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(an anon asked me for blog recs but i accidentally deleted the ask so im just doing it like this whoops)

okay first my friend @happydnp,, rubys great and she deleted her blog but shes back now so please follow her !!!  

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Happy Valentine’s Day! 

important fictionkin thing

(but if you feel this relates to some other type of kin experience thats cool too!!)

its ok if youre not exactly the way you were before
its ok if you like different things now
its ok if you seem like you should be someone else when you know youre not
its ok if you dont have the powers or the face or the interests and habits you used to
they dont make you any less you!!
this is a new life and a new world and a new timeline and even though things are different and scary and some of our old friends are miles and miles away or we might not know where they are its going to be ok!!! youre still you and youre also the you youve become in this life and you can be whatever you you want to be or feel that you are and its great!!
we have to be strong for our friends both old and new! the world is big and vast and full of possibilities so we should try our best to stay positive for ourselves and for everyone else even when its hard just to wake up and convince yourself to live sometimes in the morning
its ok!!
youre doing great!!!

💜valentine’s day plans!💜

🌼clean my room

🌼make strawberry cookies (with butterscotch morsels!)

🌼pick out a cute outfit!!

🌼buy heart shaped pizza!

🌼buy strawberries

🌼ride my bike!

🌼go have a picnic and sit by the lake

🌼play animal crossing!

anyways when is kara going to invite lena to game night @ supergirl writers im waiting

sometimes I’m just really overwhelmed with my love for exo. like, they bring me so much joy??? like not just them as a group, but them as individuals as well. kyungsoo is literally the squishiest, most adorable man ever and although he doesn’t like to be called cute, he definitly is and his voice is so soothing and calming and i love him so much!!!! and chanyeol is literally the smollest giant ever and an actual saint like he feeds homeless kittens and make music and he’s a giant ball of fun and make my best friend so happy and im just so greatful for his existence and his voice is literally the best thing known to mankind i just love him som much!!! jongdae’s vocals is actually god like and I want to fcking cuddle him because that’s how cute he is and his laugh can cure cancer and his whining is iconic i just really fcking love jongdae!!! and suho is so fcking gorgeous like dont fight me this is the most beautiful man i have ever seen in my life and he loves everyone so much and he is funny!!!!!!!!! like honestly i want to thank suho for existing because it makes my life so much easier like i love him so much!!! kai is an actual ball of fluff and will laugh 10/10 times of everything and he just really just love his dogs and dancing and exo and it makes me so happy that he always go 110% in to everything he does he’s actually so amazing kai is literal sunshine i just love him!!!! lay is actually such a wonderful person because he just is and he’s the actual king and i want to cry because he’s so cute like he’s such a precious little thing and i want to protect him against evil and his dancing is sinful and just i lov lay!!!!!! xiumin is the fake maknae and actual oldest but i actually dont believe he is real at all like he is an anime character there is no way in hell anyone can look so perfect in real life i want to fcking kiss him like wtf he’s ethereal like can we sit down for a minute and talk about fcking kim minseok like jfc he’s amazing and wonderful and his voice is like velvet and i just love him so much wtf!!!!! oh sehun the one and only, the tower, the most amazing man who actually is the cutests lille boy who loves vivi more than vivi loves him :((( and he’s so precious and just loves all his older members and fans and is actually so deep and smart but still adorable and he loves dancing and i just really love sehun so much!!!! baekhyun… the love of my life and the most precious human being on earth, lay and aeri’s #1 fanboy and actual owner of my heart he always make sure everyone is okay and care so much for everyone, his personality is wonderful his voice is fcking the most amazing his dancing is also so fcking fantastic and i could watch him perform for days he’s the cutest and he’s sinful and ethereal and i want to cry because of how perfect he is please i actually am so in love with him it hurts… he just lights up my world like no one can and i just am so grateful for him .. guys I just really love exo :((

anonymous asked:

are u one of them "no homo" type niggas or are you comfortable enough in ur sexuality that you dont feel basic enough to say it

when i was in middle/high school i was on that lame shit and one of my boys actually came out to me and thats what got me to change my perception on things because my boy, floyd was like family to me. and im like “ have i been making him feel like shit this whole time with these lame ass jokes? “ and i actually started reading some shit and talking to him about things to try to get a bigger opinion on things, and im really grateful that dude is in my life because hes just a great friend and brother fundamentally, but him coming out helped me to grow and mature as a person and to learn to accept a wider variety of lifestyles and understanding them.

like no shit, young james was a fucking mess my dude; that nigga was ridiculous, lock him up ( dont )


To answer your question, dear anon, Star actually likes the comic. 
Marco didn’t responded to any of her messages after the :3.

that feeling of pride you get when you realize how far your bae who used to have trouble with public speaking has come