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Recently I realised that my need to make “good” art was boxing me in, and I was losing my imaginative flair.

When we were kids we drew and scribbled whatever came to mind, and we coloured it however we wanted, and we went outside the lines, and it didn’t matter if the things we drew were totally two dimensional, because they had character. I used to draw these silly little cartoon crocodiles with one line and they were very very not what crocodiles look like but my dad loved them and I showed him every single one, with no embarrassment. I was proud of them. 

So I’ve started scribbling again. I mean really scribbling. A lot doesn’t make “sense” and sometimes turns out “ugly” but I’m letting my imagination control my hand and not worry about the “quality” of it. And it’s So. Much. Fun. I’ve drawn aliens and landscapes and spaceships and old men and viking helmets and crystal earrings.

So if you’re an artist and you’re getting frustrated about not being “good enough” (because I know I was), then try to clear your mind and let your hand go wild, who cares if it ends up wonky, it’s your special brand of wonky.


I took this toy from Spirit Halloween, filled the holes, primed it, repainted it by mixing colors by eye, and ended up with something I’m relatively proud of.

No one can tell the difference between what it is now and what they remember seeing at Spirit Halloween so it’s basically a working example of wasted effort.

Also every website’s algorithms work against creators so I’m desperate enough for some sort of recognition that I’m back on Tumblr.

Merry Christmas and wubba lubba dub dub to all