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“You might belong in Hufflepuff, where they are just and loyal. 

Those patient Hufflepuffs are true, and unafraid of toil.”

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s3e08 - wizard battle

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happy birthday to the love of my life, @abalathian!!!

22 years ago today, the world was graced with the most gentle, selfless and kind angel i have ever met!! i am beyond blessed to have you in my life, let alone to call you my love!! i hope your day is filled with fun and laughter and SMILES because you deserve nothing less!!

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My mood started off with the lady in the far right corner, to then Noah when waiting in anticipation, to finally Finn when both stranger things and David Harbour lost


This deserves a more proper meta, really, but it’s a lot of mostly reiterating things I’ve been suggesting since 101, now with even more evidence, and the rest is too real world politics for comfort for me too go into a long detailed post about, but I wanted to mention these things at least a little.

We already know, curtesy of Kaneki’s interrogation of Shiono, that the penalty for these sorts of things has always included the option of death.

So if Furuta is strengthening these penalties, it must mean that he’s reducing the burden of proof and the severity of the involvement needed. 

And seeing as Yoriko’s death sentence was carried out entirely within the CCG, based entirely on Mutsuki’s word, without any sort of trial, we are seeing a system by which human beings can be executed entirely on suspicion, whether or not this is true. It’s not just guilt by association - it’s guilt by the perception of association.

In a way, It’s a move that has the CCG treating humans very much how they treat ghouls - able to be killed without trial at the whim of the CCG regardless of how they actually live or what they actually do.

Furuta is well versed in the methods those in power used to maintain that power. He tells Eto as much. But its worth noting the language Eto uses, of a revolution. It’s inherently political and historical. It cannot help but evoke revolutions past, and Eto, of all people, certainly knows the power the words she uses carry.

The manga even brings such things up, right as things are really starting to escalate:

Hakatori’s lines tie Furuta’s words from 66 to real world conflicts. Conflicts between humans and humans, between nations. 

And her lines, in turn, all called back to here

The scale of this conflict, of what will fall or rise here, is of civilizations and revolutions, and Furuta’s tactics and aesthetics have been scaled up to fit.

I’ve seen people mention pretty much since 98 that Furuta reminds them of some real world fascist or another. That is entirely intentional - not just on Ishida’s part, but on Furuta’s. The CCG is no stranger to the aesthetic and tactics even before him. All he’s doing, as I’ve said several times in previous metas, is turning that up to 11, making it explicit and obvious. If Furuta is planning to make of himself an enemy worthy of this revolution, it makes sense that he’d take cues from historical villains over thrown by revolutions in the past.

Furuta, in 101, suggests creating an enemy so great, a threat big enough to both ghouls and humans, that they will unite to take it down. And here we see him, as the CCG’s chairman, going after humans, as well, and picking a family that has come to “bear the ccg atop [its] shoulders” as his shot over the bow.

We still have yet to see if this is actually what he’s trying to do, intentionally, of course. But Furuta knows the rules of the game quite well, and he seems to be making very purposeful moves to position himself this way.

But we still have to wait to see the actual answer to Uta’s question here. 

Every inch of our skin likes to
prick itself on the pin of existence.

You did not bleed enough to leave
a stain, and that fault is yours. I do

not record my own histories in blood,
but I’m learning why we do. If I could

make every inch of this body into a temple,
I would mark our passages through anger

in tally marks. Enough of this being has
filled herself with want. The other half

warns to take whatever you are offered
& learn what you are not. It’s a process. 

you can easily categorize gay dudes by their favorite gay sufjan song

predatory wasp: was raised christian and has unhealthy amounts of leftover angst from that upbringing

owl and the tanager: probably a film studies major who thinks he can produce the next landmark achievement in gay cinema

john my beloved: still a christian, disagrees with ayn rand but still tries to defend her talking points, probably just sufjan stevens himself now that i think about it

all for myself: FUUUUUCKED UP, not in a quirky fun way just seriously fucked up

kill: not fucked up just annoying. he reads a lot but never actually absorbs anything from what he reads

take me: his entire identity revolves around being a bottom

drawn to the blood: needs a hug

futile devices: just wants to have a nice wholesome gay wedding and adopt two kids and live in the suburbs


Just because you forgot your dream doesn’t make your dream vanish. Just because you can’t see the road doesn’t make the road vanish. Lu Xun said this. Hope can’t be said it exists, nor can it be said it’s not exist. It is just like roads across the earth. For actually the earth had no roads to begin with, but when many men pass one way, a road is made.