im judging you if you dont talk to me

I need someone to cry and yell about Fairy Tail with cause i just saw trailers for dragon cry today and i am so fucked up;0;

Im.... Scared....

(Right now im from german and 13 so warning bad english!)

So.. Im scared but your asking yourself WHY im scared….
Well as you probaly already saw i am 13…
That means if i am in a comunity like from big male YouTubers like @therealjacksepticeye and @markiplier im scared to be called a “fangirl”…..

Some people wont get it but the situation is like this:

Person i know : i love watching (youtuber name)!!!

Me: Oh! Really?! Me too!! Ive been a big fan!!

Person: yeah but arent you a little young?

Me: y-yeah… 13 what about it..??

Person: oh nothing *walks to another guy*

Other person: dude whats with this girl?

Person: She likes (youtuber name)! Shes totally a wierd Fangirl who only screams around!!!

Other person: oh dude! Those girls are sooo annoying..

Person: yeah i know…

Im always scared to talk about my favourite youtubers to other people because im scared how they would judge me…
I dont want them to think like im one of these fangirls that has like 20 poster in her room…

Ok i admit …. Of course i scream of happyness when a male youtuber does something hot or cute! Its normal…
Its just…
I think many other people feel like me… So people:

Being a young girl around the age of 12-15 doesnt always mean they are “hardcore” fangirls…

I tried to explain it the best way i could!

Oh and im sorry again for my bad english!
Have a nice and relaxed day 🎶

my evangeline,

girls talk to me. a lot, actually. a lot of them.

they don’t look like you, or laugh like you.

am i going to turn back into a player just so i can fill the void that you left?

or will i turn back to alcohol and getting high all the fucking time?

neither option sounds favorable.

jesus fucking christ youve raised the bar so fucking high that no one can compete

will i ever be satisfied if i dont have you in my arms?

gregs not even that attractive holy fuck im here judging some guy because hes not as attractive as i am but hes becoming your fucking world and i am becoming pluto

fuck me i want to hold you tightly in my arms and kiss you tenderly and fuck you and marry you and never be separated from you again what the fuck is wrong with me i need to drink

-isaac, the guardian angel who has a sickness

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kant idk if you're in law school but i think you are??? or you graduated already? well either way I'm asking for some advice. so I'm 19 and a senior is college. my advisor thinks going to law school and getting a jd/mba would be good for me since i like law and business. my family won't allow me to take the year off so i came to ask if you think this is a good idea? or can you ask your followers? idk I just think everything is happening really fast. thank you

im not in law school i decided against it for a variety of reasons but i think you’ll hate law school if you havent actually interned at a court let alone talked to judges and lawyers because that experience for me was the deal breaker and other interns i knew 

i think your advisor doesnt know what they’re talking about. i like law and business too but i dont like it enough to apply to law school and pay 40-50k for 3 years just to graduate and throw myself in the dismal and supersaturated legal market that has more people with JD’s than full time jobs…. not to mention many JD grads today will never in their life pay off their debts 

take a year off and think about it. if anyone tells you to just “do it” they should fuck off because its a serious commitment that cant be started and sustained through whatever grandiose illusion they have of what lawyers do 

so after the, Discourse, i figured i might as well make this post on how to write good autistic characters for voltron fans, or any other fans for that matter, should they want to include an autistic character within fics (which you totally should btw, youve got no idea how much positive representation can do)

before you read this, bare in mind that i am One (1) autistic person, i cant talk for every single autistic person’s experiences, but i have more authority on this than allistics. so im going to putting down the basics and then if any other autistic people want to add onto this please do!

so: the ground rules for writing an autistic character

1) do not use an autistic character for shock

this is probably one of the most annoying things. you do not write in an autistic character “””coming out””” about their autism at the dinner table and having everyone go silent in the shock of it. in reality you shouldnt have to point neon signs which say “AUTISTIC!!!! OH GOSH!!!!!!!” at a character. a super good example of not needing to do this is keith! its never been verbalised that hes autistic, he didnt sit everyone down and say “guys………. i cant neurotypical  up……………….. because im not neurotypical………………………………” 

but so many people hc him as autistic! this is because his character is clearly autistic without him needing to wear a name tag saying it, and your character shouldnt need a name tag either

2) dont make autism look like something weird

this ones super important dog. youve probably walked past thousands, THOUSANDS of autistic people in your life but i can promise that you didnt point and gawk at them: because autism isnt something weird that you can pick out in a crowd. if your entire character is “hey! this is grunglesnut! hes autistic because he loves trains so much that he paints murals of them and has slips of paper with thomas the tank engine on stapled to his wall!” thats not a good character. grundlesnut can love trains without you pointing and laughing at him for it and making it sound like some creepy obsession

3) dont make autism something to feel sorry for

we are not neurotypical pity porn. what do i mean? sit down and read what you just wrote where people find out that your character is autistic.

did you make autism sound bad? 

did you make your character telling another that they are autistic about understanding one another and working to make life a bit easier for the autistic person, or did you make it sound like it was a terrible affliction? did you make autism sound like part of the person, or did you make it sound like something which makes life for their family harder?

autism is not a bad thing, in fact even if it can make life harder i love my autism because its part of who i am. i dont want to read a story where a character is on the verge of tears because they just found out that their friend has autism and now life is going to be “harder” for both of them.

4) dont just shove an autistic character in for brownie points

listen to me carefully when i say this. you might think that by putting an autistic character into your story youre being great! super cool! youre being inclusive! but bare in mind that bad representation is just as bad as no representation, if anything its worse tbh

the main thing im talking about with this is people creating ocs which are autistic specifically for a fic. this is, yes, a bit of a mine field. but im gonna give you three useful pointers to get started:

a) first impressions are everything

b) it doesnt matter how much you go into the character in later chapters, first impressions are everything

c) im not fucking joking, dont even try to lie to me and say that you dont judge people based off first impressions, First Impressions Are Everything

i dont want to read a fic that has an original character as a family member with the third line that character saying being “im autistic”, because thats not what would happen with a majority of autistic people! yes there are autistic people who are a bit more comfortable with talking to new people, but dog im 17 yrs old and i still cant talk to a majority of my family at christmas reuinion dinners, let alone tell them i have autism

heres what you do: look at the characters youre writing about. for example klance: so, SO many people already see keith as autistic. there are posts about autistic keith which actually have thousands of notes. and those arent coming out of nowhere: how keith acts in canon is what makes so many people see him as autistic. why dont you write a fic with keith in it where keith is autistic! you dont have to change how he acts, you dont have to change what he does, because hes already autistic dude!!

5) listen to what autistic people have to say

look, i dont care how many autistic brothers you have, unless you have autism yourself you need to ask about it. dont just google symptoms and look at a list and pick out what you want to use: ask autistic people how they feel about a character.

“but that will take ages!” well then dont write the character in

“but i plan to go into more detail in later chapters!” dude i will tell u first impressions are everything until the day i die

“but if i educate myself wont that be ok?” you could argue this: if you want a mediocre fic. if you arent autistic, it does not matter how much you read up on it, you dont know the first thing about living with autism. because to understand living with autism you actually have to live with autism. listen to what people are telling you: and i would recommend talking to multiple people since autism isnt black and white. it changes for everyone dude.

but, as i said, i am just one autistic person. if any other autistic people want to add onto this then please do, but understand that if you are allistic this is your time to listen to what we;re saying. im not doing this to flash my nd card and make everyone think im cool, im doing this so that we can avoid more,,,,, “Drama” in the future. its not hard to write a good autistic character: its hard to choke down your pride and ask how


Tumblr is the only place i can talk about True Crime freely.. the only place i can share what i want to share without being judged by you guys

I dont know if you guys actually enjoy what i post, but i appreciate you all, because if you werent here to show me that im not alone with my thoughts i wouldnt know what to do

For ages now ive been shamed by my parents.. for my weird interests and by my friends for being different to them

And then i found Eric and Dylans diaries.. and suddenly i felt that my thoughts werent so bad because i shared them with someone

And now with you guys

So thankyou



Oh, and, Pinkamena, in response to your questions; killing is wrong because it eliminates a chance for love to settle in; I don’t know you well enough to judge you, though I’m sure you’re a very charming.. pony? And perhaps we could be friends. You’d have to be within my community, however - I am quite adamant that my friends are as loyal to Malcolm as I.

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penny for your thoughts?

-i havent really talked to yet
-and you prolly dont even know me
-but i know you so were friends
-we will meet soon tho
-i need my pictures to be a bit more closer to you
- are you a technophiliac
-its ok if you are
-im not gonna judge
-it will be a great story tho
-how does that even work
- also you seem really cool
-tho sometimes it seems your talking items??
-can you like talk to my laptop and tell it to stop being a bitch??
-like i promise you sometimes its deleting my stuff and turning off on purpose
-does it want to be treated like a queen???


holden: oh mighty dad sweater give me the strength to finally catch like. one fucking fish. please. just one fish. im begging

cameron: why do you keep talking to your sweater like that

holden: i dont judge you on your fishing methods do i

holden: so dont judge me for mine

cameron: why do you have to be like… that way

my co worker just sent me a message about a girl shes talking to and shes like “she hasnt told me yet what her sexual preferences are” meaning she’ll quit talking to her if shes bi and we got into a whole argument where shes pretty much shitting on bi women but then back tracking and being like “im not judging them i just dont understand it” and im like yes! you are judging them heres what u just said! so now she knows now that i have a huge problem with her biphobia and shes like “if u date a bi woman let me know how it goes” and i was just like “we’ll see”

im not even going to get into the details of what she said because its all bullshit but shes an asshole, plain and simple

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I want to be friends but I don't know how to make friends and I'm too terrified of embarrassment to go off of anon and even just posting this is terrifying me because I'm scared it's weird; is this weird? I'm sorry...

i dont think youre weird!! i have the same worries and im honestly just musical garbage so dont be concerned about me judging you or something! if you have discord or skype we could probably talk if you want??

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Haha so I'm horrible and unstable. I have two jobs and go to school full time and the stress was too much at my serving job so I just no showed this morning and I feel horrible for doing it but the manager was mean to me and everyone treated me like I was stupid and incapable of anything. I'm trying so hard to feel better about my choice but I know it was a bad thing to do

Okay first of all, thank you for coming to me. I’m always happy to talk or just listen if you or anyone else just needs to let off steam, or just to talk about things in general. If you ever want to vent or anything my inbox is always open to you  💕 .

Second of all, I know hearing it is one thing and putting it into practice and believing it is another, but I don’t think you should feel all that guilty or bad about it. In other circumstances, I think maybe it would have been worse to do, like if you skipped it for no reason. But you didn’t skip it for no reason; you skipped it because you’re stressed, and from the sound of it not feeling to great, and being in an environment like that would have increased your stress and made you feel worse. I think, in this situation, you did the best thing for yourself and that’s nothing to be ashamed or feel guilty for. You’re putting yourself and your needs, and your health, first, and I’m proud of you for that. You have a lot on your plate and it takes someone really strong to do all that, but everyone has moments of weakness and days where they just can’t do it and thats okay. You’re human and things affect you too so it’s okay, the situation you’re in is stressful so its okay to feel stressed, its a valid feeling and it’s okay to make yourself a priority. 

You’re not horrible, or unstable, just trying to do your best. Don’t beat yourself up, because at the end of the day your health and how you feel are most important. Honestly that work environment sounds absolutely horrible and I don’t blame you at all for skipping. There are a lot of constructs we have in place that tell us we should do this, or we should do that, and if we dont then we should feel like shit because we didn’t do what everyone expects. The people at that workplace sound like they don’t respect you at all, and honestly that’s horrible. I’m sorry that you have to go through that, but I’m proud of you for doing it so far. People might tell you its a bad thing to do, and most of the time skipping work is, but I think in this context skipping work to take care of your own health isn’t a bad thing to do. Having said that, skipping work out of nowhere might have negative repercussions, so perhaps next time it might be better to call ahead when you feel like this and call in sick or something, just so you’re covered and in less trouble. I want you to take care of yourself, but I don’t want you to get in trouble or for them to treat you any worse when the environment there is already so bad.

This is a bit of a mess and I’m sorry, I wasn’t really sure what to say. But I do want to say, please be gentle with yourself. Others can judge you and you can’t stop that, but when you’re feeling this way it’s important that you don’t judge yourself. You’re allowed to feel whatever you’re feeling, so just let the emotions process naturally and allow them to be without judgement. Taking care of yourself is so, so important, so I hope you continue to do that, but also please make sure you do it in a way that isn’t going to come back to bite you (ie calling ahead). I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help and I’m sorry if this isn’t what you wanted to hear, but I hope you do have a good day and a lovely night. You can always come and talk if you want, feel free to message me or send asks. I want you to feel better and I hope you do. I love you  💕 💕 please be gentle with yourself.

Comeback for Law fans
  • Other people: Why are you so obsessed with this anime character?
  • Law fans: You are prohibited by Law to say that
  • People: Who made this law?
  • Law fans: We are The Law

Real talk: imagine Levi thinking that Eren hates him and Eren, trying to reassure him, says “I don’t hate you, heichou”. Imagine Levi collapsing into Eren’s shoulder, shaking. Imagine Eren panicking because he thinks that Levi is crying, but he’s actually laughing so hard he is crying because Eren said “hate chu, heichou”

random bios

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if you dont have pizza idk what the hell youre doing here

i hate mondays

im a boss a$$ bitch

you turn me on

hi stalker

hi hater. kiss kiss, see ya later

i dont wanna wake up from this tonight

boy i adore you u u 


everybody hurts someday

its ok to be afraid

shine bright like me

me > you

you make me glow

bad boys, good lips

only god can judge us 

who need friends when u have vodka?

its 11:11 make a wish

its my mouth i can say what i want to

dont be gucci, be yourself

im so prada, you are so nada

buy me pizza and touch my ass

to do list: kiss 100 boys

i dont care, i love it

hakuna matata

hate me, dont hate my idol

stop being fake

no bc you suck bitch

walk like a champion, talk like a champion

twerk it, twerk it, twerk it.

everything comes naturally

dont be a bitch, so i have to be a bitch too and i do it better

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yo i dont judge but why did you tag that egg sewing post as ref? are u gonna sew an egg on a shirt too? will you post pics

im sorry, you must not know who i am.

im perchu. the cosplay elitest. and i dont have time for talk of cosplay that isnt canon.

i cosplay hard. i cosplay with passion. and i cosplay correctly.

this is a passion. this is a talent. and this is something i do not have shit-heads suggest for me to “hey dude do this” casually with no reasoning behind it.“


Not trying to be rude or anything but, the tumblr fandom is honestly a lot more ‘mature’ and 'lovable’ than the twitter fandom.

on twitter there is 'squads’ or 'groups’ and on tumblr we are one big group. 

on twitter fandoms/ships dont mix together, often there is hate thrown from one ship to another. on tumblr there is never that problem, fandoms come together without a problem. 

on twitter there is drama almost every single night. on tumblr i’ve only seen one incident with drama and it was solved within 48 hours and wasnt spoken of again.

on twitter it’s so hard to be accepted, and people actually get turned down all the time by people based off their follower account. on tumblr we welcome new people before they can even figure out how tumblr works, and follower count on here is literally just a number.

so i just want to say that i love you guys and thanks for being my second family even my first family at times and im just happy to have you amazing people in my life.

ok continue scrolling.


Dear Taylor , Fearless to Speak Now to Red—————–> You have always been a part of my life and i will always support you. From the time i became a swiftie in 08 to my grave. I cant believe that soon enough i can add a picture of me and you to this collection! After so many years of supporting you and buying cds, going to concerts and jamming out to your music i never would have thought that this would happen. Im so proud to call myself a swiftie and be apart of your life! taylorswift taylor not only have you grown up with me but you helped me be who i am today. You shaped me as a person, taught me that being different and standing out is better than being normal, that even when people judge you it doesnt matter because your the one having fun, and even when we have bad days we just need to shake it off ( me and my stupid puns ). Im so glad to say that i am who i am because of you taylor! You are not only my idol but my best friend, even if we dont talk just a like on tumblr from you makes me super happy! I couldnt ask for someone better to look up to and i just want to thank you for helping me through the years and the many more to come I love you Tay and i just hope you know that<3 Hayley