im in the 6th grade :(

I tried doing an acrylic painting ((I’ve literally only done it one time in 6th grade))
I have no clue what im doing!! The dif between traditional and digital is staggering
How do you blend paint? Idk?? This is is super UGLY

comments on classical stuff on youtube are always like

“im in 6th grade and play french horn and its so pretty!!!111!!!1!”

“Beautiful. Simply sublime. What a sophisticated and wonderful sound for someone as cultured as myself”

“this mozart is fuckin LIT dood”

“I played this in solo and ensemble once”

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ever been in love? tell us!

im not so sure but the closest experience i’ve ever had with ‘love’ is when i was head-over-heels with the following crushes:

  • he was a freshman when i was in 5th/6th grade? he wasn’t the ‘crushy’ type, i dont even know how i started liking him but i remember him as the boy who’s really good in football and playing instruments and he was really nice to me too! he never liked me back, sadly but i think it’s better that way because i would have been a noob if i had a relationship in 6th grade? i mean, im a noob in general but you know!
  • there’s this dude that i liked because he’s adorable and genuinely cares about me and exchanges cute music suggestions with me and there’s this one time he told me the song ‘bloom’ by paperkites remind him of me and idk that’s so adorable! he also gave me a poetry book randomly because he knows i like poems so im all 💕💖💗💘💞💟 i thought he likes me but i think he’s just being nice! and i thinl he’s gay or bisexual but he likes my other guy friend. also this is my favorite crush waaaaaah we’ve had gazillions of moments together
  • there’s this gal that i really like because she’s so pretty? and her eyes makes me S C R E A M idk man she’s an angel! i kept on doubting whether i like her because i like the thought of it or if i really like her but it turns out i really like her lmao badumm tss (as in drum roll)
  • there’s this other dood that i think i only like because he’s like a mystery to me and we’re seatmates but we never became close friends (which is sad imo)! this is the most recent one! we once talked under the stars and it was really weird but the atmosphere was so nice. it would have been better if he likes me too but he never did so sad! i think he’s gay tho?
  • there’s another guy who is like a real angel but he? kept? on? leading? me? on? idk girl i like his personality and stuff but he kept leading me on. haha i really thought there’s a thin chance he likes me too but nah he doesn’t
that’s it i guess? can u see the pattern? nobody liked me back, it’s really sad but it’s okay i guess the person for me will come real soon and im excited! wow this is unnecessarily long, im sorry pal! 😅

man i’ve gotten so accustomed to digital art,, last time i did an actual traditional piece was probably in december, for school

but yea heres max/marx from the new fire emblem game! i also decided to record myself drawing it, so here’s a video!

im only 15 but ive been thinking abt college since like 6th grade and

i think i wanna major in biology and minor in fashion design?? and then go to med school to become an ER doctor. however, obviously there are very few colleges that offer both medicine and fashion. so im probably gonna have to go to two colleges with some weird program if this is what ill really do. and honestly im ok with that ngl 

i mean. ill probably be in new york city, which will feel like home if everything with my science research course works out. im so excited 

my best friend since 6th grade (11 yrs im heckin old) msgd me for the first time in a several months n she told me the reason she hasnt talked to me lately is she was in an abusive relationship n shes doing hard drugs like meth n i just ,,

idk i want to help her some way but idk how ;;

she lives in texas now n im in WA state so im p powerless to do anything :^/

man im gonna be 21 tomorrow (6th) and i still feel like im in 6th grade because of trauma and mental illness heres to probably a traumatic night at my first bar tomorrow 🤙