Yours, Unfaithfully [Chapter 1]

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Series Genre: AU/Angst/Smut


A quarter century had passed since your birth and here you stand. Your emerald evening gown is pulled up, helping you to move quickly into an empty room somewhere in the plaza. The sounds of the string quartet your parents hired to play at your birthday party are muffled as he shut the door behind you.

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Got7 reaction to their S/O not being able to reach something

A/N - Well this one’s a super relatable one for me haha. Hopefully all you other short people reading this can sympathise too 😜 But seriously though, the boys are all tall af so rip me if I ever met them lol. 

Smol bean of 4'10 here! #SmolSquad I would totally love to see a reaction of GOT7 seeing their s/o try to reach the top shelf or something too high from their reach~ Thanks! I really love your blog btw, I found it today and I’ve been reading everything you’ve written ^-^’ Your writing is great ♡♡♡ -🌙

Mark: He would tease you so much oml like be prepared for endless jokes about how small you are in comparison to him. If you really need to get something down from a cupboard or shelf, he’ll get it for you but only if you give him a kiss.

JB: He would love walking into a room after hearing the sounds of you struggling to see you trying to reach something. He thinks your height is really cute and will admire how adorable you look but will then get whatever it is you wanted without any teasing.

Jackson: Jackson understands your pain but will still laugh at you because he’s happy that someone is smaller than him. He finds you really cute when you get annoyed at him for laughing but will eventually stop and hug you, telling you how much he loves your small height.

Jinyoung: Surprisingly, Jinyoung wouldn’t go all savage on you and he’d actually be helpful and reach the item you were trying to get previously. He might giggle a bit at your struggling since it was rather funny seeing you get annoyed at how short your arms (and everything else) were.

Youngjae: Youngjae finds your small height super adorable and if he sees you trying to reach something but cursing under your breath because you couldn’t quite reach, he’ll smile fondly at you before helping you out. He’d like knowing his tall height was useful to you.

Bambam: Being the social media expert he is, Bambam will take a photo or video and will just post it all over his twitter or instagram with a mean caption making fun of you. He finds it so funny how you’re so small and will tease you till the ends of the earth. He still loves you though, really.

Yugyeom: This annoying little shit will laugh and tease you so much omg. He’ll take photos for future blackmailing purposes and will just watch as you struggle, not even thinking about offering to help you out. He finds it hilarious watching you get increasingly annoyed.