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Okay- hello. I really have been thinking about this one idea for a fic and I needed to try it.  (bonus: this was supposed to be a smut but it just turned fluffy, LMAO OH WELL. Maybe some other time. I am planning on writing my headcanon Gray A-Spectrum Juggie fic soon) (enjoy this flop) (ALSO PLEASE DONT READ THIS IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM W SWITCHING POVS LOL I KEPT SWITCHING FOR SOME REASON?? IT MIGHT BE BECAUSE IM TIRED AS FUCK BUT YEAH MY BAD.)

A knock abruptly woke Betty up from a little afternoon nap she had decided to take. She sat up in confusion and rubbed a hand over her eyes before settling them on Jughead who was giving her a cheesy smile from the other side of her window.

A smile spread across her face as she clambered off the bed and to the window, pulling it open without a second thought “Hey, Juggie.” Betty greeted, Jughead handed her a box quickly before swinging his leg up into the window, she backed up to give him some room to climb in. 

Her eyes lowered to the big box in her hand curiously, “I missed you.” was Jugheads simple greeting which made her heart flutter, as well as making her laugh. His beanie looked as if it was about to slide off of his head and his raven hair looked more unruly than usual.

“I saw you yesterday, Jug.” The cold from the box that seeped through the bottom bit at her hands, only making her more curious to take a peek. 

“Too long for my liking,” He sighed, taking the box from her hand and sitting on her bed, placing the box next to him “I got you your favorite!” Jughead announced, taking a hold of her wrist and tugging her gently towards him. This made her excited. My favorite? She thought.

With the other hand that was not holding onto Betty’s wrist, he lifted the lid of the box to reveal a vanilla ice cream cake with cute flower designs covering the top. 

Betty gasped and quickly ran out of the room leaving Jughead speechless. Had he done something wrong? He could have sworn ice cream cake was her favorite since they were kids…

Betty surprised Jughead when she appeared in the doorway with spoons, “How did you remember?” she asked softly, handing him a spoon before sitting on the bed across from him, the ice cream cake between them. 

Jughead had a bashful look on his face “I remember a lot of things, Bett’s.” He responded dipping the spoon into the cake and taking a huge bite to change the subject. At this, Betty just smirked and took her on spoonful, savoring the sweet dessert she hadn’t had in ages; without thinking she let out a satisfied moan and flopped onto her back. Jughead almost choked on the ton of ice cream in his mouth and his cheeks flushed at the noise, it sounded like she enjoyed food almost as much as he did.

“Thank you, Juggie.” Betty said while sitting up and getting more ice cream on her spoon. Her ocean green eye’s glanced up at him from under her lashes causing Jughead’s breath to catch, “N-no problem Betty.” he responded while distracting himself with putting the spoon down into the box.

She frowned at the clear nervousness he had, “I honestly need to keep saying ‘thank's’ to you,” She let out with a sigh. 

Jughead glanced up at her with confusion “Without you, I would probably be a bigger mess than I already am, and you just make me so extremely happy, Jug. I just don’t know what I would do if something ever happened to you-” she had to stop short because she felt that stupid lump that meant she was on the verge of crying enter her throat, “What I’m trying to say is, I’m just really thankful you are in my life.” 

Jughead felt his insides melt at her words and he quickly moved the ice cream cake box out of the way so he could scoot over to where she sat against the head board.He wrapped an arm around her waist and Betty rested her head on his shoulder “Hey, I’m more than thankful you are in my life as well, Betty.” He stated with a light kiss to her temple.

Betty looked up at him with a smile, she placed a kiss at the corner of his mouth before sliding down and nuzzling her head into his chest to get comfortable “I like you a lot Forsythe P. Jones.” She said with a giggle, raising up three fingers to add on to his name.

At the use of his full name he rolled his eyes and tickled her waist with his fingers receiving a loud squeak from her “Juggie stop!” Betty laughed breathlessly trying to pull away but he flipped her over so he was laying on top (also attempting not to crush her) giving himself the advantage. He stopped tickling her but she was pouting and crossing her arms like a child. 

He couldn’t help but think about the two time’s they have kissed when he glanced down at her soft pink lips that were pouted in false anger. Throwing caution to the wind Jughead lowered his lip’s down to meet her’s, that tasted strongly of ice cream cake (which he decided was his favorite now too.). He felt Betty gasp slightly but the kiss was soon returned and her arms uncrossed and went to Jughead’s shoulders. 

She was running her fingers into his hair. knocking his prized beanie off in the process but he didn’t notice. Their lips were gentle against each others, fitting perfectly and moving in sync. There was no ferociousness in this kiss, just softness. He had never imagined he would be kissing someone, these feelings were all new to him. This kiss felt like it held actual meaning compared to all the stories he heard from guys at school talking about ‘hook-ups’ and ‘make out sessions’ that apparently were the best, but he never saw the appeal. He never saw the appeal in kissing until Betty.

When Jughead pulled away Betty had a flustered look on her face, her lips were parted in awe at what just happened. He just grinned at her reaction and pecked her on the lips again, then the forehead, and then her nose.

“I like you a lot too Elizabeth Cooper.”

(lol I wanna stab myself wtf??? my eyes are burning, if there are spelling errors oH WELL BECAUSE NO ONE IS PROB GONNA TAKE THE TIME TO READ THIS SHIT ANYWAYS)

dream supergirl ep pt. 3

int. shot - alien bar

kara is sitting at the bar with a cup in front of her. maggie enters the bar, spots kara & makes her way over. she nods to familiar aliens as she approaches.

maggie: “a little early for drinks.”

she lifts her hand & smiles at the bartender, who pours her something clear & pushes it over.

bartender: “same as kara. on the house.”

maggie looks a little warily at the drink but sips at it & she grins when she tastes it.

maggie: “water?”

kara: “you thought i was cool for a second there, admit it.”

maggie: “actually i thought something must be seriously wrong.”

kara: “oh no alex is fine”

maggie: “this again? kara, i mean with you.”

kara: “oh”

maggie: “but alex is okay, right? she hasn’t messaged me. i thought she might need some space but then you mentioned quarantine so, she’s sick?”

kara fiddles with her cup. she looks thoughtful & angry.

kara: “sort of. that thing i asked you to look at? that’s involved. it’s…well it’s a prototype of myriad.”

maggie, grinning: “im the new kid remember? you’re going to have to explain some of this stuff to me.”

kara: “myriad…is the device that brainwashed national city last year. it was a kryptonian device meant to,”

she crumples the cup in her hand & the bartender replaces it but gives kara a warning look.

maggie: “hey, it’s cool. brainwashing, you don’t need to explain it all.”

kara looks relieved & nods. she pulls a copy of the photo from her pocket & sketches some unfamiliar symbols at the base of the machine, which cannot be seen.

kara: “this was a predecessor. it didn’t have the capability of influencing enough people and it wasn’t subtle enough. people could tell that they were being coerced and throw off the effect. sometimes.”

maggie nods.

kara: “when i was very young, some envoys brought me a gift. one of these. i didn’t know what it was except that it made nice sounds & glowed. it was a trinket really.”

maggie: “what happened?”

kara: “nothing horrible. i wasn’t the target except to place it somewhere it could affect my mother. i barely noticed. but the envoys were trying to get my mother to agree to an alliance.”

maggie nods: “and you think mon el is involved.”

kara looks surprised.

maggie: “come on, im not just a pretty face. detective, remember?”

maggie stands & hands kara her jacket, helps her into it.

kara: “where are we going?”

maggie: “to visit a few friends. heard some weird stories about him, mon el? so i’ve been doing some digging.”

kara jogs to catch up. she holds the door open for maggie & waves goodbye to the bartender.


int. shot - DEO cells

mon el is seated very dejectedly in the cell. the doors hiss open & he looks around. just outside the doors is a DEO agent. their face is slack & they don’t look at mon el when he leaves.


ext. shot - apartment building. grey skies, slight rain.

maggie: “okay, last one. reckon they’ll confirm the other stories?”

kara huddles down to escape the rain. she looks grim & upset. she nods.

kara: “its the same as alex and winn and james. j'onn was safe because he has his martian mind power thing.”

she shakes her head when maggie looks curious.

kara: “i don’t know anything about it. except that the martian mind merge is a complete opening of minds and there’s no lies or secrets or agenda.”

maggie, suddenly glum: “sounds nice. i can think of a few times i’ve needed that.”

maggie knocks on the door. kara looks curious.

maggie: “alex told you, right? my parents kicked me out when i turned out to be gay.”

kara, solemn: “she didn’t. that’s awful.”

maggie, shrugs: “would’ve been nice to know that’s what would happen. plan ahead, yknow? now the other times are with these dirtbag - actually,”

maggie knocks again.

maggie, cont.: “now that i think about it, they can see into my mind too. i take it back, i don’t want anyone tacking a peek. stand back.”

kara is surprised. maggie sounds very calm & not suspicious at all. she kicks down the door, gun drawn.

kara: “you know im bulletproof, right?”

maggie rolls her eyes & waves kara to go in first.

continued shot- ext to int. shot - apartment

the room is neat but totally cleared out. kara sweeps the room with her xray vision & finds nothing. maggie begins to search the drawers & possible hides holes.

maggie pulls kara into the next room & taps her ear. she has heard something. there is someone approaching the apartment door.

male voice, surprised: “what the-”

maggie steps out, gun raised. kara steps out with her & her cool awesome laser eyes power up.

kara: “mon el. what a surprise. you didn’t like your accomodations?”

mon el: “honestly? no. a bit cramped. not that this place is much better but i thought it wouldn’t reek of kryptonian purity at least.”

kara: “sorry to disappoint.”

mon el looks disturbingly relaxed & confident. kara doesn’t like it.

kara: “how did you get out?”

mon el: “charm, innocence. did you know it’s illegal to detain innocent people?”

kara: “i did. did you? last i checked, daxam was the planet with slaves.”

mon el: “okay but that’s different”

kara: “SLAVES, mon el.”

mon el, still disturbingly obtuse & smug: “earth has debt, we had slaves. they’re not so different. they share the same endless servitude to a higher power. governments and such.”

he looks pleased with his diagnosis of debt. kara looks like she wants to punch his smug face into space.

kara: “they’re not the same.”

mon el, patronising in his joking dismissal like she’s cute to try to argue but let’s be honest he’s right & she should stop because it’s getting annoying: “they’re kinda the same.”

maggie: “does he have it?”

kara: “no. the guardian said it was too big to carry.”

mon el: “what’s too big to carry?”

kara: “the machine you’re using to convince everyone we are perfect for each other and who knows what other awful reasons”

mon el, laughing: “kara im flattered your friends think so highly of me. but trust me, i don’t have that machine.”

kara nods. it’s pretty obvious he doesn’t.

she punches him out cold anyway though & kneels down next to him. her touch to his forehead is almost tender. maggie looks confused. kara runs her hand over mon el’s hair gently. when she stands, she is holding something that cannot be seen. she twists her hands & a circlet becomes visible.

kara: “its connected to the machine. this is what he’s been using to coerce people.”

she snaps the circlet in two & picks up mon el by his shirt.


int. shot - DEO cell

kara fuckin FLINGS mon el back into his cell. he’s still unconscious.


int. shot - police building.

maggie pours a big mug of coffee. the police building is busy & clean if a little run down. it’s not obvious but small things like a squeaking chair & one light in the hallway that flickers. there are a lot of officers & detectives at their desks. they look up as maggie walks by & she smiles at some of them but mostly ignores them. she makes it to her desk.

supergirl is sitting beside her desk & maggie glares at a detective who is staring too obviously.

maggie: “ignore them, they’ve never met a superhero before. sorry we couldn’t go somewhere else, captain said the files had to stay in house.”

kara nods. she’s more confident as supergirl & she ignores the stares & pours over the files with maggie.

kara: “we can’t trust everything james said because he admits he doesn’t remember why he was checking out the warehouse at all and he really doesn’t remember where. but it has to be close enough that mon el could reconnect the circlet to the machine without being suspicious and it affected all those aliens we spoke to.”

maggie, shudders: “creepy. so hope what we have pans out, right?”

kara: “exactly”

This was supposed to be another sketchy WIP thing to finish when I fix my tablet, but my friend just took one look at it and started playing that “Kiss the girl” song from the Little Mermaid over my shoulder and now I can’t even look at it without laughing ohmygod. 

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hi dad. over the last 5 years, my parents have repeatedly shown disgust for the lgbt community, starting when i told them i wasnt straight. then a little over a year ago, i figured out im a transboy, too, and i dont trust them enough for me to come out, especially after they voted for orange voldemort. im just... really tired of being from a conservative texan family where i dont feel safe or respected. can i have a hug? - mark

Hello Mark!
I am so sorry that your parents are not supportive of your identity. I am so proud of you for hanging in there, and I am sending you a big ol’ warm hug!!

Sora is the luckiest little bug.

(I rlly wanted to draw sorikai and then I remembered I was really tired hhaaa pardon the anatomy)

The Disabled Duo

Cas X Reader

Summary: Request for cas x reader where the reader is Cas’ soul mate and you can see his wings?? i’m writing this rn at 4am and i really just wanna go ghost hunting or run around screaming… ahh decisions

Your name: submit What is this?

Word Count:553

Warning: just possibly a lot of errors .. its like 5am now, im REALLY tired.

Your left hand had been broken from the previous hunt with Sam and Dean. Cas told you he was unable to fix it due to his loss of connection with Heaven. That cost you a trip to the emergency room, and a lot of lost blood. The doctor said that it would take a little over a few weeks to heal, and so this meant a few weeks off of hunts. You were relieved but very mad. You always loved being lazy and getting your time off but for you 2 days were too many to handle.

You heard Sam, and Dean enter the bunker. You were standing in the kitchen finishing up some mac and cheese. “Hey guys, I made dinner it’s done, go for it.” you said turning off the stove.

“Thanks (Y/N)” Dean said playfully patting your head. He only did it because he knew how much it bothered you to have messy hair.  

“Yeah, your welcome.” you replied giving Dean a Glare making an attempt to fix your hair. “Where’s Cas?”

“Um.. I think he went down the hall.” Sam said pointing in the direction he walked toward.

“Dude! This is delicious!” Dean yelled as you walked away looking for Cas.


“Cas?” you called aloud. “Where are you?”

“I-Im In here .. just give me a minute.” he said from the other side of your bedroom door.

“Cas.. you’re in my-” you stopped talking the second you heard him scream in pain. “Cas? Are you-” you asked opening the door, but you stopped before you could finish. Cas was sitting on your bed with his wings spread. It almost took up the whole room. His left had a huge gash in it and was bleeding.

“Oh my God, Cas what the Hell happened?”

“Nothing it was just a hunt, I’m fine.”

“No your not your fucking bleeding.”

“Wait how can you see my-”

“I have an emergency kit under the bed, and I know you can’t heal, but I can stitch it if you want me to.” you said completely missing his unfinished question.

“(Y/N), your hand is broken.” Cas said quietly. You looked at him and lightly laughed. “Yeah, my left. In case you haven’t noticed I have another, and trust me this isn’t the first time i’ve broken it either”

“You can stitch with one hand?”

“Its nothing I haven’t done before.”

Cas sat down on the bed once again. “I trust you.”


After you cleaned up the cut and started to stitch it Cas was surprisingly calm. Other than the occasional groan of pain. You had to admit he was doing better than Dean the first time. You didn’t have much let and it was a pretty big cut.

“You didn’t let me finish my question earlier.” Cas said as he watched you with your face practically buried in his wings. You stopped for a moment to hear what he had to say. “ I asked you how you are able to see my wings.”

You looked into his deep blue eyes, without one clue of what the answer was. “I-I don’t know, really. I always could since the day I met you. I just didn’t think-”

“That it was a big deal?” Cas finished off.

“Something like that.”

“(Y/N), you’re my Soulmate.”

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heys I have been stress eating/binging a lot in the past couple weeks.. I've gained over 5lbs and I feel like I cant seem to stop. I'm also too tired to workout and I dont really know what to do and I'm terrified I'm gonna be super fat for summer, plus it doesnt help im in a weight lose competition

Its perfectly normal to binge if you’ve been restricting too much. I recommend that you should still eat just cut little things out slowly. Mainly any/all junk food that you’ve been binging on. It will definitely help you lose weight(maybe not a lot fast). Then start restricting again, but only eat foods that are good for you. Eat a lot of fruit 🍎🍐🍊🍓🍑🍇🍍🥝 👈🏽 All of these are actually really good for your body and you wont want to eat junk food after eating them. Stay safe sweetie ☀️☀️☀️

i shoveled around in the dirt to bury some leaves in preparation for planting my cat garden and somehow i’m like super tired out from it?? you know when you overexert yourself and feel like you’re gonna puke? im getting a little bit of that. but it didn’t feel very tiring. i guess it’s probably from having not eaten lunch and also my general mental state. anyway i might buy a little dirt to add to the top. the dirt over there has a lot of clay in it. and rocks. it’s pretty bad dirt but catnip is basically a weed so hopefully it works out. if it doesn’t end up being a good spot i do have a backup spot, or i’ll just make a fuckin raised bed. but stuff grows there naturally so i think it will be fine, especially if i add a little bit of dirt to it and watch over it. plus, you know, i’m planning to put like 70 plants there + catgrass so surely something will grow

I’ve been trying to figure out lately why this whole ace discourse thing makes me so uncomfortable, and I think I’m at the point where I can put this into words. It is late so forgive me if this doesn’t make a ton of sense. Putting this under a cut because it got a little lengthier than I was expecting.

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A tiny Vulpix ran up to Guz and Mun, worried for them, a little pack on its back. Holding up its head there was a tiny note in its mouth- "Please feel better soon and take these- From someone that loves you ❤" In its little pack there little snacks. (Enjoy supportive Vulpix friend he comes once a day every day)

((I demandd to know who this is. I will come over to ur house and hug you but not before knocking and asking permission bc im not creepy like that. But really thank you ahh this is so cute 💙))

Guzma is confused but ultimately too tired to really say anything so he just lazily pets the vulpix and smiles with tired eyes.

“That’s adorable. Thanks, lil’ buddy…”

Im so d e a d because imagine enjolras and grantaire watching fireworks together
- R is the one who first spotted them when they were driving home together from his studio and he forced Enj to pull over
- E grumbles a little bit because he is tired and just wants to sleep but he looks over at Grantaire and the paints smeared in his hair, face, and his body match the colors of the fireworks, and the lights illuminate his entire profile and he has this look of absolute wonder on his face and Enjolras realizes he wouldn’t trade this moment for the world
- R might start to cry a little (tears of happiness though) because he looks over and sees Enjolras with the light of the fireworks catching in his eyes and his hair almost glowing from them with a tiny smile on his face and a look of absolute contentment and he realizes how happy he is and how he’s finally made it and looking over at Enjolras makes him think he would do everything all over again just for this
- By the end of the fireworks show they are both staring at each other and though the colorful lights have long stopped dancing across either of their faces they’re both still illuminated by love and a sense of awe only witnessed by them and the moon and the stars
- After a little bit of reluctance they eventually get back into the car and soon enough stumble back into bed absolutely exhausted at an extremely unreasonable hour (and also tired eyes and sleepy kisses !!!!!!) but radiate a sense of utter fulfillment and happiness and love and just. maybe they disagree on a whole lot of things but they can agree that there’s moments like this that make everything worth it

sometimes i just really contemplate why i am the way i am and how i can be so sensitive and i just never can understand why. like i should know i’m going to cry over every little thing so how can i keep myself from doing it? is there ever a way to fix this when someone tips me over the edge without even knowing it? i honestly don’t get why i’m so touchy and i feel so wrong about everything.

im replaying Alice Isn’t Dead and, ugh, i just, have a lot of feelings. perhaps even more than the first time i listened to it. maybe it’s the timing. im a little bored and a lot tired, and stuck in a place where im forced to stay until it’s all over, listening to things i don’t agree with, just for the sake of pleasing people in my life that claim to love me however i am. im hiding out in a dark corner of a modern church where everything looks just slightly older than everything else, and it’s so quiet and cold. and im kind of sad but this podcast feels like me right now so maybe it’s a good thing? anyway, there’s 2 hours left until the sermon ends and i can slip back into the crowd and put a smile back on and nod like i was there the whole time.


Owen Grady x Reader -Dream Job, Nightmare Boss-

- Hi sweatheart ♥ Hope you’re doing well… So I wanted to send in a request, but just write it down if you feel inspired or motivated to do so… The idea is, that y/n and owen used to date years ago in high school but broke up in a bad way… Yeeeeears later they meet again when y/n’s new job is it to be his assistant and helping him with the raptors.. Love You! xx
A/N: I left it on a cliff hanger to let your imagination roam free and imagine a cute little date not to mention im so tired x3 So tired I didn’t go over it so theres probably a billion mistakes. So I’m sorry D’:

-Dream Job, Nightmare Boss-
(April, 1996 - Lake Forest High School,  Lake Forest, Florida)
“So what? You’re just going to leave?” You followed your boyfriend quickly down the hall.
“Yeah.” He didn’t even bother to look back at you.
“You didn’t even talk to me about it.” You ran in front of him to stop him. He halted and sighed. The whole ‘I don’t care about anything’ attitude was pissing you off.
“Why should I need to talk to you about MY future.” He pulled you to the side of the busy high school hall way to make less of a scene. You looked anywhere but you.
“I don’t know because I thought I was going to be part of it.” You crossed your arms. “What am I supposed to do, Owen? Wait for you for years while you go join the navy?”
“I don’t know, I thought you would. I would wait for you to finish your stupid college.”
“Stupid college? My college wouldn’t take me half way across the globe in a minutes notice. We could still be together.”
“Well neither of us have to wait. We can both go our own ways. I don’t care anymore.”
“4 years together and this is how you leave me? Fine, Grady.” You walked past him, bumping his shoulder as hard as you could. “And take your stupid fucking ring.”

Greens, yellows and browns flashed passed your eyes as you scanned your new home. Though, every time something caught your eye the driver would make a turn.
“You’ll have plenty of time to explore the island once you’re all settled in. You work 9 am to 8 pm on most days other then weekends.” Claire, the manager of the park you worked at, told you from the front seat.
“That’s a long day.” You leaned closer to her to try to make out what was on her paperwork she viciously flipped through.
'Well, when you work with dinosaurs the days tend to go by faster. Besides your boss is really the one who makes your hours. If he doesn’t need you he’ll just ask you to leave.“
You leaned back in your seat.
Well that’s not so bad. Your boss sounded cool. Maybe working with dinosaurs wont be the end of the world.
The jeep pulled up slowly to a large, metal building.  Around it workers seemed to be doing every little job they could find.
Claire and you exited the jeep and made your way to a smaller caged are attached to the building.
"Good Morning, Barry.” Claire looked into the cage which was  empty other then him.
“Morning.  What can I do for you?”  He walked over to the door of the cage and let himself out.
“I’’d like Owen to meet his new assistant.” She smiled at him. He looked down at you and you gave a small wave.
“He doesn’t need an assistant.” The tall, black, french man laughed.
“Well the park thinks he does, now where is he.” Claire sounded more serious now.
“Not here yet.” Barry shrugged.
“Of course. Well she will be waiting in his office until he arrives. And he better.” She looked annoyed as if your new boss had done this a thousand times before.

Claire had left and Barry showed you into your new bosses office. It was dark, cold and filled to the brim with loose papers. There was file cabinets covering every inch of wall other then where a small desk and lamp were.
“I’ll call him,  try to get him down here but he usually comes on his own time.” He gestured for you to sit at the desk and walked out.
You looked around to examine the mess. You really hoped the this isn’t what you had to take care of.  You spun the chair to face the desk and viewed the papers that scattered it.
“March 24th, Raptors didn’t follow directions.”
“March 25th, Raptors didn’t follow directions.”
“March 26th, Raptors didn’t follow directions.”
“March 27th, Raptors didn’t follow directions.”
You laughed as you read the same words over and over again on at least fifty reports.
“My new boss is very observant.” You whispered to yourself.
From outside you could here someone pulling up and Barry talking. You got out of your seat and walked closer to the door to try to hear better.
“An assistant? For what? What is he-”
“She.” Barry cut in.
“Oh, Sorry.” The man sarcastically apologized. “What is she going to help with?”
“Your paperwork for starters.”
You gave a small groan
“My paperwork is fine.”
“Owen, no it’s not.”
You backed up and sat back down. God you hated that name. You had a horrible experience with it.
You heard foot steps coming near the office and you sat up straight. First impressions are always important and its now or never.
A tall brown haired man in a raggy tee shirt and jeans walked in. He looked down at you. In the dark he actually looked quiet frightening.
“Ho-ly shit.” He laughed. You looked at him confused. He reached over and flipped on the overhead light revealing his scruffy face.
“Excuse me?” You asked.
“The last time I saw you, you threw a class ring at me.” He walked over and leaned on his desk. You backed the chair away from him a bit.
“You don’t remember me? Owen Grady? We dated in high school.”
And then it hit you. He looked the same but much more…built.
“Sorry, I didn’t recognize you. I see you finally hit puberty.” You stood up.
He put his hand on his chest as if he had been hurt.
“Oh, why you gotta fight dirty?” He smiled. It was the same goofy smile that you fell in love with all those years ago.
“I’m sorry, if I knew I was going to work with an immature lizard whisperer, I would have never came.” You started to walk out the door.
“Woah,  woah. My raptors are more then lizards. And give me a chance. I know we didn’t end on the best of terms but that doesn’t mean we can’t work together.” He followed you.
“Yeah about that, what ever happened with the Navy? Drop that too?” You raised your eyebrows at him when you stopped at the door frame.
“I got a better offer.” He said simply.
“Ah, sounds familiar.” You rolled your eyes.
“You know, I’m feeling a bit like you haven’t let the past go.” He was grinning. Why was he grinning? “Do you still like me, (Y/N)?”
“HA!” You let out a loud fake laugh. “Owen,  I wouldn’t date you if I was getting chased by dinosaurs and it was the only way to save my life.”
“I can make that happen you know.” He winked at you.
“God, you are disgusting.” You shook your head.
“I was kidding. Oh come on, just work here for a little bit. I remember how much you wanted to work with animals. This is perfect for you.”
You crossed your arms. You didn’t want to work with him. You didn’t care if he had changed. Or if he got 10x more attractive. He was still the asshole that dropped you like garbage.
But this was your dream job.
“Fine.” You sighed.
“Ey, that’s my girl.” He pat you on the shoulder.
“Don’t call me that.” You walked away.

It had been a month since you had started working under Owen and god did he make your life hell. Whenever you would work on cleaning his office he would sit in his chair and make remarks to the way you bent over or the way you always would brush your hair back with your hand in a “sensual” way. When you would clean the buckets with the hose he’d always manage to turn the pressure up when you weren’t looking so the water would spray all over you and get you wet followed by “Damn, (Y/N), I know you like me but please not at work”. He even once slipped a frozen rat in your back pocket once before you went into the holding cell so the raptors went nuts and scared the shit out of you.
“You know this is harassment, right?” You asked Barry over lunch on day.
“It’s just how Owen is. He does this shit to everyone. One time he put sleeping powder in my drink and I woke up in the holding cell with Raptors screaming at me. So it could be worse.”
You shrugged your shoulders. You had no idea why you stuck around. It wasn’t for the raptors, you hardly got to see them because you were always running errands and doing all of Owens dirty work.

It was one of the hottest days since you had been here so you took your break in the holding cell where it was cool and shaded. You laid on the ground with your hand behind your head and your eyes closed.
“Well there you are. I’ve been looking for you.” Owen said cheerfully as he walked in.
“What do you want? I’m on my break.”  You groaned.
There was a short pause which was odd for Owen. You opened your eyes and sat up.
“Go on a date with me.” He was looking down playing with a rag in his hand. He looked up and leaned against the wall opposite of you.
“What?” Did he really just ask you on a date.
“Well you did say you wouldn’t date me if you were being chased by dinosaurs, I figured we should test that theory.” He nodded towards the raptors who were watching you behind bars.
“That’s not funny.” You rolled your eyes and laid back down.
“I’m being serious. Go on a date with me.”
“No.” You laughed.
“We could start right where we left off in high school. It’ll be fun. Just one date.”
“You mean with me yelling at you for being an asshole?”
“Okay before then. We were happy, you liked me, I liked you.”
You sighed.
“If I go on a date with you,  will you leave me alone?”
He smiled.



pairing: y/n and luke

word count: 1.5k

summary: sometimes things just dont work out



They were both tired. Tired of loving a person who was never there to hold when tears pricked at their eyes. Tired of yelling at each other over every little thing. Just arguing over undone dishes turned into cries of accusations and false statements. They were tired of coming home everyday to a house that didn’t feel like a home anymore. They were both so tired.

But things started to become even more like a living hell for Y/N when she realized Luke wasn’t coming home anymore to avoid their petty squabbling. He was going home with other girls that were most definitely not her. Girls that would never love him as much as Y/N loved Luke.

Despite all of the tension and the unsaid words, they loved each other. The ocean still comes back to shore after being pulled away with the tides. The sun still chases after the moon even if they/ll never meet. Y/N will always run back to Luke even if his actions stab her in her heart every single time.

As she fidgeted with the ends of her blanket that was on the couch at four in the morning, she heard the door unlock and a drunken Luke shush whoever he brought home with him. Her giggle still echoes around in Y/N’s head whenever she thinks of this heartbreaking moment. Y/N wanted to hate him and her so bad, yet she never could. All she could bring herself to do was hate herself. Maybe Luke would have treated her better if Y/N was good enough.

His tall frame stumbled into the living room with his arms wrapped around another girl’s waist. Their lips smashed together in desperation and he swiftly lifted the girl up and pushed them against the wall.

“Luke,” Y/N said, immediately ending the make out session that had the tears running down her face.

His eyes were bloodshot and widened as he took in his girlfriend’s slumped posture and tear-stained cheeks. He could feel the guilt bubbling in his stomach, but his intoxicated mind eased that feeling away.

“Wow, you look a lot like my girlfriend,” he mumbled, slowly dropping the girl to her feet. She giggled, again in a drunken haze, and peppered kisses at the base of his neck. Y/N sniffled and wiped the tears away.

Ignoring his statement, Y/N said in a voice as broken as her heart, “Can you go sleep with her at her place so I can get the hell out of here without seeing your face ever again?”

And because Luke didn’t have his head on straight that night, he nodded in understanding and left with the girl and left Y/N alone in the house that no longer felt like a home.

When the door shut and she finally felt alone, her walls came crashing down. Love was stupid. It builds you up to watch you fall. It tricks you into thinking you could never be any happier, but oh man, does it make you feel like shit when everything you dreamt of with that person comes crashing down. Expectation is what ruins everything. Expectation is the root of all heartache. Y/N believed that Luke would love her endlessly. She believed that he would never leave. But he did.

As she crumpled to the ground of her house, Y/N felt alone. Heartbroken. Betrayed. She was going to leave tonight, no matter what happens along the way. She would leave and not look back. Y/N will be alone again. She liked being alone, but she hated feeling lonely.

But now that Luke was gone and her heart was shattered, that’s what she felt. Lonely.

While Y/N was heaving her suitcases into the trunk of her car as the sun was peaking out from the horizon, Luke was waking up next to a girl he doesn’t remember. The feeling of sheer panic rushed through him as he peeked under the covers to see himself naked. The feeling of nausea overwhelmed him when he noticed the girl that was not the love of his life, sleeping next to him.

Even after all the shots he took and the bottles of beer he drank, he remembered everything. He remembered every detail that happened. He went to a bar to run away from his problems, yet he created more. He met a girl that seduced him and of course being the idiot he was, he fell for it. Luke felt empty inside. He needed someone to fill the void in his heart. So when a girl in a small dress and a pretty face offered him a good time, he couldn’t resist.

But then he saw the look of pure hurt on Y/N’s face when she caught him kissing someone else. Her eyes were glossed over in tears and her fingers were fiddling with the ends of his shirt, a shirt that he’ll never see her wear again.

“Can you go sleep with her at her place so I can get the hell out of here without seeing your face ever again?”

She was leaving.

Luke proceeded to tug on his boxers and his jeans as the beauty that could never compare to Y/N began to stir in her sleep. He pulled at the roots of his hair when he couldn’t find his stupid t-shirt. Where was his freaking shirt?

“Luke?” the girl whispered, bringing the white sheets of the hotel room up to cover her bare chest. Looking at her pained him. He hated himself. Luke loathed himself. “Why are you leaving?”

“I have a girlfriend. Fuck, I have a girlfriend. I hope she’s still my girlfriend,” he whispered, tears already pricking at his blue eyes.

“Holy shit, do you really? I am so sorry. I didn’t know. I can’t believe I slept with you when you were seeing someone.”

“I need to call her,” he said, noticing his phone on the nightstand. But when he pressed the home button to check if Y/N left any messages to yell at him, the screen stayed black. Luke needed to get to Y/N before she was gone forever.

Once he found his shirt and said goodbye, he drove home frantically. He cursed as he noticed her car wasn’t in the driveway. Luke ran as fast as he could to his front door and swung it open after stabbing the key into the lock multiple times.

As he entered the door to a house that felt emptier than usual, he noticed her favorite blanket wasn’t on the couch anymore. The place where she always had her favorite smelling candle was empty, yet the scent was still there. His chest got tighter and tighter as he stepped into the hallway that lead to their bedroom. The pictures on the walls taunted him. Her smile made Luke’s stomach drop.

Opening the door to the bedroom, his heart shattered like her’s did when she saw him kissing another girl. Her bookshelf in the corner of the room was empty. All of the drawers were opened and had no clothes seeping out. That one body pillowed she cuddled when he was on tour was gone. The gigantic teddy bear he gave her on Valentine’s Day was sitting on a pile on their- his bed with other gifts he gave to her.

All the notes he left for her was on that pile. Every cheesy mixtape of songs that reminded him of her were there. Anything he gave to her was given back. The only thing different was the letter that had her pretty handwriting scrawled.

With shaky hands and rapid breathing Luke stepped forward and clutched the paper in his hands.


You are literally the biggest idiot I have ever met in my whole entire life. You broke my heart. You made me feel like shit. You ignored me when I needed you most. You kissed another girl in front of me. And yet, I still love you with everything I have. How pathetic is that?

I know you thought I was over you when I said I was done. I tried to explain that I was done with that conversation and not you, but you left the house and then I stayed up to try to talk to you and then you brought home a girl to sleep with.

Luke I’m not done with you. I was never done with you. I just got used to the feeling of my heart being ripped out over and over and over again that everything felt numb.

I love you. I love you a lot. But I can’t come back to you. That’s not how things work. I love you and you love me, so why wouldn’t things be simple for us? I’m not quite sure. Just take care of yourself and make sure to go out and find love again and not screw up like you did in this relationship. You deserve happiness, Luke. But you don’t deserve me.



Luke was alone now. He didn’t want to feel alone. Like Y/N, he liked to be alone but hated to feel lonely. But now they were both lonely and they could not change that.

thanks school systems for making teens stressed out about grades and how good they would do on their next test. thanks school system for causing so many mental illness to teens who just wanted to enjoy their lives. thanks school systems for making us stay inside and making us work till late at night because of homework and tests. Because of this, we are tired, mentally and physically, we are stressed, we get a higher chance of mental illnesses, we work and work with such little breaks and such a short time over the summer.
im exhausted, i dont even know how i am still working.

I’ve finally sat down to do this follow forever (after like a month of putting it on hold because of my busy schedule and my procrastination(also sorry for the inactivity I suck)) because guys I HIT 500 FOLLOWERS (idek why you guys follow me). It’s crazy how fast this all went by and how it seems like it was just yesterday I joined tumblr. I joined this like a little over a year ago and even with everything that’s happened,I don’t regret it a bit. But enough with this and on to the follow forever.


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