• got5's reactions to jjp comeback :
  • jackson: oMG YES MY FAV GIRL GROUP
  • youngjae: i see how it is jaebum. touring without me i see smh
  • mark: *facepalms* oh my god
  • bambam: if u encounter h8rs, dab on em

please like this I spent way too long looking at kissing gifs and am losing my mind because over half of them were from supernatural and I just had so many plots spoiled for me


If you’re in public, Mark’s gonna keep it simple. He doesn’t strike me as the type to try and initiate anything too extreme with people around. That said, he’d really love holding your hand when you two went anywhere, so he’d tug you towards him a bit and give you a small, meaningful smile before leaning in and just slightly pecking you on the lips.If you two were alone, he’d be the biggest tease, running his hands along the sides of your body and up to hold your cheek before letting them fall again. His kisses would be deeper and longer when no one else was around


Jaebum wouldn’t really plan on his kisses getting so passionate so quickly, but it would just sort of happen and hey, he’s not complaining. He’d lean in out of nowhere, one hand on your face and the other on your waist, but they’d start roaming pretty fast. His kisses would initially be softer, but would grow deeper and more intense with time- unless you were uncomfortable, of course. If you two were in public, he’s still not going to be very shy about kissing you- he wouldn’t hesitate to kiss you for a few seconds longer than what’s deemed socially acceptable by that one lady on the subway- but wouldn’t go too far


Half the time with Jackson, you wouldn’t even see the kiss coming until it happened. If you were at home and you happened to pass him in the kitchen or when you were on your way to the shower, he’d pull you back by your arm, lean you back because he’s extra like that, and plant a deep smooch on your lips. If you’re in public, he’d do the same thing without leaning you back (unless he’s in that kind of mood, it just depends), pulling you in and kissing you sincerely with his hands on your waist. 


Ok ok but listen: kissing JInyoung is the best thing ever. You two would just be walking along the street when he would take your hand and glance towards your lips before leaning in and planting the most sincere smooch on them, his other hand brushing your hair out of your face before coming to rest on the side of your face. His kisses wouldn’t be too short or too long, falling somewhere in the middle. If you two were alone, I think Jinyoung would kiss you much more deeply for a much longer stretch of time, though. He just likes kissing you


Ok so Youngjae. He’d think that you were the most beautiful thing on the planet when you were smiling, so sometimes he’d just gently place his hands on your face and lean in, too shy to move his hands much farther most of the time besides holding your hand. His kisses would be sickeningly sweet most of the time, but sometimes he gets caught up in how much he loves you and how amazing you make him feel that he surprises you with something different- not rough, necessarily, but passionate. 


BamBam would kiss you a lot, I think. Sometimes you two would just be lying on the couch watching a Disney movie when he would decide that hey, he really likes you and you’re right there, so why not kiss you? He’d tease you a bit, resting his forehead on yours for a second or two before finally leaning in and kissing your lips. His kisses would be surprisingly soft and sweet, but that’s not to say he wouldn’t occasionally get more passionate- it’s just rare


Ok ok you can tell me that Yugyeom is a shy little fluff maknae but I will fight you. Yugyeom would be sweet in public, sure, never pushing any boundaries- he’d just lean in, his hands on your waist, and press a soft kiss on your lips. But when you’re alone? He’d get more passionate, his hands running up and down your sides and occasionally cupping your face as he kissed you deeply. Let’s just say that the maknae knows what he’s doing

Smile For The Camera {Park Jin-Young + Im Jaebum}

Prompt:  Hi hi I’m a girl and lemme get uhhhhhh fuckiinnnnn 23 please ?😊😊❤️ || Request open || Smut Game

Pairing: Jaebum x  Reader x Jinyoung

Word Count: 900

Warning: creampie, overstimulation, recording

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if bambam made a YouTube channel...

- he’d already be popular on youtube
- he would collaborate with other youtubers (probably on the kpop side)
- he would upload his video edits of when he visits different places & even more amazing edits
- he would be a literal meme
- his videos may be in different languages
- he would probably start doing Q&A’s, OOTDS, and videos ft the other members
- he would reply back to the comments
- he would upload dancing videos
- there will be vlogs
- he would go live from time to time
- he would make videos about being a kpop idol
- he would tell us all about got7 and personal things from the group
- maybe storytimes
- maybe reaction videos