im in the middle of them both

THE STYDIA KISS (and hug)- an Extra™ frame by frame analysis

ok so we start out with this shit. even before this frame, dude is staring at them Martin lips like he’s in the middle of the desert and they’re the only water for miles. Then we get here and they both go in OPEN goddamn MOUTH for this kiss. she is PUCKERED for him. She was puckered ten feet ago, she was puckered when she walked in the damn door, hell, she was puckered 3 months ago. She got her tongue fucking ready to dock at Port Stilinski Lips.

She comes in fucking Little Caesar’s Hot ‘N Ready with the hands on the neck. goddamn. And they are PRESSED into each other. If they were kissing any deeper they would swallow each other. Which now, come to think of it, might have been their goal.

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Got7 reaction to their pregnant wife having mood swings and random cravings

A/N - This one was requested by @memento-moree so I hope you like it love! Keep on sending in your requests everyone and I’ll try to get them written as quickly as I can (keep in mind I have a lot in both my drafts and my inbox!)

Mark: Mark wouldn’t care about the mood swings or if you got random cravings in the middle of the night. He’d know that you couldn’t control it so would just do whatever he could to keep you and the baby happy.

JB: JB at first wouldn’t quite know how to react when you first got mood swings and ended up just randomly snapping at him. After he got used to it, he’d just let you get your emotions out until you could calm down.

Jackson: I think Jackson would be so comforting to you if you were going through some major mood swings. He’d know exactly how to calm you if you were angry or cheer you up if you were sad.

Jinyoung: Jinyoung would have read up on all of this pregnancy stuff so he was fully prepared for mood swings and late night cravings for random foods. As soon as the cravings started, Jinyoung would be keeping a note of it all for future reference too.

Youngjae: I think Youngjae would be a little shocked by how extreme the mood swings and cravings could get. He expected just little changes in your mood rather than a complete change in the space of five minutes.

Bambam: Bambam could easily deal with the food cravings because he’d just end up wanting to eat too but I don’t know if he’d be able to handle the mood swings, at least not too well.

Yugyeom: Yugyeom’s the opposite of Bambam where he’s find with your mood swings and can keep on your good side but he’d be so confused at some of your cravings even though he knew he should have expected something weird.

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○ Would try to get his s/o to take a break, most likely take them to a nice restaurant or movie.

○ Would try to teach s/o, so they could understand their work more.

○ He’d encourage them with ‘you got this!’ and ‘you can do this!’

Soilder 76

○ Looking at his s/o work, he’d probly mumble ‘what the fuck’ under his breath, or just stare in awe. im so sorry that was shitty ajfedfusnfun

○ Like Rein, he would encourage his s/o as best as possible, but would probly get a little impatient when they take too much time.

○ Would try to calm/ease his s/o while rubbing their back to calm them, or holding them.


○ Would most likely jump around their s/o’s room, bored out of his mind and trying to get their attention.

○ In the middle of s/o’s work, he’d probly distract them so they both either get into a tickle fight, pillow fight, or something along those lines.

○ When s/o is done with work and wants to take a break, he’ll be so relieved to finally do something with them when they aren’t stuck inside their room. He’ll probly take them outside to explode things.


○ After looking at his s/o and how much work they have, he’d respond with ‘why are you doing this?’ or ‘what’s the purpose of this?’ He’s just confused on why’d you put yourself through it.

○ Would try to help his s/o the best to his ability. He wants to help, but most of the time can’t.

○ When s/o is done with their work, he’ll be relieved and tell his s/o that training is a good idea to relieve their stress, or take anger out on.

concept: we dance the night away. you swoon when my hands find your hips, pushing you into the rhythm. we laugh freely and somewhere in the middle of that i press a gentle kiss on your neck, then your jaw, and finally your lips. My hands never leaving your waist, and we both find ourselves falling in love all over again. without them. we are in love.

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for valentine's day my boyfriend and I aren't doing anything gift giving wise bc we're both broke college students, so instead of getting him something I printed out 42 of those comic sans tumblr valentines memes and im gonna tape them all to his dorm room door in the middle of the night so he finds them the best morning

this is the best thing i’ve ever read with my own two eyes

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Zenyatta, Reaper :3c

  • Zenyatta: One thing that brings you peace.
  • Reaper: Tell us about an embarrassing middle school/high school phase.

for zen: i like relaxing outside on days when its both sunny and windy

i have so many embarrassing moments oh lord 

i guess there was a time period in middle school when i really. loved ray william johnson and shane dawson and would……….. fangirl with my friend…. over them……… like. we would act out how we would meet them. im goona throw up

ben and i’s tieflings are dating right and so his grew up in a monastery and mine grew up relatively on his own in the middle of the woods bc he’s a legit hermit so both of them are bad at social lives

so i imagine their relationship starts out as like mild interest bc same species but very different backgrounds and they like to chat and be friendly but neither of them know what flirting is so it goes absolutely nowhere

they just stare at each other a lot until one of the other members of their party is like hey can you guys just like figure out whats up because you’re both insufferable and they’re like what u mean

and then val who is blunt and stupid and is bad at everything is just like yeah apparently this thing i feel is attraction, you’re really pretty lets bone down and acolyte is like UM THANKS??? WHAT???

and somehow they end up together and they’re the cutest dumbest couple ever

A - Age: 17
B - Biggest fear: being abandoned again 
C - Current time: 1:36 pm
D - Drink you last had: water
E - Every day starts with: me waking up then trying to back to sleep for as long as possible 
F - Favorite song: i dont really have one? Ive been listening to Holy Touch a lot recently :0
G - Ghosts are they real: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it would be rad if they were but i only have one time that may have been a “ghost encounter” so idk
I - In love with: my two nerds, @diamondparka and @thirdstage !!! I love them both so much and im just so blessed??? 
M - Middle name: mackenzie 
N - Number of siblings: one younger brother 
O - One wish: for everone i love to be safe and never have to worry about anything ever again 
P - Person you last called/texted: this one friend i used to have in preschool who ive recently gotten back in touch with :00
Q - Questions you are always asked: “are you getting anxious?” “Whats wrong?” “did you do your homework?” “How did you do at track/cross country?” Etc etc theres more that i could just pull from my mimi but im not gonna get into that;;
R - Reasons to smile: my girlfriends, my friends, hamsters, disney world, that moment you cross the finish line at a race, cosplay cons where people ask for your picture after you put in all that work into your costume, etc etc
S - Song last sang: probably something off of the Twisted soundtrack or the Legally Blonde soundtrack 
T - Time you woke up: 12:36 pm
U - Underwear color: black and white 
V - Vacation destination: we mostly go to orlando and to places in mexico but ive always wanted to go to france and japan along with a bunch of other places :0
W - Worst habit: any of my anxious habits like: messing with my nails, fidgeting with my jewelry, playing with my hair, scratching my arms, biting my hands, etc.
X - X-Rays you’ve had: too many to remember, most of them were of my teeth and my spine
Y - Your favorite food: i dont really have one? I really like sweets tho
Z - Zodiac sign: aquarius and dragon 

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And at last I see the light, and it’s like the sky is new. And it’s warm and real and bright, and the world has somehow shifted. All at once everything looks different, now that I see you.

Tangled AU for @xprincessrey


mythology edit: aphrodite

the great and amorous sky curved over the earth, and lay upon her as a pure lover. the rain, the humid flux descending from heaven for both man and animal, for both thick and strong, germinated the wheat, swelled the furrows with fecund mud and brought forth the buds in the orchards. and it is I who empowered these moist espousals, I the great a p h r o d i t e

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your heathers animatic was SO good!!! i love your style!! (you should do lifeboat or shine a light reprise if you do another because they're both rather short but i'd love to see your conceptualization of the songs!)

Thank you!! Im gonna try to do an animatic for (almost) all the songs from the heathers musical. Im in the middle of another song (one thats not lifeboat/shine a light reprise) but those two are definitely on my list of songs to do. I just got to muse on some ideas and inspiration.
But i will do them… sooner or later


aight i was tagged by @lethologicahowell to answer 10 questions and tag people to answer 10 questions i had for them

segues are weird  but here are the 10 questiones

1. What is your favourite song?

lmao idek ive never really had one (considering im quite indecisive) but atm ive been listening to the Avenue Q soundtrack quite a bit

2. Whats the last thing that made you smile?

okay so earlier today i stumbled across an old video i sent to myself and its this 

and almost cried i was laughing so hard

3. Dogs or cats? (or other?)

I like them equally idek theyre both cool but i guess it depends on how im feeling depending on how energetic i am that day

4. How tall are you?

like 5′6 i think or something like that i think it was like 168 cm i dunno

5. What are your opinions on pineapple as a pizza topping?

Disgustening ™

6. Oldest, youngest, middle, or only child?

Only (wouldja believe it)

7. Do you believe in astrological signs and the stars controlling your life?


8. Whats your astrological sign?

virgo (the virgin)

9. Whats the last thing you ate?

Like 4 bowls of soup and im not even kidding

10. Are you allergic to anything?

winter and feelings primarily (some form of seasonal allergy that happens in winter bc y not)

Alright alright now for the questions im asking:

1. do you play any instruments (or multiple)

2. If so which do you prefer (if not which would you most like to know)

3. Do you speak multiple languages? if so which ones?

4. if i said without learning you could speak any language you dont already know which would you want to know

5. how do you feel about death

6. hot chocolate or coffee 

7. are you watching any good shows at the moment?

8. do you know what you want to do with your future?

9. what is your favourite class this year (not by subject but by enjoyability)

10. what have others told you you would be good at

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Banded Amethyst and Champagne Citrine, made on this doll maker a few weeks ago.  They fuse to make Ametrine! (who is a  perfect and permanent fusion)

original version in case anyone is curious (ametrine in the middle):

whatever you do dont imagine connor trying to teach jude how to skateboard and holding jude around the middle while he tries to keep balance dont do it im warning you right now imagining judes nervous laughing and connors full out chuckles when his boyfriend almost falls will ruin you just dont imagine jude resting his arms on connors shoulders and trying to kiss him but failing miserably bc woah gravity is a thing that does not like him and both boys just end up falling on the concrete while the board rolls away from them and they just cant stop laughing nope doNT DO IT


Let’s give them a pitch they have to swing at.

i feel like dave and karkat have three modes;

mode one is when theyre both kinda doing their own thing in the same vicinity. daves on his laptop and karkats reading and theyre just quietly sharing space. it also extends to them cuddling quietly for movies.

mode two is when theyre trying to be productive, like when dave was teaching karkat how to mix. them discussing shit and being v serious and honest w each other and stuff like that.

mode three is middle schoolers who were allowed to sit together in class. drawing dicks on everything they can reach and giggling obnoxiously at three am when other people are trying to sleep. not to mention whispering while other people are talking lmao