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Everything is grey
His hair, his smoke, his dreams

Author: amsimaria
Word count: 10K
Feature: Jimin x Reader (mentions of other Bts members)
Genre: Angst/slight Fluff (Rated M)
Warnings: Violence, Mentions of sexual acts, Punk Jimin, Depression, Swearing, Addiction, Soft drugs use, (Eventual smut, not in this part).

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whipped - alec lightwood

Originally posted by krusherland

request: Could you do a Alec Lightwood imagine of him being sick but refusing to do quit working until you tell him to/make him (to which Jace and Izzy tease him because he is so whipped by you) ??

authors note: this is going to be short it i’ll try and make it good


Shadowhunters rarely get sick and it came as a shock to them when they did. Alec Lightwood, your idiot boyfriend, was one of the few who didn’t get shocked when he got the flu. He practically ignored it as he continued working, much to your dismay. He brushed it off when Izzy tried to tell him he could get everyone else sick.

“I’m fine, it isn’t even that bad,” He had said with his runny nose.

Izzy and Jace couldn’t get through to him, but they knew someone who could. They both knocked on your door very loudly, causing you to fall out of your chair. “Come in,” You shouted from the ground.

Izzy and Jace opened the door and walked into your room. “Whatcha doin down there,” Jace chuckled.

“I fell over,” You mumbled, still seated on the cool ground.

“Why’d you fall over,” Izzy tilted her head to the side.

“Because some of my idiot friends scared the hell out of me,” You said as you pushed yourself off the ground. “What do you two need anyways?”

“We need you to convince Alec that he needs to stop working and rest for a while,” Izzy pleaded from the doorway.

“He told me he was going to stay in bed,” You grumbled angrily, walking out of your room with an attitude.

“Oh no, Alec’s going to die,” Jace whispered to Izzy.

You ignored them as you searched for your sick boyfriend. You spotted his messy hair and tall frame and stomped over there. Everyone around him noticed your slightly angry demeanor and scurried off. Alec was confused at first, but then he saw your reflection in the monitor.

“Babe,” He nervously spoke and turned around. Your hands were on your hips and you were scowling at him. “I know you told me to stay in bed, but there’s just so much work to do.”

“How about you go back to bed and let everyone else work for once,” You demanded. Alec mumbled an ‘okay’ and you smiled up at him. “C’mon, we can go lay in bed all day and watch movies and make Jace and Izzy bring us food.”

The two of you were walking away when Jace yelled out, “Alec’s whipped!”

“Damn right I am,” He yelled back, not even bothering to turn around.

like i said, it was short. i might rewrite it once i’m done with all of my other requests but im just trying to get a few done before tonight. i need to stop rushing things omg bye ily

Let Yourself Feel it

Pairing: Dean Ambrose/Reader

Word Count: 1,900+

Dean recently lost his mother and doesn’t know how to cope with the pain. He turns to alcohol. When he gets in a bar fight, the cops come and arrest him. He only has one girl to call.

A/N: This was kind of based on a video I seen on youtube,  ( This is just plain angst and its bad so. My first imagine or one shot. THIS IS FICTION. NONE OF THIS ACTUALLY IS HAPPENED OR HAPPENING TO MY KNOWLEDGE. HIS MOTHER DID NOT ACTUALLY DIE AS FAR AS I KNOW. And I do not know how jail works so don’t judge. 

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It all came so fast. The fame, the fans, the attention. It was like one morning you were just a nobody trying to make a name for yourself, and the next you were on the front page of every magazine. It distanced you from you family, your friends; from you old life. 

Only, the same thing had happened to your ex-boyfriend. Everywhere you went, you saw Luke’s face somewhere. You guys had quickly drifted apart when you moved away, but two years later you both ended up in the same place once again. 

You guys were attending the same award show tonight, Luke along with his bandmates who you had also known all those years ago. You were nervous about seeing him, honestly. You would like to think that you ended on good terms, but you leaving wasn’t really what you would call ideal. 

As soon as you arrived at the venue, you looked for the boy who’s heart you broke. Luke was always easy to find in crowds, his height making him much more noticeable. Although, he was nowhere to be seen at the moment. 

It wasn’t until about ten minutes later, when you were talking to fans and taking pictures with them when you felt a hand on your shoulder, capturing your attention. Turning around to see the same bright blues eyes and easy smile, you couldn’t help but smile yourself. “Hey,” You murmured, not really sure hoe to react in the moment.

Luke’s smile widened, immediately pulling you in for a hug, as he quietly muttered in your ear. “I’ve missed you.” 

for @thehalcyonclub and @featuringluke famous!y/n blurb night!

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Since for the having-a-baby scenarios, you and the BTS member you're have a baby with are married (when its traditional), how about getting married to Hoseok (like the wedding and the proposal and stuff)?

hello there i dont like weddings at all (personal reasons that are traumatic as hell man) so i dont know if i made this cute enough?? or detailed enough like i dont like weddings im sorry !!

Marrying Hoseok

Originally posted by tae-hyung

  • yo guess who is inconsistent as hell
  • this is one i have thought about a lot as a hobi stan
  • okay idk how long people get married like my dad is my prime example of marriage and all his marriages have been different time spans like wtf
  • but anyway back to hobi
  • i think he would be one of the first ones married because he is someone who feels emotions very strongly and dives into everything head first, like giving it his everything no matter what he does
  • so when he thinks he finds the one he wants to marry well he wouldn’t want to wait very long
  • i think when he realized he was ready for marriage he would probably call his sister up for help like hey do you think im ready, should i really go for this?? and he would be such a giggly mess cause he’s just thinking about you and she’s like um i think you already know the answer to your own question…
  • i think he would honestly be like one of those people that does the whole 2-3 years of dating before he wants to settle down
  • he would be one who talks about marriage with his boo a lot like i think that would be something he really would want for himself, to settle down with the person he loves and start a family
  • like can you imagine cute hobi with his lil family cause wow weak
  • okay but once he realizes he’s serious about this wedding business all the other boys are in on it
  • like right away
  • he goes to namjoon first because even though throughout all my series namjoon and yoongi ride the bachelor train, namjoon is really selfless and always has good advice so i mean
  • yoongi would be the next to know, like he has such a soft spot for hoseok and he would be so like emotional like hoseok is his lil baby and now his baby is getting married??
  • yoongi would probably be the most !! out of the boys like he knows you and he likes you but he doesn’t want hoseok to get hurt or scared or anything
  • jin gets way into it like i kinda think hoseok would be the first marriage honestly so this is all new and he volunteers himself to be the cake baker and the picker of the suit (and then namjoon is like please with your fashion sense and they fight it out later oops)
  • and you start to notice hoseok has been acting kinda weird
  • like everyone wants to say he would be screaming 25/8 in a relationship, but hear me out, there is so much more to hoseok than screaming all the time
  • like yes he’s really affectionate and emotional and expresses himself a lot, and that might come off as weird or childish to people, or something to laugh at, but these people seriously are the best because they’re genuine and they give themselves fully to whatever they have to do im getting emotional
  • so like with hoseok you know something is off because he seems less passionate about the little things
  • like you guys have your movie night every monday or whatever works for you all but suddenly he suggests you two just go to bed?
  • or like in the morning he usually shower sings and asks you to join for a duet but he just hops in and kinda gives you a kiss before getting ready like he’s not as upbeat and open with you and this scares the hell out of you
  • but in reality he is so absorbed in making everything perfect that he kinda sorta lets stuff start to slide like he dedicates 100% to this wedding planning and oops
  • his sister and yoongi are the two that come ring shopping with him can you imagine that
  • hoseok doesn’t want anything to showy like i think he would want something different, but not showy because it’s your relationship, and it’s obviously personal and he just doesn’t wanna show off like wealth or status?
  • he’s such a humble guy and he doesn’t wanna make anything too over the top or flashy
  • he would be one of those people to settle on a different cut of diamond though (he wants diamond for sure though, like gotta stick to tradition)
  • your girl just realized there aren’t many cuts of diamonds
  • he would get a pear cut diamond and it would have a gold band right and there are baby diamonds around the band but the diamond isn’t that big itself it’s more simple
  • and he probably tears up when he finds the one cause wow he’s actually gonna propose and get married to you, the love of his life??
  • jeongguk and jimin are the two that get you to start thinking
  • it’s because they did something stupid like google “how to be good groomsmen” in front of you and then read the article out loud im smh
  • and you look over at them “wait who’s getting married” and they bolt out of there so fast you wouldn’t believe it
  • oh hoseok would be the type to stalk your pinterest (if you had one) to see if you have any wedding boards up oh my god can you imagine he would be that boyfriend i can see it
  • okay but proposal time
  • he doesn’t want this to be big or flashy either like that’s not his style
  • but he wants it to be memorable okay
  • so he gets the boys to help set up this amazing proposal place area thing
  • it’s this really pretty meadow right like a beautiful wildflower meadow?? with a few trees clustered near the front (he tried carving your initials there with a plastic knife once no joke) and the sun is always shining and nobody really knows about it but you and hoseok like it’s your special place and that’s where he said i love you for the first time?? so it’s definitely an important place to you
  • so one day hoseok is like “babe bae you know our meadow?? yah yah, the one where i said i love you and then i kissed you but i stepped in a hole and fell on top of you?? yah well we haven’t been in forever, let’s go tonight after practice. im staying late to help namjoon and yoongi on some choreo, so jin can take you is that okay? we can meet up!”
  • and you just “that sounds suspicious but okay”
  • and he’s smiling so widely and he kisses you before rushing off to practice
  • and it’s pretty boring that day but then hoseok texts you “wear something nice okay?”
  • “oh hell i knew this was suspicious”
  • okay but you throw on your nice clothes!! and you’re ready to gO!! and jin arrives at your door with the maknae line in tow and you kinda “oh is this a family date?”
  • jin just winks and then glares at tae cause he’s about to spill the entire damn surprise and the car ride is mostly silent cause the maknaes are afraid to incur the wrath of god upon themselves
  • okay you get there and it’s like summer ish so the sun hasn’t set yet and she sky is pink and orange and the moon is rising but it’s not up there yet and it’s breathtaking
  • you notice the tea lights first
  • they’re up in the trees and they illuminate the place just a bit but you know in a few hours (or less) they’ll be your main source of light
  • but then you take a closer look at the trees and they tied like a clothesline up in the trees and they pinned pictures of you and hoseok up so it’s like a memory tree and you’re tearing up because you know what this is about to become
  • and hoseok is there too obviously but you were so caught up in the decorations?? okay but this precious sunflower would be wearing a vest okay and this button down and slacks so not super stuffy but really dressed up help me i cant breathe
  • and you definitely are crying now and the boys stand off to the side cause hoseok wanted them there okay his brothers (yoongi is taking all the pics okay)
  • and you run up to hoseok and throw yourself into your arms because you’re so happy and he laughs “let me get down on one knee at least”
  • hoseok would be the type to totally write like a twenty seven page speech, about your looks, your personality, your memories, why he loves you, the good and the bad times, his hopes for the futures
  • he can’t finish though because he’s crying (and so am i)
  • his hands are shaking as he slips the ring onto your finger and he pulls you into his arms and it’s a long gushy kiss (jeongguk ews and yoongi whoops his ass)
  • hoseok tries to be involved in all parts of the wedding planning
  • like the color scheme and the cake and the venue
  • it’s a small wedding, only immediate friends and family
  • it’s a spring wedding in the same meadow okay that’s where the ceremony is like you have one of those lil bridal arches and it’s decorated with flowers and you have more pictures up okay like this place is your thing and like you might think meadow?? but no it’s a lovely day and the sun is shining and the flowers are in full bloom and there’s a lil path and you guys got cute chairs and everything and it’s simple but beautiful and that place has so much meaning to you guys??
  • he cries before you even walk down okay he’s in tears
  • yoongi is the best man fight me on this
  • he writes his vows and you write yours too and he cries through them and so do you and everyone in the audience is crying too
  • and he’s holding both your hands even though he needs to slip the ring on your finger at one point and he’s smiling so brightly you’re like hello am i blind?? and while the dude is reading his stuff you’re mouthing cute things to each other and it’s really noticeable but really super cute too
  • and when he says you may now kiss hoseok dips you down dips you for sure and kisses you so softly and gently and you cup his face in your hands and everyone is cheering!!
  • the reception is probably like in one of those old mansions you can rent out for a bit and i swear this boy is like lets skip eating because we need to dance!!
  • your first dance song is really slow and you keep your head on his chest and he sings the lyrics into your ears as he leads you around the dancefloor
  • but there is also upbeat music okay like super upbeat and he’s like breakdancing in his tux?? what is this??
  • yoongi gives the first toast though and then all the boys give a speech and again hoseok is in tears
  • he dances with your parents too like he wants all the families to unite and be involved
  • and cake time he would slam the cake  into your face there is no question about it and then probably pull something greasy like lick it off your nose (in front of everyone) and so you slam the cake right back at him
  • this party probably goes well past midnight because hoseok is dancing
  • you fall asleep on his sister’s shoulder ahh and he always comes over to check on you and once he realizes you dozed off he’s like alright we’re gonna go home now!!
  • and everyone kinda !! oh !!
  • he picks you up in his arms like hello yes we’re going home now!! to our house!! that we share as a married couple!!
  • and you wake up a bit to smile up at him and it’s so touching
  • the honeymoon is like the day after the wedding you two are gonna go go go
  • but the night before like he tucks you in and as you two sleep he holds you hand to see the rings right?? and he keeps whispering to himself “wow i cant believe i married the love of my life…”
  • he’s always messing with your fingers to see the rings ahh
  • anyway honeymoon would be somewhere cold yet stunning so like switzerland or norway or something like that!!!
  • and that’s the wedding with hoseok my boo i hope you enjoyed!

“I’m Zach.” He smiled, gazing you up and down. He was mesmerized by you the moment he laid his eyes on your silhouette.

Your lips curved, as you locked your gaze with his. “I’m Y/N.” You muttered.

Stiles watched you two carefully. Studying your body language, waiting for you to show any sign of discomfort so he can come to your rescue.

“Do you want to hang out after school?” He asked.

You felt the blood rush up to your cheeks, as you slowly nodded. “Sure.” You smiled.

And in that moment, as you agreed, stiles let out a huff as anger began to boil inside of him.

You walked over to Stiles, blushing like an idiot and flashing a cheeky grin. “Sorry, I was-”

“What the hell was that?” Stiles groaned.

You furrowed your brows. “What?”

“Hello! We were going to have a horror movie marathon tonight.”

Your eyes grew wide as you remembered the plans you had. “Shit! I completely forgot.” You muttered. “Im so sorry. I can cancel if-”

“Whatever. Don’t worry about it. Have fun on your date.” He hissed. And before you could say another word, he stormed off. Leaving you alone in the halls.

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins #1

Requested by Anon:  something cute and fluffy with RNH? im currently going through a hardcore oiler phase haha.. love your writing so much!! thanks for putting in so much effort especially in posting so many a day! i feel like you get a lot of requests (guilty of sending in many ngl) but please dont ever feel rushed! i think i can say this for many of us readers.. we truly appreciate you, these are a good end-of-the-day-pick-me-up/before bed read, well for me at least! <3

*They lost tonight!! :( But here is the RNH one. :) I hope you like this and thank you very much. :) I’m sorry if I’m not updating as fast as I was before. Enjoy!*

Word count: 736

Originally posted by zetterbabe

“What’s that?” he asked as you passed by.

You stopped walking and faced your boyfriend, “What’s what?” you asked, looking over both your shoulders.

He pointed at the bare skin showing just above your jeans, “that.”

You looked at what you were wearing, “what’s wrong with it?”

He squinted his eyes at you, “it’s winter,” as if that was enough explanation.

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Hitting the Bottle; au (liuxuki)

    Snow flakes had just begun to fall in Republic City, gently coating the factories and rooftops with a fine blanket of flurries. Republic City embraced it’s seasons fully; the summers were sickeningly hot, the winters were bone chilling cold, and the autumns were a pleasant balance of both. Cold weather was Liu’s favorite; the hustle and bustle of the city quieted to a murmur and the smell of the crisp air always reminded Liu of easier times. 

    Tonight was different, though. The icy air didn’t taste like nostalgia and solitude to the young girl. No, it tasted bitter and harsh, and only added to the irritation stuck in the back of Liu’s throat.

    Liu had been standing by the tournament door for quite awhile now, debating back and forth with herself about whether or not she should walk back up to that training room and knock that pompous swamp creature unconscious. Her hands, bruised and dirty from the day’s earlier work, squeezed the half empty pack of cigarettes she rolled this morning, her fingers itching for more than just nicotine. Liu replayed the training session over and over in her head, her mind stuck on the last sentence that came out of his mouth before she calmly stormed out of the room.

    “I’m not losing this tournament because some street rat from the slums can’t understand simple instructions. Can you at least try hitting the disc, or are you that fucking dense?”


    Liu lit her cigarette and took a long drag, looking at the stairs leading up to the training room before ultimately opening the tournament door and leaving, slamming the door behind her. The cold air instantly stuck to the girls nose and cheeks, painting her freckled face with hues of red and pink. She started her walk back home quietly, stewing over the nights earlier events. The snow that  crunched under Liu’s boots soon turned to gravel and then to concrete floor.  The young girl had made it home, her bad mood still hanging over her like a rain cloud.  

“Hey. I’m home.”

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Hey jax I don't want you to think that I'm rushing you or anything but I was wondering when the next chapter will be up? I just need time to prepare myself emotionally!! Have a nice day💕

I am getting it out tonight if its the last thing i fucking do im soooo sorry for lagging snl destroyed me

Under-weight Insecurities

Thatgeogia: Weight insecurity one where y/n is a bit skinny and she does not want Dan to see her ribs. Please make it fluffy. Love your

Anon: Could you do one with Dan and Phil (if you don’t have time/don’t want to do both that’s fine) where y/n is insecure about being underweight? I usually can only find stuff about overweight people, and there’s nothing wrong with them, it’s just im tiny

As a plus size person myself I wasn’t completely sure what to write but I hope it’s okay :) sorry if it’s wrong or not what you wanted and thank-you for requesting xxoo
Sorry I didn’t write one for Phil as well :/ I was in a bit of a rush but I’ll try to write one later Xxoo

You’d had intercourse with your boyfriend Dan many times before, but tonight you certainly weren’t feeling it.

All day you were out and it seemed to be one of those days where everyone is cruel. You’d heard people calling you names such as “bones” and “skeletor” along with rude comments about being able to see your ribs, which happened to be an insecurity of yours.

This had left you feeling very down all day. Why are people so rude? For all they know you could have an illness or it could simply be your fast metabolism which is a completely natural thing.

Dans lips attached to your neck as you stood in the kitchen, pulling you from your thoughts.

“How was your day, love?” Dan asked as he continued to pepper kisses along your shoulders and neck

“It was good” you lied as you teased a breath you didn’t know you were holding.

“Well let’s make it better” he whispers as you spins you around to face him, instantly connecting your lips in a passionate kiss.

As the kiss deepens, Dan lifts you with ease, placing you onto the bench as he stands between your legs.
His hands grip onto the hem of your shirt and begin to lift it, until you stop him.

“Baby, what’s wrong?” Dan questions with worry in his voice

“Nothing I just… Can we um… I don’t want my shirt off” you stutter, attempting to think of an excuse

“What, why?”

“It’s just.. Um” you struggled to find an excuse, as Dan placed his large, warm hand on your cheek

“Please tell me y/n… Be honest” he whispers as he looks deep into your eyes

“I’m embarrassed” you whisper in return as you look down

“What on earth would you be embarrassed about love?” Dan questioned, eyes wide in shock

“My body… I don’t want you looking at my ribs…” You reply shyly

“Oh my god sweetheart.. That’s nothing to be embarrassed about.” He says before kissing your lips lovingly, placing both his hands on either side of you

“I absolutely love the feeling of them under my fingers, I love kissing each beautiful rib through your smooth, soft skin. I love seeing them when you arch your back as I pleasure you” His voice gets lower and quieter as he speaks. He bends down, lifting your top and placing soft kisses over your ribs before returning to your lips.
Holding your tiny frame in his long, safe arms.

Your body is perfect, you are perfect. Don’t let anyone ever make you think differently. And from then on, Dan always made sure to prove to you how much he loves your body, telling you everyday how beautiful and perfect you were.


Valentine’s day was a holiday that Lily had been looking forward to.  Well, she looked forward to spending any time with James, but she felt as if days like these were a little more special.  No outside distractions, no worrying, just the two of them on a nice evening together.

She even made sure to dress up a little – a flowy, black dress – just because she wanted to look nice.  Lily was still in the bathroom doing makeup when there was a knock at the door.  She quickly finished getting ready, applying a layer of lipstick and grabbing her present to James from her bedroom, before meeting with her date at the entrance of the flat.

“What a coincidence, meeting up with you like this,”  Lily teased, her lips being tugged into a smile as she saw James.  “Since we’re both here, together, on tonight of all nights, it seems like it’d only be natural to spend it together.  What do you say, do you want to be my valentine?”


Shownu Wedding Moodboard ♡

“I could write a million songs about the way you say my name
I could live a lifetime with you and then do it all again
and like I can’t force the sun to rise or hasten summer’s start,
neither should I rush my way into your heart” 

- Love Is Waiting ♡  Brooke Fraser 

Other shownu mood boards:

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(Knocking on the wrong door AU)

Tony jolted awake from his deep slumber at the sound of someone pounding on his door. The alarm on the bedside table read 4:12am.

“Bucky!” The guy behind the door yelled. “Open the door, I don’t have the damned key!”

“Wrong apartment!” Tony called, momentarily lifting his head before falling back on the pillow and burrowing further beneath the blankets. After having spent the past week hauled up in the lab, living off of coffee and ramen noodles, hardly sleeping except for the occasional impromptu nap, his body had finally capitulated to the fatigue.

So now the project was over and his roommate was gone for the weekend, leaving the entire apartment silent and completely his. At this moment he should have been too far gone into his hibernation to even be reached, but instead he was being woken up by some idiot banging on his apartment door.

 When the pounding didn’t cease Tony threw off the covers with a growl and strode to the front door, mumbling under his breath.

“Hurry up! It’s raining and I got to piss–”

As soon as Tony got a look at the guy all anger faded like a puff of smoke. Piercing blue eyes. Blonde hair. A muscular body completely exposed accept for the pillow that he held in front of his crouch. He was soaking wet, drops of water sliding down his goose-bumped skin.The word ‘adonis’ came to Tony’s mind. 

He stared at the adonis, and the adonis stared back.Whether it was Tony’s sleep fogged brain or the fact that ths gorgeous specim was staring at him–maybe it was also the absurdity of the situation—he just couldnt form any words.

“Y-you’re n-not Bucky”, Naked Guy said, shivering from the cold.

“What the hell is a Bucky?”

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Back Together|| Jack Gilinsky

Request: y/n is dating G and they break up cause y/n thinks he cheated but it’s a misunderstanding so to cope with the loss she parties with one of jacks friend and things get too touchy and Jack randomly shows up and saves the day and they make up

A/N: I know this took me such a long time to write and I apologize I just needed some time for myself to try to rid of all the toxins in my mind. I would much rather wait to give you guys a great one shot then rush and give you a shitty one shot. Better late then never my lovesxx


4 months ago

Tears clouded my vision and thoughts of the dark lonely future the loomed in ahead as my boyfriend, my best friend, my only one was frantically packing his things in such a rush to leave, to leave me. 

I sniffled as I brought a shaking hand up to my cheek in an attempt to brush away the seemingly endless tears that were falling from my swollen eyes. 

“I’m finally leaving, are you happy now? Now you can have all the guys that you want because apparently im not ‘good enough’ for you.” Jack threatened as he walked out of my front door leaving me. 


“I am so glad that you came out tonight! Its been so long since we have hung out!” Jenna said cheerfully. 

I nodded “Yeah ive kind of been a recluse lately so its really nice to see something other than my own four walls.” I lied, I wanted more than anything right now to just go home and order a pizza and watch saved by the bell on Netflix. 

She smiled from ear to ear. Her overly happy personality was making me sick to my stomach and I couldn’t believe people could be so happy in a world that is so goddamn shitty.

She turned her back to me and started talking to another poor soul who looked absolutely terrified to see her and that gave me the perfect chance to sneak away. 

I shoved through the crowd of warm bodies and made my way to the dry bar that was littered with drinks. My eyes skipped over the labels of the various drinks until I found my poison I snatched it up real quick.

I tried pushing through the large crowd desperately trying to find friend or at the least a friendly face, but there were none in sight. I groaned as I bounced off of people acting as a human pinball until finally my drink ended up splashing all over my new blouse that I had blouse only the day before. 

“Fuck me.” I whisper to myself as I ran to the back of the party to wipe down my shirt.

“Can I help you with anything?” An unfamiliar voice asks. I turn around on my heels and am met with an all too familiar face, Sammy Wilk.

His face suddenly turned sour. “Y/n? It’s been such a long time since ive seen you, how have you been?” He said smiling nervously “Yeah I guess so.. I guess ill see you around some time.” I said awkwardly trying to weasel my way out of this all too awkward situation.

But before I could sulk away awkwardly Sammy gently grabbed my wrist and pulled me back into him. “Please don’t let you and Jacks breakup effect our friendship I really enjoy spending time with you.” 

“Sammy you know I can’t do that.” I said pulling my arm back. 

“No you wont.” 

I looked behind me and was met with the late love of my life, Jack Gilinsky. Jaw clenched, neck veins bulging through his tan skin and fist balled up. 

“Can I talk with you? Privately.” Jack asked. 


Jack led me outside of the party and found a bench big enough for him and I to sit on together. 

He was quiet for a long time, no words were shared just pure silence. It was so unusual for us usually when we were together we were nothing but corny jokes and laughs but then again that was when we were together. 

Jack cleared his throat. “When I was told by a friend that you were cheating on me I had no idea what I was going to do with myself. You were no wait you are the love of my life and when I found out that you were allegedly being unfaithful I was so hurt that I didnt have time to look at anything logically. So when I saw you I just exploded with all these crazy emotions and I had no idea how to deal with them all so I resorted to anger. I just want you to know how sorry I am, I overreacted and I regret everything, I am so sorry.” 

“I love you so much Jack.”The words slipped fro my mouth almost unconsciously I din’t have to think about it before I said it . 

“I love you to y/n” Jack said pulling me into the warm embrace that I had been longing for all these months.  


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  • everyone was jealous of how hot your neighbour was
  • to the point where you were certain people only visited you to get a chance to see him
  • and they kept asking you when you were gonna date him which was more annoying than when he got hyper
  • so you told them that you were in fact dating him
  • except
  • that wasn’t true
  • oops

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Alicia: “You know you’ll just attract more”

Elyza: “What, you scared?”

Alicia: “No… I just don’t wanna fight a million walkers tonight”

Elyza: “I’ll fight them all for you if I have to…”

omg im sorry this is absolute shit I rushed but I had this idea to go along with my ukulele headcanon you all love so much