im into stupid shit

one of my favourite things about being a traditional artist/craftsperson is that i have the power in my hands to like, use these skills ive spent years honing to just make fuckin garbage. yknow when you see gorgeous perfected oil paintings of shit like, the last supper but everyone’s eating ramen? that s me. hell yes i’ll spend 10+ hours knitting a scarf for my friend’s chickens. Cross stitch of inside jokes. One of my favourite pieces I’ve ever done was 8 hours of hand-cut paper work that just says “this is fragile”. im an idiot and i use my skills for stupid shit. fuck you

sometimes you just gotta post some stupid shit

sometimes it’s a good idea to get stupid shit out of your system

sometimes making stupid shit is fun, and you enjoy the stupid shit you make

i make stupid shit all the time. that’s what my blog is built upon. a whole lot of hits and misses.

dont be afraid to post your stupid shit. owning a blog isnt your job. youre not here to impress anyone.

Nursey saves the quarter and uses it to propose to Dex on the fifth anniversary of them getting Lardo’s dibs. He gets a jeweler to carve out a hole in the middle so it fits Dex’s finger. Dex rolls his eyes and calls him a sap before saying yes and kissing Nursey senseless. He wears it on a chain around his neck, and his (sensible) gold wedding band on his finger to match Nursey’s.

Told ya’ll I was gonna do Sailor Mouth so here’s this fucking pile of shit

I actually posted this last night when no one was awake so I just decided to repost it for the sake of it actually getting some notes so….  Yeah I joined the GF/Spongebob bandwagon, because how could I not? Its too glorious to stay  away from. THough I feel like instead of forcing the kids to paint the shack for being little potty mouths, Stan would probably just faint from hearing his darling little innocent nibblings say such dirty ass fucking words (don’t be a potty mouth like Jen everyone, its a bad idea), leaving Ford to awkwardly dole out punishment (even though I’m pretty sure those two say a lot worse than that when the younger twins aren’t around. Anyway, enjoy!

  • Me, talking about whatever I'm hyperfocused on: *very excited and happy to talk about said thing, is genuinely enjoying the conversation*
  • Friend: *says nothing, does not respond, doesn't react in anyway*
  • Me, wringing my hands nervously: so um, anyways, let's talk about Normal Stuff(TM)
person of interest alignments

lawful evil - john greer
neutral evil - martine russeau
chaotic evil - samaritan

lawful neutral - peter collier
true neutral - sameen shaw
chaotic neutral - root ‘root’ root

lawful good - harold binch
neutral good - the machine, lionel fusco
chaotic good - john reese, joss carter

chaotic good boy - bear ‘the dog’ bear

chaotic stupid - jeremy lambert


There was someone in my inbox talking about Kaminari in a skirt and tbh I usually don’t draw bnha suggestions but the pun came to me and how do you ignore a pun 

(you don’t, that’s how)