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the sun was hot, but we were hotter
i longed to kiss her lips as often as the waves kissed the shore, and i often lost myself in her eyes the same way we would get lost on our adventures when there was nothing else for us to do
just us, in the car, with no destination in mind and the music playing as loud as we could stand it
windows down, hair blowing in the breeze, her hand in mine
we chased sunsets and held each other until sunrise
days and nights blended into one another
i never counted the minutes, just the freckles that spread across her nose and cheeks, like constellations in night
the sky was always blue, just changing in its hues and shades; there was no a.m. or p.m. anymore, there was just dark and light and neither stopped us from making memories
there was no time, there was only us
—  jenn-is-here10 said: OMG it’s summer so you know what that means…SUMMER LOVE 
(cc, 2017)
It’s an OTP AU Prompt list!
  • My friends bet I wouldn’t buy these three weird and questionable items and you’re my cashier.
  • Once a week I go visit the pet store just to stare at the cute kittens and puppies and you’re the nice employee who always lets me hold them and wait I think I’m going to cry hold on.
  • You’re the DJ of the University’s radio station and every time you give an opinion on a current event I have to call and argue with you because could you seriously be anymore wrong?
  • We both wait tables at the same restaurant and you’re always mad at me by the end of the night because I make more in tips.
  • We have the same class and once a week you wear this graphic shirt I don’t understand and I really want to ask you about it.
  • We both work at the same craft store that literally has no customers so we have nothing to do and I’m always reading at the register but you always have to criticize my book choice what the hell?
  • You’re the hot UPS employee who is always working when I come in to return the textbooks I rented online and I keep ordering the wrong textbooks.
  • I’m working the concession stand for this week’s home game and this is the fifth time you’ve come back for snacks wait are you flirting with me?
Apollo comes home as dawn’s fingers stretch across the sky,
lighting up the other wise somber neighborhood
in one hand he holds a bottle of liquid fire 
and in the other, something much more dangerous,
the hand of a boy
that burns his imprint into his skin so that he can never be rid of this memory
as if he could ever forget
Apollo sits on the roof of his house watching the sun make its daily arrival and the same light in the sky runs through his veins 
burning him from the inside out
and as he burns, as his hair turns into rays of light and his words into beams
he realizes this is what its like to live
—  Modern gods: Apollo
Of Words and Swordplay

Chapter 5 Summary: Jon contemplates what type of queen Daenerys would be for the North while she plans to leave and battle the Lannister host. A final lesson before her flight, they cross swords and words once more.

***Takes place during 7x04, after the dragonglass cave but before the battle at Blackwater Rush.***

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Standing on the shore of Dragonstone, Jon listened to waves move upon the sand and dragons move upon the wind. He stood in silence beside Ser Davos, watching Daenerys Targaryen fist her hands at her sides as the breeze lifted her silver hair, waiting. He’d given her his advice. He’d given it because she’d asked—because whatever happened and didn’t happen in the dragonglass cave, Jon saw Daenerys Targaryen in wonder, as a person instead of a queen.

She’d been staring at the drawings, as awestruck as he had been when he first found them. Together, standing in a timeless place, their titles hadn’t mattered. Their allegiances hadn’t mattered. Their pasts hadn’t mattered. Who they were to the people who put their faith in them had not mattered. He was Jon and she was Dany, and for a moment they’d been two people, equals in the face of time and mortality and each other.

That moment had gone. Still, some of it lingered. Jon felt it because she’d asked for counsel, and he’d given it. Jon hoped she knew what to do with it, but all he could do was wait.

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