im in such a bad mood rn wtf

Reasons My FP is Perfect

someone: *wants my fp to give them sth*
fp: *talking about me* no im sorry she gets it first i cant neglect her :)

someone: *completely ignores what I’m saying*
fp: uhm excuse me she said something you should listen

someone: *is mean to me*
fp: wtf???? i’ll beat them up just tell me who

me: *is feeling bad*
fp: *comforts me and automatically reassures me she loves me and will always be there for me*

someone: *gets too close to me/bumps into me*
fp: are you okay??

fp: *texts me every day and tells me when she’s going to text me*

fp: *is the cutest person to walk this earth ever*
fp: *calls me cute and means it*

me: *shows symptoms*
fp: If there’s anything I can do to help, tell me. I love you and won’t abandon you.

me: i just need to be alone
fp: i respect that, call me if you need me. Take care of yourself and don’t forget that I love you!

fp: *always listens to me even if other people are talking at the same time*