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death count: two walls, a chair, wally’s sanity

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Mama Susie

When our Bendy was first brought into existence, Bendy turned out… smaller than Joey wanted, since he went through many “rejects” that were summoned, often deformed in some way that often melted right away, or Joey smacked them back into inky goop that originally came out of the machine with a sledge hammer.  It may have seemed cruel, but Joey was a perfectionist o his projects. Especially when it involves his magic.  It was thanks to Susie after inadvertently witnessing this successful summoning through Sammy dragging her into it, thinking this would be another failure to mock Joey about his capabilities that she saved the “runt” creation and found herself to be the mother figure to a demon from hell.  All because her mother instincts kicked in once the tiny demon tried stepping out of his summoning circle, but being made of newly formed ink and practically being a newborn, Bendy instantly falls flat on his face and begins to wail.  Because this was Joey’s first successful summoning, no one thought it would work.  Now that they witnessed the real power, everyone hid in the room behind chairs and ducked down.  Sammy was terrified, and attempted to hide Susie from sight in his own ritual coat.  Susie knew her co-workers and boss were all a little eccentric, but she never imagined they were cultists!  Maybe she should take her application to Disney instead, but once she heard that infant demon crying, her own mother instincts kicked in, and she was the only one brave enough to walk forward and gently shush the crying infant.  Once the demon begins to calm bu the sound of her voice, he was completely enamored by her many colors on her outfit and green eyes that sparkled like jewels instead of jet black, pie slice shaped eyes.  With a gentle loving embrace as she picked him up, rocking Bendy in her arms as the tiny demon looked up at her the whole time, using his tail as a pacifier.  Sammy couldn’t believe this.  THIS WAS A REALLY FOR REAL DEMON SHE’S CODDLING.  Susie did not care, after all it was HIS idea to drag her into this.  In her opinion, if she’s gotta work with all these nut case cultists now, Bendy needs a mother, and surprisingly, Joey will allow this.  Before he’s gonna be the dancing demon, his creation has to learn about the world around him.  Of course, Bendy knows who his true blood bond belongs to the one who summoned him, but Susie was the first one to show the tiny demon kindness and comfort in this scary new world.  Besides, he couldn’t help but feel something so familiar about her angelic (HUEHUEHUE) singing voice when she sings lullabies for him. 

BONUS: Susie takes up sewing again shortly after this when she often noticed when she held Bendy, he always felt noticeably cold and damp from his ink as he has no control of keeping himself solid.  So to keep Bendy nice and cozy, she makes an over sized sweater with love in every stitch of course.  Instead of a crib, Bendy is perfectly content curling up in his sweater that smelled like mama Susie.  It’s from than on considered special to him as it was Bendy’s first “offering” to a newly summoned demon.  Bendy got so used to napping in it, it had turned the inside to be stained with blackness from his own ink.  The last time someone took it from Bendy to wash, he threw a destructive tantrum and nearly destroyed multiple offices just to look for it. Susie made him apologize to everyone in the studio who he nearly attacked for thinking someone threw it out for being too dirty, but she still thinks it’s sweet it means so much to him.

Once again, this fluff was inspired by @killertoons as this is based off her Susie Campbelle after all! -Admin Lei


We love you, too, Tin Can Brothers. We love you too. (x)

In 2014 we have seen three friends building something wonderful out of nothing. We have seen three men working with their passion.

In less than a year, they’ve produced, shot and edited about 50 videos all on their own. In less than a year, they’ve brought to life not one but TWO hilarious live shows. They have shared their journey with us, through livestreams and social media.

These men are so humble, down to earth, hard working and passionate about what they do, it’s truly inspiring. They’re funny, handsome, talented, kind and I could not be more proud of them for everything they’ve achieved in just 11 months. I’m happy to be able to support them and I will continue to do so every chance I get.

Dear Brian, Corey, Joey and all the friends that helped you along the way, THANK YOU for making my year better and giving me reasons to keep going. I can’t wait to see what lies ahead.

Here’s to a great and successful 2015!!