GOT7 Reaction // Their s/o tells stupid jokes.


He wouldn’t even have to cringe, he would just automatically laugh and smile at you. You were so cute to him.

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He starts giggling after he heard your terrible joke and would just hug you and squeeze you.

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he literally only laughs at your jokes so he’s your tiny hypeman. He makes that high pitched screech whenever u throw some terrible jokes at him.

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cringes super hard, your jokes are so terrible *gif*

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It would take him a second to catch on to the terrible joke you just told, but once he got it, he’d be cackling so hard,

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He probably flick you across the head cause your jokes were so bad, but then he would kiss you to make up for it.

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He would start sarcastically laughing and hyping up your terrible joke. Then he would tell you that it sucked ha!

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im gonna try my best to keep up with everything!

ch. 2

Forbidden Love || Jaebum

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Reader (you) x Jaebum 

Word Count: 1.2K

Warnings: swearing

note: sorry for the super long delay for this chapter but here it is! i’m literally so busy but I want to update this story for you guys. Happy reading!! -Admin Rose

Rubbing your tired eyes with the insides of your palms, you stared at the blank sheet in front of you. Your eyes were dry from the lack of sleep. You twirled with the straw in empty disposable coffee cup, wishing you didn’t down the crappy coffee. You just wanted a break from all the stress, from all the constant studying you had done for the past few days. The pressure weighed on your shoulders gave you mild headaches throughout the week. You felt drained, tired, and overworked. Yet despite all weary days, there was a moment in time where you felt happy.

He was the reason why you kept smiling everyday. He turned your dark, gloomy days into pure sunshine. He gave you his shoulder to lean on when your days were tough and his ears, to listen to your everyday complaints on your classes. And he was the man who sat in front of you, his face buried inside his book.

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DefJ: stfu all you crusty hoes

Wild&sexyJacks: I’m not crusty I’m hot AF DF you mean???????

DefJ: sike

Youngjaes: we can say the same about you being a perverted asshole right?



Marrrk: 😂😂😂😂😂

AkaJinyoung: how about we have a face off whoever is better lookin won’t be roasted til the next one comes?

DefJ: deal bitches but not today I gtg now

Wild&sexyJacks: oh same I WILL WIN

BamBAM: we shall see 👀 👀

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Like bambam said we shall see 👀 👀 but if you want to know how this started go to wattpad @mamabird7 and read Got7 TextMessages! Please follow and vote!

Something Good (M) (AU) [3]

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Part One | Part Two

Smutty Series

Pairing: Im Jaebum x Reader

Genre: Smut, suggestive, fluff, angst, humour(?)

Plot: You ask Im Jaebum to help you become his ideal sexy dream, and things are have started to get low-key frisky. sort-off

a/n: I swear, it’ll get better next time. I just really wanted to write this so just like young bambam once said, yolo

“No,” you sighed as you pointed to the graph. “The supply curve will shift to the left, but the demand curve will remain the same.” 

“But, why?” Jaebum frowned, looking at the paper. 

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Masterlist *Updated!*


I feel Nothing (Park Jinyoung)

“Date Night” (Park Jinyoung)

PDA (Park Jinyoung)

Four’s a Crowd (Park Jinyoung- Mark Tuan- Lim Jaebum) (M)

Notice Me (Park Jinyoung) (M)

Mad. (Lim Jaebum) (M)

Reaction: They discover your love language

Reaction: When given neck kisses

Sick (Park Jinyoung) (M)

Either Way (Lee Minhyuk-Park Jinyoung) (M)


Picture Perfect (Lee Hongbin)

Smile (Jung Taekwoon)

Four Words (Kim Wonsik)


Distraction (Kim Namjoon) (M)

I think (Kim Seokjin) (M)


Hit and Run (Choi Junhong)


Speak (Jeon Wonwoo)

Monsta X

Either Way (Lee Minhyuk-Park Jinyoung) (M)


Best Friend Love (Lisa Manoban)




Dawn (Kim Jiwon)

thanksgiving with got7, a mini scenario

this all takes place in the kitchen of their dorm on one beautiful thanksgiving afternoon

jackson: something smells great!

jb : it’s definitely not bambam’s cooking.

*bambam glares over at jb*

bambam, under his breath: at least i have edges

yugyeom: oh boy




jb: what did you just say bambam?

bambam, sweating nervously: I didn’t say anything hyung haha…

*jinyoung sips his tea, enjoying the drama all go down*

jb: that’s what I thought.

jackson: jinyoungie, why arent you saying anything?

mark, feeling very offended: you never ask about me.