to just chill with him because “hawke just had that effect on people.” that’s not really the tall tale sign of a stupid man imo.