im in the 6th grade :(

me: i can’t really think of any characters ive ever had a deep and lasting attachment to? i know i find comfort in a lot of characters but there aren’t any characters i literally always hold higher than anyone else no matter what, there arent any characters ill violently defend with my life even if theyre a lil bitch, there are no characters that i carry in my heart always 

me: sees a picture of vriska serket


man i’ve gotten so accustomed to digital art,, last time i did an actual traditional piece was probably in december, for school

but yea heres max/marx from the new fire emblem game! i also decided to record myself drawing it, so here’s a video!


i was going through my old art from 2011 and i found something i was really proud of back then (i think i spent like, 2 hours on it or more)

i redrew it! (this time in 15 minutes)