Turbulent Flight (Part 1) - Got7

A/N:There is mention of a tragic event. Though this is purely fiction, it may be a sensitive read so beware. (Inspired by Flight Log: Turbulence)

Life has its turbulences too.

‘There’s been a fatal crash on freeway 107 involving idol group Got7. All members are being transported to Seoul University Hospital, unconscious. More news will be reported—’

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  • Jaebum:thinks he's the "tough" parent, but ends up giving into his child's every whim; totally weak for his daughter.
  • Jinyoung:easily the best dad out of all of them, his daughter is the pearl of his world and is expecting a son.
  • Mark:comforts his son for being shy and nervous, encourages him by having playdates with DAD7.
  • Jackson:struggling with twins and sharing daddy duty dates with Jinyoung, who silently watches him suffer.
  • Youngjae:sings his children to sleep, teaches them how to play the piano and video games, but makes sure they nap.
  • BamBam:always asking his mom and Jinyoung for advice and yes, his daughter knows how to dab, whip, and naenae.
  • Yugyeom:literally a child raising a child, has too much fun, can't handle consequences, his wife is the real MVP.
First Dates with GOT7: Jaebum/JB

So this isn’t requested but I was deleting some stuff on my phone and I had written out this cute thing with how your first date with GOT7′s member would be like and I thought it’d be super cute to post. Hope y’all like it! Basically the members all have a competition as to who you’d date so they all get a chance and the posts will be made in order of who takes you out.(And at the end you’re supposed to decide who you stay with!) 

- Goes first

- Takes you to a park and plays basketball and other sports with you

- You suck at b-ball but throw a half court shot angrily and made it

- You rub it in his face all day

- He sucks at tennis 

- You’re not bad at soccer

- But you tripped over your feet and got a cut on your leg

- He lovingly takes care of you, gets a bandage and kisses it

- Tells you to get cleaned up and then he takes you to a fancy restaurant for dinner

- He looked hella sharp

- He couldn’t stop complimenting you

- It’s a really expensive place

- He orders for you and gets you a huge lobster you couldn’t finish

- You tried to help pay but he insisted that he was paying

- Ends the night by walking you to your door and gives you a kiss like a gentleman 

- You decide if you invited him in or not hehe

The only gif I own is that JB basketball one I had to make but other than that they’re not mine! Hope you liked it and the next part/member will follow shortly!