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death count: two walls, a chair, wally’s sanity

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request af for @bufordtannen who wanted something based off the “you’re not my pillow” scene from DSOD

and I know I fucking know that you would have wanted something funny or like crack or some shit but I’ve spent the last two days curled up in my hoodie and in such a fucking fluff mood so here ya go you got this instead. I’M SO SORRY OK

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I hope this isn't too angst (I wanted to ask this yesterday, but was scared) but what if Sammy got some music deal and he has to be away from Susie for a year or two would he take it?


I’m gonna assume its some Hollywood deal because your ask implies he’d physically be far away rather than just not working in the studio. The studios on the east coast, Hollywood’s on the west, makes enough sense. Anyway he’d spend as long thinking about it as possible, and if he were an instinctive person he would have taken it immediately. When he finally gives his answer he’d decline it, because he’s got a pretty good thing going with the studio (as much as he hates to admit it) and he doesn’t want to leave everything he’s ever known, as well as Susie and his… “friends”, behind. It wouldn’t be an easy decision by any means, and he might find himself regretting it some days when Bendy drops a bucket of ink over his head or when he’s stressed over Joey’s expectations, but he’s honestly glad he stayed.))

Lazy days

The sun creeped through the curtains and landed on the two sleeping figures on the spacious bed, Taylor groaned and turned over trying to avoid the harsh glare of the July sun and snuggled up closer to her British boyfriend. Joe woke up sleepily and put his arm around Taylor to make her more comfortable. They were both lay together in a comfortable silence, Taylor’s head lay on his chest as she slowly drifted back to sleep and joe was absentmindedly stroking her hair. After a few minutes he could hear soft snores and looked down to see Taylor asleep on his chest, joe smiled to himself, “she really is perfect” his voice just above a whisper as to not to wake her, glancing at his phone he saw it was 9:30 and decided to go and make breakfast for himself and Taylor when she woke up. Slowly lifting Tay of his chest and placing her on the bed he slipped out of the bed and put on some baggy pants that rested just above his hips and made his way downstairs.

Taylor awoke to an empty bed with the exception of Olivia who lay stretched out next to her, Taylor sat up and stretched “hey Olivia have you seen joe?”, Olivia started cleaning her leg completely uninterested in her owner, Taylor laughed “of course I’m not gonna get any answer from you”, she looked around her Rhode Island bedroom wondering were he was, then she heard some singing coming from downstairs “he must be downstairs” she chuckled to herself. Taylor rose from the bed and looked around for some clothes, she found joe’s white dress shirt from the night before, she put it on and started doing up the buttons while thinking about the night previous

Joe had just finished his latest premier for his film and had come to Rhode Island, when he entered the building he was greeted by Taylor who ran up to him and nearly knocking him over she wrapped her legs and arms around him and planted kisses over ever part of skin she could see, “I missed you so much baby” Taylor spoke between kisses, “hmmm I missed you too babe” joe spoke breathlessly as Taylor started kissing his neck harshly. Taylor jumped down from joes body took his hand, and began walking him through the hall and into the living room, she pushed him onto the couch and straddled him, “babe you have no idea how much I’ve missed you, two weeks without you hasn’t been great, I love you” Taylor continued nipping at his neck and joe ran his hands up and down her back “hmph I love you too Tay” joe moaned as Taylor bit his ear. Come on tay lets go upstairs" “why, we’re on our own here” tay replied as she started to undo joe’s shirt buttons, “it’ll be more romantic babe, plus the cats are watching and I feel awkward” joe looked over tays shoulder and saw both cats watching them intently, Taylor groaned and reluctantly climbed off of joes lap, grabbed his hand and started walking up the stairs “come on then let’s go and you can show me how much you missed me” Taylor winked at joe and he smiled as they both ran up the stairs to her bedroom

Taylor smiled at the memory of the night before and as she finished the last button in joe’s shirt she looked in the mirror and recognised the hickey marks on her neck and silently cursed joe “it’s a bloody good thing it’s cold enough for turtlenecks Joesph” she spoke silently. Making her way downstairs and into the kitchen she saw joe in the kitchen with his back to her, as she silently walked toward to island in the middle of the kitchen she heard him humming her song …ready for it and swaying his hips to it, she couldn’t help but laugh out loud causing him to turn around from his breakfast making duties, when he turned around he broke out into a smile seeing his adorable girlfriend clad in his shirt made him happy, raising his eyebrow he spoke “something amusing swift?” Joe spun back around to tend to the morning omelettes, Taylor walked up to him and wrapped her arms around his torso and rested her head on his back “im just admiring your singing and dancing skills joey maybe you could sing back up for me on tour” Taylor murmured into his back, “is the pay good?” Joe chuckled to himself “I could pay you in kisses” “that was cheesy babe but I’ll have to think about it I’ll let you know what my agent thinks about the pay”, Taylor laughed “your funny, oh something else I have to tell you, I don’t appreciate hickeys all over my neck when you know there hard to cover, luckily it’s cold enough for turtlenecks”, joe put the omelettes on plates and handed one to Taylor on the island, “sorry babe but your neck is just so desirable I couldn’t resist” he shot a big cheesy grin at Taylor who pretended to scowl at him although failing completely and just started laughing at him instead. “So I was thinking we could spend a day together just laying around if your up for that” Taylor looked up from her omelette “that sounds perfect we could watch every single episode of friends!”, joe chuckled “whatever you want babe, I love you”, Taylor smiled “I love you too joe”.

someone took it up with a higher up to complain that her hot chocolate wasnt hot enough like im sorry i made it a drinkable temperature and a certified minimal 120 degrees celsius of steamed milk


We love you, too, Tin Can Brothers. We love you too. (x)

In 2014 we have seen three friends building something wonderful out of nothing. We have seen three men working with their passion.

In less than a year, they’ve produced, shot and edited about 50 videos all on their own. In less than a year, they’ve brought to life not one but TWO hilarious live shows. They have shared their journey with us, through livestreams and social media.

These men are so humble, down to earth, hard working and passionate about what they do, it’s truly inspiring. They’re funny, handsome, talented, kind and I could not be more proud of them for everything they’ve achieved in just 11 months. I’m happy to be able to support them and I will continue to do so every chance I get.

Dear Brian, Corey, Joey and all the friends that helped you along the way, THANK YOU for making my year better and giving me reasons to keep going. I can’t wait to see what lies ahead.

Here’s to a great and successful 2015!!