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30. lastly, favorite blogs that post about your bias group(s)? 🌷

well my bias group is exo and my second is nct dream but i dont know enough dream blogs so lemme do exo. this is gonna be rlly short cus if i did them all it’d be a damn book and if i forget people im so sorry, 

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and so many more :(((( tngjsngjskns i feel bad theres so many more i wanna add and yet here i am


Okayyyyy so this is my second accent challenge and I was tagged by @daniparadise.

It’s wild because between this one and the last one you can hear the decline of happiness in my voice lmaooo… GETTING OLD FAKING SUCKSSS.

I tag @plumbarb, @simtasia@x-ineptias-x, and WHOEVER ELSE WANTS TO DO THISSSS.


@kingkardmattthew @matthewkims I loved both versions of Trust Me, but BM and Somins version made me cry hardcore. Matthew’s English verse hit me so hard that I couldn’t help but start crying. Like his lyrics resonated so much with me. Somin’ s light voice compliments his deeper voice so well too!! I’m also listening to this song at the moment, and I’m still crying.

AU Time!!

The Devil will sometimes have the crew ((that’s what,, I’m gonna call them now)) pretend to be showgirls at,, crude establishments so that they can hide their identities ((they travel ofc, they don’t do a lot of their bad business in Inkwell)). They normally have routines to go by that they’ve made themselves. Course, given the nature of the places they pretend to be showgirls..the routine has to be a little raunchy.

Also: Everyone in the showgirls act is - King Dice, Cala Maria, Rumor Honeybottoms, Calamarie, Baroness Von Bon Bon. Let’s,, just say that there’s a potion to give Cala and Calamarie legs when they do this. They don’t do this often btw. Everyone else in the crew - Hilda Berg, Sally Stageplay, The Devil ((@2askpip-dot6 hmu with what Dot would do - perform or:)) would play other roles to hide themselves (bartender, bodyguard, etc etc). Uhhhh bc I know you guys will ask…here’s the routine the showgirls do. It’s..suggestive.

i’m forever grateful to have a friend like amy who isn’t afraid to call me out on my bullshit when i fuck up but also by doing so won’t let me let me blame myself for every little thing that’s beyond my control

it’s like, i’m the easiest person to gaslight apparently because i immediately just. believe it and blame myself and she’s so ready to shut that down because she’s so willing to be honest and honestly it’s so helpful

Finally got to #2 in my sad attempt at a giveaway! @shannaraisles, here is your lovely Rory Allen. I know it’s…not the best, but I think this is maybe the 5th human face I’ve ever drawn, so bear with me ^-^”

I hope you like it, though?

Me, an idiot: hey now that I have some free time I should give loki: agent of asgard another go! why did I never finish it anyways?

Issue #10 of agent of asgard: 

Me, regretting everything in my life: ah so that’s why


“No doubt you’ve been wondering. You’d been waiting all year to see if I’d return. Well, you’ve nothing to fear. Night falls once again, and the wind howls through. It’s me, Dr. Junkenstein, and, oh, how I’ve been waiting for you.”