im in there too sorry

I was hoping to get this finished for tonight, but I severely underestimated how much time proper background detailing takes… SO YAY LAST WIP NEXT POST WILL BE THE FINISHED ONE ;=w=

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things we deserve to kno abt slivko:

  • a first name
  • a definitive rank in the air force
  • sexuality (aka he’s gay but how gay)
  • a freakin first name
  • why he is so cute
  • what was his life like in america???
  • where did he get that richard nixon bobblehead

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nicknames: other than frequently used petnames I’ve never had many nicknames, my birth name is interesting enough as it is. Any nicknames I got were like…. dres or dresi and ngl i never liked them, i think those sound ugly but then within the past few years some friends of mine dropped the r and made it dez and i love it so much. they sometimes will call me dezzy, but it’s rare

gender: i’m a woman

star sign: i only remember my sun sign which is gemini. watch out

height: i never fuckin know for sure but i think it’s like 5′5 or 167cm. I THINK

time rn: 2:40 am

last thing i googled: GMT 0   ….. i just needed to revise ok

favorite bands: this question is so hard because I go through SERIOUS phases, I am the definition of fickle. but BTS*** (obviously), Pearl Jam, The Smashing Pumpkins, RADWIMPS, Seventeen, Rage Against The Machine, moumoon, The Cranberries, LIVE, Third Eye Blind, Weezer, She Keeps Bees, Nada Surf, Foo Fighters, blur, Guns & Roses, Sublime, Galileo Galilei, SPYAIR, etc…… the brunt of what i’ve been listening to for the past like 6 months tho is kpop as a whole and radwimps tbh so this isn’t a good representation. i also listen to a lot of rap but it’s generally not by any specific artist it’s just…. whatever song im liking at the time

fave soloists: CL, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, 2pac, M.I.A

song stuck in my head: omg ok so lmao…….. good girls by 5sos. kill me

last movie i watched: i think big hero 6 ?

last show i watched: idk some shitty crime doc on netflix

when did you create ur blog: not too long ago um…. ? a month ago? i dont know for sure

what do you post: BTS almost entirely, maybe some svt thrown in there

when did your blog reach its peak?: lmao idk not yet i hope

do you have other blogs: i have another that i’ve had since i was 14

do you get asks regularly: nope

why did you choose your url: ah well… i snagged this url when I was in the midst of being disgustingly smitten with jjk, i think i’ve calmed down quite a bit now but it was intense

following: 242

posts: 1,003

hogwarts house: according to pottermore I am slytherin

pokemon team: I think I was valor? 

fave colors: i truly don’t know

avg hours of sleep: it’s been horrible lately. I used to have hypersomnia lmao and now i get like 5 hours a night. im constantly dead

lucky numbers: lmao im shrouded by bad luck but lets just pretend I have some lucky things…. 3 and 13 just to be edgy 

fave characters: wow this is HARD um ok im gonna try: Violet Durn from Feed by M.T. Anderson (this fav is from when I was FIFTEEN but she made a lasting impression), Ringer from the 5th wave (THE BOOK pls. i barely remember tbh i think i just remember her because i had a bit of a crush. i was like 16 or 17 let me live), Zuko & Toph & Mei from Avatar, SO MANY FIRE EMBLEM CHARACTERS ITS TOO HARD TO NAME THEM ALL, suga & tanaka & nishinoya & kuro from haikyuu, Ginko from mushishi… ill stop here but let me just add komasan from yokai watch lmao

what am i wearing now?: hoodie and pyjamas

how many blankets do u sleep w: usually 2 depending on the season

dream job: bye

dream trip: you know what…. i dont know

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Another jeffmads drabble for @artlovewonderland <3

James stormed into Thomas’ office, shaking his head slightly. Thomas looked up, an uneasy look crossing across his face. James looked mad, and Thomas didn’t like it when we was angry.

“What have I done now?” He asked, and James glared.

“I’m sick of this!” He replied.

“You’re always sick…” Thomas mumbled.

“What was that, Tommy?”

“Nothing.” He laughed, shaking his head. “What did I do again?”

“It doesn’t matter, I guess. Just kiss me, asshole.” James replied. “And, if I have to pick up one more fucking sock from our bedroom floor and move it into the washing basket, I will gut you like a fish.”

yuki-rinichiro  asked:

How much boiled tofu can you eat? And what is your favorite sweet?

I’d like to think that I could spend all day eating boiled tofu… but realistically speaking, I think around 5-10 bowls would be my limit (varying accordingly to certain factors, of course). As for sweets…

 I really like the crepes Atsushi-nii has bought for me… but I do also like mochi ice cream or suama quite a lot, as well… 


red spoils blue in his own way

does this count as spoiling?? idk he indulges his bf sometimes

Like hell the red lion is gonna let keith go so easily

bonus: black paladin, out. *throws double peace signs*


Ok i’m kind of a huge loser and needed to draw this stuff to get it out of my system and I feel like I put enough time into it to… post it to my main blog. 

I imagine Tom and Janna would have a great friendship where Janna is constantly giving Tom near heart-attacks. I actually want to draw more just general interaction stuff for them for fun, so I’ll do that later. I figured I’d post these on their own though.