im in the 6th grade :(


i think you’re my best friend

I tried doing an acrylic painting ((I’ve literally only done it one time in 6th grade))
I have no clue what im doing!! The dif between traditional and digital is staggering
How do you blend paint? Idk?? This is is super UGLY

comments on classical stuff on youtube are always like

“im in 6th grade and play french horn and its so pretty!!!111!!!1!”

“Beautiful. Simply sublime. What a sophisticated and wonderful sound for someone as cultured as myself”

“this mozart is fuckin LIT dood”

“I played this in solo and ensemble once”

I just remembered that im going into 8th grade and when I was in 6th me and my friends stole the back of the bus from the eight graders. Does this mean the back is going to get stolen from us?

man i’ve gotten so accustomed to digital art,, last time i did an actual traditional piece was probably in december, for school

but yea heres max/marx from the new fire emblem game! i also decided to record myself drawing it, so here’s a video!

The one thing that keeps me going is that the girl who relentlessly bullied me in middle school and bashed my head into lockers and then continued to be a bully as a 25 is now a lonely, single racist piece of shit while I’ve been in a committed relationship for almost 6 years.

Normally I don’t like to make fun of people when their lonely but seeing her sad little “I hate being single” posts are absolutely hilarious. Maybe if you weren’t such a hateful cunt you’d find yourself a boyfriend. Trust me it worked wonders for me (:

Oh also, instant dick repellent when you constantly post about how lonely and sad you are. Try not being so desperate, hon.

I legally cannot do basic maths

anonymous asked:

Silly question but are Heelies allowed in most places where you live? My mom won't let me get a pair (I'm 14 so her rulings are things that I'm fine with following) because she said they might be dangerous in a store or whatever, but if you wear yours a lot, are they usually safe? Sorry, this is long, ignore it if it's annoying.

uhh im 24 so i kinda just wear them wherever tbh,,,, but ive had them since 6th grade so im used to them but they can be tricky at first i guess haha

shitvolcano  asked:

How long you been drawing for? I love you style and you got amazing preportions tbh. I'm super jelly too.XD

ive been drawing for…pretty much since ive been able to! i started drawing dragons in second grade, and started taking a color theory class around 5th or 6th grade (which im still in, although i can rarely go because of work and school now :/), but ive pretty much always been drawing ^^”