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chapter 7.

Rich || Jaebum

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Reader (you) x Im Jaebum ft Jinyoung

Word Count: 1490

Warning: sad, angst

note: RIP I’M SO LATE BUT HEY NEW CHAPTER. I thought I put this in queue but I just checked and rip… i didn’t. Sorry my dears! Anyways, thanks for giving the other chapters so much love and I hope you enjoy this one. I really enjoyed writing the ending of this chapter. ugh the feels. Happy reading everyone and take care! -admin

Breathing heavily, I stared at Jinyoung through the wet hair that covered my face. His face was as shocked as mine but, he didn’t speak a word. As for me, a million of thoughts ran through my head which left me speechless. I moved my hair to the side as I looked up at the girl who poured water over my body. And telling by her clothes, she wasn’t someone who anyone would want to mess with. Rude, arrogant, and stubborn. And Jinyoung managed to see a girl like her behind my back.

“Let me ask again. Who is she, Jinyoung?” The girl asked, clearly getting angry. I looked at Jinyoung as he stared right at me, with an expressionless face. For a moment, I could read his feelings that was said through his face but, he soon hid it behind a sweet, soft smile.

“A friend of mine.” Jinyoung smoothly replied back, smiling like this situation was an accident. I widen my eyes and gave Jinyoung a look of disbelief. I knew he didn’t consider me as a friend, since we’ve done things that friends weren’t suppose to do, but those lines broke my heart. If after all this time I was only considered a friend to him, then something isn’t right.

“And you take friends to a fancy restaurant like this?” The girl screeched at the top of her lungs. I could feel the whole restaurant staring at us we created as scene. I sat there speechless, dripping wet from the water, as I observed Jinyoung’s actions.

“Yes,” He simply stated, “She’s having a hard time so I thought I’d cheer her up.”

“Bullshit.” I muttered under my breath. My anger slowly started to rise as Jinyoung made up stupid lies about our relationship. If he thought he was making the situation better, he wasn’t.

Both of their heads turned to me and opened their mouths, “What?”

I stood up from my seat, staring at Jinyoung as I straightened my dress and fixed my hair. Smiling sweetly at both of them, I turned to the girl and sighed, “Do you know how rude it is to pour water on someone you don’t know? Especially since I’m a friend to Jinyoung? Whoever you are, get some manners because you aren’t going to survive this world if you don’t have them.”

I turned my heels and back on Jinyoung as I stood there for a moment, letting the words sink in, before grabbing my things and storming off. Anger, hurt and, sadness. The three emotions that ran through my brain as I waited outside the restaurant for a taxi. His words kept replaying in my mind. A friend? Hell no. I never thought a man like Jinyoung would make me feel betrayed. He was so honest and caring, I never saw a situation like this coming by. The amount of pain that went through my heart was more than what I felt when I was kicked outside my house. And I admit, love does hurt.

“(Y/N)!” I heard Jinyoung’s voice calling my from behind. I stood on the curb, ignoring the frantic callings as I desperately searched or a taxi. I was cold and dripping wet to the point where I will ignore the surroundings around me.

“Fuck, (Y/N).” Jinyoung sighed as he approached right beside me. Without speaking a word, I spotted a taxi down the road and waved it down to pick up me.

“Hear me out, please. It’s not what you think it is.” Jinyoung continued to plead. The taxi car pulled up right in front of me as I opened the door and got into the car. Telling the driver the address of Jaebum’s house, I fasten my seatbelt and looked straight ahead. As the car started moving, I saw Jinyoung from the corner of my eye, drop to his knees and punch the ground. And for a spilt second, I turned back to look at Jinyoung’s face and saw a man who knew he messed up. And he did.

I leaned my head against the window as I tried to keep myself from crying. Was this what it felt like to be cheated on? The heartbreaking feeling that was worse than anything other feeling. And this whole time, I felt anger and sadness when I was doing the same thing to him. It hurt me even more when I thought about the times I spent with Jaebum. What if Jinyoung knew? What would happen to our relationship? He was a man whom I loved more than anything in this world. Even more than Jaebum. But now, I don’t even know anymore.

The taxi finally arrived at the big modern home that held the guilt and shame of my actions. Thanking the driver and paying, I made my way inside the house to finally let my feelings take over me. Slowly making my way upstairs, I strip down my wet clothes and hop into the shower. The warmth of the water wrapped me like a blanket as I stood there, staring at the white wall. I could feel tears streaming down my face, mixing in with the water coming from the shower. The amount of pain and agony hit me like a truck. I felt completely damaged inside. Why did life have to treat me this way?

I suddenly felt presence from behind me, interrupting my time alone. I slightly tilted my head backwards and saw, from the corner of my eye, a naked man. Closing my eyes, I sighed to myself and tried to swallow up my tears before he could see them.

“You were taking a long shower so I decided to join you to save water.” I heard Jaebum say from behind me. I sniffled a little before stepping forward to allow him inside the shower. I could’ve asked him to leave me alone but, I wasn’t clearly thinking at the moment. My mind was filled with thoughts of Jinyoung.

“So, Jinyoung called an-”

“Don’t talk about him, please.” I croaked out, interrupting Jaebum’s sentence. Hearing the name Jinyoung somehow hurt my heart. I can’t say that I hate him, I’m just devastated.

“Something wrong?” Jaebum asked from behind. I’m surprised that he hasn’t made a move on me yet. Maybe because he sensed something wrong since the moment he stepped in the shower.

“Everything.” I whispered under my breath, as I felt the tears starting to blur my vision. I could feel Jaebum’s presence move closer to me as I slightly flinched from those actions.

“What?” He sighed. Turning around slowly, my eyes flickered up at Jaebum’s face as I saw his expression change. He knew, after taking a look at my face, that I was completely upset about something.

“Did you know about Jinyoung?” I softly asked him, looking down at our feet as I avoided his eye contact.

Jaebum let out a breathless sigh, “Yes.”

“Then why,” I cried to him, looking up at his face again with tears in my eyes, “Why did Jinyoung hide that from me?”

“I’m not in that position to tell you why.” Jaebum said as he stepped closer to me. I looked away from him as I felt tears running down my face. Was it that bad of a situation to prevent Jaebum from telling me? What was Jinyoung hiding that was so secretive?

“Please, tell me.” I sobbed out. “Please, Jaebum? What’s so special about that girl? Why did Jinyoung fall in love with her? Why didn’t he tell me?”

“Because,” Jaebum softly said, “He loves you too much to tell you.”

“Bullshit!” I screamed, letting my emotions take over me. “Do you, rich kids, even know what it’s like to go through heartbreak? It fucking hurts!”

“(Y/N), listen to me,” Jaebum firmly stated, grabbing my bare shoulders and pulling me close to him, “You cannot let this get to you and I know you’re stronger than this. Hear him out, (Y/N). It’ll make you feel better, I promise you that. And if he does something wrong, I’m here to support.”

With that, Jaebum softly pushed back my wet hair and gently grabbed it. He pulled my face forward and kissed the top of my head. At that moment, I felt a rush of comfort that slightly warmed my heart. I closed my eyes as Jaebum continued to hold me out of full compassion. That was when I knew Jaebum let his walls down on me. A side of him that I’ve always wanted.

And after a few moments, Jaebum pulled away and smiled at me. His soft eyes showed sympathy and love as he looked at me, healing my heart. His hand touched my face as his thumb ran across under my eye, wiping away the tears even though they were already wiped by the water.

“Just know you are loved.” He softly breathed out. “Loved very much.”

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Group/Member: GOT7 // Jaebum

Collection: GOT7 Christmas Drabbles ⛄🎄❄

Word Count: 927

Prompt: Christmas AU w/ Jaebum 43
“Hey, look, mistletoe…” 

A/N: for some reason felt inspired to write this mostly through the perspective of a completely love struck Jaebum? Because who doesn’t like soft and observant Jaebum? <3

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Get it JB 😫😫😫

GOT7 JB and his homophobic comments.

First off, I’m Korean, so non-Korean fans, especially those who can’t even fucking understand or read Korean: stop making excuses for Jaebum for his comments given during the Celebrity Bromance with B.A.P. Youngjae. 

Jaebum was clearly bothered by the fact that he and Youngjae, two men, were at a couples café and he literally says “this is a place no two men should come to.” There is NO mistranslation, he says it bluntly and even the Korean graphic caption that pops up on the screen written by the show producers or whoever has the words “TWO MEN” and “SHOULD NOT COME” bolded in red. 

He’s not shy about how uncomfortable he is being seen as a couple with Youngjae because they’re both men. The fact that he keeps mentioning they’re both men and men should not be there in the first place and even asking the waitress if she thinks it’s weird or strange that two men are there filling out the questionnaire shows how he views this as abnormal. This is homophobia, toxic masculinity and heteronormativity at work.

I’m telling you, as a Korean person, that this is not a mistranslation, stop excusing what he said and realize that he fucked up and his comments and reactions are harmful and oppressive to those who are part of the LGBT+ community. If you’re a fan, you want him to be a better person and not to be a discriminatory piece of shit, right? Then stop shielding him. 

I don’t think he deserves death threats, that’s inappropriate in my opinion, but I don’t think it’s at all over-the-top for fans to be angry or disappointed in him and tbh, even hate him, especially if said fans ARE LGBT+ themselves. Sure, not everyone maybe offended by what he said, but leave those people who are hurt by his words alone and stop turning it against them as if they’re reading into it too far or attacking JB as if he hasn’t said anything wrong.