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So I know like 90% of the fandom is against black paladin Keith and like for the most part, I’m kinda iffy about it myself. But hear me out. Black paladin Keith… whose right-hand man is Lance. Lance acts as an advisor of sorts, whom Keith trusts, no questions asked. If Shiro isn’t going to listen to Lance, Keith will. Keith already knows Lance is capable and takes the mission seriously (even though he seems to take little else seriously. That’s not to say he isn’t serious, just he copes differently). They have already experienced first hand that working together yields success. And already we can see that when it gets down the nitty gritty, they fall into a harmonious efficiency, despite the air of competitiveness between them. Keith is the drive and the passion and Lance, the patience and positivity. Together they make an unstoppable force. A good team, if you will. 

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hello!! i was wondering if you could do a single dad au for hyuk? thanks so much, your fics make me happy~

find others: taekwoon 

  • hyuk has a son whose name isn’t hyuk jr. but hyuk still calls him mini hyuk because,,,,,,,,look at him,,,,,he is literally a smaller version of him!!!!
  • same nose? same nose
  • even though he’s really young, only two, hyuk keeps telling everyone that he’s sure he’s a genius. that he’s going to go on to do grEAT thing. that this lil one is capable of anything, the presidency, pro athlete, next steve jobs
  • the rest of vixx was really worried about him becoming a father, but he’s proven that he’s taking it super seriously and would literally die for his kid,,,,,,
  • hakyeon is so proud of hyuk when he sees him being gentle and caring that he almost sheds a tear and hongbin is like jesus bro ur not his mom and hakyeon is like,,,my babY,,,,,,,raising another baby,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • taekwoon is like “can i play with you-” and hyuk is like “no, you might steal him and im not risking that.”
  • got matching baseball caps for him and his son dad hyuk is the cUTEST 
  • you’ve been hyuks neighbor since,,,,,,,,,well you can’t even remember and tbh you two are really close
  • the amount of late night video game parties you two had is ,,,, beyond count and everyone is always like “you’re dating” but you and hyuk were like LOVE? IN MY HOUSE? NO THANKS
  • but ever since hyuk became a dad, a single dad nonetheless, it’s been less video game parties and more “ill babysit if you’re busy bro or come over and watch this disney kids movie with me and my son”
  • and you and hyuk have always been friends, comfortable, trusting, really close friends
  • so it’s not surprising when he invites you to go furniture shopping with him and his son 
  • you push the cart with his son in the seat and make silly faces as hyuk tried to read the catalog and figure out where the nursury section is 
  • but then you hear it,,,,,,,,,,the voice of your aunt
  • and you barely ever see her because she doesn’t live in this part of town??? but you know it’s her voice and when she calls out to you,,, you stop dead in your tracks
  • and all you hear is a “oh my, has it been that long - you’re married and have kids now?!?!?!”
  • both you and hyuk turn around and you want to say “what- no it isn’t what it looks like-”
  • but hyuk loops a hand around your shoulder like it’s the most casual thing in the world and goes
  • “im their husband! nice to meet you!”
  • your aunt almost jumps for joy!!!! rushing over and going “a husband??? you got a husBAND,,,and such a handsome one too!!!!”
  • you look up at hyuk, completely confused at where he’s going with this, until he kisses the side of your face
  • “we meet a couple of months ago and they married me, even though i had a kid an all! they’re a blessing!”
  • your aunt looks between you and hyuk and you try to put on a smile and act like it’s all ok
  • but what???????is ?????? hyuk??????Saying
  • your aunt opens her mouth to say something but hyuk is like “oh! honey, we have dinner with ken later we better hurry up - sorry, i gotta steal them away again but bye!”
  • and with that, hyuk turns you around and hurries you away from your pestering aunt and down the next aisle
  • she doesn’t follow you,,,,,but you look up at him when you’re out of earshot and narrow your eyes, pinching his arm hard
  • “ow! what was that for?”
  • “for pretending we’re MARRIED?????”
  • hyuk grins, rubbing his arm and sending a kissey face to his son and you’re like hey hey dont ignore me
  • and he’s like “i mean, we’re basically married? you take care of my kid like he’s your own and are always at my place, babe we are SHOPPING together”
  • you wanna say something back, maybe about him calling you babe??? but at the same time,,,,,,,,he’s right
  • you,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,are basically married,,,,,,,
  • and you can’t imagine your life without hyuk or his son for that matter and when you look down the little boy outstretching his arms to you
  • you can’t help but think,,,,,,,,what if - what if you and hyuk /did/ get married
  • hyuk leans down again, kissing your cheek and he’s like “wow, wanted to do that for a long time,,,,”
  • you playfully shove him, picking up his son in your arms as hyuk grins and watches you two
  • after a moment you look back at him and go
  • “han sanghyuk, i will marry you.”
  • “right here in this ikea?”
  • “yes”
  • slkdj you both break out into laughter but honestly,,,,,,you both know that this moment was destined to happen and even though it was in an ikea and not somewhere super romantic it’s fine
  • because you dont need the ring and the party - you just need hyuk and his son,,,,,,,,,,,,hyuk corrects you on your way home though because now it’s not his son,,,,,,is our son ^^ 

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best part about jikook in today's bv2 ep wasnt them getting lost; it wasnt them eating together, or sitting on the bus; no... it was when they were first paired, and both of their smiles were literally so bright and giddy and warm and *genuine*. like, they smile practically all the time for different reasons, but i dont think id seen them *that* happy in forever. they might as well have been jumping for joy and squealing (im exaggerating cause it was so darn cute but u get the idea it was sweet)

!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS !!!!!!!!!!! their smiles and the way that jungkook said “jimin hyung” and how they held hands and jk just pulled jm closer to him. like it was so adorable to me, i can’t get over it. I’m gonna have to go to the dentist for cavities after that because it was just so cute. you could see the happiness radiating off of them. like it makes me feel so warm and gooey on the inside. 

(gifcred to jiminthefairyprince)

like look at how happy they are afterwards too???? and the whole day they were super smiley and happy and just generally having fun. which is like so important for them. and they literally did not stop smiling the whole day, and i jsut really love it so much. 

Niall Horan; professional third wheel- a masterpost

This is a masterpost dedicated to Niall being both a professional third wheel and an intense larry shipper (most of the time both).
None of the images used are mine please dont kill me for using them

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A huge thank you to all those who wished me luck!

What I wished for came true and I just feel so blessed! Thank you for all the well wishes, they really mean a lot. I’m so excited right now but I really want to thank the tumblr users below who sent me their well wishes:

Thank you so much and I hope 2014 will be a fabulous year for you!

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annyeong! how would exo react to seeing you after 2 months apart? thanks ^^

hiiiii :) They would definitely be overjoyed to finally see you! hope you like it xx


Yeolie:*wraps you in a hug* I missed you so much


Sehun:*jumps up and down with joy*

Chen: *crushes you in a tight hug*

Kai: Is it really you Jagi? T.T

Kris: *waves at you trying to play it cool bc emotional’s not his style*

D.O: where’s my hug?

Lay: *can’t believe his eyes”

Luhan: *sees you* JAGIYAAAAAAAA

Suho: *shy laugh* you’re beautiful want to go shopping with grandpa $uho?

Tao: *so excited he chokes on his spit*

Xiumin: wah you’re finally back T^T lets eat something yummy together

So I hit 1K followers yesterday night which is absolutely insane. I honestly don’t know why you do cause all I do is reblog stuff and maybe make a gif once in a millennium. But thank you so much anyway <3

I’ll just start with basically the only person I talk to adorablesivan. She is an actual sweetheart so go follow her I promise you won’t regret it.


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Wow that got cheesy and emotional

I know it isn’t insanely long like some and I’ve probably missed some of my faves and I’m so sorry if I did. I love every single one of you and if you ever do wanna talk (im kinda shy) just message me, I’ll probably jump with joy and do a happy dance.

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